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  1. Mudcrutch

    New Front Page question

    Good ideas. Just placeholder for now. That image will go away but I may do something rotating.
  2. Mudcrutch

    New Front Page question

    Yes, the front page will start looking like the old one hopefully this weekend. A redo was necessary as the current system didn't support a front page as it was. This change will also allow certain content to have a permanent home, such as the super bowl and other videos, bios, etc.
  3. Mudcrutch

    Blast from the Past

    2001 was wild lol....
  4. Mudcrutch


  5. Mudcrutch

    Login doesn't properly redirect

    Haven't forgotten about this! It will be addressed in a few days as the main page will be restructured!
  6. Mudcrutch

    Is there an option to change your name?

    Do you still want this changed? Wasn't sure where we left this. PM me.
  7. Mudcrutch

    Cutting the cable

    Get an indoor antenna regardless so you have it for backup if your internet goes down.
  8. Mudcrutch

    Question of the day 12/21/18

    why whats going on?
  9. Mudcrutch

    I bought another guitar!!!!

    very nice
  10. Mudcrutch

    Is there an option to change your name?

    What would you like it changed to?
  11. Mudcrutch

    Question of the day 10/22/18

    I have a phone.
  12. Mudcrutch

    Lotto tix

    ok now I might buy a ticket 😄
  13. So many thoughts while going through these tracks. Wow... and the final track outro... oof.
  14. Mudcrutch

    Difficulty with quote tags.

    cnt-shift-v helps when pasting as it removes the formatting.
  15. Mudcrutch

    YDKHIF Radio Edits

    Look like someone posted an mp3 of it a few years ago...