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    Awwww, that's sad but I guess it's time. I've enjoyed being a part of Mudcrutch Farm and sooo enjoyed the discussions & generosity. Thanks to everyone who has been so nice to me here! As a farewell gift, let me share with you the only portrait I've created from the Mudcrutch night at the Ryman Auditorium: the remarkable Tom Leadon. (This is just for y'all, please don't publish elsewhere) My 2nd row seat that night gave me a perfect view of Tom (and Tom P), and lots of good photos came from the evening. My life got derailed for awhile just months after this show with the unexpected death of my father and the heartbreaking decline & death of my mother only a year later, so it's taken a long time to get back in the art studio with a clear head. But I'm back drawing, and have just completed a portrait of Josh Jove who was in the opening act The Shelters.
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    New RIC ordered

    Ordered a new Fireglo Rickenbacker 350V63 Liverpool 6 string guitar this morning from Sweetwater. I hope it doesn't take years for RIC to make it and ship it. They are available for pre order in Fireglo & Jetglo. Here's mine.........
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    Oh for shame. The SameOldDrew, you can be better than that. How's that way of communicating with people working out for you Did you see what he wrote about me? Relentless insults, frequent impugning of both my intelligence and character. He harbored - and unleashed here - a great deal of personal and apparently "generational" bitterness on top of that. What I gave back to him was very slight in comparison. And let's face it, he's just not very smart. Go back and read his text if you need further confirmation of that. But he's also not entirely stupid, so I feel I made the correct call there. Why don't you ask him how his way of communicating is working for him? Oh that's right, because you don't apply the same posting standards to those with whom you share a political view, as you apply to people with whom you disagree. After all, you were the one constantly asking one side not to post their political views here, while ignoring the people who posted political views you agreed with. How's are those double standards working for you?
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    I'm trying to think of great art and eloquent words. A great profile of a band at work in this video, shows all Heartbreakers doing what they do best.
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    ^ Well you happen for someone who has a degree in economics to have a poor grasp of economics. Trickle down benefits of the current and administrations past since the 80s have not seen a major boon to American worker wages as they have stagnated for 40 years even though productivity and company profits have hit an all time high. That's an economic system that can't sustain itself as we have seen in prior years. The profits to do not reach the people who help generate them. Period. And you think Tom wouldn't be more supportive of the oppression of non-whites? the fact he disavowed the use of the Battle Flag of Virginia is because people were rallying against it as a symbol of slavery, tyranny and of the unequal treatment of African Americans. Which that whole debate was sparked when there was an uptick in violence against the African American community. Why even bring it up to disavow it if there wasn't an on going harm to the them? Thirdly, as I said before, have you ever had to try to apply and get these great benefits that the government hands out? And if you haven't why are so many people still living in squalor if they can live off the glorious teet that is American communism? What we offer as a society is much less than any other nation because people like you think it's there problem and not ours as a whole. Poverty, poorer education, underemployment, these are all societal ills that require the backing of society. To sit here and say "well you got a free phone and internet! what else could you need!" is beyond ignorant. Those tools that were once considered luxuries are now necessities. Almost all businesses require you to apply via internet to get a job. That is not a luxury. Most business require you to have access to a phone and a home address if you want a job. If you're homeless, you don't have that. Period. Let's see you start from nothing. Socializing such industries is not a socialization of the entire economy. It's a wonder Europe got along just fine doing that with out us. It doesn't mean advocating for the end of retail, etc. The fact you keep going back to your Marxist well shows you don't know what it is. Pushing for worker rights and autonomy is not communist. If that's the case, the laborers who toiled for 40 hour work weeks, end to child labor and paid time off are Marxists because they kept businesses from maximizing their profits. Much of the benefits you have and got where gained through the toil of people who toiled harder than you ever and ever could have imagined. It is under your generation's watch that you took everything that was fought so hard for and to make this country what it is and waste it away for yourselves and throw it to the way side for your children and grandchildren. There will be a reckoning and a price to pay for it. It your starting to see it with Gen Zers and Millennials who are tired of the being shafted. You had several opportunities to try and build on the previous progress that was made and decided to throw it away for your own comfort. Youyr wisdom is not wanted as your generation squandered and frittered away our nation's fortune several times over. What makes you horrible people beyond having decent, structural, intellectual conversations with is the fact that it's the equivalent of talking to a brick wall. You don't budge, you have a self-righteous streak about you. For the 80th time, actually look up what communism is. You and every other dumb son of a bitch from your generation don't know the difference between the multitude of types of government and economic systems. I'll piss and burn on the American flag to trigger you're group of snowflakes because dissent is the greatest form of patriotism. Knowing when somethings wrong and trying to fix it is much braver than shouting "Kevin Bacon wasn't in Footloose". May the souls you're generation sent to die in illegal wars like Iraq and Afghanistan haunt you forever. And may the economic disaster your generation bring destroy your 401k right before you're about to slip into retirement. It may not take you but it'll take your friends. It's on your hands and conscience, not ours. We have only just begun our struggle to have a voice in the government that represents the few like you and the many like us. And may that same ill be wished upon us when we over stay our welcome.
