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    Help Me Here you go guys and gals, Enjoy!
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    I don't know about Tom Petty salad dressing, but how about some "Learning To Fry" cookware in the store?
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    Mike Campbell Answers 21 Questions

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    March 20th!!! Wreckless Abandon

    From their Instagram post: Wreckless Abandon, our first album as The Dirty Knobs releasing on March 20th
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    Sad News

    I'm home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get home til 10pm last night and was completely drained. It took all day to get checked out by different doctors, paper work and even had 3 more of the 5 drainage tubes removed (1 in arm And 4 in neck), 1 more tube to go, maybe tomorrow after I measure drainage amount 3 times today. That means another trip to Clev tomorrow and today I have to call 2 surgeons and make appt for next week and the 2nd surgeon in 2 weeks. Appt already scheduled for radiologist Aug 20th. I have a lot to do today (new meds and stuff), but I'll be back later with a better report, I just wanted to let you all know that I made it through the operation and am back home. TTYL.....................Nurk
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    I interviewed Benmont Tench!

    I had a chance to chat with Benmont recently in advance of his concert run in Northern California.
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    In an effort to "Shelter" the other topics, I thought I would start a new "master thread" for the Tom Petty Cookbook and other product ideas that we clearly don't want and won't buy. Keep it whimsical, keep it real, but you don't have to cook like a refugee while you are learning to fry if you don't have dog's with wings. So here is my first contribution; Flirting with Thyme rice 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup uncooked white rice 1 (14.5 ounce) can chicken broth 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice On Sale 1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves Directions Step 1 Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, and stir in the rice. Cook rice, stirring frequently, until browned, about 5 minutes. Step 2 Mix chicken broth, lemon juice and thyme into the rice. Cover, and reduce heat to low. Cook 20 minutes, until liquid has been absorbed. Fluff with a fork before serving.
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    Massive bummer! And everyone here let out a collective, heartbreaking “Noooooooooooooooooo!” The key players in maintaining and championing the future of Tom’s legacy are Dana, Adria, Annakim, Mike, Ben and Ryan U. All pretty awesome people. And the one’s apparently at odds (most visible) at the moment are the first 3 mentioned. The important thing to remember here is that there’s always 3 sides to every story (or six). As fans looking in from the outside, we have no clue as to what’s happening or being said behind the scenes. We don’t experience the drama, tension and sadness first hand. No use taking sides. I’m certainly not going to call any of them evil. We can only speculate and add our own thoughts to the mix (which, at the end of the day is potentially futile, and sometimes not constructive). That being said (ha ha), here’s a perspective. Each of these 6 individuals were a vital part of Tom’s life. Obviously. No one’s arguing that. In fact, we’re thankful for these people like we were for Tom. They were in Tom’s camp. His inner circle. His family! Each of them should absolutely have a say as to what goes down from here on out. As to how the story unfolds. Each should have sway, as their opinions, convictions and beliefs matter! Is it any surprise that all 6 of them might have completely different ideas and desires to bring to the table? Adria: "Hey, here’s what I’m thinking. You know, my dad wrote so many awesome songs besides all those massive big hits! We should spotlight more on the lesser known but equally great songs, and put out a collection of rare/overlooked/underappreciated songs. Also known as hidden gems, or deep cuts. I’ve always loved Keeping Me Alive! What about Waiting for Tonight!? Oh my goodness, the list will be endless. Could be a 3 disc set!" Dana: “Guys, we totally need to do a 25th Anniversary Wildflowers release, since this was the last project Tom was working on for the last few years! It’s perfect timing for this year. Come on, we all know how much this album meant to Tom, and the fans as well.” Annakim: "I have any idea. How about a release we call “Tom Petty: Peace and Love”, and we collect tracks that have a running theme about how groovy, mellow and chill our dad was. Here’s a few off the top of my head that we could include: Something in the Air, Alright For Now, A Higher Place, …what do you think? Can you dig it? And we could do more themed releases….like Tom Petty: Songs for Stoners….yeah!" Mike: “Hey guys, how about that Fillmore ’97 run? I think every show was recorded, was it not? There’s some good stuff on there! Shoot, maybe it could be a 26 disc box set, of every show. I don't know...I think the fans would like that…" Ben: "Yeah, what Mike said." Ryan U: "Guys, can I come up from the Tape Basement now? I’ve been down here for weeks now. I think you forgot about me. At any rate, dang, the Heartbreakers were a GREAT LIVE BAND. How about a staggered series of digital only concert releases? Premium bootlegs. We could pick one show from ever tour, chronologically. Release one like every month. You know, call it Tom’s Live Treasure. Charge $10 buck a digital download. Kinda like how Springsteen does it. What a novel idea! BTW, I found this song called “For Real.” Check it out… -------- My point…all good! We say yes! I have to believe that their intentions are good, emotions are raw, and convictions are strong. And that combination is creating an impasse. Maybe they aren’t quite able to see through the haze right now because of their loss. The forest through the trees. They are hurting and grieving, they are devastated by the untimely passing of Tom. It’s understandable. It’s simply hard to imagine a world without Tom Petty in it. It’s a terrible thought, and a sad reality. So here we are. We all want Tom back. We all cherish the man and his music. We all get super excited about the thought of new TPATH music coming out. The saddest thing is the apparent inability or unwillingness to choose to come together for the greater good. Are they not able to put aside some personal ideas and ideals to make it work for all? Everyone sufferers as a result of this, yes, even the fans. It’s always so unfortunate when it goes down in public like this. It has the potential to do irreversible damage to family relationships, which is sad. Once these things get set in motion, it’s hard to go back. For the love of Tom…
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    I'm gonna laugh when they finally release All the Rest and it's just a reissue of She's the One
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    Maxwell House Revisited

