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    As promised - Behind The Glass Episode 1 8/26/2020 - in WAV format at 44.1Mhz. End bumper removed - where the music ends, the show ends. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dVDWmshwrHS-wwJOyrEocoVlEWhQegpz/view?usp=sharing
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    Will have the Behind The Glass show up for everyone without Sirius by tomorrow. Recording it now on demand.
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    Never-heard song?!?

    Mark Felsot just announced on TPR: On Wednesday, July 29, they’ll be premiering a never-before-heard song from Tom.
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    Finally! Here's the full tracklist: 1). Wildflowers Wildflowers You Don’t Know How It Feels Time to Move On You Wreck Me It’s Good to Be King Only a Broken Heart Honey Bee Don’t Fade on Me Hard on Me Cabin Down Below To Find a Friend A Higher Place House in the Woods Crawling Back to You Wake Up Time 2). All The Rest Something Could Happen Leaving Virginia Alone Climb That Hill Blues Confusion Wheel California Harry Green Hope You Never Somewhere Under Heaven Climb That Hill Hung Up and Overdue 3). Home Recordings There Goes Angela (Dream Away) You Don’t Know How It Feels California A Feeling of Peace Leave Virginia Alone Crawling Back to You Don’t Fade on Me Confusion Wheel A Higher Place There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel) To Find a Friend Only a Broken Heart Wake Up Time Hung Up and Overdue Wildflowers 4). Wildflowers Live You Don’t Know How It Feels Honey Bee To Find a Friend Walls Crawling Back to You Cabin Down Below Drivin’ Down to Georgia House in the Woods Girls on LSD Time to Move On Wake Up Time It’s Good to Be King You Wreck Me Wildflowers 5). Alternate Versions (Finding Wildflowers) [only available on 9-LP and 5-CD formats] A Higher Place Hard on Me Cabin Down Below Crawling Back to You Only a Broken Heart Drivin’ Down to Georgia You Wreck Me It’s Good to Be King House in the Woods Honey Bee Girl on LSD Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version) Wildflowers Don’t Fade on Me Wake Up Time You Saw Me Comin’
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    From their Instagram post: Wreckless Abandon, our first album as The Dirty Knobs releasing on March 20th
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    Anyone seen it before?
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    Beyond Stoked. In light of this, and the strange transmissions that are emanating from TomPetty.com....I wrote this poem: Static at first… Static at first… Now I’m picking up signal On the Supernatural Radio Tonight a Full Moon is hanging In the midnight sky And we’re going for a moonlight ride Can you feel it? There’s Something in the Air It’s just the normal noises in here… Harmonicas on the back porch Back by the tall pines and power lines Music notes rising, intertwined With the sounds of the night– Werewolf howling in the distance An Indian shoots out the light The sound man is ready to capture all the magic Can you feel the Mojo & studio vibes? Bugs has enough tape While Rubin is twisting the knobs The first stop on the journey Is not far from the Crystal River We’re heading to the Cabin Down Below Hit the last number and walk to the road Oh Baby Doll! What a ride it will be– One with an old friend He’s been Waiting For Tonight Your ultimate Highway Companion So turn the radio on soft and low Because it’ll be Time to Move On When the sun comes up tomorrow. ----------
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    my phone seems to hate me and I haven't had time to fight it yet to get pics off my phone and onto the computer. I did share one song by Hattie to FB so here you go. Cool story is Chris Stills the co-lead shared this on his personal page. The band was TIGHT and she kind of kills it.... 😎
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    Leave Virginia Alone

    Here you go, my friends. LVA.wav
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    New RIC ordered

    Ordered a new Fireglo Rickenbacker 350V63 Liverpool 6 string guitar this morning from Sweetwater. I hope it doesn't take years for RIC to make it and ship it. They are available for pre order in Fireglo & Jetglo. Here's mine.........
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    Hoodoo Man

    "we're almost out of time"

    As Tom said we're almost out of time. One last song. 😔
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    Three years ago today. Going to miss this place. Last time seeing Tom...
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    R.I.P Looper

    Just saw this and I'm not sure if it's been posted elsewhere. Very sad to hear of his passing. Rest easy Greg, and say hi to Tom for us.
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    Tom and God

