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    Maxwell House Revisited

    I followed a strange thread that ended back up at the Warren Zanes' Maxwell House story. Follow me on this one. The coincidences are kind of delicious. Last night I was listening to a live Petty version of The Stories We Can Tell on youtube. I noticed as it was finishing that there was a John Sebastian version of the tune, which I was curious about. Turns out the song was his original. I went to wikipedia to read a little more about John Sebastian. I knew he was part of the group The Lovin' Spoonful back in the '60s. It turns out they got their name from a 1964 Mississippi John Hurt song called "Coffee Blues." (Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZWqhrR5tPc ) In this song, Mississippi John Hurt sings about his love for Maxwell House coffee. It's basically a love poem to Maxwell House. I started considering that Tom, with his great appreciation for music history, was slyly and with a wink giving a shoutout to this blues song in the Zanes article. After all, both his daughters and Dana came out after to say that Tom didn't drink Maxwell House. So I figured Tom was putting on Warren Zanes and maybe it was a tip of the hat to this old Coffee Blues song. Then, when I went back to reread the Zanes Rolling Stone article, I was more than tickled at the title of piece. "Tom Petty's Biographer on the Story He Didn't Tell." (italics are mine for emphasis). The title line didn't come from a Tom Petty song but rather a song he occasionally covered. A cover song from a guy who named his band after a lyric from a song about Maxwell House coffee. It's probably all just fun coincidence, but wondering if there's a slim possibility that it was all orchestrated and that maybe even Warren Zanes was in on the joke himself. Perhaps at Tom's behest. (I'll take off my tinfoil hat now 😄)
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    Hoodoo Man

    DK Making some noise

    anyone search to see if Mike or the DK have a youtube page? It kills me these are 59 seconds...
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    How about some Blues?

    Nearly 3 hours of Slow Blues!!!! No video, but great music.
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    You Don't Care (Mudcrutch) Outtake

    Tom Petty Mudcrutch and Solo Petty LP Outtakes circa 1972-1977 Tracks 7 – outtakes from the “You’re Gonna Get It” LP sessions (’77-78) ?
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    This is the very question that's been plaguing me. Tom is on record saying the album was finished and ready to go. Why not just release what Tom deemed the finished product?
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    I won't bake down.
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    March 20th!!! Wreckless Abandon

    ^ Good to see that "Tom" is still there...
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    Second that!! Concert For George and Bobfest both stand strong as examples of musicians collaborating to celebrate someone's musical career. With the core being friends playing music together. Oh yeah.
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    You could always get this guy to sing the title track.
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    Moon Pie, what a classic! Well who you callin' moon pie, my real name is RichardI live in a little town you've probably never been to beforeThere's a post office surrounded with gardeniasAnd a pair of mud flaps waggling at my doorI don't know what I want to say but somebody's got to help meNobody knows I'm hereNo please don't call me moon pie, my real name is RichardMy identity will disappear Above lyrics taken from: https://genius.com/Tom-petty-and-the-heartbreakers-moon-pie-lyrics
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    This one is a mind-bender because of genius camera angle. Note the speed with which he puts on his slide... Are these are some mad hand / eye co-ordination skills or what??
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    The Damage You've Done (Country Version) is so brilliant it deserves its own thread, as sure as there's feathers on a chicken. How many people could do such a hilarious parody of their own song, before it's been released and even before it's been recorded? Also a great send-up of country music itself. TP managed to turn a serious song about "pieces of his broken heart" that would make him a millionaire if they were money, to a goofy song about "breaking even" wanting to be paid back for all the money she "stole" from him. I believe it was Randall Marsh who said TP could have been a professional comedian if he hadn't chosen to be a musician. I'm so glad they did release this track on Playback. Of course it's much funnier when you already know the real The Damage You've Done from Let Me Up. TDYD (CV) might not be a musical masterpiece but it's a great example of TP's sense of humor and spontaneous creativity.
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    I would consider something like "Echo" a mature song. It goes a bit deeper introspectively. Crawling Back to you (CBTY) is also one that is considered 'deeper' and more profound or contemplative. If you look at the album as a whole, Honey Bee, you wreck me are somewhat juvenile or light but the contrast of Wildflowers and CBTY bring a balance to the lighter tracks and the album simply works at a lot of levels depending on your mood.
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    Well, Rubin said that the band recorded some 50 songs during the GH sessions. 50. SONGS. Looks like we have 3 massive box sets waiting in the cue...from this popular, prolific, fertile period: - TPATH: The Complete 1993 Greatest Hits Sessions AKA Stan's Last Stand - Tom Petty - Wildflowers: All the Rest - The 1997 Fillmore Residency Deluxe Box Set BRING IT ON. Just get me in contact with Adria, Dana, or Ryan U. I'll get it done for us.
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    Pirate's Cove is a hard to access beach in Malibu near Point Dume, just up the road from where Tom lived.
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    "You Don't Know How It Feels" was the first thing I charted up off Wildflowers and my band has had a lot of fun with it over the years. I get to blow some harp on that one too. But I guess all the "good" fans left after that album came out. And oh yeah, it won a fucking Grammy. But now we're all enlightened about what a turd the song is, so that's taken care of. (wink).
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    Quote Of The Day