    I followed a strange thread that ended back up at the Warren Zanes' Maxwell House story. Follow me on this one. The coincidences are kind of delicious. Last night I was listening to a live Petty version of The Stories We Can Tell on youtube. I noticed as it was finishing that there was a John Sebastian version of the tune, which I was curious about. Turns out the song was his original. I went to wikipedia to read a little more about John Sebastian. I knew he was part of the group The Lovin' Spoonful back in the '60s. It turns out they got their name from a 1964 Mississippi John Hurt song called "Coffee Blues." (Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZWqhrR5tPc ) In this song, Mississippi John Hurt sings about his love for Maxwell House coffee. It's basically a love poem to Maxwell House. I started considering that Tom, with his great appreciation for music history, was slyly and with a wink giving a shoutout to this blues song in the Zanes article. After all, both his daughters and Dana came out after to say that Tom didn't drink Maxwell House. So I figured Tom was putting on Warren Zanes and maybe it was a tip of the hat to this old Coffee Blues song. Then, when I went back to reread the Zanes Rolling Stone article, I was more than tickled at the title of piece. "Tom Petty's Biographer on the Story He Didn't Tell." (italics are mine for emphasis). The title line didn't come from a Tom Petty song but rather a song he occasionally covered. A cover song from a guy who named his band after a lyric from a song about Maxwell House coffee. It's probably all just fun coincidence, but wondering if there's a slim possibility that it was all orchestrated and that maybe even Warren Zanes was in on the joke himself. Perhaps at Tom's behest. (I'll take off my tinfoil hat now 😄)
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    Okay, sure, so they're all sensational musicians & over the years have contributed to other people's recording sessions. Are there too many to count? I knew about this first appearance (from 3:20) but was completely surprised while watching the second music video (from 2:10 onwards).
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    The cover was designed by Klaus Voormann ( take a look at the railroad tracks ) Mike did an excellent job there. Great song, is currently in an endless loop with me. Looking forward to the album. 🤠
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    Mike already played some songs from the new album live in 2018.
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    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    Hoodoo Man, Thank you for sharing here. We are so happy to know everybody love this video. Happy holidays! toshi ♥️ Heartbreaker's Japan Party ♥️
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    Hoodoo Man

    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    not sure I want to drop this in the covers therad... very well done tribute song, A for effort....
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    Big Blue Sky