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    It's over and can NEVER be recreated or the same again. It's the end of an era. 20 years of good stuff and meeting everyone over the years at not only concerts, but to vacation together and visit each other at our houses to party for a week at a time. Sorry to say that will most never happen again. It's sad, but some of us will party again.
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    20 years was a good run. Thank you to every single person that had a part in making this a great place for fans to be. This site and all associated content will go offline July 31, 2020. Where to go? Please join other Tom Petty fans on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/tompetty/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Contact The Farm: https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/contact/
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    Take care of yourself Liberty! This was the best TPATH/mudcrutch/dirty knobs site on the internet. cheers
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    7/3/20 TPATH
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    “Good Enough” by the Knobs

    Yes, it was called "Sunburst '59". Sunburst 59 - Good Enough.mp3
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    Wasn't quite sure how exactly to respond either. THANK YOU seems to be the general consensus. And I will certainly miss it as well! All Things Must Pass. I'm grateful for you–friends, strangers, long-time lurkers, fans alike. Thanks for contributing, adding and injecting your insight, options, theories, and personality into the wide-range of topics. It was fun to read an hear so many perspectives, and share in the fandom. It was fun traveling inside the TP universe with you. Part me wants to start posting as many new Topics as I can this final month!! The clock is counting down... I wish you all the best, and All the Rest....
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    New RIC ordered

    I got home about 2pm and Fedex wasn't here yet, they usually deliver about 10am. Me, my daughter and wife sat on the front porch to BS. About 2:20pm the Fedex truck pulled up and brought the box to the porch. I opened it and the guitar is fantastic!!!!!!! It's so beautiful I almost got tears in my eyes! Even my wife and daughter had big smiles on their faces and agreed it is one of the best looking guitars they have seen, and I have quite a few. I haven't plugged it in yet, but will shortly after I take some pix. I'll upload them asap to show you. You know, last year this time I found out I had cancer on my birthday, July 5th and this year, all the news was great and I got an early birthday present. What a great day this is, masks, gloves and all, it's great to be alive. BBL with pix.
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    New RIC ordered

    I got back from Clev Clinic a couple hours ago and all 4 of my doctors (surgeon that took me apart, Plastic surgeon that put me together, Oncologist and radiologist said I was doing absolutely great. Everything in my mouth and neck looked good and felt good, they were surprised I was eating all foods and talking as well as I am. So all is great for now, but I go back July 28th for blood work, CT scans of head, neck and chest and also an MRI and set up appointment with a Dentist. All that will be done in 1 visit with just 1 poke of a needle to put in IV. From the IV they will draw blood, shoot dye in for scans and another dye for MRI. A 2nd operation is still up in the air til I talk to the dentist. I'll keep you posted, or maybe not with the site closing down. But I wanted to let you know all is well for now cuz I was worried about some discomfort in my mouth the past 3 weeks, but I'm ok. Guitar update in next post.
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    Interesting. I was surprised when I read that. To me it was a fine rock album, but I think I got his point of view of wanting to keep moving forward. Still, nothing wrong with an album of fun, rocking songs, the moodiness of Straight into Darkness and of course the funky groove of Same Old You. cheers
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    It's also fun to see that LAD which is a major forum favorite finish that strongly. Tom may have disliked that album for it being a tread water album, but the rest of it love it for being a no nonsense rocker
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    Sad news. It was great time! Thank you for all!
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    I have been absent here for a while for various reasons including the obvious. But I have very cherished memories associated with this site and the people that I met through TPHB/Knobs and kept in touch with here over the years, and especially the old Hive and all the Honeybees! It was an honor being part of the group. I wish we could turn back time. It seems the good times are all over. Having said that, I TOTALLY understand the decision to shut it down. Thanks for the memories everyone!!!
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    So this is really happening, isn't it? Never in my life would I have deemed this possible. But I understand. Thank you so much, Ryan, for giving us a place to exchange our thoughts, however crazy they might seem to outsiders. Only Farmers understood. Shelter, Mary Jane's 2nd Last Dance, Big Blue Sky, Nurktwin, Nightdriver, Marion, everybody... Admittedly, I haven't been around much since Tom passed away. That still feels totally awkward. But the Farm has always been a constant. It will be hard when it's gone. I guess we'll all feel a little bit more lonely then. I will. So many things I love are going away. Now Mudcrutch.com is one of them.
