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    Help Me Here you go guys and gals, Enjoy!
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    As promised - Behind The Glass Episode 1 8/26/2020 - in WAV format at 44.1Mhz. End bumper removed - where the music ends, the show ends. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dVDWmshwrHS-wwJOyrEocoVlEWhQegpz/view?usp=sharing
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    Hi all, I'm new here and located this forum to see how many others were as grieved about Tom Petty's sudden death as I was. 14 weeks.....For years now, every morning when I get ready for work, clean house, plant flowers, etc., I listen to all my music. Music has always meant a lot to me ever since I was 5 and got my 1st little transistor radio. I remember laying it on the ground where I was swinging and just singing my heart out to the Beatles' "P.S. I Love You." I am 59 now and still listen to all my music I have accumulated over the years. I've loved Tom Petty's music since I first heard "Refugee" around 1979. I saw him in concert only once, in 1995. Since his death, I have been unable to listen to any other music except Tom Petty's. I have bought numerous dvd's of his videos/concerts and cd's and by now, I know of SO many more great songs I'd never heard before. I've read Zanes' Biography of him and my journey to know this great man still continues. I have cried so much over his sudden death and this has NEVER happened to me before. I have never mourned any celebrity ever like this. I remember crying in my car in 1977 coming home from work when Elvis died but that was it. I feel a sadness I have never felt before over someone I never knew. Now I feel like I do know him and the more I learned and saw about him, the more I loved. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to know if anyone else out there is still listening to only his music and still mournes him 3.5 months later? I love everything about him. Never realized til he passed just how much. That beautiful silky yellow hair, sky blue eyes, unique voice, his humbleness, honesty, songwriting, etc. etc..............................is hard to get over. I'm kicking myself because I never saw him in concert again. If he had lived, I would be flying somewhere the next time he played. But there will never be a next time & I still find that so very sad. He was a diamond and there will never be another like him. His father had a diamond from the start and treated him like a rock. I'm so happy he was able to find true happiness and love for the last 20 years with Dana.
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    Something BIG happened!!

    Hello All! Wow! Where to begin! We were so very lucky to have been able to make this happen! It benefited a great charity and made a dream of ours come true!! We had the opportunity to meet Mike and Marcie Campbell before the Fleetwood Mac show in Denver Colorado on 12/3/18! As an added bonus, we met Neil Finn and Marilyn Dash (one of Stevie's backup singers)!! We also met Chinner! When Mike showed up the guitars, he pulled out the SG and I called out what it was. He said "Oh you know guitars?" I replied that I knew a little bit. Chinner was going to sit me down with a Rickenbacker when Mike said "Hey, she called the SG! Let her hold that one!" Chinner said "Well, I was going to let her sit with the most expensive one, but the SG is what she wants!" It was truly an amazing experience! Mike signed my Mudcrutch album and a CD for my boyfriend. We asked him to autograph the Blue Stingrays CD for a charity auction! If anyone is interested, we put the autographed Blue Stingrays CD up for auction to benefit Rock the Dogs / The Tazzy Fund on the TPN Auctions FB page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/TPN.Auctions/?multi_permalinks=528509620946228&notif_id=1543939459540281&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
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    Dirty Knobs Single - Bumble Bee

    Steve Ferrone played this Dirty Knobs song on his New Guy show yesterday. It sounds great to me! Gosh I love the Knobs - The new line up and the old! Check it out! Bumble Bee https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vjqQFTSz33ZIvsVLKWJ5jClN_p5R_hMB
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    I love this raw version. It was very sweet and pure and it touches my heart. It's what it's all about for me. If anyone wants to listen to the premier, I recorded it. You can find it here. -> You And Me Premier
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    Here it is, one with the intro by Tom and tho other without it. Mudcrutch- How Much Do You Need w: Intro.mp3 Mudcrutch- How Much Do You Need.mp3
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    Mudcrutch Tracks

    For those of you who can't wait for the album, I made some MP3's of the two new tracks they played on Tom Petty Radio last week. http://www.mudcrutch.com/marion/I_Forgive_It_All.mp3 http://www.mudcrutch.com/marion/VictimOfCircumstance.mp3
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    Tom Petty Action Figure from the Simpsons

    I got my Tom Petty Action Figure in the mail. How cute is this? I think I will leave it in the box. I can't believe the officials never announced this big news! It is very cute!!
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    Tampa - September 21, 2014