    Benmont's Summer Tour 2019

    Hi, as we know, our favourite piano playing legend (drum-roll) Benmont Tench (applause) is currently touring along the Northern California coast. According to setlist fm, on 18th July 2019, Benmont played these songs at The Chapel in San Francisco! 🎹🎹🎹 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division) interesting song choice, not one I would've thought he'd go for I Will Not Follow You Down Welcome to Hell (Mudcrutch) Veronica Said I Want to Know Why Love Is Not Enough If She Knew You Should Be So Lucky Wobbles Lucille (Little Richard) (with Sylvie Simmons (?), ukulele and vocals) Shot of Love (Bob Dylan) Corrine Corrina Dogs on the Run (TPATH) yay!! I love "Dogs on the Run" from "Southern Accents" album. But was it that one - or their other song by the same name??? Roll over Beethoven (Chuck Berry) The Melancholy Season Dogwood This Is a Good Street (Mudcrutch) China Doll (Grateful Dead) Pledge American Girl (TPATH) Someone's posted on YouTube their audience videos of Corrina Corrina, Roll Over Beethoven, China Doll & American Girl. I'm just pausing on that for a moment, though. Respect.... Unlike during Mr Tench's last tour, I haven't read anywhere that he has asked people not to share footage of him playing his more intimate songs, including American Girl. Sorry, too many negatives squished into one tiny sentence! In other words - what's the go? Shall we assume it's standard mobile phone bootleg & it's okay to repost songs from YouTube... unless we hear that Benmont says something about this issue during a show? I think last time the issue was about allowing himself to be particularly raw & vulnerable onstage for one song for a very special live moment. Anyway. I sure hope it's okay to repost, especially if he plays Dogs On The Run again & someone records it! I will plotz! (translates as "explode with joy"). In other, kinda unrelated topic, I listened to The Beatles Live At Hollywood Bowl album this week. Sure, it's one thing to know that audiences screamed the whole time. But actually hearing the screaming, soaking through the Beatles' music, the whole time, is so intense... It's like a wild animal or a howling wind, it has a powerful life of its own. I felt deeply uneasy ...& that's me listening in the safety of my home to a recorded concert years later. My sympathy is absolutely with George Harrison!
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    Happy 25th Anniversary to the legendary Wildflowers album, released this day on 1994!!! https://ultimateclassicrock.com/tom-petty-complete-wildflowers/ As we know - lots of pondering, uncertainty, debating and deliberating on the best way to release/re-issue/celebrate Wildflowers: All The Rest. The label, the band, the family, Ryan U, Rick Rubin...even Tom himself was unsure the best way to continue to tell the WF story. Which is a bummer for the fans. I don't get it. I appreciate the fact they they want to protect the legacy...but...are they perhaps overthinking this release too much? Why not do it the way everyone does it these days - with options ranging from one disc to multi-deluxe options, depending on what you want & want to spend? ie. 1. Option 1: All the Rest - Standalone album with the "new" 11-12 tracks only. $9.99 2. Option 2: The above + the originally envisioned WF Double LP. $34.99 3. Option 3: Deluxe: The above + One disc of WF home demos (that Ryan U recently stumbled upon) $44.99 4. Option 4: Ultra Deluxe Box Set: The above + 1995 Dogs With Wings live show recording + Hardcover book with essays and never-before-seen photos. All wrapped in an organic cloth box that looks like the texture of the WF cover. With an embroidered flower on the cover. $149.99 Come on Warner Bros...GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    amazing to catch a young Tom in a video and song I never knew existed... John Prine too!
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    my phone seems to hate me and I haven't had time to fight it yet to get pics off my phone and onto the computer. I did share one song by Hattie to FB so here you go. Cool story is Chris Stills the co-lead shared this on his personal page. The band was TIGHT and she kind of kills it.... 😎
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    So, it's become that time, that year.. Time to celebrate 40 years of Damn The Torpedoes. https://www.theringer.com/music/2019/10/18/20920217/tom-petty-heartbreakers-damn-the-torpedos-40-years-old http://1001-songs.blogspot.com/2019/10/revel-in-your-abandon.html Now may be a good time to revisit this one: Or perhaps just this one..
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    Yeah... really.. what are the chances of vegetarians making some noisette, anyway? Even the lobsters? All you can curry..?? Anything that's Casseroll's fine... Oh, coffee, you say. Right you are! Too good to be brew (and probably so unwhipped, that it's probably whipped, so to speak..) but I really feel they need to take a break and focus on what matters: Baked goods. Quit acting like two bunslingers, already! Give me some sugar! I need to feel a whole lot butter about this whole thing. It's bake up time! American cream, plan B. Official Live' Egg. Almonds or nothing - just go nuts with the wildflours in the mix - when we're yeast expecting it. Don't tell me it's the wrong thing to dough. It's the zest of everything, I say, could be the only thing that's meal.. Just into the great wide oven with the old forgotten pan. I knead to know that there's gonna be something good coming. I don't wanna fight, I'm a baklava, lava lava… I'm a victim of cookie pans. Louisiana grain is sprinkled at my feet. I've been wrapped up in confection, I've been tied down to my bread.. So, let's get to the point, let's cinnamon roll another joint. This is a good sweet! If you don't know how it feels, then just talk to the girl on ascorbic acid. She's gonna listen to her tart.. Cake that connection! Hungry no more Moonpie
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    As I was about to sit down and sip some non-Maxwell House coffee it occurred to me to once again return to the point that ALL THE REST should be the next release. 1) Supposedly Tom had it completed (or close to?) before his death. 2) The Anniversary of it is coming up in the Fall 3) It is, as far as we know, the one definite project Tom mentioned and wanted to have released. ---All it would take is to release it in the form he wanted as a affordable single or double disc release. If there's some behind the scenes footage use some of that in promotion, maybe pick a new song as an attempt at a single and have it in stores by the time of its anniversary. It'll carry over into the Christmas shopping season as well. 4) Don't muddle the issue with even more tracks found by Ryan; save those for another release, just go with what Tom wanted. Simple. Unless there's some strange unknown reason why this hasn't happened, it goes to show how messed up things are behind the scenes, aside from the lawsuits. Rant done. Peace.
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    This is the very question that's been plaguing me. Tom is on record saying the album was finished and ready to go. Why not just release what Tom deemed the finished product?
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    Hoodoo Man

