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  1. whatever song is at :21 sounds amazing
  2. I forgot I even ordered this...
  3. Removing page 2 for topic divergence.
  4. How many separate wilbury threads do you think there will be?
  5. A certain time may have passed where they won't appear. Also they may be set to invisible. Do you see yourself?
  6. Nothing on this end has changed for years. The board supports facebook/twitter login and there are google analytics. Anything else might be cookies that are following you around from other sites but you can disable 3rd party cookies on sites in your browser settings. That will not effect logging in here or site usage. This is probably one of the "cleanest" sites you can visit.
  7. Yea, not sure how I feel about this.
  8. Nice. Yea I was just going off the Spotify stats. I had some weird trends I didn't expect.
  9. Just trying to make it through Thanksgiving at the moment!
  10. as an attempt to bypass youtube copyright algorithms.
  11. Considering spammers/bots have to know what Tom Petty's middle name is to even register, it is pretty impressive they even get to post.
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