    Sorry I haven't been around much but life is crazy full these days and I have very little spare time. I just wanted to stop by and say that the Tampa show had to be one of the best shows I ever saw and I wasn't even on the floor in the front row or even in the first few rows. I was about 10 rows up on Mikes side. I had a wonderful view. I think the venue was near capacity at 21,500 and the show had out of this world high energy. The singing from the audience as incredible and I don't think most people sat down all night. It was an amazing feeling and I don't think I have felt that much energy since the Vic shows in Chicago. What a great feeling for the band too. I know they were blown away. When they took their bows at the end of the night everyone left the stage except for Tom who stood there a few extra seconds by himself. It was clear he did not want it to be over and I think if he could have he would have played a few more songs, he was that high on a cloud. It must thrill them to no end to still be able to fill up a huge venue and get that much love back out of a crowd at this point in their career. Every song they did was perfect. The sound was perfect. I think the set list was perfect with a mix of old and new songs. We got Woman In Love!! I was very happy with the choices except they didn't play Fault Lines and that would have just been the cherry on top! For the first time I did not take one picture during the show and I never even took my camera out. I just took it all in and what a pleasure it was!! Mike Campbell - that man couldn't get any hotter. He blows me away with talent and just thrills me to the core. I love his look too! He is badass cool with his wicked dreads. They are getting long! Love it!! Thinking on it, maybe one thing that kept the crowd in good control was the beers were $15 a piece!! There was not so much running back and forth to get more beer and then running to the bathroom. Everyone stayed in their place. Now I wish I had another show to go to!! hahaha! I thought I only needed one on this tour but now I'm longing for more! For those of you who still have shows to look forward to, ENJOY!!!
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    Ron Blair / Guitar & Vocals

    And, like we saw in the tribute thread recently, the same session also produced this:
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    Last night I waded through hundreds of comments on Reddit about the statement. After finding so many of them impersonal and meaningless, I posted this in response: "Last May, I had the great privilege of spending one of the greatest nights of my life watching Tom and the guys perform. No more than 15 feet from him in the center of the 3rd row, I attended the show alone and spent an ethereal couple of hours swept up in the epicenter of Tom's magical spell. Watching him was bittersweet. He played and sang like the star he was, but because I was so close to him I could see he was struggling. I'm sure most people didn't notice, as he hid it well. I wrote down my memories from the show the next day, including that Tom looked a bit older and a bit fragile somehow. Later, I found out about his hip. He was in great pain, I'm sure of it, but he fought through it to give the people what he could- his music. God Bless Tom Petty, we didn't deserve him. I've had so much love for Tom over the years. I've always loved his radio station and I've found myself listening to it every single day since October 2. I didn't think I could love him more than I did before, but since he passed, my heart still breaks a little each day when I hear his voice on the radio. Even the lyrics in his songs seem to hold more meaning somehow than they did before. I caught an episode of King of the Hill the other day and it made me cry. Something told me to spend every dime I had to buy that ticket, to say fuck it and venture out alone to see him as close up as I possibly could. Those couple of hours felt like seconds, and yet simultaneously like everyone else faded into the background and Tom was singing just for me. Thank you for the magic, Tom, and thanks for praying for us Lost Children. I will love you and your music until the day I leave this earth." Thought maybe a few of you would relate. I'm listening to Tom's music all day today (I do most days, but today it feels even more important). Hope you're all hanging in there.
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    Tom Petty "The Woods"

    I loved the song! I caught it today and listened to it with a couple of close friends. It was a real treat to us! We all loved it! It was a little like US 41 to me. Livin' thing68, help is here! http://www.mudcrutch.com/marion/TheWoods_with_intro.mp3
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    [Download] Mudcrutch Album Premier

    I recorded this yesterday and haven't even listened to it yet. It's the Mudcrutch Album Premier/Interview with the band broadcasted on Sirus XM yesterday afternoon. I know it's a serious temptation to those of you who want to wait but here it is. It will be a very pleasant drive into work for me today! http://www.mudcrutch.com/marion/mudcrutch_album_premier.zip
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    Opening Night Setlist

    Last night's setlist from Ratcub on the Officials: Mudcrutch Midnight Mission CSUN 5/23/2016 Shady Grove Orphan Of The Storm Six Days On The Road Scare Easy Trailer A Good Street Lover Of The Bayou Beautiful World Save Your Water Hungry No More I Forgive It All House Of Stone Other Side OF The Mountain Hope Welcome To Hell Dreams Of Flying Crystal River Victim Of Circumstance Wrong Thing To Do Bootleg Flyer Encore: Rockin' at the High School Hop High School Confidential
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    Victim of Circumstance