    DK Making some noise

    anyone search to see if Mike or the DK have a youtube page? It kills me these are 59 seconds...
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    How about some Blues?

    Nearly 3 hours of Slow Blues!!!! No video, but great music.
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    OK its a belated Bday but on 11/26/85 Pack up the Plantation was released on VHS, CD, Cassette and Vinyl. This should get a remaster and Blueray or streaming release IMHO. Enjoy the annoying horns! (I do!)
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    http://view.e.warnerrecords.com/?qs=5aaae518fde3a119f26eba2df11eccd513e4642254c47106c4537579f186889618c4d2c48b79d58698952db8150e8b640684b4754df01e03ec85649c3905836b3eca833db205330d05bf1c5b9a778123 Nashville, Tennessee The Dirty Knobs with Mike Campbell announce Nashville show! The Dirty Knobs with Mike Campbell will be performing at the brand new Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville on March 15th as part of the new venue’s opening weekend! As a member of the Highway Companions Club, you will have exclusive access to a VERY LIMITED allotment of tickets during a special pre-sale beginning Wednesday, December 18th at 10AM CT.
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    Found this the other night. Long time Heartbreakers FOH engineer Robert Scovill guest hosting on TP Radio. Memories from the road and some live tracks. I enjoyed it, hope some of you will too. Nothing new as far as the live stuff is concerned, but always nice to hear again.
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    If this turns out to be true it will be too cool Looks like the current owner was on TPN and the buyer arranged the deal without a realtor putting it on the market. Seems like the intent is to turn it into a Gainsville music museum! This will make it much less creepy to take pictures of the place in the future LOL https://www.gainesville.com/news/20190611/up-for-sale-tom-pettys-childhood-home?fbclid=IwAR1DOoA_TbLtXaaGsYZB11WIHf4HGFqinWrlSGuu743qfTRHEDTtgQG5NaE full article in hidden comment below.
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    Anyone planning on going to the El Rey for the Tom Petty All star event? Looks like Ron and Steve are going to be there along with a bunch of other folks including Jake Thistle and Roy Orbison Jr. I checked the Fleetwood Mac schedule and its feasible Mike could be at this so I am very tempted to hit the other coast and check this out as its my 20th Anniversary a few days before this and this would be a great way to celebrate for the wife and I... at the moment GA tix are still available... https://www.theelrey.com/events/detail/381698?fbclid=IwAR2CN4F3SBeuU5_IUNp3ypdeDU2oqIAIO1TPjBTHlauL6OZFoyFE9oieNp4
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    Today I'm just stating the obvious..
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    From Paul Zollo's FB page.
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    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Thinking about Tom today. I don’t post very often but I’m a huge fan and like all of you, I am feeling very sad today. Most of the bands I liked growing up had been around since I was a little kid. But with Tom I always felt like I was there since the beginning. I just wish the end didn’t come so soon. This is a picture I took (and messed around with) back in 2013 Thinking about his wife and family. God bless Tom!!!
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    I just liked the idea of a different version of the cover of "Best of Everything" with the other band members... so I put something together. Thought I would share...
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    Big Blue Sky

