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    Something BIG happened!!

    Hello All! Wow! Where to begin! We were so very lucky to have been able to make this happen! It benefited a great charity and made a dream of ours come true!! We had the opportunity to meet Mike and Marcie Campbell before the Fleetwood Mac show in Denver Colorado on 12/3/18! As an added bonus, we met Neil Finn and Marilyn Dash (one of Stevie's backup singers)!! We also met Chinner! When Mike showed up the guitars, he pulled out the SG and I called out what it was. He said "Oh you know guitars?" I replied that I knew a little bit. Chinner was going to sit me down with a Rickenbacker when Mike said "Hey, she called the SG! Let her hold that one!" Chinner said "Well, I was going to let her sit with the most expensive one, but the SG is what she wants!" It was truly an amazing experience! Mike signed my Mudcrutch album and a CD for my boyfriend. We asked him to autograph the Blue Stingrays CD for a charity auction! If anyone is interested, we put the autographed Blue Stingrays CD up for auction to benefit Rock the Dogs / The Tazzy Fund on the TPN Auctions FB page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TPN.Auctions/?multi_permalinks=528509620946228&notif_id=1543939459540281&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
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    Mike Campbell Answers 21 Questions

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    I'm gonna laugh when they finally release All the Rest and it's just a reissue of She's the One
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    For Real

    😎 2-19 For Real.mp3
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    Maxwell House

    Dang it, I hope Amazon lets me return these 400 cans of Maxwell House now...
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    Today, Adria and Annakim hosted a Facebook live event where they took questions and offered some really interesting and beautiful insights into how Tom was as a person and a father. (video starts about 4 minutes in) Here are a few of the takeaways: -Tom loved cereal and would eat a bowl pretty much any time of day -Tom NEVER drank Maxwell House coffee (sorry Warren Zanes) -He was obsessed with his dog -Alright for Now was a song to Annakim -Room at the Top was written during a fight between Tom and Annakim -He was a vegetarian in the last years of his life -He was a huge fan of film, especially classic films These are just a few among many other interesting and inspiring observations and vignettes from this video...
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    Happy Birthday Tom Petty

    Happy Birthday Tom.
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    Darkhorse Radio

    If you have SiriusXM radio, go to the Beatles channel and try to catch the "Darkhorse Radio" show with guest Olivia Harrison (George's wife). On this episode she discusses The Traveling Wilburys and plays songs sung by each Wilbury. Lots of stories about them too. The wives would go out to dinner and when they got back, the boys would all be around the kitchen table with smirks on their faces. The girls asked, OK, what's going on now? The boys said would you like to hear what we just did? Then they put on the tape of the new song they just wrote and recorded. Lots of fun. IF there is a recording of this show, I'll try to find it and post it here for you. Rock on!!!
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    Hi, This is my first post at the forum. I've been going through a big Tom Petty phase in my music listening lately. As part of that, I've wanted to gather all the good rare stuff that I didn't already have. I found out there were two Petty originals I'd never heard of that were only played live once each, at the Vic in Chicago in 2003: "My New Guitar" and "Next Time You See Memphis." I looked all over the Internet and couldn't find copies of these songs anywhere. So I came to this forum and found only a few mentions to them over the years. I contacted some of the most frequent posters here with PMs, and most of them hadn't heard of these either. Frequent poster Marion initially wasn't aware of these songs, but she has all the shows from the Vic that year, so she figured she had to have them. Sure enough, she dug them up and sent them to me. Thank you again! I'm posting a link to them here, so hopefully other Petty fans can hear them. While I was making a zip of these files, I decided to add a few more to it. There actually were five unreleased original songs that were first done during that series of shows at the Vic. So I've added the others: "Melinda," "Black Leather Woman," and "Two Men Talking." "Melinda" has since been released as part of the "Live Anthology," but I'm including a performance from a different date. A 2012 version of "Two Men Talking" has recently come out on the "An American Treasure" box set, but this one is somewhat different, including being two minutes longer. On top of all that, I'm also adding "Commit a Crime," a Howlin' Wolf song played only once by Petty in concert, during the Vic shows. Marion also dug that one up for me. It's fitting that that's a blues cover, because Petty clearly was in a heavy bluesy musical mood at the time. All five of the originals are bluesy in some way, and he played a bunch of other blues songs during that run of shows. I'd be curious if anyone has any feedback on these songs and why they remained unreleased. Together, the five originals total 25 minutes, so that's like half of an album. https://www50.zippyshare.com/v/7XstQxio/file.html
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    as long as nobody minds me sharing this here I will leave this up for a week or so. zipped copy of the show above. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1en2A0PzgX8Noji_-Wcj19e1M-MCoAaEE
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    Your Favorite TP&TH Cover Songs