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    Haven't checked out the Farm in a while (it still makes me sad to listen to TPHB or think about them since Tom's gone), but the release of the YDKHIF demo made me want to pay a visit to see if someone has something interesting to say about it. So I also saw that thread about politics and left and right and it had become all those things I was always happy the Farm never was.... hate posts and whatnot. What a depressing read. So I was glad to discover this interesting topic - and it's the two of you, of course. "Air" is a good word, indeed; although each of us will maybe understand something different by it; and maybe that's part of what makes it a good word to describe the Heartbreakers' music. I can relate to the term because I like the jangle, the breeziness, if you will, of some of the earlier stuff (up to She's The One, by my own definition); something that happens in the arrangements and the songwriting, not so much the mix or mastering, so I would not necessarily attribute it to a producer. Not even the drums. It's like you said, MJ2LD, it has something to do with ensemble playing. The spaces between the notes. But also the notes and sounds themselves. It's hard to put your finger on it, which is why it's so precious. That somehow stopped with She's The One, imo. That's how I remembered it. I was almost shocked back then. There was Walls and California even, they had a bit of that air... but none of it could be found on Echo, that was when I was not only shocked but scared. Can be no conincidence that this was the period of Tom's divorce. Things got dark that moment, and I think once you went through this kind of darknes - like Tom did - you're never the same afterward. You can't go back. Maybe the "air" in Tom's earlier work was youth and all that came with it. A sensation that life was still (wide) open somewhere down the road, that all things could get better, that every fight could be won, that the sky is actually the limit. But there were hard realizations to come. Maybe it started with Stan's departure (or firing). At first, that was what Tom wanted and how he could still move his music in a direction he desired. But then Howie died. And Tom got divorced, went through depression... life happened. I think all of those things took a bit of the sparkle (sorry) out of him. It started on Wildflowers, but there was still a glow... I felt a lot of air back then, in that record. Afterward, not so much. And I was still in my teens, so it was not my growing older; not yet; it was in the music. So maybe air was youth. Not only was it something we can hear in the music, it was also something that went into its creation. But Tom couldn't be young all the time, he had to find a way to turn his life experiences into music. That was a difficult task for a lot of songwriters of (roughly) his generation. So things got darker, more tense, less airy. Older. Thus losing the air, or some of it, was inevitable. And as an artist, Tom learned how to deal with it, how to turn it into music. I love the "air" period, which for me includes Wildflowers (and parts of STO). There was great stuff afterward, too, but it had a different quality. It's hard to not let life suck the air out of you, so to speak. Tom's music is a great reminder how that "air" used to feel, how it ought to feel, and how it still can feel.
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    1. Full Moon Fever 2. Wildflowers 3. Hypnotic Eye 4. Into The Great Wide Open 5. Highway Companion 6. Damn The Torpedoes 7. She's The One 8. Mojo 9. The Last DJ 10. Echo 11. You're Gonna Get It ! 12. Hard Promises 13. Southern Accents 14. Long After Dark 15. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers 16. Let Me Up (I´ve Had Enough)
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    A little help for you, you apparently meant "your generation". As to the Iraq war (the one that started in 2003), there was a vote held in October of 2002 to effectively authorize that war. I had never written to a politician in my life before then. I e-mailed my US representative and both US senators, imploring them to vote against the resolution. I did not trust George W. Bush and I especially did not trust the Neocons around him, as I felt he was essentially an amiable dupe who was easily manipulated. At the time, the resolution was sold as "strengthening Bush's hand" to deal with Saddam. I didn't believe it. I felt that once Bush was given the green light for war, there would be war. I had studied the views of the Neocons and they made me sick, they still do. I received replies in the US mail from all 3 members of Congress that I e-mailed. These were no doubt form letters, but I still appreciated that they replied. My votes in the next election were such that I supported those who voted against the resolution, and against those who voted for it. My hands are clean on Iraq. Afghanistan was a different case as they harbored Osama Bin Laden. You certainly have a lot of bitterness directed at a large number of people. It's interesting that you view the generations as monoliths that all think and act identically. It's interesting that you would affix both beliefs and credit or blame to an entire generation. What it reveals to me is that your political beliefs are much like a religion to you, and that you assume everyone else is the same in that regard. You assume that someone from one generation MUST hold a certain belief, because they are part of that generation. Perhaps you believe in that type of enforced orthodoxy for your generation, and you can't imagine anyone varying from it. I am still in touch with many people who were in the same grade school class as myself, and believe it or not we can have vastly different views. Perhaps the only "generational" agreement that I can see, is that virtually everyone in my generation believes in free speech and keeping an open mind, to not be afraid of hearing the opinions of others, and to think for yourself - adjusting for your own experiences and observations along the way. I would like to think that every generation should keep that belief, but clearly the propagandists for your generation are telling people to close off your minds, you've already learned all that you need to know. That's not helpful to you or to society. Teaching you to hate entire generations for the crime of being older than yourself, is not helpful to you either. Making you believe that each generation is monolithic in its beliefs is also not helpful to you. You don't sound like an entirely stupid person, though you also don't sound particularly smart. However, I believe that you are smart enough that your experiences will eventually change many of the beliefs you hold now. You will wonder how you could have felt so sure of yourself back then, but that's the