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    A suggestion: Keep the 'Farm open through the release of the new TPATH song giving members here one last good discussion of the tune and their reactions to it. If not though, I understand and again thank you for keeping this place going as long as you have. cheers
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    Hey all, there are a couple things I need to set up before the plug can be pulled. I do not want to drag anything out but let's give it a few days. Guestbook Email list people can sign up for in case some sort of event or big news happens Redirect pages if someone visits a page that doesn't exist any more
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    Never-heard song?!?

    Mark Felsot just announced on TPR: On Wednesday, July 29, they’ll be premiering a never-before-heard song from Tom.
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    Anyone seen it before?
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    GOODBYE EVERYONE! Have a good lives! Time to go Runnin' Down a Dream! cheers, MJ2LD
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    Hoodoo Man

    "we're almost out of time"

    As Tom said we're almost out of time. One last song. 😔
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    This place is awesome. Sorry to see it go.
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    Three years ago today. Going to miss this place. Last time seeing Tom...
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    Yes, I'm sad to learn The Farm will be no more. I haven't been participating at all for quite awhile, so I can't really complain, not that I was going to. I understand completely, Ryan. Thank you, Ryan, for all you've done here! And also, thank you Marion, for everything you've contributed here. Thank you, members, for including me in this wonderful forum over the years. Love, Susan
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    Strange feeling today isn't it? Before Mudcrutch Farm ascends to a room at the top of the world somewhere later today, it's my last chance to say bye and thank you to everyone. It's been a great time here and I'll miss it!
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    I wish you all The Best Of Everything Thank you so much for the good times God bless you all
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    As a thanks to all of you, wanted to share some goodies... Thanks for the good times!
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    Never-heard song?!?

    They could as well just release the whole thing finally 😉
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    Thanks to @Marion and @Mudcrutch and all of the other people who have made this place possible. I first joined here -- or at least this site in an earlier form -- when I was a young teenager and now I'm 30! Crazy how time flies. This place is definitely an institution for any TPHB fan, and I appreciate and enjoyed all the conversations I've had with many fans here over the years. Suggestion: I find reddit to be confusing and difficult to load. I understand the advantage of it, though, because it ostensibly organizes things by thread. But what about Facebook? I know there's a Mudcrutch Farm group on facebook, and that would be a far preferable outlet in comparison to the Tom Petty Nation FB page, which seems overloaded (in my opinion) with boomers just freely writing their thoughts with random word association. Could we maybe continue to participate in discussions via Facebook somehow? Either via Mudcrutch Farm's Facebook site, or create a new one, with forum capabilities? Or if forum capabilities actually don't exist, we can tag posts, etc.
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    Yes please do! I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye. Like MajorTom said above me, I didn't find this place until after Tom's passing, but I am so glad that I did. It helped to somewhat heal the wound of losing him by being able to talk with other fans. This forum has been a little bit of therapy for me. Perhaps I took this place for granted and assumed it would always be there for me, and if so, that's my own stupid fault, but selfishly, I wish it would.
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    I didn’t find this site until after Tom’s death. I was more of a watcher here and am sad to see it go. I’ll keep listening to TP Radio on Sirius XM for now and my TP albums for my forever. Best to you all and thank you! Editted to add that because of this site, I found out about and attended Tom’s 69th birthday party in Gainesville last October. It coincided perfectly with a Florida beach vacation. And, the birthday party was so cool! I made my husband drive by Tom’s home and photograph me in front of it (although my name indicates a dude, I’m actually a lady). The Gainesville experience just added to my understanding of songs such as Depot Street and Gainesville. Where am I going to find out about these things in the future? I am seriously asking this question.
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    Joining this forum was one of the best, nicest, funniest and most interesting things I've done in my life. I will miss you all. I'm now in the Steve Hoffman forum, which is far from as good as this one, I only wish you the best. Goodbye. 💔 🎸 ✌️ Peace and Love
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    Never-heard song?!?