    I've been combing through my bootlegs to pull out some rare covers that the band performed throughout the years. Am slowly posting these songs to YouTube; many of these were only performed once! Here are some, which have already been mentioned in this thread: The Left Banke's "Pretty Ballerina" 1981-10-02 [performed 2 other times: 1981-09-18 and 19] Shirley Ellis' "The Clapping Song" 2006-06-14 [only performance of the song] Gram Parsons' "I Can't Dance" 1983-06-10 [only performance of the song] Johnny Cash's "I Still Miss Someone" 2000-10-28 [only performance of the song]
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    Mike Campbell's fav records

    There is a lot to be said for that. This one is actually one of those things in life that goes beyond whether you find it fantastic or not. (Although, liking it helps some.) At least if you are a music fan with any interest in general rock universe navigation. See.. without The Band in general, their friends and allies, and perhaps that Last Waltz film in particular (as some sort of beacon at the end of a movement), it would be very hard to understand anything of what happened to rock music in the late 60 throughout the 70s and on, how the genuinely American folk rock developed and paved way for what was to become the Alternative Rock, the Americana craze of our times. Milestone material? Well.. Let's just say, trying to understand modern American rock without it, would like trying to understand modern sci-fi without the Alien trilogy. On a more "Farming" level, The Last Waltz certainly helps, if mainly by association, in understanding the influences and style references that are soaking through so much of Tom's music. It may also be a pointer towards the rationale behind some of his choice of covers over the years - since, as much as he loved 50s blues rock and the British invasion stuff (in itself in part influenced by Bob and The Band and so on), Tom was himself definitely a child of his times, wasn't he? The traces of Bob, The Band, Butterfield, Bloomfield, Grateful Dead, Little Feat, JJ Cale and all this 70s Americana rock sentiments - the presence of all the who's-who in terms of various inventors of the folk rock scene - are loud and clear, all the way from the first chords of Mudcrutch*. I basically think this stuff was tremendously important to Tom and the guys! "The same mountain stream", yes... that is so very aptly put! Good or bad - the Last Waltz is, if nothing more, splendid context.** No necessity or obligation to think or care about these things at all, of course. Music is fine as isolated bubbles too. I'm just saying.. if one has an itch... this film is one of the places to start the scratching. That said, hearing that clip there out of context, I can agree it's not the proudest moment of either The Band or Butterfield. The don't exactly nail that song, IMO. And as for Butterfield in general, he sure was a key player and he contributed to a lot of cool stuff, but as a leading man and especially as a singer, I do think that he is slightly overrated. To me he is far from the only reason why his namnesake Blues Band is so groovy. Look more in ways of rhythm section and guitar to find my answers. Also. I'm no big fan of long instrumental harmonica jams, so that may be part of it.... Hm.. having said all this, the one thing that surprise me, though.. is that.. I can't think of all those perfect The Band covers that Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers surely must have pulled out over the years. There is some very strange absence there. A hole in my mind, surely. ---- * Come to think of it - slightly tweaked, a song like Up In Mississippi really could be a The Band song. I can hear their harmonies, the Weight or Cripple Creek style vibe taking that song to it's final destination. **Another document that covers a slightly different limb of this alternative/Americana beast, a slightly more singer/songwriter oriented era and context, that is highly recommendable would be the Heartworn Highways movie. Ya all really need to see that one, if only for the fantastic studio photage of Larry Jon Wilson trying to nail Ohoopee River Bottom Land (that voice!?), of Guy Clark doing Forever, For Always, For Certain and Townes of course, the sob fest that is Townes Van Zandt's kitchen table take of Waitin' Around to Die. Oh man… I would link all those.. or the whole film.. but you all have to do some of the work yourself. Cruel world.
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    21st Century Spotify Blues? The CDs sound great, no two ways about it. Initially I had second thoughts as to whether I should buy this album or not. There are only two songs on there I don't already have. But in the end I thought, heck, this has nothing to do with rational decisionmaking. It's a Tom Petty album, the first "Greatest Hits" of sorts since THE Greatest Hits... even "Anthology. Through The Years" is almost 20 years old... and I'm a fan, so I'll buy it. I knew I would enjoy it, and I do. Sequencing is nice, too. I'm glad they didn't choose the easy way of ordering the tracks chronologically. A - if you will - "dramatic" sequencing is always more difficult, more open to discussion and thus a braver thing to do. And more fun to listen to, IMHO. So, I'm quite pleased with the album. And even though I really do know (no kidding, I'm totally aware) how many hits Petty wrote - it still blew my mind when I heard the first five songs of disc 1 in a row. It's mindblowing, this level of quality. And it doesn't stop there, of course. But who am I telling this.