    I caught Victim of Circumstance on Benmont's radio show today and it sounded, so, so good! I love that song with Mike singing! He sounds great!! I'm so happy to hear Mike sing one of his own songs!! I will record the show later this week and share it here when I get a chance. Benmont is a good DJ!
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    Friday I went to a concert at a little club in Gainesville called The High Dive. Road Turkey was headlining. It was Stan Lynch's band in Gainesville in the 70's. The original lineup got together to play for this one gig and it was absolutely great, a real treat! It was so much fun for us and them and I hope they will do it again because for me, the energy was right up there with Dirty Knobs show! They were so good! This is the first time that I ever saw Stan play live and I loved it so much! I was able to meet him briefly and shake his hand. He was so nice and he was very tall and still as handsome as ever! Man, just watching him play, his facial expressions were so familiar from all of the videos I've watched over the years. I can't believe I finally got to see him play live! They played mostly covers but they were GREAT! Marty Jourard was fantastic on vocals, keyboard and saxophone and their lead guitarist blew us away! Man, he was so good!! The show was exciting and got better and better as the night went on. It was the energy that drove everyone, the fans and band alike. Really great energy. I didn't know what to expect when I went there but I'm so happy that is was so great for all! Please, Please, Please, fingers crossed, I hope they will play again!! Here are a couple of pictures and the one and only video I took. It was one of the first songs they played. I hope I will be able to get some of the other videos because I know other people took videos. I really want them because they were really good! This was the mural on the building at the High Dive. It was really, cool! I really like murals.
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    My 2014 tour experience

    I am proud to say I have been to 11 TPHB shows to date. My first was the first date of the European tour at The O2 Dublin in Ireland June 2012, second at the Marquee Tent in Cork Ireland the day after, third at The Beacon Theatre NYC in May 2013 and the last 8 after that on the 2014 tour. Decided to follow the tour over my US vacation in September / October 2014. First up was the Cruzan Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach, a fine sultry out door Florida evening enhanced by TPHB, then onto The Amelie Arena the next day in Tampa. A special atmosphere, a lot of love in the room that night, even Free Fallin (a song i could easily do with out personally) elevated by a chorus of earnest hearts in the audience. Off to Red Rocks Colarado after that. I had pre-booked a ''party bus'' to get there and back for the three nights. We had a zany DJ/ bus driver from Kanzas called Val for the first two nights who spun the tunes and got us safely from down town Denver to Red Rocks via will call. The third night, I did indeed get a little high in the mile high city, but that's another story...Red Rocks was a beautiful setting, the second night the rain descended and the wind blew but was the high light of the three nights there. A real connection between stage and audience that night that was very special. On to Anaheim and The Honda Centre on my birthday. The hotel was directly opposite the venue and could see the build up from my room window. Mike Campbell delivered the most blistering lead guitar solos I've ever seen on that night, was a real treat to experience that on my birthday. Onto LA LA Land.....had a few days at Santa Monica, saw the sun set....very special....and the last two shows at The Forum...less than fabulous as a venue. Had a great time overall. The same set lists each night were a disappointment, would even go so far as to say that the same set list each night was a disgrace, a rich catalogue to draw from but the same set list a nod to lazy conformity rather than a supposed ''palate of consistency''. I shouted each night for Casa Dega, You Tell Me, Rhino Skin. No luck though! It was interesting to note that the three songs that grinded my gears to annoyance most in the set list to over repetition over the 8 shows were 'Into The Great Wide Open, Free Fallin', and You're So Bad. The other songs though repeated were interesting as Mike always had a different lick to keep things interesting most nights. Tom's ''joke'' of the difference between a six string guitar and a 12 string guitar is that a six string guitar has six strings did start to grate after the second time I heard it. Steve Winwood and band deserve a special mention, I got to see their full set, 7 of the 8 nights and was kicking myself to miss the start of their last set. Overall, I would say that the residencies at The Beacon and Fonda were the shows to get to if seeing more than one show a tour, as the set list was varied , I was moving house and countries in 2013, so missed out on that opportunity, but was blessed to be able to follow a part of the 2014 tour. I would not go to the expense of 8 shows with the same set list for any other band. It does still stick in my throat that Tom plays the same set list every show on a tour though....in many ways it is a disgrace especially saying the same 'jokes'' between songs every night too....forget the corporate money men Tom and lets have some spontaneity!!! PLEASE!!! I refuse to shuffle this mortal coil before hearing Casa Dega, Restless, Luna, You Tell Me, Rhino Skin, Dogs on the Run (1977 version) Strangered In The Night, It'll all work out, Driving down to Georgia, The Damage You've Done, Lousiana Rain, Runaway Trains, Crystal River, Scare Easy, Lover of the Bayou, Stories we Could Tell, Lost Without You, Magnolia. Make it happen!
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    Ron Blair / Guitar & Vocals