    Moon Pie 2?
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    Arete, yes this is terrific. And I see that it's from September 8, 1994, New York City Radio Music Hall - apparently one-off for MTV. I don't know how I missed this before, maybe everyone else had seen it, besides the two of us. BTW here's a better quality version of it (sound is much better): IMPROVED QUALITY!!
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    Hoodoo Man

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    came across this on Facbook today. Ron Blair doing Rebels!!
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    Probably keep it and was thinking of having an old-school guestbook people could sign!
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    Thank you for all of the enjoyment that I have gotten from the website. Not having it will hurt because it has been a little piece of Tom that we could cling to after his tragic death. I never saw Tom or met him but being a southerner like Tom and being born in the same year as Tom and loving the same music as Tom makes him almost seem like the friend that I never met. Thanks for the memories.
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    I know how you feel. I am not a social media person, and I try to avoid Facebook, Twitter, etc. But I do like good old fashioned forums like this. I might check out the Reddit, but it doesn't seem like my kind of thing. Although not dedicated specifically to TPATH, the Steve Hoffman boards are best current alternative.
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    The Seattle Times has just recently put their old archives on-line for the first time. I've been having fun poking around and searching for things. This is the review of the first trip to town by this new band - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. The Times "Rock" critic Patrick MacDonald was usually not very kind to rock bands, and he rips The Ramones to shreds here. But he loved Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. I wish I could say I was at this show, but I was not.
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    Let Me Up (the album)

    Ok since MJ2LD pointed me this way - again this is a very underrated TPATH album to me. It's subtle, other than Jammin' Me the songs don't really "grab" you immediately. I was quite disappointed when I first heard the album. But I see it as an album that "grows" on you, more enjoyable with each listen. There's a lot of "depth" to it too, a lot of times I heard things on subsequent listens that I didn't notice the first few times. LMU is quite different from FMF in that way, to me FMF sounds great immediately, but it's all up front; the more I listen to it the more I feel something is missing, like it's "Heartbreakers Lite" without the full body of the rest of their work. LMU is not nearly so immediately "grabby" as FMF, but as I played the two over the years, LMU became the album I wanted to hear again, more frequently. As to the specific songs, to me there's not a weak song on the album. And I do love the 80's-ish sound of songs like The Damage You've Done and Runaway Trains (which to me are the two best songs on the album). So what if they have some synthesized sounds? Should every song they do be a reflection of their 1970's production standards? They stretched out on the Southern Accents album, and they do so on LMU - I somewhat agree with Martin on that, though I wouldn't say that LMU goes further than SA in that regard. They both simply break from "the usual" on several songs. It'll All Work Out is another departure, very interesting son. Jammin' Me is a catchy rocker, and one of my favorite TPATH videos (though I'm not a big fan of videos in general). The once "relevant" but soon "dated" references now feel "nostalgic" to me. And as MJ2LD pointed out, this made a great opening song in 1999 (oddly enough it wasn't an opener on the 1987 tour). It's also a great opening track for an album, including the notes at the very beginning that sound a bit like machinery starting up. Ain't Love Strange is probably the most underrated song not just on this album, but in the entire TP/TPATH catalog. I agree with MJ2LD that it might have been a single. They'd probably have to make it longer to be a single, but on the album it doesn't seem too short. I say it's underrated in part because they never played it live, but it's interesting both musically and lyrically. All Mixed Up to me is another underrated gem. Very interesting, somewhat oblique lyrics. Oddly enough, one of my favorite other bands, The Cars, had a completely different song called All Mixed Up. That too is a great, somewhat underrated song with oblique lyrics (as was typical for The Cars to have essentially "impressionistic" lyrics). My Life/Your World is another creative song, breaking away from "the usual" mold, as was also done on SA. Very interesting lyrics, I didn't realize until recently that some of the lyrics were taken from a previously discarded song of the Southern Accents sessions. How Many More Days sounds a bit like a hastily written throwaway, but it's still great. There's an urgency to the song that fits its theme well. The backing instrumentation stays in your head. I also love the story that TP was actually creating some of the lyrics as he sang the take that they used for the album. I also love that this is the only completely "self produced" album by the band. It might not seem like the various parts of the album should fit together, and maybe they don't. But the more I listen to the album, the more I feel that each song is in the perfect running order and that it really does "work" very well as a piece. And finally, who doesn't like the oddball sounds between tracks such as Stan doing his "Hillbilly voice" (or whatever that is), "The singin' was good, I lahked the sangin". I think they are great, adding a touch of warmth to the album.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Tom Petty Radio top 100.