way of nearly everyone. You sound like the type of person who is told to "believe the science", but then you trust someone else to analyze the data, rather than wanting to see the data for yourself. That makes you an easy mark for propagandists. Eventually real life experiences and your own analysis will challenge and end your adherence to the orthodoxies you've been taught. Unless you aren't smart enough or independent minded enough to do that, but I'd like to think that any Tom Petty fan is capable of it. Economics teachers aren't usually political. The political orthodoxy comes from other teachers and professors from other fields, who think they grasp Economics even though their field is English or Biology or whatever. They can't help themselves, they want to indoctrinate others into their views and only their views. It's similar to musicians like Tom Morello thinking that they can preach to the masses on the Economics of "fairness", when they truly haven't a clue beyond their own field of expertise. The free market is not the answer to everything, nor have I said this. There is need for government regulation for things such as pollution standards, worker safety standards, food/health inspections, etc. There is need for common infrastructure such as interstate highways. I would further say there is a need for employees becoming informed of the various rates of pay, and an ability to transfer their skills easily from one employer to another - perhaps both of these could be facilitated by government databases, accessed through the internet. There is the need for enforcement of contracts, including patent rights. But in most cases the free market with these exceptions will deliver the best results for employers, consumers, and workers. You seem to think that there is a "morality" on which everyone agrees. "Morality" is for the most part an individual decision, though there are certainly groups that will try to impose their versions of "morality" on you. Regarding the "morality" of health care, yes as I've noted earlier it's quite moral for a profit seeking company to improve people's lives via a health care innovation. I would also wonder if you consider grocery stores to be "immoral". After all, if someone doesn't get food, they will starve. Shouldn't all food just be raised and distributed by the government, as public handouts? Is it truly "moral" to make a profit on the backs of those who would otherwise starve? Grocery stores are immoral! You could go on and on with that type of "moral logic". I'm pretty sure we know where that leads. Whether you spell it with a P or an M.
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    The band usually provided interesting ideas whenever they were interviewed. The Petty Archive is an excellent resource until the day the estate releases Heartbreakers: The Collected Thoughts in a vegan bound hardcover book. So I can share the *benefits* of having obsessively read as many interviews as I can (since I was 16). Yes for sure, Tom Petty directly discussed these topics below. Other people here will know of other interviews too. Go read the material too. American Dream original American Dream as it changed (and as a song too, of course) Use of confederate flag - within 18 months of touring with it off Southern Accents - stopping the show, talking directly to audiences & banning its use in his concerts Use of confederate flags & role of statues in public spaces - revisited Being in the 1% because of career earnings Police stopping cars and young men dying as an unintended consequence (& Don't Pull Me Over. ) Violence in LA during the 92 riots (& a song there too) Violence in his crowds (that snippet from them touring in Germany when he's saying the concert promoters need to stop the fighting) Being threatened with violence because of wearing long hair Growing up in a segregated community and seeing racism and how he & his friends weren't like that Incarceration rates Other people spoke of the generosity care and empathy shown by Tom & his family: his cousin Sadie about how TP came to the Gainesville march to help shift focus from KKK & starve them of potential press his family's generous support of homeless and disadvantaged
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    Ok Boomer. Again, just because in the 60s a TV was a luxury doesn't mean that the previous day's luxury's are now necessities. Cellphones and the internet are necessities. Saying having a fridge is a necessity. Time marches on and nobody cares that you only had 3 channels. And no, wages have not kept up with inflation. Just because they've gone up, doesn't mean they've gone up at the rate to which the dollar is valued. And no, most economists aren't a secret cabal of left leaning commies, they tend to be more conservative as well. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/08/07/for-most-us-workers-real-wages-have-barely-budged-for-decades/ Also, when that technology grows and becomes more pervasive, it becomes cheaper too. Big screen TVs used to be thousands of dollars. Now you can't even buy a tv under 32 inches and it's only a 150 for one. Not just as demand rises but as the means of production become cheaper does the price of said goods drop as well. And ok, you're right, supply side economics is the proper nomenclature. Got me there! But hey, if it was so profitable, again, why haven't wages been more responsive to that growth? Why then have a great deal of jobs been outsourced to foreign nations leaving this countries industry to rot to the core? If economic growth benefits all, wouldn't a healthcare system that is actually efficient and responsive to their customers promote a healthier nation which in turn be a more productive society? Wouldn't we not all be a bunch of fat asses? Would not all be pissed off that it takes our insurance 4 months to send a bill back for a visit that by that time 95% who make it won't remember? Why are we paying for services that we won't know of until months on end after service is rendered? If someone is in dire need of healthcare are they going to turn it down if in the long run it may bankrupt them because they won't know till it's too late? These are market inefficiencies. If you want private insurance, then the price needs to be posted point of service, otherwise you're in for a ass fucking. Finally on my education: when it came to economics, my professors were all apolitical. But the fact you swear to the dogma that is everything must be free market shows you truly don't know how to be flexible. Like I said, not once have I argued for a Marxist government or economy. If wanting for socialized healthcare makes me a commie, then you have no understanding of the term. Enjoy you're 5k deductible. May when the cancer hits your asshole that it tries to find God when you try to figure out how to pay for that chemo.