    F Mac in Austealia & NZ 2019

    Oh, 100% wonderful. Everything just marvellous - music, guitars, crowd supporting their musicians, musicians playing their hearts out. Fleetwood Mac (tonight) are really sensational musicians. I take back any snark I may ever have thought. People who were there for them seemed to love every moment. Everything was golden and the energy just kept building, one fantastic thing creating another. Mike Campbell exceeded expectations. Chinner was busy passing guitars. Oh, boy, so many beautiful guitars and Mike sure bent those strings. He even put base of guitar on ground and ran slide up and down strings. It was like, hey, why not? And it sounded sensational! He was in the middle of some songs building building the momentum. The others are dancing around & Mike's so precise, keeps playing, absolutely not distracted, building the song. Centre of the storm, but he's actually feeding that increasingly wild storm, you know? Neil Finn being there created that elusive home-ground advantage. (Even if he's technically from NZ.) We sang along, shone lights from mobile phones. Neil said: "hello Sydney" (roar of welcome), sang verse with people joining in, says "I can hear your Sydney", another verse with all these flickering lights appearing, then "Oh... I can see you Sydney". Beautiful. Black Magic Woman and Oh Well, Good lord, Mike and Neil melted all our faces. Like I say, magic, just golden. No photos, sorry, not sorry, my phone was firmly off & we just focused on the concert. Respect!
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    Over decades as an avid Tom petty fan, it sickens me to se his face plastered over promotional materials like this with his lyrics. For whatever reason it just feels so contrary to who he was and how he felt about commercial endeavors. Especially posthumously to continue to push products is in poor taste. Just listen to his song “For Real”. Do you think the person who wrote that would be looking down at these promo materials with favor? I think not. What do you think?
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    I always did my best to Shelter all of them... But, let me just say: When my corn dog barks And my cannoli sings I'm out there with Chinner He's pulling my strings
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    Hi! I'm new around here (this is my first post, in fact) and I haven't had a lot of time to look around, so I'm sure this question has already been answered, but I'm dying to know: what is the story behind Rick's Airport Recorders? I know Tom mentioned it on every episode of the Buried Treasure Show and that's where he recorded the Buried Treasure Show, but every time I hear him say it, it feels like an inside joke that I'm not a part of 😂 If anyone wouldn't mind to explain the story behind it, I'd appreciate it more than you know! Cheers! 😁
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    Make It Better (Forget about Meat)
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    I think you're right. Between all the tacky brand merch stunts, archival photage video fests and what was revealed from the lawsuit documents, it seems a lot of the impulses, no matter how genuine and heartfelt in origin, proove to be badly misguided, ego oriented and backwards prioritized. If by accident so. Thank goodness someone stood up and helped shaping AAT into becoming about the music and the legacy of the man that created it, because other than that, so far it's a grim prospect we're looking at, waist deep in swag, repackaging and cheap tricks. But let's be hopeful, that once they all had their ya-ya' s out in terms of personal visions, projects and agendas, made a bit more name for themselves and used the stuff a few more times, maybe there will again be focus on what matters.. the music genius and music processes of Tom's. (Also, playing the devil's advocate here.. let's not forget there where hoodies, bags and keychains over the years, other stunts too.. back when the captain was still behind the wheels himself - sure, some kinda marketing must be ok, even at this point, so.......) But sure, I agree.. I wish they put a lot less prio on the swag bazaar from here on out.. Would be a tasteful move, all things considered.. To me it just doesn't rhyme to question the Heartbreakers' involvement (and their judgement?) or agenda, or too stall releases of quality dignified archival stuff and at the same time sign OK to all the crap with logos slapped on. And they worry about honouring Tom....!?!
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    High Grass Dog

    2019 speculation

    Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, this Fleetwood Mac tour, and MC's involvement with the band, can't end soon enough.
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    Darkhorse Radio