    As I understand it there was a fan voted top 100 over on the Sirius channel. No surprise what was at number one but a lot of surprises in general. #100 Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) #99 My Life/Your World #98 Candy #97 First Flash Of Freedom #96 You Can Still Change Your Mind #95 The Woods #94 Century City #93 You're Gonna Get It #92 The Damage You've Done #91 Forgotten Man #90 One More Day, One More Night #89 King's Road #88 A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own #87 Surrender #86 All Or Nothin' #85 Like A Diamond #84 A One Story Town #83 Shadow People #82 What Are You Doin' In My Life #81 Makin' Some Noise #80 Mystery Man #79 Good Enough #78 Rockin' Around With You #77 Out In The Cold #76 Big Weekend #75 Dreamville #74 Wake Up Time #73 Feel A Whole Lot Better #72 Free Girl Now #71 It'll All Work Out #70 A Higher Place #69 Waiting For Tonight #68 Nightwatchman #67 Fault Lines #66 The Apartment Song #65 Dogs On The Run #64 Down South #63 Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) #62 All Right For Now #61 I Should Have Known It #60 You And I Will Meet Again #59 Ways To Be Wicked #58 Something Big #57 Girl On LSD #56 Love Is A Long Road #55 Cabin Down Below #54 A Thing About You #53 Shadow Of A Doubt (A Complex Kid) #52 Runaway Trains #51 Echo #50 The Best Of Everything #49 Spike #48 Something Good Coming #47 Kings Highway #46 The Last DJ #45 Casa Dega #44 The Wild One, Forever #43 I Need To Know #42 Have Love Will Travel #41 Time To Move On #40 Jammin' Me #39 Square One #38 Angel Dream #37 Insider #36 Walls (No. 3) #35 Straight Into Darkness #34 Saving Grace #33 A Face In The Crowd #32 Change Of Heart #31 Louisianna Rain #30 Honey Bee #29 Walls (Circus) #28 Swingin' #27 Rebels #26 Don't Do Me Like That #25 Yer So Bad #24 It's Good To Be King #23 Listen To Her Heart #22 Stop Draggin' My Heart Around #21 Into The Great Wide Open #20 A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) #19 Room At The Top #18 You Got Lucky #17 Southern Accents #16 You Don't Know How It Feels #15 Don't Come Around Here No More #14 Even The Losers #13 Here Comes My Girl #12 Crawling Back To You #11 Refugee #10 Runnin' Down A Dream #9 The Waiting #8 You Wreck Me #7 Breakdown #6 Mary Jane's Last Dance #5 Learning To Fly #4 I Won't Back Down #3 Free Fallin' #2 Wildflowers #1 American Girl
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    Thank You Mudcrutch Farmers Signing off here with a last post on Mudcrutch Farm wishing everyone health and happiness for the future. Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.[ Max Ehrmann, 1948 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank You to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers for the music and the live concerts, in particular that best of the best night at The Marquee in Cork Ireland 2012, a very special memory I will always Treasure.
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    The New TPATH song leaked!!!

    The site is closing, IF you want to joke or FUCK around, you had 20+ years to do it. NOW IS NOT THE TIME!
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    Tour postponed to September 2020!