    Did Tom Petty believe in God? Well, that’s a complicated one. Not unlike any of us - as our views, understanding, or relationship with God tends to be. While it’s basically impossible to make a judgement (pun intended) on anyone’s faith, I don’t think Tom suffered fools. I don’t think he had a high tolerance for inauthenticity or hypocrisy...and yet we’re all hypocrites at the end of the day, to varying degrees. Simply because none of us live out our highest ideals, values and beliefs fully 100% of the time, do we? So I tend to give more grace to people when it comes to this area of hypocrisy. But that’s not really the point here. I will say that I enjoy finding God in places where you normally wouldn’t expect Him to be or think He’d show up… I’ll examine this question in 3 parts: Tom’s upbringing, Tom’s friends, and lastly, Tom’s lyrics. And you might find it interesting, pointless or total rubbish. That’s OK. Part 1: Upbringing First and foremost, Tom was a southerner. I think knowing this is important to understanding where Tom was coming from with God, and whatever beliefs he may or may not’ve had. One could assume that any foundational understanding or perceptions of God will be filtered through the lens of the South. And the south, when it comes to religion, is a somewhat jacked up. It is a twisted, mysterious, perplexing, paradoxical, fascinating, and mystifying geography when it comes to God, the flesh and the Spirit. It’s one weird place. If you want to see a bizarre and beautiful documentary about this, check out Jim White’s film, “Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus.” It’s filled with strange southern characters, dimly lit honky tonk bars, pool halls, and backwoods Pentecostal churches. Watch it, you might be enthralled. The music is awesome, and I find it hard to believe that places like this actually exist on the map. I think Tom saw glimpses of this world in Florida… It’s the classic duality of the south. You repent on Sunday morning for your sins on Saturday night. I read that his parents taught Sunday School at their little church in Gainesville. I can’t imagine Tom showing much interest in going, and perhaps being forced (dragged?) to go at an early age. During the Heartbreakers 1987 Rock and Roll Caravan Tour, Tom went to Jerusalem. Upon touring the city with Roger McQuinn, and after seeing the wailing wall with a tour guide, he states, “Ten years of Sunday school, and this guys tells me more in 5 minutes.” The guide says that “Music is holy,” to which McQuinn agrees. I tend to agree as well. I think Tom has mentioned somewhere that he sees the band as a holy thing(?). 10 years of Sunday School was it for Tom, then around age around age 11, his main religion becomes the Church of Elvis Presley. His infamous encounter in 1961 with the King is widely known and well documented. From here, rock and roll devotion would take over. And we’re all lucky for this as a result. When then the 60’s happened, and the subsequent experimentation with music, drugs, freedom, rebellion, girls, etc. I imagine Tom probably put God on the shelf for a while during this period. Even going as far into the 70’s and early 80’s well, as he was experiencing his first waves of fame and success. His job, lifestyle and trajectory doesn’t fit nicely into the pews of a small southern congregational church. Also safe to say that living in L.A. and being wrapped in the music industry probably didn’t encourage any type of faith, belief, or expression about God. It would be more of the opposite that would be celebrated and/or accepted. Indeed, the Heartbreakers of the 70’s and 80’s were a wild bunch… Part 2: Friends But then, Tom sure had some popular friends, and who knows what ways they spoke into his life? Or what types of conversations they had in private, as friends. 1. George Harrison One of Tom’s closest friends, and fellow Wilbury bandmate. George, the quiet Beatle, was deeply spiritual, as we all know. In the 1960’s, he was introduced to yogis, meditation, and Hinduism, and remained wholly committed for the rest of his life, embracing the Hare Krishna tradition. It’s interesting to note that when Tom passed, there was a small family memorial service held at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, near L.A. The temple and meditation garden was the same place for the funeral of George Harrison, who died in 2001. I wonder if Tom had a specific wish for this, or if the family chose it… 2. Bob Dylan Another fellow