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    Nobody is saying when they advocate for socialized medicine that they are saying that the government is prone to be corrupt or inefficient. However, because it is a government agency that will have mass dollars put into it by the public, the public will have a greater desire and need to make sure that it does what the public wants. It'll be much more responsive. Also, most health insurance plans aren't even selected by people in a truly free market place, they are selected by their employers and the employee can become a slave to their job because of it. You may argue you have the freedom to break away from your work if you are unsatisfied but if you have a family that relies on your wages and whatever healthcare coverage you may have, you in reality do not have a choice. Also if you're someone like me who comes from an area of a small amount of decent jobs, you are essentially tethered to your job. Tying healthcare to your work empowers your employers and not the workers. Secondly, most medical developments are brought about through public tax dollars that go to the R and D. As you claim for me to be a slave to the government, you are a slave in thinking the private sector is the answer to all. As I said before, I'm not and most people are not advocating for a truly Marxists government or economy. But again, there are inefficiencies in things like healthcare that private industry cannot fill. If they had you wouldn't get billed for getting cancer at 60k for treatment. Thirdly, if again, every other developed nation has socialized healthcare that is well received and has seen lesser levels in obesity and mental health, why would that ruin the US? Is it because we're that vastly different? Not at all. Private industry does not have the ability or desire to help those with pre-existing conditions. To force business to deal with it restricts their "freedom". Finally you pay into social security and disability your entire working life. That's your pay roll tax, the government isn't allotting that money to anything else. If they spend it elsewhere then you have to be a smart enough citizen to raise your voice. Again it's called accountability. Use your freedom to protest it if it doesn't work. And if anything, why not give it a try for a decade. We've done this private insurance dance for 50 years and most people are pretty fucking sick of their insurance. If Medicare for all is so bad, then you can excise it from law. And don't call the ACA socialized medicine when all it did was fine those who mainly can't afford insurance and create a slightly bigger "marketplace" for insurance instead of a true public option
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    Yes, yes, and yes. And I do happen to have a degree in Economics. Tom stopped using the Confederate battle flag as a backdrop, because while he originally felt that it represented the South as a place, he realized that a lot of people saw it as a symbol of slavery, even a symbol celebrating slavery. And so he stopped using it and felt bad that he'd ever used it. But that's got nothing to do with the present US government, and the prior US government fought against the Confederacy and ended slavery. So you are not giving any logical support to your "Tom would say it's a living hell for non-White citizens" thesis. WHAT exactly has the US government done to make their lives a living hell? Can you name even ONE example of this? If anything, the US government is stacked in favor of non-whites, with affirmative action. I know of no law that makes any non-white lives a living hell. As to whether that's borne out, look at all the non-whites who wish to immigrate to the USA - do people actually choose to leave their homes to join a living hell? What you are saying is a talking point with no substance in reality. Just because a lot of leftists keep repeating it, doesn't make it more true every time they repeat it. I'm in favor of the social safety net, and we've got that now, to a very high degree. We've got full medicaid for those without jobs, and heavily subsidized ACA for those who have low-paying jobs. We've got food stamps, we've got housing subsidies, we've got free limited use cell phones, we've got welfare payments and earned income tax credits. The social safety net is mission accomplished, so why do leftists keep saying it isn't there? Now you could point to homeless people, and I feel bad for them, but those are either people with mental illness, drug addicts, or people who choose not to use government help. The US no longer forces mental patients into asylums, and doesn't force drug addicts to get clean. But the government is there for people who want help voluntarily. You could raise government aid substantially and there would still be people choosing to live in tents and under freeways. And that's sad to see them waste their lives that way, but that's what our courts decided counts as freedom, so it's a choice. Progressivism wasn't originally equal to Marxism, but in the USA today, they are the same. Progressivism had a useful and important purpose at one time, but all the goals short of Marxism have been accomplished. Therefore, the two are the same. Who were the most "progressive" Democratic candidates for president this year? Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Who is the most "progressive" member of the US Congress? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I see no difference between those three and Marxists, and in fact Bernie Sanders proudly took his honeymoon in the Soviet Union, coming back to extoll its virtues. And AOC has embraced the government of Venezuela while rejecting that of the USA. Humorously, Bernie even lived on a commune in his youth, but he got kicked out because he wasn't doing much actual work. Liz Warren used to claim she was a capitalist, but she doesn't say that now. She has proposed that all corporations over $1 billion would have to get a federal permit to operate, renewed every year and only issued if the corporation sets hiring quotas, wages, and other enforced controls to her liking. That's essentially "the workers control the means of production" of Marx himself. The USA is about freedom, and it does have a completely adequate, even substantial social safety net. But if you want to be an outright communist, you have that right. Just pool your money with some like-minded others, buy some farmland