    LP should have gone out on schedule, with or without tour. After all, we already paid for a finished product. The tour will most likely never happen and that money should be refunded now. Never again will I buy an LP or Tickets a year in advance. None of that money will probably ever be refunded, because they have already spent it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY disappointed in this whole mess that will be blamed on the pandemic. Try asking your boss to pay you now for next years work and see what he or she says! Are you fuckin' crazy!!!!!!!!!
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    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    That’s a refreshing aspect of this cover band. Eerily, people who grew up with Tom in Gainesville and spent a considerable amount of time with Ronnie Gregg (the aforementioned lead singer) were gobsmacked by how much he is just naturally like Tom: his slight build, his mannerisms, phrasing, even just the way he sits. Also, their sets delve more deeply into the TPATH catalog than do those of a typical cover band. This might be the only TPATH cover band I would travel to see. Yes, some of the Petty cover bands can be worthwhile. And I agree that I wouldn't want to see one where they tried to look like TPATH, especially the blonde wig on the lead singer. The band I saw was called "The Petty Kings", they were at a free outdoor concert about 15 minutes from me, even then I wasn't sure I wanted to see these "imitators" but some friends talked me into it - I was glad I went. Clearly these guys - and one woman (a Petty Queen?), who handled some of the high vocals and some of the "Stevie Nicks" parts - were huge TPATH fans as well as very good musicians. They played the usual "Greatest Hits" and Wildflowers singles, plus Stop Draggin' My Heart Around but also dug a little deeper for songs like King's Highway, and Change of Heart. They also did Walls, which was actually the "newest" song they did. And when they did Breakdown they put in the Hit The Road Jack part. All surprisingly well done, with no attempt to pretend that they "were" TPATH. One thing I wish the tribute bands would do, is to do some of the songs that TPATH never did in concert. Something like The Criminal Kind, Ain't Love Strange, Dark of the Sun, All You Can Carry - whatever works, but great songs that TPATH themselves never did live (or rarely did live), to help keep the flame alive. Maybe that will happen eventually, probably not, but I'd love for a few of these tribute bands to reach out that way.
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    Goodbye everyone! I know I haven't come around here much in recent years, but I will always treasure this site for giving me the opportunity to meet so many nice people and have so much fun at shows with them. During this pandemic, here are the TPATH lyrics that are getting me through: Sometimes I get discouraged, sometimes I feel so down Sometimes I get so worried but I don't know what about But it works out in the long run, always goes away And I've come now to accept it as a recurring phase Love, Toni
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    SIDE A 1. Rebels 2. Trailer (Playback Version) 3. The Apartment Song (A Little Lonely Tonight) Feat. Stevie Nicks 4. Spike 5. Dogs On The Run SIDE B 1. Don't Come Around Here No More 2. Walkin' From The Fire 3. Casa Dega 4. The Best of Everything 5. Southern Accents
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    Thanks MJ2LD, that's how I remember it now. How it could have played like "Gimme Shelter" I don't know. But Stan certainly came through creatively, and I like how Steve essentially used Stan's template for it, in his own performances. I stumbled across this live video performance of MJLD tonight, the first time I've ever seen it. This one has Stan on drums and it's either from 1993 or 1994. Complete with annoying (but thankfully brief) introduction by Rosanne Barr. Very listenable though not perfect sound quality (or video quality for that matter), BUT it has a very interesting, very "jammy" extended ending that I don't think I've quite heard on other performances of the song. Overall it's very cool to see this, possibly the very first filmed live performance of MJLD, also one of the last filmed non-acoustic songs with Stan on drums. Kind of a "last dance" in that sense, other than Stan's bored YDKHIF live performance on Letterman.
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    Less than 2 weeks and counting! I wanted to try tossing out a handful of random/hodgepodge mini-topics out there, and see what sticks. Maybe one or more will spark or spur a few more conversations before it's finally time to move on. Feel free to jump in or add your own to this list. 1. Take my skateboard, take my snowboard, take my wallet, take my car... We've heard that there's a 7-minute studio version of Breakdown. I would love to hear it some day, and wonder if it will ever be released. Hard to imagine there wouldn't be some extended, moody guitar work from Mike here. 2. Not On Label I was checking again to see what WF vinyl is going for these days. Anyone ever seen this before? Unofficial Wildflowers LP - on cream vinyl https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1112305204 3.Interesting tidbit. Stan’s departure was announced on Oct. 20, 1994. https://www.thepettyarchives.com/archives/miscellany/newsletters/1995-february Notice that particular date? 4. 400 Days in a gig in the South... I always thought it was odd/random that 400 film first became available on the Deluxe version of the Live Anthology. Why do you think the 400 Days doc was shelved in the first place? I also wonder if it was Tom’s idea to document the recording and subsequent tour of the Wildflowers album this way. Was it Martyn Atkins idea? 5. Rare shows Which show would you rather hear: - 1993 Viper Room Opening Night - 1996 one-off show, where several yet-to-be-released STO songs were played 6. Next Archive Release Which Box Set release do you want to see the most? - All the Rest - HB GH sessions 1993* - Fillmore Box set 7. My Back Pages I've read Zollo book and Zanes book. But I haven't checked out any of these. Have you read them, and are they any good? - Rock and Roll Guardian https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Petty-Guardian-Rotondo-Paperback/dp/B014I8D506/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2C80BFBGIZLYS&dchild=1&keywords=tom+petty+rock+and+roll+guardian&qid=1595088537&sprefix=tom+petty+rock+and+%2Caps%2C258&sr=8-5 - A Rock and Roll Life https://www.amazon.com/Tom-Petty-Rock-Roll-Life/dp/0980056187/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=tom+petty&qid=1595088662&s=books&sr=1-13 - Definitely looking forward to this one: https://www.amazon.com/Somewhere-You-Feel-Free-Angeles/dp/1642935115/ref=sr_1_15?dchild=1&keywords=tom+petty&qid=1595088698&s=books&sr=1-15 8. But what about Bugs? Has there been a tread dedicated yet to Alan "Bugs" Weidel? I think he was more than just a roadie. He basically rode shotgun with Tom throughout the duration of his whole career. He was with Tom when he saw his mom for the last time in the hospital. He drove Tom to his dad’s funeral. He ran the tape during the HB recording sessions. Can you imagine the perspective and insider stories he must have of Tom, his family and the band? Has he been featured or interviewed before on TP Radio? I think someone could conduct a multi-part podcast series where Bugs can talk about his life and time with Tom. The man behind the scenes who got a front row seat to it all. ----------------------------------------- Bueller. Bueller....Anyone?? *Rubin says the band recorded somewhere in the ballpark of 50 songs...!!
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    Hahahahahahahahaa. That's hilarious! Good description. If you want less "Danger Zone" Runaway Trains check out: https://livepetty.com/1987-06-27-mansfield-ma-sbd/ There's other shows from '87 but I think that's the only soundboard. cheers
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    Tour postponed to September 2020!