Wilbury. Just try to untangle the faith and spirituality of Bob Dylan, I dare you. A mystery wrapped in an enigma, Dylan caused quite the stir when he released three explicitly evangelical Christian albums between the years 1979-1981. Benmont played on the final album of the “trilogy”, 1981’s Shot of Love. Who knows where Bob stood in these matters afterwards, and when he was in a band with Tom? Yet, in every interview I’ve ever read or watched, Bob’s never afraid to address or speak his mind on God. 3. Rick Rubin A hippie-mystic-guru-meditation-music lover type of guy. All over the map in some ways, but appears to be centered and grounded in others. The decade of American Recordings he did with Cash is some of the best music ever created, IMHO. Having a discussion once about communion, Rubin informed Cash that he had never taken communion before. Surprised, Cash invited and insisted they partake together. Which they did, nearly every day, even over the phone if it wasn’t possible to do it in person. 4. Johnny Cash Cash was a great man of faith (and a walking contradiction, as Kristofferson says). Cash was friends with saints (Billy Graham) and sinners (the rest of us). To be in his presence was to be in awe, and slightly afraid. An artist recognized for his authenticity, and his marriage to June was something to behold. Cash and Tom became close friends in the 1990’s, during the making of Unchained. Tom speaks highly of this time, the recording of this album, and his love for Johnny and June. I have to believe that each of these people had an influence on Tom - his faith outlook, his beliefs, his spirituality - during different points & turns of his life. Close friends tend to do that. In 1996, I read a speech he gave to a crowd of students at UCLA, upon receiving the "George and Ira Gershwin Award For Lifetime Musical Achievement." (you can find it in the summer 1996 TPATH Fan Club Newsletter). This was in the midst of recording with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins: “At the end of the session he (Carl) took me aside and he said, 'You know, I really like you, Tom.' "And I said, 'Well, what are you getting at, Carl?' "And Carl said, 'I don't know. I just feel that tonight with us playing here that there was a lot of God in the room.' And I looked at him and he said, 'You know, I don't know Tom, if you believe in heaven but it's really nice thinking even if you don't.' "And I said, 'Well, Carl, I just hope that I get there.' "And it really touched me what he said -- he said, 'I really believe all us boys that kinda knocked around on those guitars and drums and things and went through life and were pretty good people and just tried to play a little music and stayed out of people's way -- maybe had an occasional joint -- we may have raised a little too much hell at times, but still found the time to help people whenever we could. I believe that one day we're gonna all sit around somewhere and play music like we did tonight.' And he said, 'When you get there, Tom, I'm gonna give you the best guitar God's got.' “And that really touched me. I want to tell you all that whatever your concept of God is, I believe that He writes the songs and it's just sent down through me, you know, and other songwriters. I feel like a receiver -- and tonight I'm really grateful to receive this award.” He sounds completely sincere and abundantly grateful for the gifts and life that God has given him. “God writes the songs.” Which brings us to… Part 3: Lyrics Let’s look at a few instances where any concepts of God popped up in his lyrics. These are just a few that come to mind, for the sake of this musing. 1. “Oh baby, don't it feel like heaven right now” and “You take it on faith, you take it the heart, the waiting is the hardest part.” (1981) A stretch? Sure… 2a. “I was born a rebel, down in Dixie on a Sunday Morning.” (1985) 2b. Southern Accents, the song (1985) There's a dream I keep having, where my momma comes to me And kneels down over by the window, and says a prayer for me Got my own way of praying, but every one's begun With a southern accent, where I come from Maybe the most intimate and personal Tom has been, lyrically. He didn’t really start to address or even hint at God in his songs until around the time of Southern Accents (the album). He had grown up a bit, and lost his mother a few years earlier. This had an effect on him, and now he was ready to get reflective in his writing. The song becomes a beautiful southern prayer of sorts. This