    “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” ― Issac Asimov
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    2/7/20 Bob Dylan
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    Hoodoo Man

    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    spotting a trend this morning... the only thing that trumps TPHB with John Lee is Van the man with John Lee.... put on some cheap sunglasses, pour a glass of wiskhey a drop of water. Drop the needle on this gem and have a cigar.... servers you right to suffer..... 😎 serve you right, to be alone...
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    I also saw the holy grail today on FB, something I have heard of but not seen until now.... pics speak for themselves. I bought 2 copies because of this and have Schrodinger's CD in my basement as I never opened the second copy... someday. Maybe.... maybe... I like not knowing but realizing its not down there...
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    Hoodoo Man

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    wow. stumbled across this primitive copy of someone covering the End of the line by one of Toms other projects..
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    One of the things that Iowa City, IA is known for is being the stomping grounds for Greg Brown, which created the basis for the continually great songwriting out of Eastern Iowa from bands and artists who continue that legacy. One of the latest crop is Brian Johannesen who has been playing live around here for a while and has released two albums and an EP. He played this gem (which isn't on an album) at his release show at The Mill (Greg Brown used to play there regularly and there is an album recorded there) for his latest album Holster Your Silver. I haven't asked him, but I bet that the Des Moines Tom Petty show referenced is the same one I went to for the 40th tour. A fun song. 🙂 https://youtu.be/oTFoaGvzXzQ
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    2/3/20 The Beatles
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    above is form Book of faces... link in quote and here: http://live.kocf.org/?fbclid=IwAR1LBJetLmGfNw1PpNxIqDYI77KCT3rSPthvkl8T_m24WRJPVJZStH3oIqE no idea if they do podcast but I would imagine they will..
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    ^ That's more like it, thanks. Nothing near me
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    Dirty Knobs Spring tour 2020

    Hm.. too bad titles like Ram and Goat Heads Soup are already taken.. if such a tour would ever need a name. They could go with Let it Bleat, I suppose... I wonder if they'd go for a horn section.
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    Hi, longtime reader, first time poster. I went to both SB shows and also saw DK a couple of years ago. I’ve spent hours watching and listening to old performances on YouTube. Most of the songs on the new album aren’t new and readily available on YouTube. That said, I was a little surprised by the sound of Wreckless Abandon. DK has traditionally been a gritty rock and blues band, so when this shiny TPATH-esque song was released, I wondered what the hell they were doing. Luckily, they have mostly stuck with their gritty sound. That’s what kind of band this is. It’s a shame footage from Saturday hasn’t surfaced as it was a far superior show to Friday. The sound was better and it had a high vibe. Mike threw out the set list early on. He later commented how much he loves the band because they will follow him musically, wherever he wants to go. They were heavily improvisational Saturday, with lots of extended jams and a “play-off” between Jason and Mike, then Lance and Mike. Great stuff. On this tour, you’ll get originals, some covers of other artists, and a few TPATH songs. It’s a lot of fun. My impression is that DK is Mike’s mission. He said that in an interview, in fact. I felt that FM was a distraction for him while he was working through those initial shocks of grief, as well as a big payday since he no longer has that dependable TPATH tour income.
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    Dirty Knobs Spring tour 2020