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    The Best Of Everything compilation has now been scheduled for Friday, March 1st.
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Following up on the maple tree saga, I've had an Arborist look at it - in fact he had lots of "master arborist" titles - and he thinks we can do this. They'll end up drilling through both halves of the split and put a big bolt through there, to try bringing them back together, or as close as possible. Then also there will be cabling connecting the damaged section across to the other large portions of the trunk for support. It's going to be nearly $1,000 but my wife and I agreed we owe it to this beautiful tree that we've loved for over 20 years. It's the least we can do. So here goes....
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Cautiously optimistic. I talked to an arborist today and sent him some pictures. He's going to come by early next week and look closer but he thinks we could absolutely try to save it. So we'll see. I'll report back later on it.
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    If anyone is curious to hear the whole show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_kkKTfcRic
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    I have no clue how commercially viable Mike Campbell's biography would be, but given his history as a Heartbreaker and all the other projects he has worked on with Dylan, Cash as well as Boys of Summer for Henley, now being part of the Mac not to mention an impressive charity or being the house band for a number of shows I would greedily eat up every page. It really is a wonderful life for him despite losing Tom... Same goes for Benmont too.
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    Interview by New Wave Rock Feb 1979. NWR: "Didn't you go to any of those big outdoor concerts when you were younger?" Tom: "I went to one in Florida because the Stones were playing. I was never into that hippie thing. The whole time I was saying 'Get me away from this mud. What is this anyway? This is no way to enjoy rock 'n' roll.' I couldn't enjoy it because I was fighting the elements. It's not fair to charge people $15 and treat them like cattle. Those things are gonna die." So... some research findings to share with you. Rolling Stones played in Florida in 1965 (Keith Richards write the riff for "Satisfaction" in his sleep). But those concerts were indoors. During Nov 1969 they toured again, initially ending with Madison Square Gardens (basis for the album Get Your Ya-Yas Out). Then they agreed to play for 2 outdoor festivals: Palm Beach Pop Festival for Thanksgiving... and Altamont Speedway. We know about the situation at Altamont, but not so much about Palm Beach. Apparently 40, 000 people turned up at Palm Beach, and it sounds like one of those was a 19-year-old Tom Petty!! If he graduated in 1968 and went to Tampa / St Petersburg for a few months in 1968 & 1969, I imagine that by Nov 1969 he was back in Gainesville, with The Epics slowly changing into Mudcrutch. One site (by people who were there) said it rained & they were all so cold that people ripped wooden outhouses / toilets down & burned them for heat. The bands arrived by helicopter from their hotels, while the crowd were there for the entire long weekend, sleeping on the ground, in tents or in cars.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Tom Petty Christmas Songs

    So Jon Scott mentions a few cool things in his book, like Tom doing radio christmas spots which he has very kindly posted on youtube. Here are few This one wont embed for some reason but its pretty differnent from the one above and worth a listen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CYFw18xI6E Merry Christmas all and thanks to @jon scott for posting these!
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    was listening to Albert King earlier. Album of "I'll play the blues for you" Title track below.
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    The notes, the high harmonies, that is... The mere speed. Somewhat rare (and fast paced, at some 140+ bpm) performance of A Higher Place, featuring some fantastic Howie singing! Thanks to our friend mikemono for putting this out there. Was this one even played 10 times in total, all career? I think not. This one from Saratoga Springs.
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    Big Blue Sky

    Happy Birthday Tom Petty

    here's a photo of my candle for Tom...