    This beauty is labeled his "new single"... Great job, I say! Amazing song!
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    I don't know about Tom Petty salad dressing, but how about some "Learning To Fry" cookware in the store?
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    Mike Campbell Answers 21 Questions

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    Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    Bob Seger cancelled his tour last fall due to a threatening health scare. 13 shows in, with 20 remaining. He’s 72 years old, (!!!!) and still puts on a GREAT and lively show. His band is amazing, like the Heartbreakers are. Consummate Professionals. Yeah, cancelling the tour was unfortunate. Bob even had a new album out that he could not promote. No press, no interviews, nothing. He was having issues with pain in his neck, a vertebrae issue, that was affecting his ability to perform. The doctors immediately told him to stop. The rescheduled shows, confirmed for this spring, have yet to be announced, 4 months later. I love Seger. I would rather have the wait, and see him recovered and well. I would take Seger alive and feeling better any day over the alternative. I contrast that with Tom’s situation. Man, it sucks that Tom is no longer here. We can all agree on that. I tend to agree with Shelter on this, in regards to his thoughts on the last tour. I think it was the ultimate conundrum for Tom. His brain (and his body) were telling him, “Nope. You can’t do this anymore. Surely not a large scale tour of any sort.” And his heart (along with his steely will and sheer stubbornness) were telling him, “You gotta do this, man. You love it, you need it, you were born for this. I DON’T SCARE EASY…” I imagine he wrestled with this tremendously. Should I really do this tour? Can I do it, from a health and physical standpoint? I’m sure he wanted to because it was the 40th Anniversary (making the decision that much harder!) That’s a huge achievement, and something special. But I can’t help but think that there were serious doubts, on all sides, with his health issues being in question. Did anyone catch any of the 2016 Mudcrutch shows? I did. I was at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago. And it was flat out awesome!! It was a magical night. I remember Tom was wearing a black western shirt, with embroidery and the works. It was so cool. It was like, “This is my Mudcrutch get-up, not my Heartbreakers gig.” It was a totally different vibe; laid back & communal. The band sounded loose and great, and were clearly having so much fun together on stage. The banter, the stories, the friendships…It was joyous in that aspect. That being said, I did notice that Tom was more measured and more tired-looking that evening. He took his time throughout the night, wasn’t pushing himself hard. His voice, while still sounding good, was weaker. BUT…that was Ok, because there were several other singers in the mix, all sharing songs and vocals. Basically, he didn’t have to sing the whole night. He was being covered and carried (in a good way) by his bandmates. And that’s most likely the reason why they choose to bring the Webb Sisters along in 2017. Then we arrive at the proposed “Wildflowers Tour” (WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN THE ULTIMATE DREAM COME TRUE). This honestly, is one of the saddest things for me in light of Tom’s passing…the idea that this tour was so close to actually happening. Tom and Co. reached out to Norah Jones, asking if she’d join the tour and help sing the Wildflowers songs. Which, if you think about if for a moment, would’ve been pretty amazing. A night of Tom and Norah singing together…what a combination. Because Tom needed this, in order to keep touring, IF he was going to keep doing it on any level. The top 3 examples point to this (Mudcrutch 2016, 40th 2017, and Wildflowers 2018). Near the end, it seems the years of abuse, the standard rock and roll lifestyle (constant touring, struggles with drugs, health issues mounting as he grew older) had taken their toll and finally caught up to him. You could see it. And yes, you could argue that it was his time. In Rock and Roll Years (same concept as dog years, and yes, I made that term up), he was certainly pretty old! He lived a long, full life in that respect. He died doing what he loved, and managed to go out on top, at the end of a big celebratory tour. So, maybe it was all meant to be this way. However, it still doesn’t hurt any less now that he’s gone.
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    Another one of my loved ones gone to pills.. of course... So very many, so very mixed feelings.. No real big surprise, since this seem to confirm what's suspected since last spring, really. Still, the gravity and the renewed sadness it evokes.. so sad that he's gone. Not to irritate anyone or to pick an argument, but unlike many, I don't share the sentiment that "at least we had the last great tour".. in my view it was an unneccesary tour and in short simply not worth it. Especially knowing now what we know about these medical issues. It' like the ultimate level on which it was not worth it - obviously. It's fair to say that these medical issues didn't help the tour. Sorry to have to say that. And what's worse, the tour of course didn't help these issues. To me this is a no-win. One might say stubbornness killed Tom, bless his soul! But to me, for people getting to hear the Runnin Down a Dream lot yet again was not at all worth this price. I'd rather had many more, if mellower, years ahead of many more new amazing songs. Trying to feed the machine (fans, office et all) is not quite the same as trying to feed the art, music and that side of fandom. Just saying. Either way, Tom aimed too high apparently.. and it breaks my heart I will miss all that music I never got to hear - the music he never played and the music still inside him for records to come. No more. If he'd been a little more concerned about his health... a little more selfish, as it were, we would all be happier today. Ironic as it may look in plain writing. God, I miss him!
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    Coroner's Report/Petty Family Update