somewhere, and start a commune. Everyone shares, and no one is forced to join. Also, if you want to work in the free market but you feel very generous, you can give away all your wealth until you are now equal with the person who has the least. I read that Tom Morello has a net worth of $30 million, so I do wonder if he's a hypocrite. But that's his right in a free country. As to Tom Petty, he's a guy who wanted to give people a good product at a fair price. But I don't recall that he was against making money or living a nice live off of his own productivity. What the Marxist progressives want is not the option to be communist, they want to force everyone to live with their vision of equal outcomes. Whether you bothered to study difficult and/or useful material in school, wouldn't matter. Whether you worked hard and effectively, wouldn't matter. Whether you had a vision of a new/better product or service and took the risk to build it, wouldn't matter. Economies stagnate and die under Marxism, and that's even when they can borrow and steal innovations from the free market. Imagine if the whole world were Marxist, we'd practically devolve to the stone age. How can anyone who actually cares about people embrace the starvation, the death, the lack of freedom and the high levels of pollution that Marxism brings? In the relatively free market economies as exist today in the USA, or South Korea, everyone is better off, even those on welfare. Except of course the people at the very top of Marxism, keeping everyone else enslaved. So fat Kim Jong Un does live pretty well, but most of the rest of the North Koreans live terribly. To the point where South Korea not only has a per capita GDP 15x greater than North Korea's, but the average South Korean young man is now 3.5 inches taller than his North Korean counterpart, thanks to better nutrition. Why would anyone choose Marxism who actually cares about humanity? Godwin isn't God. Nobody voted to pass his "law" in any democracy. Sometimes it's appropriate to bring Hitler into the discussion. He was an artist by vocation, he tried to create a new world as if he were creating a new work of art, and it didn't turn out well for the existing world. A lot of "artists" who want to create a new world should keep that in mind. Though as I pointed out earlier, I wasn't talking about Tom Petty. I was wondering when the "Ok Boomer" dismissal would appear. The funny thing about "Ok Boomer" is that this is what the Marxist college professors have told their students to say/think, when confronted by ideas and logical arguments that destroy the idealized propaganda they've been told to believe. Don't listen to someone who has much more experience than you have, because that person is just an "old Boomer" and a fundamentally horrible person at their core. That the "Zoomers" or whatever you might call yourself consider themselves to be open-minded is laughable, when their first reaction to challenging logic is to shut their ears and scream "Ok Boomer" until the threat of an "unacceptable" idea goes away. Guess what? All learning is dependent on prior learning. If you shut out the views of people with experience, you are condemning yourself to being a perpetual child. Although that's what your Marxist professor masters were hoping you'd do. I consider myself too young to be a true "Boomer", but ironically the Boomers were one of the most rebellious generations in US history. They often embraced Marxist iconography and toyed with the actual philosophy while in college. Then they got into the real world and gained some actual experience. I will give the Boomers credit though, for being open minded enough to support free speech. They weren't afraid of free speech, the way today's Zoomer's have been told they must be. Closing down free speech and closing down your mind creates all sorts of problems, for both the individual and society. I'm guessing that Orwell's book 1984 is not popular with Zoomers, since they seem intent on living it. However, you won't be able to run your Marxist prison without opposition from those who prefer freedom.
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    As I said in an earlier post, (and I may be more civil with you MJLD because you don't come across as truly out there" a majority of people who receive any relief aren't defrauding the system. And the benefits they receive are not great. And they're not that easy to get. If it where, most people would opt not to work. It's a myth. Also keep this in mind, some states during this pandemic opened up earlier than advised just so they could kick people off of unemployment rolls. Now look at how it's gotten worse. Food for thought
  31. 1 point
    Whether people are scamming the system is not the problem. The fact you have to question it shows your skepticism. Also, have you ever actually tried to get benefits like Food Stamps, Welfare or Unemployment? It's not that fucking easy. And the amount you get is minute. We're in the middle of a pandemic and the governments of every major industrialized nation on the earth is paying their citizens to stay at home and flatten the curve. Here in the States: you got 1200 dollars and were told to make it last. That's a disconnect from reality that not just Republicans, but a majority of Democrats have. The Federal Reserve is printing money and handing it over to businesses left and right to keep this bubble economy afloat so they can make money and regular Joe's and small businesses get screwed over. The cruise industry shouldn't have gotten a bailout. If you were truly for the free market and liberty you should have said "tough shit, you go under" and we move on as a society from there. But we didn't. You can't not be mad or ignore stuff like that but be upset if Joe Schmoe might screw the system. You punch up and not down. And she was against Amazon locating their due to the enormous tax break they were going to get. If you don't like the taxes of the area, build somewhere else. They can pay. And as someone who actually works in logistics and has done that type of labor: if you want to say be grateful for the 16 dollars they want to pay you for that job, I say you go do it and see how long you last. Because you have no idea. And again,the fact you make these glorious suppositions show that you cannot relate or empathize with the plight of people. I honestly would like to know why you're so Reganomic happy. Where the 80s that great for you Boomer?
