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    Yes and no. I have one friend, Charly, who is a huge fan. We talk and text about Tom a lot. He listens to TP Radio all the time (along with the Beatles station). He's in a little bar band and he plays TPATH covers all the time. I'll send him a "deep cut video of the day" for fun. I have a few other friends who dig TPATH music, but not as much as me. Mostly the Greatest Hits variety. When Tom passed away in 2017, my brother, who isn't a big fan (doesn't own any albums, but doesn't have anything against him either), said this to me: "You know, Tom Petty, he's not in anyone's Top 3, but he's in everyone's Top 10." I laughed, because he is in fact in my top 3, but I got what he meant by the comment. Everyone loved Tom Petty. Everyone thought he was cool. Everyone thought he rocked. I feel that most anyone and everyone liked him, certainly no one hated him, or had a strong reaction against his music. I mean, how many people have you ever heard say, "Man, that Tom Petty, I CAN'T STAND HIM...AND HIS MUSIC SUCKS." None here. Never heard it. He was just a likeable guy all around, you had no problem with him, and his songs were impossible not to enjoy in some way or another. It seemed that all over the internet, with articles, blogs, and comments on YT videos from regular people, that Tom's passing was a big deal. Even if people weren't huge fans, I think that many people realized the absolute loss to the music world, and the world at large. In a good way, Tom and his music were like wallpaper in their lives–always there, always dependable, quietly and consistently providing joy through several decades. Even if you weren't always aware of it. And it made you incredibly sad to realize that his presence was gone.
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