    I can't say I'm surprised with the results and I greatly respect Dana and Adria for sharing this. No hiding or denying it. It is just the real deal. Tom was hurting and that's that. He wasn't doing it as an escape, he was just hurting, poor guy. I miss him every single day and it still does not seem real and it never will. How could I care so much for someone I never even met? As time goes on I realize how much I loved him, like a friend, like family. How could he be gone? My heart goes out to his family. I can't imagine their pain. 💔
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    Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    It's not like I was ever going to meet him, but I just liked knowing that his spirit was alive somewhere out there, working away in his studio or getting ready for a tour, or coming down after a show, pacing around or whatever.. It's such a shame he's not around anymore. Also, he was one of the last of the dying old-school breed and every time one of those ones dies, the world becomes a slightly less interesting place (in my mind)
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    I registered here just so I could gush about this man and vent my grief where it will be understood. His music got me through the toughest months of my life. I'm really finding it hard to shake his death off. I would not be considered a die-hard fan. Never even saw him in concert. But there is something about him and his music. And Mike's guitar just gets to me. Anyway, here I am. We've lost another great who won't be replaced any time soon.
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    Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    I usually put my feelings into art of some kind... It's not much but this is my contribution from this restless night.
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    Red Rocks May 30, 2017

    I am lucky to live here in Colorado and to live 20 minutes from Red Rocks. I have seen some amazing shows at this magical amphitheater, but last night was something to behold! We ( the boyfriend and I ) got to Red Rocks on what was a perfect spring evening here in Morrison Colorado! Hated every step of that walk up of what feels like a million steps for the 2nd night in a row. Got to our seats, row 34 (we were in row 38 for night 1 on 5/29/17) just in time for what was another killer set from Joe Walsh! While waiting for TP&TH, I was thinking about how much I was hoping that the set-list would get Shook ;-) up from night 1, while watching the sky as we had already had a bit of rain before the Joe Walsh set. The band took the stage around 9:15 pm. Tom came out with a scarf around his head, that killer fringed jacket and no sunglasses. He looked to be in rare form! Not the same control that he had the night before. The show started with the same songs as the night before: Rockin' Around, Mary Jane's Last Dance, You Don't Know How It Feels, Forgotten Man, You Got Lucky, I Won't Back Down, Free Fallin' and Walls. As soon as they were done with Walls, Tom tells the sold out Red Rocks crowd that they were advised that they needed to leave the stage as there was lightning in the area and they needed to stop for a few minutes. Venue staff told everyone that we were in a rain delay and recommended that we all go somewhere safe due to lightning in the area. We checked the weather all through the day and there was nothing in the weather reports. Luckily we had ponchos anyway because it RAINED! We are seasoned vets when it comes to weather at shows here. Last summer, we were at a show at Red Rocks, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Heart that was weather delayed for an hour and a half due to the mother of all thunderstorms! After about 20 minutes, TP&TH came back out on stage. Tom announced " I apologize for the condition of the band but we don't normally get a break!" He seemed to be outright giddy! They had a little trouble with equipment after the rain. Once they got tuned up. Tom apologized for the delay again and said that becasue of the delay, they were going to do something they don't normally do and played a once in a lifetime, what had to be a never heard version of Swingin'! They were on FIRE! Or a lot of smoke from the break. ;-) The show got back on track and they played Don't Come Around Here No More and the WIldflowers suite: It's Good To Be King, Crawlin' Back to You and Wildflowers. So surreal to hear these songs with the lightning flashing in the background over Denver. (A footnote on Don't Come Around: I know that there are some people who dislike this song. My boyfriend being one of them. On night one, he used this time to go to the bathroom and hit the merchandise booth for us. I LOVED the performance of this song on this tour. Night one was amazing! Night two was even better... the energy was like none other!) Here is when what I am calling The Perfect Potion of Herb and Nature happened! A combination of the storm which allowed for the "break" and what seemed to have been a huge malfunction of the system they use for the show. Tom was handed his guitar for Learning to Fly and it wasn't tuned right. There were some exchanges with his guitar tech and he was handed another guitar. Tom joked about the "guitar not workin'" and the crew having the "break" too. The issues were still happening and Mike and Benmont started noodling around a bit. Suddenly you hear Tom say "Take it away Ben!" and MAGIC happens! Benmont takes his jacket off, then his tie which he dramatically throws on the piano, spins his piano stool, gets that mad professor look on his face and just goes NUTS!! I will liken this to his performance of Melinda in the Sound Stage video! The only way to describe it is a TP&TH JAM SESSION that turned into the coolest version of Chuck Berry's Carol that I have EVER heard! Indescribable! Red Rocks EXPLODED with excitement! We KNEW we had witnessed something rare and special! The show continued on track with Learning to Fly, Yer So Bad, I Should Have Known, Refugee, Runnin' Down a Dream, and ended with the encore of You Wreck Me and American Girl. I have been to hundreds of concerts and shows. All genres of music. Punk rock, country, rock n roll and more. This was special. Thank you to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Mother Nature and the "break" that the storm allowed for what created the BEST show that I have ever seen in my 39 years!
