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    Ryan Ulyate just wrote that over at the Steve Hoffman Forum: Believe me, there was a LOT of material to choose from regarding the alternate takes ("Finding Wildflowers") disc. This is designed to be a great album, that has an arc to it and tells a story (as TP would have insisted). It is by no means the "bottom of the barrel" . If you want to hear some of the more lighthearted outtakes from the Wildflowers sessions, listen to my show tonight on TP Radio, 7PM Pacific 10PM Eastern, (GMT-7). ... All new material. Jams, made-up songs, covers, funny bits recorded "between the takes" Would love to hear that, but don't have TP Radio. Anyone!?
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    My favorites: Full Moon Fever/Hypnotic Eye/Long After Dark/Damn The Torpedoes/She's The One I think in time it'll be more appreciated. cheers
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    Yeah, I would love to be able to hear this. Hopefully someone can capture this for those of us who can't afford SiriusXM. Marion?🤞🙂
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    Ha ha! They're always exploding them in there too! cheers
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Can't shut the forum down now... No way!!! 😄
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