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  1. Mudcrutch

    Is there an option to change your name?

    What would you like it changed to?
  2. Mudcrutch

    Question of the day 10/22/18

    I have a phone.
  3. Mudcrutch

    Lotto tix

    ok now I might buy a ticket 😄
  4. So many thoughts while going through these tracks. Wow... and the final track outro... oof.
  5. Mudcrutch

    Difficulty with quote tags.

    cnt-shift-v helps when pasting as it removes the formatting.
  6. Mudcrutch

    YDKHIF Radio Edits

    Look like someone posted an mp3 of it a few years ago...
  7. Mudcrutch

    To all you Peterans out there....

    Go with She's the One and depending which era you like (early vs. later) work back or forward from there.
  8. In the US only? Isn't Thriller far ahead worldwide?
  9. Mudcrutch

    Question of the day 8/7/18

  10. Mudcrutch

    Pinned topic for interviews with Heartbreakers?

    Yes please feel free to create or post a link to an existing topic and we can do that. Thanks
  11. Mudcrutch

    posting a poll

    Seems the same... type in your post title and content, then, click the POLL tab to set it up, then SUBMIT.
  12. Mudcrutch

    Test Poll

    test content
  13. Mudcrutch

    posting a poll

    let me try one
  14. Mudcrutch

    TP fan sourced video for TP.com

    Correction! Once you select a file it lets you input your information... address, etc. but no description of what you are uploading.
  15. Mudcrutch

    TP fan sourced video for TP.com

    no way to include any information with media that you upload so no attribution? uh ok...