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  1. The 2 shows in Colorado were great with no signs of the usual altitude difficulties other bands suffer. I thought Roger McQuinn was Richenbacher's poster child. How do I get Michael Campell's DVD tour of his guitar collection? Even with 5 guitars being held as evidence I think I counted 25 + stringed instruments. I wish I had had one of my friend Sonny Landreth's slides to toss to Mike Campell after he brought tears to my eyes duplicating Geore Harrison's riff on Willbury song. I wish I could have talked to them about hiring them for U. of Fla's Ratskeller in 1970 after Jeffrey Jourard's ( of RGFs, later a Mudcrutcher I think?) recommendation to hire the communal hippie farm band from Trenton I also did lights & sound but really amateurish compared to today's shows. Maybe Sonny can jam with Mike @ New Orleans Jazz fest. Thanks for photos. (They still attract a young & good looking crowd, especially female guests thus Heartbreakers)
  2. They didn't have a light person, I was with the University bar staff
  3. Leonard Tanner hired you but I ran the lights and promoted the show. Its so wonderful and satisfying that that "hippie commune band" from Trenton has its own album. Reading about Mr. Leadon's brother from "Flying Burrito Brothers" reminds me of the Firefall reunion I attended two weeks ago in Boulder. Rick Roberts could not perform, but Larry Barnett, Mark Andes, David Muse and Joe LALA joined Jock Bartlett with the Legacy members for one hell of a show. When I did the lights for Mudcrutch's gig on the University of Florida Campus beer hall, you guys were gracious enough not to say anything about my amateurish attempts at flashing lights and changing fades ( didn't realize that burns Super Trouper bulbs up fast) the band the next month, Leonard Syknard, didn't complain either but a band out of St. Pete, Bethleham Asylum's bass player in black leathers yelled at me to just flood the band in dark red and leave the lights alone. I felt bad giving Leon Van Zant only $250 for their weekend but I believe you guys were paid even less. Thanks for reliving your past and a highlight of my life with your new CD. Yours truly,Dave Martin, (like Bobby Caldwell of Noah's Ark, Johnny Winter And, I've been a high school teacher since 1972 in St. Pete and Estes Park, CO. Go Gators)
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