was also a time when Tom was using cocaine, staying up all night, addicted to cigarettes and Coca Cola, had self-admitted anger issues, as well as relationship/marital problems. A time when TPATH goes out on the road with the largest Confederate flag ever sewn together as a backdrop to their stage show. Complete with the Rebelettes, a group of female back up singers. Again, the twisted duality of the Southern thing. The wrestling with the flesh and the spirit. Having it both ways. (For a deep dive on the duality of the south, listen to “Southern Rock Opera” by the Drive By Truckers. I have to think this was a more complete and realized “Southern Accents”) 3. “Gypsies at home watching Jerry Falwell on TV Might mean somethin' to you, it ain't nothin' to me” (1985) The mid-1980’s were a rough time for televangelists, to put it mildly. 4. “You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down.” (1989) Impossible not to include! 5. With “I can only thank God it was not too late”, a line he repeats multiple times. Ah, the lovely Angel Dream (1996). And it sounds sincere, like he’s finally found salvation in the form of love. 6. “They love it (rock and roll) like you love Jesus, It does the same thing to their souls” (2002) Well, we know that Tom understood the devotion part of it. He knows both have the potential to save your soul. And yet, still I get the feeling that Tom would rather worship at the altar of Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chet Atkins, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis (cousin of Jimmy Swaggart!!) and James Brown. And….what do all of these artists have in common? Many, if not all, grew up in the Southern Pentecostal Church. Just food for thought. You can’t ever really get away from it, once it’s in your system. Bruce Springsteen frequently mentions that he is still carrying and grappling with his upbringing in the Catholic Church, not able to shake growing up in the shadow of St. Rose of Lima Church in Freehold, NJ. I personally think it makes for a more compelling artistry, and I appreciate folks who don’t shy away from it. I’m thinking of artists like Cash, U2, Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens/Yusef, Lenny Kravitz, Lauryn Hill, Kings of Leon, Kanye West, Marvin Gaye, where I find strong undertones of God, faith and spirituality in their music. There’s probably a hundred more we could mention. Sometimes this is the best church… Then there’s latter day Petty. 7. Playing Dumb, a bonus track from Hypnotic Eye (2014). A scathing indictment about the recent (and appalling) scandals that have have rocked the Catholic Church. “I’m still throwin' up some of that food my mind was fed Well let's light a candle for every kid For every soul that was done away with For every confession that wasn't on the level For every man of God that lives with hidden devils.” Ouch. Say like it is… 8. Finally, I forgive It All (2016) A hymn of sorts. Fact or fiction? Who is his niece Lauren? Was this song directed to people or events from his past, someone like Jane? Was he relieving himself of any burdens or bitterness he was carrying that comes from unforgiveness? Speculation, yes, but you never know. Random Thoughts - I’ve believe I’ve seen Tom wear a cross around his neck in photos through the years. Also, during the 2016 Mudcrutch tour, I remember seeing a photo of Tom wearing a black vest, with a huge cross stitching on the back of the vest. Not saying anything specific, just mentioning it. It might just mean that he’s not afraid to wear/display a cross. - At the end of many concerts, particularly near the end of his career, Tom’s final words from the stage were often, “Thank you, God bless you.” Yes, a lot of artists say this, but you can mean it too. I tend to think that Tom got more grateful with each passing year for the incredible gift and life he was given with his band. Again, “Let me be clear” (in best Obama voice), I’m not making any conclusions whatsoever. Just observations. Do I think TP knew or believed in God? Don’t know. It’s too personal. Maybe even Dana Petty and Mike Campbell don’t know where Tom stood with these things. Tom’s relationship with God was complex, contradictory, nuanced and ongoing. Like each of ours is. Which brings me back to Part 1. If I were to poetically sum it up, I would use this line from Rebels: “I was born a rebel, down in Dixie on a Sunday Morning.” Thanks for reading!
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    Hoodoo Man

