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  1. Swampking1

    Mudcrutch - Song of the Day - The Wrong Thing To Do

    The Refugees, Are the chords A - C - D - A and then D - A - G fro the bridge??? Thanx in advance...
  2. Swampking1

    Danny Roberts injured in car accident

    GREAT NEWS!!!!!! Danny posted on our website yesterday with his usual (or probably unusual) sense of humor!!! It is excellent news and he is hitting the rehab hard!!! Go to lakelandmusicandfriends/square.space.com for more info... :003:
  3. Swampking1

    Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa , FL

    Yes - Mudcrutch should play with all funds targeted for Danny Robert's medical bills...
  4. Swampking1

    It just warms my heart -

    It's total BS that Danny Roberts IS NOT a part of this band!!!!!!!! He helped TP get the original contract and played on the first demo... Comments???
  5. Swampking1

    Danny Roberts injured in car accident

    Here is an update, but I am sure Nadine can better inform everyone.. Word is Danny will begin rehab very soon. Keep your prayers coming - they ARE working...
  6. Swampking1

    Danny Roberts injured in car accident

    The folks here in Lakeland are talking about a "benefit" concert for Danny.. I will post details as they develop.. RC