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    Malaika and I are now an Official Therapy Dog Team at Community Medical Center! We have been visiting there for a 2 weeks now...getting the hang of it and yesterday was the first day I signed in. So proud of my girl, Malaika. People love to see her....ask about her name......and also how she became a Therapy dog. They thank us and so many say we have made their day.....but they sure make our day, as well. It is such a great feeling.....Malaika has a lot of love to give. Next class.....Agility! I have already bought her a simply agility kit...tunnel....hurdle....slalom......she loves the tunnel!! Here she is dressed to go visit patients yesterday at the hospital for St. Patrick's Day. She was going to wear her green boa but the feathers would fly out!
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    My Tampa Review - 5/6/17 I went to the show with Amber this year. She came down from Georgia on Thursday and we spent a couple of windy days on the beach before coming over to Tampa on Saturday. The only other fan we managed to meet up with was DannyMac and only for a few minutes but we had a lot of fun! We sat on the side about half way up on Mike and Benmonts side in row K. They were great seats and we were just high enough to see over Benmont's piano. We could see everyone great! Joe Walsh was just a great opener and I don't think anybody skipped his show as the arena was totally full to the very brim! People just love Joe. He's funny and very talented. He's a great singer and guitarist and just so interesting to watch. I love the way he makes his guitar talk and growl. Joe had a lot of equipment on the stage to accommodate two full drum sets for two drummers, 4 backup singers and a full band. One of my favorite moments was Joe's tribute to Glen Frye when he did Take It To The Limit. It was so touching. After Joe's set the roadies came in to take down all of the equipment and move the Heartbreakers stuff up. There was so much equipment they had to use a forklift to take it all down! We were wondering where Benmont's piano was and finally saw it sitting way to the back of the stage turned to the corner. Once they got it moved up they had trouble getting the sound to work on the piano. They finally got it or thought they did but when Benmont tried to play, no sound came out! He had the organs but no piano. The roadies were scrambling to get it working and were crawling under the piano and all along the edge following the cables back to the control panel. This went on for 3 or 4 songs. Benmont even came down off his perch a couple of time to say, what the hell, guys!! I'm sure he said more than that but I'm guessing. Haha! They finally got it working and all was good. Even without the piano, the music sounded great to me! Benmont was all smiles last night, the cornerstone of the band. The guys were totally on fire and the energy from the sold out crowd was amazing! Everyone was on their feet, dancing and singing all the songs at the top of their lungs! 16,000 people! It was GREAT! Can you imagine how much that meant to the guys? Some of you may be disappointed that this is another greatest hits tour but the people in that arena were happy and they had the time of their lives! I love, love, LOVE hearing the crowd sing those songs! They started off with Rockin' Around With You and Tom said it was their first song off of their first album and they played clips from the Rockpalast concert from 1977 on the big screen in the background. It was so cool! My favorites were Rockin' Around With You, You got Lucky, Walls (Tom played harmonica), Wildflowers, Yer So Bad, I Should Have Known It and I will admit, I loved, It's Good to Be Freaking King! The jam was dreamy!! Tom played his Wildflower guitar, the one with the Wildflower sticker from the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. On and You Don't Know How if Feels is fun to sing with 16,000 people!! Let's get to the point, let's roll another joint.....just awesome! Tom was bright and happy and truly touched by the reception of love. He doesn't run around on stage anymore but he still has a lot of energy and he looked great! He was so cute dancing with the Webb Sisters. I liked what they added to the show but it was still kind of weird to see girls on the stage but they were good. Mike was in such a great mood, joking and messing with Chinner and all the guys and he is just a freaking BADASS! LOVE MC!! I just think it is so wonderful that these guys can draw a sellout crowd to an arena when they are in their later 60's!! And they deserve all the glory. I don't think this is their last tour! It's too much fun! Here are a couple of pictures from my perch. They aren't very good but you can see a little. The globes above the stage moved up and down and changed colors. They were really pretty. I picked up the poster at the show. It was $15. The t-shirts were $40 and $50!! I did not get one.
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    Sweet Little Queen