    Jason Sinay

    Mike got lucky when he found Jason.... that man can play! Figure Jason is getting his name out there more with some live stuff on IG and FB and we may as well show some love for him here as well...
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    Maxwell House Revisited

    I followed a strange thread that ended back up at the Warren Zanes' Maxwell House story. Follow me on this one. The coincidences are kind of delicious. Last night I was listening to a live Petty version of The Stories We Can Tell on youtube. I noticed as it was finishing that there was a John Sebastian version of the tune, which I was curious about. Turns out the song was his original. I went to wikipedia to read a little more about John Sebastian. I knew he was part of the group The Lovin' Spoonful back in the '60s. It turns out they got their name from a 1964 Mississippi John Hurt song called "Coffee Blues." (Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZWqhrR5tPc ) In this song, Mississippi John Hurt sings about his love for Maxwell House coffee. It's basically a love poem to Maxwell House. I started considering that Tom, with his great appreciation for music history, was slyly and with a wink giving a shoutout to this blues song in the Zanes article. After all, both his daughters and Dana came out after to say that Tom didn't drink Maxwell House. So I figured Tom was putting on Warren Zanes and maybe it was a tip of the hat to this old Coffee Blues song. Then, when I went back to reread the Zanes Rolling Stone article, I was more than tickled at the title of piece. "Tom Petty's Biographer on the Story He Didn't Tell." (italics are mine for emphasis). The title line didn't come from a Tom Petty song but rather a song he occasionally covered. A cover song from a guy who named his band after a lyric from a song about Maxwell House coffee. It's probably all just fun coincidence, but wondering if there's a slim possibility that it was all orchestrated and that maybe even Warren Zanes was in on the joke himself. Perhaps at Tom's behest. (I'll take off my tinfoil hat now 😄)
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    The cover was designed by Klaus Voormann ( take a look at the railroad tracks ) Mike did an excellent job there. Great song, is currently in an endless loop with me. Looking forward to the album. 🤠
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    Mike already played some songs from the new album live in 2018.
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    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    Hoodoo Man, Thank you for sharing here. We are so happy to know everybody love this video. Happy holidays! toshi ♥️ Heartbreaker's Japan Party ♥️
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    Hoodoo Man

    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    not sure I want to drop this in the covers therad... very well done tribute song, A for effort....
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    Happy 25th Anniversary to the legendary Wildflowers album, released this day on 1994!!! https://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-complete-wildflowers/ As we know - lots of pondering, uncertainty, debating and deliberating on the best way to release/re-issue/celebrate Wildflowers: All The Rest. The label, the band, the family, Ryan U, Rick Rubin...even Tom himself was unsure the best way to continue to tell the WF story. Which is a bummer for the fans. I don't get it. I appreciate the fact they they want to protect the legacy...but...are they perhaps overthinking this release too much? Why not do it the way everyone does it these days - with options ranging from one disc to multi-deluxe options, depending on what you want & want to spend? ie. 1. Option 1: All the Rest - Standalone album with the "new" 11-12 tracks only. $9.99 2. Option 2: The above + the originally envisioned WF Double LP. $34.99 3. Option 3: Deluxe: The above + One disc of WF home demos (that Ryan U recently stumbled upon) $44.99 4. Option 4: Ultra Deluxe Box Set: The above + 1995 Dogs With Wings live show recording + Hardcover book with essays and never-before-seen photos. All wrapped in an organic cloth box that looks like the texture of the WF cover. With an embroidered flower on the cover. $149.99 Come on Warner Bros...GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    amazing to catch a young Tom in a video and song I never knew existed... John Prine too!
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    I got my shipping notice and UPS tracking number from tompetty.com. So close... By the way, this week TPR has been playing the new tracks, including the live performances and alt takes that are included in the box set. If you’re waiting for the whole album experience, avoid TPR for a few days. Me, I’m fine with hearing them now.
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    Maybe I'm Immune

    It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and tragic and true. I don't care if you're red or blue, that man has to go.
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    I'll keep recording these as they premiere and sharing them with you all one way or another!
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    Just thought I'd point out how similar my quick little All the Rest mock-up I did earlier this year ended up being to the official final cover artwork...:)
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Can't shut the forum down now... No way!!! 😄
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    TP’s family telling Trump to go to hell

    Now that DT has destroyed our country in 4 short years, and this site and forum will no longer be after July. Let's fight 1 more time as a group in the name of Tom Petty by attending and starting rallies against DT this election by turning the tables against DT by "US" (the real people) singing and playing "I WON"T BACK DOWN" . I'm sure the Petty family would support us singing and playing Tom's songs for the freedom our friends and relatives have died for to make this country great. BTW, It was always great, even at the worst of times! Turn this around for Tom and the Petty family and play Tom's music at ANTI-TRUMP events around the country and the world. Tom's music belongs to the free and the brave!
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    Just thought you all might like to check this out! I'm a big fan of Dan Baird and was super stoked to hear that him and Stan recorded an album together! Follow the link for more info and a few samples... https://danbairdmusic.com/home
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    On the moment the Heartbreakers were birthed in the studio: "We were stone broke, and crazy, and that was that." - Stan Lynch No one talked, no one asked or tried to figure how it happened, they just made "that sound"....
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    Hoodoo Man

    Mojo outtake Help Me

    Here you go. Enjoy! Help Me.mp3
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    Why Swingin'?