    Thanks, I saved these to make a DVD, next up I'll save them to MP3's to make audio CD's for home and the car.
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    My Photos from TPATHB Live Concert at Royal Albert Hall (2012) - Part 1 Royal Albert Hall concert in 2012. Photos by Anders Sundstedt #petty #benmonttench #mike #mikecampbell #campbell #steveferrone #ronblair #ScottThurston #fans #tour #concert #royalalberthall #2012 #photo #audience #fans #events #photograph #tompetty #tom #TPATHB 😍🎸🎤🎹🎪🥁 © Anders Sundstedt. https://sundstedt.se
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    I made this video from some of my photos from the performance and my own audio recording from Royal Albert Hall (2012) -' Something Good Coming' : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilG6S7OtuV0 #tompetty #tpathb #video #somethinggoodcoming #videos #photos #recording #edirol #London #tour #fan #animation
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    My Photos from TPATHB Live Concert at Royal Albert Hall (2012) - Part 2 Royal Albert Hall concert in 2012. Photos by Anders Sundstedt #petty #benmonttench #mike #mikecampbell #campbell #steveferrone #ronblair #ScottThurston #fans #tour #concert #royalalberthall #2012 #photo #audience #fans #events #photograph #tompetty #tom #TPATHB 😍🎸🎤🎹🎪🥁 © Anders Sundstedt. https://sundstedt.se
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    You're gonna have a damn good time.
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    Big Blue Sky

    March 20th!!! Wreckless Abandon

    Oh, I know the feeling! Would it be this?
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    March 20th!!! Wreckless Abandon

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B8sJZJTHilY/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link (sorry, I don't have the insta embed knack yet)
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    This could be the next Maxwell House...!
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    I heard the intro to Moonpie on TPR today and thought they were about to play the CV of The Damage You've Done. Virtually the same intro! So I ran to the Playback book and learned that both songs were from the same session. It made me wonder if the band was planning to play TDYD-CV and Tom went off into another of his improvisations--caught on tape of course, forever immortalizing poor ol' Richard.
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    Big Blue Sky

    Changing Mojo's track listing

    So you're now thinking You Should've Known It (Right Away), huh? Nowhere near level of Shelter's puns, but I try...
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Pitchers and catchers report today! Let's do this! Baseball is life. We're going to the opener in Seattle of course, but my wife and I are also going to a Dodgers -vs- Nationals game the day before The Dirty Knobs at the Troubadour.
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    help me name this song

    Without actually firing up my brain cells to think about it, I'll take a guess it was "Thirteen Days" by J.J. Cale?
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    That was badass. Bob turns it into a waltz, and takes 3 guitar solos. Love it.
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    Guessing game!

    It's hard enough to guess 1 thing let alone 2. So instead of you guessing the song and artist I'll play on "Video Of The Day" tomorrow morning, try to guess the song OR artist. Sorry, there's no prize for the winner, but you do get my best wishes......LOL.
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    "Death is not priceless, rich or poor, we are all going to experience it someday". That's a quote from Nurktwin, use it as you want............LOL
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    Maxwell House Revisited

    Yes but Maxwell House is a anagram for Axel Whole Sum which clearly is a reference to Tom's duet with Axel Rose. While some may jump to the conclusion that Whole is a reference to Whole Lotta Love and the band's liking for that band, or perhaps for a Yellow Submarine reference and the sea of holes but they would be incorrect on both counts. Clearly the W in hole is silent and hole refers to the insoluble, the void, the emptiness and impossibility of ever resolving the coffee issue, except to stop there would leave one looking quite quite foolish as the h is also silent and you are left with ole which is a reference to ourobouros and the perceived circularity of nature by being a pun on the word cafe au lait thus grounding this theory in solid scientific proof What then of sum you ask? Sum meaing the result of adding or combining, addition, in this case, the warbling catefwaul of Axel Rose (who's band name Guns n Roses, could be viewed as the meeting of the male and femal energies) meeting the nasal nearly Dyulan like country vox of Tom's, which is in conjunction with hole as void or unknowable and coffee plus milk, which is undoubtely the balance of black or white which no one could contest is while the slow witted would think connects to a chess board is really a reference to the Tao, the yin and the yang of which Tom sung about his whole life, the polarity of male and female and all the resultant swirling energies, much like the way milk swirls into coffee, and the stories one could tell from the resultant mix. Quite obvious really. cheers
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    Welcome to the Farm. There's a lot of interesting TPATH (and Dirty Knobs) discussions on here and friendly people as well. cheers
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    Love it. Did you see that Linda Ronstadt doc where she says "the Doors would be a good band if they'd replace that singer"? LOL
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    11/22/19 The Troggs
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