    If you have SiriusXM radio, go to the Beatles channel and try to catch the "Darkhorse Radio" show with guest Olivia Harrison (George's wife). On this episode she discusses The Traveling Wilburys and plays songs sung by each Wilbury. Lots of stories about them too. The wives would go out to dinner and when they got back, the boys would all be around the kitchen table with smirks on their faces. The girls asked, OK, what's going on now? The boys said would you like to hear what we just did? Then they put on the tape of the new song they just wrote and recorded. Lots of fun. IF there is a recording of this show, I'll try to find it and post it here for you. Rock on!!!
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    https://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/new-again-ringo-starr Interview magazine originally published this interview in June 1992 then reprinted it (posting it online) in 2005. 💘🐞 RINGO STARR: Good evening. My name is Ringo Starr. TOM PETTY: And I’m Tom Petty. Two seasoned professionals around the four-track. So you’ve made a new album, Ringo? STARR: Yes. I’d like to thank you for being on one of the tracks that’s not actually on the album. PETTY: Oh, I’m always on the ones they take off. STARR: Well, listen, you used me as a fake drummer in a video, so we’re even. PETTY: I haven’t got to hear the album yet, but I’m told it’s really, really good. STARR: Oh, let me give you a copy. Here you go. PETTY: Thanks. So, you play drums on the album? STARR: I play the drums. I am the only drummer. I am the best rock drummer on the planet. I’m sure you’ll agree. PETTY: You certainly are. No arguments there. STARR: I’ve just been putting things in place since ’88, when I went into rehab. I’m getting back in the business. I’m straight enough to actually play and perform, and to put the first All-Starrs together. And we put out the live album from that tour in ’90. So in ’91, the natural thing to do was a studio album. PETTY: Great. Are you going on the road? STARR: I put another all-star band together for this year with Joe Walsh and Nils Lofgren from the last All-Starrs, plus Burton Cummings, Dave Edmunds, Todd Rundgren, Timothy B. Schmit, Zak Starkey [Starr’s son], and Ringo Starr. PETTY: Wow. That’s quite a band. STARR: That’s an orchestra. PETTY: I saw your last one, you know. It was really nice. STARR: Where? At the Greek [Theatre in L.A.]? PETTY: Yeah. STARR: I like it there. it’s a really good-size audience for me. I don’t want ot play those big stadiums like you play. [laughs] PETTY: Well, that’s because you’re already rich. STARR: I’ve just heard that you’ve got a new deal. You must be loaded. PETTY: Well, I’m just doing interviews now. STARR: So am I. that’s how well-off we are. Of course, Mr. Harrison, the billionaire of life, has just left town. PETTY: Yeah, ol’ one-gig-a-year guy. STARR: One gig every seven years. PETTY: I heard you got onstage at [London’s Royal] Albert Hall recently with George. STARR: That was such a good show. It was great because Joe Walsh opened, and Zak played with Joe. That was a real thrill to see. I went with the kids and my ex-wife and friends. I was there just to watch. The show went so well—George was just groovin’. He should have taken it on the road. I told him that. He should be doing what god wants him to do: perform. So then Joe sauntered off-stage and said [mimicking Walsh], “George wondered if you want to come on.” It didn’t take much coaxing, and I got up for the last two numbers. PETTY: Well, Mike Campell [guitarist in Pety’s band, the Heartbreakers] was playing that night, and he said when you came on that he almost had to just sit down and dig the rhythm ’cause you’re a really great drummer. The human metronome, I call you. STARR: B.B. King called me the human grandfather clock. PETTY: [laughs] And what did Timothy Leary call you? STARR: Whaaaa! PETTY: I got George playing the blues last night. We were jamming. He’s a really good blues guitarist. In all the time I’ve known him, he’s never broken into that. STARR: Thank god he’s playing the blues and not that bloody ukulele that he loves so much. PETTY: Well, we went through a few years of that. I’ve got four ukuleles at my house just for emergencies, you know. STARR: In case George gets withdrawal. PETTY: What kind of records do you listen to when you’re at home? Do you still listen to the stuff that you grew up digging? I know you were a Johnnie Ray fan, weren’t you? STARR: Yeah. I don’t listen to too much Johnnie Ray, or Frankie Laine. Nat King Cole, I like to put on. PETTY: I’m going to do an album with Nat King Cole, I think. It’s bound to go. [laughs] STARR: It’s bound to be a sensation. Gotta be. They’ll just cut you into the video. PETTY: Can’t you see me? [sings] “Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have made you…” STARR: So anyway, you go to the record collection and what do you pick out? Ray Charles never lets me down. And, you know, I’m actually starting to play Sgt. Pepper. I don’t know why….I do know why. Because George Martin is doing a show, The Making of Sgt. Pepper, and he’s interviewing us all, and so I thought, I’d better play that record and see what it’s like. I was really knocked out again. I hadn’t played it in so long that the diversity of the songs blew me away. But it also sounds kind of naïve, really. PETTY: Naïve? STARR: Yeah. The production, and the state of the art in those days. PETTY: Well, it’s great production, though. It’s a really good sound. STARR: But the mix—stuff over here and stuff over there. PETTY: But I like that. STARR: I didn’t say I didn’t like it, Tom. [Petty laughs] I said it sounds naïve. PETTY: Well, okay. Making any movies? Have you given up acting? STARR: I haven’t really given it up. I’m just refocusing on being a drummer again. Back to the dream, you know, of when I was 13. PETTY: Do you live in L.A. now? STARR: Well, we’re residents of Monte Carlo, but we bought this home in Beverly Hills. And we’re living here because I’m working again. We also have a house in Aspen, of course, like everyone else. I’m sure you do. PETTY: No. STARR: Where are you? Telluride? [laughs] PETTY: No, I can’t ski. I don’t know how. STARR: You can if you come with me. I love it! PETTY: But you’ve never broken a leg or anything? STARR: I’ve never broken a bone in my life, or in my body. PETTY: [laughs] So, what do you do when you get free time, Ringo? STARR: Well, I usually come around to your house and watch you sleep. PETTY: [laughs] Besides that, I mean. Do you have any other interests? STARR: Right now, we’re unpacking. We’ve just moved into the new house. I really like to sit outside. Things are changing in my head, and I like to be out in the light. So we bought this house—a billion-dollar greenhouse, really. Windows everywhere, huge glass. One level. So, I hang around, make phone calls, watch the TV, play a record. Barbara’s in school studying psychology, and I’m here having fun. PETTY: So she’s gone back to college then? Good for her. STARR: I believe I mentioned that she was [getting] a Ph.D., which is totally wrong. That’s down the line. PETTY: I’m thinking about going back to high school and trying to— STARR: —learn to spell— PETTY: —and to add, because I can’t help my kids with their homework. It’s embarrassing. STARR: All mine have left school, bar one, and I could never help him with his work anyway. But I’m really thinking, if we have any long breaks, of checking out the UCLA curriculum and seeing maybe if I want to take pottery or— PETTY: Bait casting? STARR: Chewing-gum making. PETTY: Are you serious? STARR: I’m real serious. They have a million things you can do. It would be great to hang out and see what’s happening. So that’s another thing for the future. Anyway, Tom, let’s have a break, because breakfast is here. PETTY: Okay, we must have done hours by now. THIS INTERVIEW ORIGINALLY RAN IN THE JUNE 1992 ISSUE OF INTERVIEW.
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    New TPATH Releases