    This just hit the spot today:
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    I'm so sorry to hear of John Prine's passing. He was one of my very favorites, right up there with TP. I saw John many times in concert, have all his records on vinyl, etc. Such unique voice, such an amazing writer, such a wonderful, kind man. One of a kind. Howie Epstein was a huge part of Prine's success in the early 1990s, when JP was having a hard time getting heard by anyone beyond his group of faithful fans. Howie produced The Missing Years, a stunning record that won a Grammy and put Prine back on the musical map. The Heartbreakers are all over the record and its a masterpiece. Howie also produced the follow-up Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings, which is an underrated gem, and yielded what might be Prine's best-ever track, "Lake Marie". It's Bob Dylan's favorite at least. So, thanks Howie, for helping John Prine create some of his most memorable music. Lake Marie
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    Big Blue Sky

    Bennomnt on IG

    in homage to Come Back Again, here are the guys with seriously tasty guitars. Warning: ear-worm likely.
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    I don't know how many people will get this present but I am somewhat speechless. I had a package waiting for me from WB when I got home this afternoon. At first I thought it may be my DK shirts which I ordered and got shipping notification on. I could not have been more surprised by the contents especially given my recent frustrations with the TP store on his website. I ordered my wife 2 or 3 shirts for xmas. One arrived in November when I placed the order. Last Sunday I got an email from WB saying the final items in my order were backordered and I would get a credit for thoses items. I was miffed as it was a T shirt and why the heck can you not get that straight. I was fairly sure it was the Gator logo TP shirt which looked pretty cool. I tried to look at the order but there were zero details showing itemized orders in the cart, or on the my account page. I was miffed but over it as its a T shirt so NBD. very oddly the following Monday I received a t shirt in the mail that was not the Gator logo for my wife so now I was baffled as I would not have ordered her 3 shirts. So by now like Brad pit in Se7en kept saying "whats in the box????" So there was this nice note: and a cornucopia of nice merch as seen below... sort of stunned. Luckily I plan to do a meet and greet for the DK Derry show and planned to do a raffle for Tazzy fund so some of this will go into that as I'm not a huge pin guy. My wife will love the hoodie so its a win for her as well given the missing shirt... Its a very nice gesture and I see it as the ship being righted now that the estate squabbles are over. Edit to add. I did message them a number of times about the forum being down so that may be what is being referenced to in the note but its a little strange as it reads as a form note and I have to think other people got something similar... Strange stuff.... <shrug>
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    Hoodoo Man

    Tour postponed to September 2020!

    I just hope Wrecless Abandon does not become "All the rest" I also hope the album leaks out by Amazon not being on the same page and we end up getting it sooner. All the respect in the world for Mike to get treatment and heal from what must be a moderate to serious issue (don't care to speculate as to what it is) but to push the album that people have paid for in advance on top of all sorts of folks flying around on Jet Blue and making reservations at Air BnBs that have lost money it seems selfish and silly to postpone a finished product for 6 months. they are seen signing copies of the LP so its not like they will be changing anything to the mix or package... all the respect in the world to Mike for being a responsible adult and taking care of himself first. Its what Tom should have done. But the delay in album is silly and misguided at best.
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    Tour postponed to September 2020!