    Yeah, I have tickets for the Troubadour show that was moved to late October - and an airline voucher for our plane tickets. I'm assuming those shows will be further postponed. I think I lose the airline vouchers though. They expire after 1 year, I believe?
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    Happy birthday to Tomfest. 🎉🍰🍷🎉
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    Just to wrap up 1977 in Seattle for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, here is the rest of the story...... In the paper on August 13th, there was this announcement... ...but then, 2 days before the show was supposed to happen....... ================================================= They did come back for 1 more show opening for J.Geils Band, as the rock critic mentioned......After raving about how great J. Geils Band was, here are the comments about Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers performance.. ============================================= ....and that is the rest of the story for 1977. I wonder what happened 1978?
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    Ben's section?

    It's scheduled for August 1st.
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    “Good Enough” by the Knobs

    Yes, it was called "Sunburst '59". Sunburst 59 - Good Enough.mp3
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    Sad news. It was great time! Thank you for all!
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    With the internet, sometimes it's difficult to tell but it seems as if you're acting like you don't get nuance. I didn't think I'd have to specify, that of course, in the case of this place shutting down the concept of being banned seems ridiculous. Still in my experience, when it comes to the arts, people voicing conservative views will usually be attacked ignored and eventually banned. On the 'Farm closing or not, it takes guts to basically disagree with an article or criticize it especially when the subject are the surviving family members of the man whose music inspired this place's existence! Whether or not you agree with Drew's points, voicing a minority opinion always takes some measure of courage, or "courage" since this is online ha ha, but you get my point. On top of that, Big Blue said she flagged or whatever, told on this topic or post a page or two ago. Which makes it seem for all its "rebeliousnes" rock and roll is just as conformist as other parts of society. I don't think either party has the welfare of American citizens at heart; sure there are no doubt exceptions and good people working within the system but I think they are overwhelmed by the corrupt. But please don't act like conservatives don't have a difficult time within the arts if they open their mouths. Again, people on opposite sides of the political divide have more in common then they believe. Oh well.There's that irony again. As for being pulled into political or psuedo-political debates, that's not how I want to enjoy the last month give or take of visiting this place but I guess the topic does pull people in. "And says what he wants to say as long as it's up to date with the latest politically correct and progressive belief systems." cheers
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    I guess I'm old school even though only being 30, but Reddit is a wasteland. I like traditional forums like this though I get why they're a dying breed unfortunately
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    TP’s family telling Trump to go to hell

    Then let's use his music for Democrats
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    TP’s family telling Trump to go to hell

    NEW HATS for 2020 election in Blue TABA Take America Back Again
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    Big Blue Sky

    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Yeah, this isn't a cover (I know) but it's so cool that I'm popping it into this collaborative thread in this section of forum... so when people are scrolling through all the songs they see this too...
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