    I have no doubt whatsoever that whatever material Benmont and Mike approved for release would be respectful of Tom's legacy. It's their legacy too after all. This seems more to me about family power dynamics than about "protecting Tom's musical legacy."
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    High Grass Dog

    New TPATH Releases

    I think this is a good summary of the two sides, based only on what we know so far with seemingly incomplete information. Dana knows she needs input from others, which is good, and is open to lots of projects, which is good. (Seems like Mike and Benmont would be too.) Could she be out for some $$$? It's possible, but that doesn't seem likely to me. Adria's decision-making and judgement are obviously heavily weighed by affection and grief for her dad. She's very conservative and very cognizant of her dad's integrity and legacy — possibly too much so. She's always seemed like a bright person to me, but she seems to have a bit of a blind spot for fans' interests. Her ideas so far (a deep cuts-only release with no new material, taking the Heartbreakers name off the titles, and postponing the Wildflowers release again) run counter to fans' preferences. Again, this is putting aside for the moment the unpleasantness of the legal mudslinging and Adria's overly dramatic lashing out at Mike and Benmont etc. Assuming all that stuff gets resolved, I hope Wildflowers, the Fillmore live set, the unused Hypnotic Eye tracks, and the unused Mudcrutch material (from the '70s and 2016) all actually get released. These are all projects with the utmost amount of integrity and fan demand, so there's really no basis for "sell out" accusations. All parties can rest easy the legacy is and will be untainted.
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    New TPATH Releases

    I think all parties are aware of the importance of the Wildflowers project to Tom's musical legacy, as it's been brought up by Mike and Adria in various interviews since Tom's passing. In the Facebook live video before The Best of Everything's release, Adria didn't mention Wildflowers in particular, but she did say she wanted to give both An American Treasure and The Best of Everything time to breathe before new material was going to be released. In the last hour, Annakim posted on Instagram that "We don't sell out," which may be a message to Dana. Given that this TMZ article frames Dana -- and not Adria and/or Annakim -- as the person who wants access to the Wildflowers material for a twenty-fifth anniversary edition, it seems that she wants the music within a certain time frame; it doesn't necessarily imply that anyone is opposed to the eventual release of the material. So, in addition to potentially figuring out who (individually) should execute Tom's wishes and run his estate, it seems that the timing of releases -- when as opposed to what stuff is going to be released -- is a central issue for all party's involved.
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    Mike Campbell's fav records