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    The fact you bother to say progressiveism is Marxism shows that you are completely ignorant. It's not the same. Democratic socialism and Marxism are not the same? Have you ever bothered to read Marx? Or Adam Smith? Or actually read the Constitution? Are you someone who has actually dedidcated an inordinate amount of time to studying a vast scope of political/economic/historical material or just someone who read an article on the Internet and declared themselves a Constitutional scholar on what constitutes freedom? Is being made to wear a mask during a pandemic considered an oppression of your freedoms because the greater good and health of society outweighs your selfish need to be inconvenienced by a mask? Do you not know the difference between a social safety net that our tax dollars go to to make sure everyone has the chance to not be ruined by something such as medical debt or losing a job or is that just tough shit to them? If there's this grand conspiracy of the left controlling the media and education, then why aren't more conservative people pushing to improve their status? And the left doesn't control the media. Most outlets that you refer to as "left" are center right neoliberal bastions. CNN is not left. Left of the modern Republican party but not left in politics. Know the difference. Also, being a progressive and left leaning person doesn't make you a socialist just because you support socialized medicine (us using our tax dollars to make sure everyone is guaranteed healthcare), strong worker rights and a social safety net. Socializing industries that should be socialized is not communism. And most artists aren't people living in a rich bubble. Most artists don't make a damn thing but do it for the joy they get from creating and living out that fantasy. Just because Hollywood is narcissistic and has their head up their own asses doesn't speak for the majority of people who are artists. And to bring Hitler into that discussion shows you're empty on actual coherent thoughts. Breaking out Godwin's Law! And you don't think Tom would say the US government life hell for non-whites? Did he not disavow the use of the "Confederate Flag"? I'm pretty sure he did. And to who are you to say as someone who I'll assume for this post is white to say that a group of non-whites feel that this country as made their life a living hell? The fact you can't even listen to their plight and dismiss the issues minority communities with impunity shows you're a narcissistic person. When someone's baby dies, you don't say "yeah well my kid got sick!" That's being an insensitive prick. Keep think you're the boomer in total control of being a free thinker. You're the type of person from your post that shows that you are too damn and old and too set in your ways to know that the wind of change is blowing, the ship is coming in and you time in history will be marked with a scar.
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    This Rolling Stone article provides considerable detail about what the Wildflowers project encompasses.
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    From what I've read, MJ2LD is not "a conservative", neither am I. i am pro-freedom, and I don't always see that with "conservatives", particularly on abortion. While voters have to this point been smart enough to reject "progressivism" (aka Marxism), it's certainly true that the left controls the vast majority of news media, movies, television, and teaching. Today's "progressives" want to shut out any dissent from their orthodoxy, which they call "hate speech". Instead of addressing the issues directly to extoll the virtues of enforced marxism (i.e. servitude to the state, the absence of true freedom), "progressives" falsely demonize the opposition as "racists", "haters", and "deplorables". They don't want an open debate regarding freedom vs. state socialism, they want to shout down and shut down any opposition. This is what you see with "antifa" as well as the indoctrination at schools and universities, as well as the highly biased media, which will cherry-pick only stories that fit their agenda, and will constantly demonize political opponents as "bad people" rather than debating their ideas. To merely observe that "progressive" views don't currently translate to a majority in the voting booths, does not recognize the overwhelming control of the media, academia, and the relentless aggression to stifle opinions that dissent from "progressive" orthodoxy. And we have very good examples of this from posters such as "Big Blue Sky", who only want one side to be heard, then whine about "safe zones", despite the fact that this topic was started with statements about "deplorables" and "making life hell for US non-white citizens", which he apparently thinks should be meekly accepted as gospel truth. That's a nice bit of propaganda, but it's not true. The "progressives" are the ones who want to control others, who want to take away the freedom of people and enslave them to the state. If you empathize with people then you favor freedom, not control of others. As far as artists, it's the other way around. Artists live in a bubble and imagine an idealized world, while they don't have to face the day to day realities of it. Their hearts are usually in the right place, but they have no understanding of economics or what "progressivism" is really about. They have talent in one field, but they are outside of reality, only getting a very filtered image of it, especially once they've had success. Artists also often have one other trait, though I wouldn't attribute this to Tom Petty. Artists often want to create a new world, just as they want to create a new work of art. Hitler was an example of an artist who wanted to create a new world; that was not a happy outcome for the world. Likewise marxism has caused death, starvation, pollution, and misery wherever it's been tried. Yet you still see plenty of artists proudly displaying their hammer & sickle icons, wearing their Che Guevara t-shirts, etc. Someone mentioned "Rage Against The Machine" which is a prime example of aggressive leftist Marxism. Tom Petty isn't here to speak for himself, but I believe that he favored freedom and was against stifling the opinions of others. I don't think he would call nearly half of Americans "deplorables" simply because they believed in the USA, as the author of "Dezi's" piece did. I don't think he would say that the US government has made life "hell" for non-white citizens. I don't think he was against making money, as long as people delivered a good product at a fair price. He lived well for most of his adult life, and he earned that lifestyle because his music appealed to so many. I believe he continued to respect and identify with lesser-paid people (such as in the song "Nightwatchman"). I think Petty wanted everyone to be able to live comfortably, but I don't think he felt that everyone absolutely must have exactly the same lifestyle, regardless of their productive output, or even regardless of whether they were interested in working at all. But I don't know any of this, because he's not here to state it. I do know from his past statements that he cared deeply about the environment, and I know that he supported Obama. I don't view him as a Marxist along the lines of Tom Morello; I just haven't seen that in his lyrics, in his comments, or in his lifestyle. But again, we'll never know at this point. Ok - those will be my last comments on this or any political subject. Again, this was started by "Dezi" and extended by others; I didn't want to make this a political website, but once that topic has been started, I am against one-sided enforced orthodoxy. Some people are too caught up in the idea that everything they have been told to believe is the only acceptable view, and that anyone who holds a different view must be a deplorable hater.