    Photo of the Day Part III

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    Photo of the Day Part III

    Hello to all !! I am Wen, I write from Spain and I'm a fan of Tom and all his guys. I love them Sorry for my bad English. You know ... XD Congratulations to all for this beautiful community. Hugs and kisses!!! From: http://www.npr.org/2016/05/04/476793671/first-listen-mudcrutch-2
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    Mudcrutch 2 available 5/20

    Google Play lists Mudcrutch 2 available from 5/20. 1 Trailer 2 Dreams of Flying 3 Beautiful Blue 4 Beautiful World 5 I Forgive It All 6 The Other Side of the Mountain 7 Hope 8 Welcome to Hell 9 Save Your Water 10 Victim of Circumstance 11 Hungry No More
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    I haven't been coming to this site for some years other than very rare occasions so don't feel my input is as crucial as others. That being said, I agree with Shelter 100%. Don't let those big social media behemoths who only want to steal as much info from you as they can so they can profit from it cause you to discontinue a place of true discussion. Facebook is a lousy place to truly discuss anything or get to know anyone. I have wanted so badly to be engaged with fans of other bands as well and Facebook is the only outlet. And it's a lousy one. It doesn't work. Places like this one and the offical BBS are important to the hard core fans. The fact that someone isn't asking on a weekly basis, "What is your favorite Tom Petty song?" like in groups on FB is reason enough to keep this "old fashioned" method of commuciation going.
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    Pictures From The Gorge

    A splendid time was had by all. I don't think I've ever heard a louder crowd on the singalongs. And we sang a lot. I have some nice high-res videos of several songs too. Here are some photos from last night........
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    Ok, so now.. I'm crying..