    There is a lot to be said for that. This one is actually one of those things in life that goes beyond whether you find it fantastic or not. (Although, liking it helps some.) At least if you are a music fan with any interest in general rock universe navigation. See.. without The Band in general, their friends and allies, and perhaps that Last Waltz film in particular (as some sort of beacon at the end of a movement), it would be very hard to understand anything of what happened to rock music in the late 60 throughout the 70s and on, how the genuinely American folk rock developed and paved way for what was to become the Alternative Rock, the Americana craze of our times. Milestone material? Well.. Let's just say, trying to understand modern American rock without it, would like trying to understand modern sci-fi without the Alien trilogy. On a more "Farming" level, The Last Waltz certainly helps, if mainly by association, in understanding the influences and style references that are soaking through so much of Tom's music. It may also be a pointer towards the rationale behind some of his choice of covers over the years - since, as much as he loved 50s blues rock and the British invasion stuff (in itself in part influenced by Bob and The Band and so on), Tom was himself definitely a child of his times, wasn't he? The traces of Bob, The Band, Butterfield, Bloomfield, Grateful Dead, Little Feat, JJ Cale and all this 70s Americana rock sentiments - the presence of all the who's-who in terms of various inventors of the folk rock scene - are loud and clear, all the way from the first chords of Mudcrutch*. I basically think this stuff was tremendously important to Tom and the guys! "The same mountain stream", yes... that is so very aptly put! Good or bad - the Last Waltz is, if nothing more, splendid context.** No necessity or obligation to think or care about these things at all, of course. Music is fine as isolated bubbles too. I'm just saying.. if one has an itch... this film is one of the places to start the scratching. That said, hearing that clip there out of context, I can agree it's not the proudest moment of either The Band or Butterfield. The don't exactly nail that song, IMO. And as for Butterfield in general, he sure was a key player and he contributed to a lot of cool stuff, but as a leading man and especially as a singer, I do think that he is slightly overrated. To me he is far from the only reason why his namnesake Blues Band is so groovy. Look more in ways of rhythm section and guitar to find my answers. Also. I'm no big fan of long instrumental harmonica jams, so that may be part of it.... Hm.. having said all this, the one thing that surprise me, though.. is that.. I can't think of all those perfect The Band covers that Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers surely must have pulled out over the years. There is some very strange absence there. A hole in my mind, surely. ---- * Come to think of it - slightly tweaked, a song like Up In Mississippi really could be a The Band song. I can hear their harmonies, the Weight or Cripple Creek style vibe taking that song to it's final destination. **Another document that covers a slightly different limb of this alternative/Americana beast, a slightly more singer/songwriter oriented era and context, that is highly recommendable would be the Heartworn Highways movie. Ya all really need to see that one, if only for the fantastic studio photage of Larry Jon Wilson trying to nail Ohoopee River Bottom Land (that voice!?), of Guy Clark doing Forever, For Always, For Certain and Townes of course, the sob fest that is Townes Van Zandt's kitchen table take of Waitin' Around to Die. Oh man… I would link all those.. or the whole film.. but you all have to do some of the work yourself. Cruel world.
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    21st Century Spotify Blues? The CDs sound great, no two ways about it. Initially I had second thoughts as to whether I should buy this album or not. There are only two songs on there I don't already have. But in the end I thought, heck, this has nothing to do with rational decisionmaking. It's a Tom Petty album, the first "Greatest Hits" of sorts since THE Greatest Hits... even "Anthology. Through The Years" is almost 20 years old... and I'm a fan, so I'll buy it. I knew I would enjoy it, and I do. Sequencing is nice, too. I'm glad they didn't choose the easy way of ordering the tracks chronologically. A - if you will - "dramatic" sequencing is always more difficult, more open to discussion and thus a braver thing to do. And more fun to listen to, IMHO. So, I'm quite pleased with the album. And even though I really do know (no kidding, I'm totally aware) how many hits Petty wrote - it still blew my mind when I heard the first five songs of disc 1 in a row. It's mindblowing, this level of quality. And it doesn't stop there, of course. But who am I telling this.
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