    Mike's follow up to "Wreckless Abandon" should be it's polar opposite - "Abundance of Caution".
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    The Steve Hoffman forum is going crazy There is a thread called: Tom Petty: Wildflowers All The Rest (Upcoming release / speculation thread) https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/tom-petty-wildflowers-all-the-rest-upcoming-release-speculation-thread.936766/
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    Still can't quite wrap my head around that latest runaround, there. Particularly absurd, it all seems to me. Even more so than it used to. Still, it all makes me wonder, in this information technology era of ours - does everything HAVE to be detours, dead ends and desinformation? Couldn't some of the insiders just post a smiley face over at the Nation, that as if by accidentally tells us (in sound or text) a rough time line and/or direction for what they are thinking? Now, to have anything that even remotely resembles correct and coherent information is obviously not an option with these people and with this issue. Nevertheless, it's a known fact that joyful shout outs and smilies are all the rage at TPN so, why not try to sneak some actual and useful information out that way, then? In case anyone failed to notice - there are quite a few of us out here who want to know what's up with this material still, and so far, years on end, we have been taken for a really rickety ride. Granted.. we die hards are not growing in numbers with the years passing, this is true, but still.. I just hope they will achieve something tangible eventually. With or without live performance considerations- to me that is gotta be so secondary right now. Let's just hope they focus on the unheard music and that they want to share it all with us as true to original shape and form they can possibly allow their busy little fingers to do. That they take the musical ques from the real pros (Ben, Mike, Ryan) if anything further is deemed needed. And.. yeah.. I never thought I'd hear myself say this - knowing my feelings about the "industry" part of music industry, and the corrupt ways of big labels - but I really wish the WB/Reprise people are willing to help out this case at long last, because in terms of final product finish, marketing and general professionalism, I have to admit they are probably the most reliable player in what otherwise seems a mess of pride, tantrums and personal interest. I hope for as professional release as possible, that is. (Don't get me wrong. As a "family release" AAT was just fine, of course. It made sense and it was well curated, musically. And fairly well produced physically too. But for any other archival projects, aimed at certain eras or albums, as is WF, I really hope they will allow for a strictly professional product, keeping the family emotions and ambitions well to the side and leaving all musical and technical considerations to the real professionals that was part of creating this art to begin with. I bet it's tempting, but a Jane angle or Adria filter, or artwork concept, for a Wildflowers release is not gonna work to it's credit, to be blunt. With AAT out of their system, the family, IMO, need to step back and try to be as invisible as possible and leave the actual handy work to the real professionals involved. As hurtful as it may seem, it's the art of their dad and his coworkers that people are gonna be interested in. As far as I can tell, the family was never involved that deeply in the work, the writing, sequencing or producing albums back then, so why should they now. Ok if there were no one else around. Ok if this kinda work was actually their thing. But it somehow strikes me as "all the wrong reasons" are put into effect on most levels of decision making here. Let's hope I'm wrong. Ok. I better put one of these here at the end, then: )
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    This is the very question that's been plaguing me. Tom is on record saying the album was finished and ready to go. Why not just release what Tom deemed the finished product?
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    Hoodoo Man

    DK Making some noise

    anyone search to see if Mike or the DK have a youtube page? It kills me these are 59 seconds...
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    You Don't Care (Mudcrutch) Outtake

    Tom Petty Mudcrutch and Solo Petty LP Outtakes circa 1972-1977 Tracks 7 – outtakes from the “You’re Gonna Get It” LP sessions (’77-78) ?
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    OK its a belated Bday but on 11/26/85 Pack up the Plantation was released on VHS, CD, Cassette and Vinyl. This should get a remaster and Blueray or streaming release IMHO. Enjoy the annoying horns! (I do!)
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    http://view.e.warnerrecords.com/?qs=5aaae518fde3a119f26eba2df11eccd513e4642254c47106c4537579f186889618c4d2c48b79d58698952db8150e8b640684b4754df01e03ec85649c3905836b3eca833db205330d05bf1c5b9a778123 Nashville, Tennessee The Dirty Knobs with Mike Campbell announce Nashville show! The Dirty Knobs with Mike Campbell will be performing at the brand new Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville on March 15th as part of the new venue’s opening weekend! As a member of the Highway Companions Club, you will have exclusive access to a VERY LIMITED allotment of tickets during a special pre-sale beginning Wednesday, December 18th at 10AM CT.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Garnicks Records est. 1930's