    Literally. I'm Crying. 2003. Jay Leno. Thank you mikemono, I am positive that I would not never've been able to forget about this if I ever saw it... this is so spine tinglingly great! So, I suppose I never did. Until now. Strange as it seems. Rocking out, looking good!!
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    That's exactly what I was going to say, Timflyte, but you beat me to it. One of the reasons You Don't Know How it Feels was such a smash hit was because of that line in the chorus..."Let's get to the point, let's roll another joint." That was a huge line with the youth of the day, when the song hit radio waves. And people always cheer when he comes to it in concert. In fact, I think that's why both YDKHIF and You Wreck Me were such big songs off Wildflowers...they both resonated with the youth (IMHO). And I think the lines that everyone smiles at in You Wreck me, as previously stated, are "I'll be the boy in the corduroy pants, you be the girl at the high school dance, run with me, etc." Give me a chance. It's a similar sentiment to Even the Losers to me. Young kids get this idea. At least I did And, we were wearing corduroy pants in the 90s. Just like our parents were in the early 70s.... I was in high school in the mid-90's, and Tom was very popular. He was and MTV king in 1994. You could argue that he was riding a mega high wave from 1989 all the way up to 1995/1996. During this period, grunge was in high gear...kids in my school were fans of the big bands of the day–Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, STP, and Alice in Chains. See the similarities? Oh, yeah, and Tom Petty. Wildflowers brought him a new generation of fans....the youth. And Last Dance With Mary Jane was a monster song...THAT EVERYONE LIKED. Compared to the above mentioned bands, Tom Petty was probably seen as the old rocker (at 44, ha)...a classic rocker. One of the guys their parents grew up listening to. Yet, Tom Petty was cool. You just liked him. Jean jacket, converse all stars, laid back kinda guy. Rolling another joint. Famous, but not interested in fame. And with Wildflowers, and the 1995 Dogs With Wings Tour, he gained a bigger and wider following with the youth. Watch the 400 Days documentary. They interview all these young fans (high school/college age kids) pouring out of the show afterwards. They are say the same thing, "Tom Petty is cool." This one 19 year old kid says how he "loves his Wildflowers tape." Ha. And that all his friends love Tom Petty. I put Tom in the same camp with peers like Seger, Springsteen and Mellencamp. Heartland rock, blue collar rock, American rock and roll, Everyman rock, whatever you want to label it. Each are great artists in their own respect, and all 4 were pretty huge in the 70's and 80's at various points. Then we get to the mid-90s, and there is a drop off in popularity (WITH THE YOUTH) with Seger, Springsteen, and Mellencamp, comparatively. But not with Tom. He was still accepted, popular and cool. Was it the music videos? The laid back image? The consistent quality output of hit songs? Another interesting thing to note about Tom in the early to mid-90's was his "suite of songs" that contained both subtle and blatant drug references. I'm referring to the songs Last Dance With Mary Jane ("I hit the last number, I walked to the road"), YDKHIF, You Get Me High, and Girl on LSD. There may be more. I wonder if he was in a mood, or just catering to the youth, since they were digging it? He didn't have this druggie image, and yet he was singing about it quite a bit. It was almost as if since it was coming from Tom, it was fine and harmless. He would sing Girl on LSD, then follow that with a lovely version of Learning to Fly. Or he would do the road-weary, moody 13 Days (with lots of references), and follow that by moving, acoustic version of Kings Highway. The contrast between the 2 songs both drastically different. I don't know, just an observation. And perhaps another reason why TP was popular in the 90's... And, to address the actual thread topic...YES, I think You Wreck Me was and is a hit! It's a classic feel good Tom Petty song. I've always loved it.
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    Hey Guys, Not sure if anyone has posted about this yet... but just wanted to say how AMAZING Mike & the Knobs were last night at the imperial ball. They broke out some classic & older Knob songs like Loaded Gun, Mama Told Me, Shake These Blues and the obligatory Humdinger cover! Mike was in great voice and his guitar playing was as impressive, tasteful, and mind-blowing as ever. Beyond the great, rocking Knob content there were two other surprises/highlights: 1.) Stephen Stills!! Towards the end of the show, Mike told us a special guest would be coming out who "is the shit". They launched into an extended intro for Hey Joe and as soon as that iconic Hendrix intro riff started Stills strolled out and joined the band with some ripping guitar solos. After Hey Joe, Stills carried the vocals for a cover of "Born Under A Bad Sign". A little shaky at first, but they soon got their grip and it turned into a hell of a jam. The place was going wild. Next came "Love The One Your With", with the crowd singing along for the chorus. Great solos from both Mike and Steve. 2.) Mike's Tom petty Tribute. Very moving and heartfelt, some people around me actually in tears. For the first time ever, the knobs played 2 Heartbreaker Songs (after a special speech from Mike saying how they never play these songs but he wanted to play it for his friend one last time). Something Good Coming was up first. It was mesmerizing. Delicate, perfect for the occasion, and some nice improv. slide playing. Then came a rocking' Running Down A Dream that culminated in Mike's iconic solo. Standing ovation from the crowd. Mike was genuinely grateful and thank'd us, though we were all beyond honored to be there Below are youtube links I found of Mike's intro/something good coming & Running Down A Dream. I didn't want to do a full summary of these moments so you can see for yourself. All in all an incredible night of music! Thank you Mike!! Hopefully some more Knobs shows are on the horizon...
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    I heard it today and I thought it was really good! I forgot to set the recorder last night so I'll try to catch it another time to share. Like The Woods, they will probably play it pretty often. Hey, maybe Benmont will play it on his show today!
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    Tom Petty "The Woods"

    Never worry about voicing your opinions! Unless you get nasty about it, I won't object. But I am the one and only ridiculous fan and I think there are maybe only 3 songs I don't care for in their entire catalog! I love it all! But I really do love Jack. It's different and it is one of my favorites on the album.
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    "Uncut heads to New York to meet Tom Petty and his old band Mudcrutch, reconvened once again and keen to prove they 'were better than anyone else'".
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    Dirty Knobs in Santa Cruz June 10

    Thanks for the review, Babydoll! I went to the shows at the City Winery and Sweetwater so I will share my reviews when I get a chance. I've got some really good sounding videos to share as well. I love the new songs! As usual, they just blow me away! Keep checking back this week!
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    Boxcar Trev

    2014 Tour Setlists

    I thought it would be a nice idea to have setlists from the current tour on the site. San Diego- So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star Mary Jane's Last Dance American Dream Plan B Into the Great Wide Open (first performance since July 17, 2002) Forgotten Man I Won't Back Down Free Fallin' Spike Tweeter and the Monkey Man U Get Me High Rebels (Acoustic) To Find a Friend ) Willin' Learning to Fly (Acoustic) Shadow People (Live Premiere) I Should Have Known It Refugee Runnin' Down a Dream Encore: You Wreck Me American Girl
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    The Last DJ tour promo appearances

    Speaking of interviews - do you remember the appearance on The Today Show supporting "The Last DJ", and Katie Couric's interview with Tom? This is pretty funny stuff. The interview is followed by the band playing "I Need To Know". Maybe some of you haven't seen this... And the performance of "The Last DJ"........
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