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    Nice. I actually really dig the more stripped back style of it. Not as big of a fan of the unfinished lyrics and it only proves that he recycled the hell out of his verses during this time period lol. Not a bad thing but just funny seeing the evolution. Just wondering "Hey! You got Crawling Back to You in my song!"
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    New RIC ordered

    Just got a call from Sweetwater and my new RIC 350 will be in next week!!!! Just in time for my birthday! They will let me know when it gets there and send me pix and the tracking number to follow it to my home. This is GREAT!!!
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    Mike, yes great memories! Really glad you are still around. The timing... yea I thought about that but it's time to move on, it's time to get going...
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    I can’t say I blame you for shutting it down, Ryan. I haven’t been around much myself. I will forever be thankful for you and this place though. We had a lot of good times here and all over the country! Wow, 20 years! My interests in life have taken a different direction these days with moving and planning for my retirement soon. I will always carry Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers with me through life though. They are always near and dear as my memories here. We never did make that trip to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame happen, did we? Who knows, maybe we can get together again somewhere along the way for a Knobs gig or something.
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    All great points and after Tom's passing it really hasn't been the same. Facebook, etc has definitely put the squeeze on many sites. Remember, this place was originally built as an alternative to the un-moderated official forums where many were driven away. Ironically the people that took refuge here and wanted to exclude others (for valid reasons) don't come here anymore anyway. People can now live in the the safe friend circles they create on other sites. Photo hosting which was once a needed service for tour photos, etc is now easily uploaded from your phone to your social profile, etc. In the end the demise of this site is of my own doing. I will never blame external X factors. We needed a regular flow of news, articles, content, etc. posted on this site and social sites driving eyes back here to keep a fresh group of fans passing through. I never had the time or put enough focus on curating the culture that could sustain this place. Communities built on OTHER platforms are in danger as well. I hosted and held secure all the data here. People don't have that sort of control when they don't own the data. Things can change any moment!
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    New RIC ordered

    I've been digging through some of my guitars today that I forgot I even had. Ran across an old Martin acoustic and even an old Harmony nylon string I bought many years ago for just 1 song, "And I Love Her" by The Beatles. All are still like new! I took some of my RIC's to the living room for pictures and some Beatle Basses. My RIC 4001 bass is way back in the corner behind a ton of guitars, so I'll get that out later for pix. Today I'll post pix of 3 bass guitars, 3 RIC 12 string guitars and a couple RIC 6 string guitars. Hang in there, I'll have to load them to PC and then upload to the Farm. Bass and 12 string pix taken already, will do a couple Ric 6 strings next.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Tour postponed to September 2020!

    I just hope Wrecless Abandon does not become "All the rest" I also hope the album leaks out by Amazon not being on the same page and we end up getting it sooner. All the respect in the world for Mike to get treatment and heal from what must be a moderate to serious issue (don't care to speculate as to what it is) but to push the album that people have paid for in advance on top of all sorts of folks flying around on Jet Blue and making reservations at Air BnBs that have lost money it seems selfish and silly to postpone a finished product for 6 months. they are seen signing copies of the LP so its not like they will be changing anything to the mix or package... all the respect in the world to Mike for being a responsible adult and taking care of himself first. Its what Tom should have done. But the delay in album is silly and misguided at best.
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    The firing of Stan Lynch

    When I listen to the Outro of the extended version of Here Comes My Girl or the live version of "Kings Road" ( The Forum, Inglewood, California, June 28, 1981) both from "American Treasure", I'm stunned how damn good and fitting to the band and the songs Stan was. Such a shame I never got to see the Band live with Stan. To me, he was the perfect drummer for them. I like Steves drumming, but Stans was so unique, one of a kind and had this certain feel and personalitiy in it.
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    I'm sorry to see you go but am very glad I found you several years ago! I came here to learn about Mudcrutch, after seeing one of their two shows at the Fillmore in S.F. in 2008. I wised up by their 2016 tour and went to all three Bay area shows and immensely enjoyed every second! Sadly, I cannot take your recommendation to frequent the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers site run by his hateful daughters. They've made it abundantly clear that Americans that support our president are NOT welcome there. Screw 'em. I'll now spend my time at The Petty Archives, where it's accepted that Americans are allowed to have differing opinions. Much love and future success to you and thank you again! Barry
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