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  1. Carol was the very first TPATH fan from any board I met. She was so kind to me throughout the years and always made sure that I had a place to stay if I was traveling by myself away from home. RIP Carol. Thanks for the great memories.
  2. As if we needed another reason to love Mike Campbell to death. What an amazing soul! Talent, humility, and kindness. Love it! Way to go Griffin and MC!
  3. Yay! Congratulations!!!
  4. Oh. My. God. Goosebumps and chills all over. I needed this song today. YES! :heart:
  5. I know nothing about business and I'm fairly young and naive, but I can tell you this is NOT how you do it. Who is running this sinking ship?
  6. Neither, just different.
  7. I had a hard time setting up a bank account in the UK and that's with the school liasioning on my behalf by providing documentation. There are tons of problems that come with living abroad, but never never never in a million years would I even think about renouncing my citizenship. Living abroad has actually made me value my US citizenship even more than before.
  8. We college students (especially grad students) are in trouuuuble!
  9. Happy Birthday, Patty! Have a great one!
  10. Tours are following the same path that CD's did. When will the suits behind the music industry realize that charging more isnt going to make a bigger profit?
  11. I think China is really the only country I dont have a desire to see. As for states, cant say any come to mind right now...
  12. Never back at home in Cali - since living in London, yes!
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