    Well I met Ron Blair and Steve Ferrone at the celebration in LA back in October and I hold them in high esteem. I know someone on here met Scott Thurston once and he was not very cool and that story is still mentioned.... So you are right for sure about both things being memorable the good and the bad. Ive met a lot of artists over the years in small venues. Amy Mann, John Hiatt, Jr Wells, Buddy Guy and Joan Osborne. Not sure how many Aimee Mann (till tuesday) fans are on here, but she had two solo albums at the time I met her. She was very kindly signing things for people and she is a very pretty woman and has an amazing voice. I was a little star struck when I met her, so when she asked how to sign my CD I said 'to Jeff'. She asked do you want me to say anything else? and flustered I said, I don't know, maybe I'm with stupid or whatever.... Whatever and I'm With Stupid are the names of her albums.... It took me showing my frined Dave the cover a few minutes later to realize what I asked her to do and she never batted an eye. Even posed for a picture with what may be a slight smirk... It took Dave about 10 seconds to start mocking me as that is what friends are for.... Now back to record store stories. I did buy a new record player from them yesterday and got a short history lesson there about the unit and its origin. The player a Caliphone 1450K was the mainstay of american schools for decades. If you had a slide show with a record that beeped you likely listed to it played on one of these. I'm told by David that they retailed for 800 new in 1950 so were top of the line state of the art. Sadly as records were phased out most schools tossed the players in the trash. A million made and 950,000 tossed in landfills. David went through it tip to top and cleaned, lubricated and adjusted everything to like new. It sits on 4 spring vibration dampening feet and can play 78, 45, 33 and 16 RPM discs! It has a built in speaker and an output jack for external speakers and a microphone input for a microphone! So it is the original Karaoke machine I guess. I bought a headphone to RCA jack today so I'm looking forward to hooking it up and giving something a spin... This is David the oldest brother on the left and Robert or Bob on the right. You can see the clutter all around behind them. David and Robert Here you can see the stacks of CDs, Albums and various record players Juke boxes and TVs in various states of repair or for sale. This is down town Lowell a few blocks from the shop on a lovely snowy week day. Lowell Lowell City Hall.
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Hmmm........maybe we can on with releasing this record now? https://theblast.com/c/tom-petty-music-family-settles-legal-battle-estate-wildflowers-dana-daughters
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    Hoodoo Man

    Garnicks Records est. 1930's

    Lowell is a very historic town. Some call the small Mill town an hour from Boston 'the Birthplace of the industrial revolution' as the Mill buildings there, fair or not were the first factories to accept women and children as workers. Lowell, the city, is designated a national historic park as a whole and we recently (2018? ) had a quarter minted in recognition of this. Its a mid-sized city roughly the 5th largest in MA and has a large melting pot immigrant population. It also is the home of Jack Kerouac and Whistler (the painter of Whistler's mother fame) lived in Lowell along with Ed McMahon from the Tonight show. They city has several museums and a number of concert venues so we get a fair share of musical acts in town and Garnicks has a reputation for having a lot of older out of print stuff in stock.( My wife and I are very amused by the new tag line there "there is a lot to like about Lowell." Like, not love.... ) So Garnicks naturally has some flow of artists to the shop. Judy Garland was there years ago. The Platters and many many others. In her latter days, Aretha Franklin played the summer concert series fairly often. One year she came in the shop and was somewhat bossy but left without buying anything. The place is very old and extremely cluttered and as we know Aretha was a large woman, we all tend to gain weight with age, no big deal. Bob is rail thin not that it matters too much. So after Aretha left the shop there was another guy that stayed behind who Bob took to be a fan of hers. He made an idle comment about how beautiful she was in the 60's and how it was a shame her weight had gone up so much as she had well documented health issues due to her weight. The reply much to Bob's surprise was something to the effect of "yeah, Mom has gone up in weight a lot, but she can't help it.' A very red faced Bob apologizes profusely as the comment was not meant to be mean. Her son indicated Aretha was looking for her own older out of print records and Bob says he can look in back and let him know. A couple of hours later, still embarrassed for his slip to the son, a limo pulls up in front of the shop. Out comes Aretha walking hurriedly, looking to be in a huff. Bob hears her enter the shop and in her loud unmistakable voice she calls out "Where is Bob Garnick!" Bob replies 'over here' and is formulating an apology for this diva, the Queen of Soul he has apparently insulted enough to warrant a dressing down. She walks up to him and says 'My Boy says that you...' (waiting for it to come at him, he braces for the blow) 'have some of my old records? Where are they? I don't have all day!" A very relived Bob says right this way Mrs Franklin and shows her the stock which she happily buys.
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