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  1. Don't get me started, haha. Reddit has its' issues but it is way better than Facebook groups. Yikes.
  2. Yes, please join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/tompetty/ Edit: sorry I am not implying all those people will be there. It's an open discussion area for tpath so we will see what happens.
  3. Mike, yes great memories! Really glad you are still around. The timing... yea I thought about that but it's time to move on, it's time to get going...
  4. Good way to put it and I feel the same. HoF should still happen! A while back we planned a meetup on an off-tour year and they sprung a tour on us, ha.
  5. LOLLLLL. yea that was funny. I don't remember specifics but management did call me and we were trying to work out some sort of exchange.
  6. All great points and after Tom's passing it really hasn't been the same. Facebook, etc has definitely put the squeeze on many sites. Remember, this place was originally built as an alternative to the un-moderated official forums where many were driven away. Ironically the people that took refuge here and wanted to exclude others (for valid reasons) don't come here anymore anyway. People can now live in the the safe friend circles they create on other sites. Photo hosting which was once a needed service for tour photos, etc is now easily uploaded from your phone to your social profile, etc. In the end the demise of this site is of my own doing. I will never blame external X factors. We needed a regular flow of news, articles, content, etc. posted on this site and social sites driving eyes back here to keep a fresh group of fans passing through. I never had the time or put enough focus on curating the culture that could sustain this place. Communities built on OTHER platforms are in danger as well. I hosted and held secure all the data here. People don't have that sort of control when they don't own the data. Things can change any moment!
  7. 20 years was a good run. Thank you to every single person that had a part in making this a great place for fans to be. This site and all associated content will go offline July 31, 2020. Where to go? Please join other Tom Petty fans on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/tompetty/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Contact The Farm: https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/contact/
  8. Removing page 2 for topic divergence.
  9. How many separate wilbury threads do you think there will be?
  10. A certain time may have passed where they won't appear. Also they may be set to invisible. Do you see yourself?
  11. Nothing on this end has changed for years. The board supports facebook/twitter login and there are google analytics. Anything else might be cookies that are following you around from other sites but you can disable 3rd party cookies on sites in your browser settings. That will not effect logging in here or site usage. This is probably one of the "cleanest" sites you can visit.
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