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    A suggestion: Keep the 'Farm open through the release of the new TPATH song giving members here one last good discussion of the tune and their reactions to it. If not though, I understand and again thank you for keeping this place going as long as you have. cheers
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    Yes please do! I'm certainly not ready to say goodbye. Like MajorTom said above me, I didn't find this place until after Tom's passing, but I am so glad that I did. It helped to somewhat heal the wound of losing him by being able to talk with other fans. This forum has been a little bit of therapy for me. Perhaps I took this place for granted and assumed it would always be there for me, and if so, that's my own stupid fault, but selfishly, I wish it would.
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    I didn’t find this site until after Tom’s death. I was more of a watcher here and am sad to see it go. I’ll keep listening to TP Radio on Sirius XM for now and my TP albums for my forever. Best to you all and thank you! Editted to add that because of this site, I found out about and attended Tom’s 69th birthday party in Gainesville last October. It coincided perfectly with a Florida beach vacation. And, the birthday party was so cool! I made my husband drive by Tom’s home and photograph me in front of it (although my name indicates a dude, I’m actually a lady). The Gainesville experience just added to my understanding of songs such as Depot Street and Gainesville. Where am I going to find out about these things in the future? I am seriously asking this question.
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    Hey all, there are a couple things I need to set up before the plug can be pulled. I do not want to drag anything out but let's give it a few days. Guestbook Email list people can sign up for in case some sort of event or big news happens Redirect pages if someone visits a page that doesn't exist any more
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    Generally speaking I feel the same; though there are exceptions where a band pretty much playing the song as straight as the original is fine as long as they bring their own energy to it. I think I liked U Get Me High on first listen and loved it on consequent ones; it doesn't sound like anything else exactly in their repertoire; actually as I type this up now, perhaps it has most of a general Nirvana feeling, a build up on the verses leading to an explosive chorus. I wonder if there was some mental barrier for some people who liked the original You Get Me High (a good song) that kept them from fully enjoying this one. I don't know. Anyway, this performance is high energy and pretty good thanks for sharing! I survived. cheers
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    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    This entry might fall outside the bounds of what constitutes a cover song, since this example is from a Tom Petty cover band...but hey, we’re in the waning days of this forum anyway, so here goes. I’m not ordinarily a fan of covers in general. For me, a cover of a song needs to bring a new interpretation, explore new depths, interrogate the artistry in a unique way—more than just gratuitously hitting all the right chords and notes at the right times. With that in mind, one of my favorite covers of a Tom song is Southern Accents’ rendition of U Get Me High at the Gainesville celebration in 2019. I love Hypnotic Eye, but until I heard Ronnie Gregg sing it, U Get Me High wasn’t one of my standout tracks. After hearing this band play it, I now approach TPATH’s recording with new ears. When a good cover also makes the original better for the listener...for me, that’s a cover. This is a decent recording, but it’s still a fan recording. And fair warning, there’s a bit of unexpected profanity thrown in near the end:
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    8/1/20 The Traveling Wilburys
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    Thanks for all the music you shared! Bye! cheers
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    Mudcrutch Farm Will Be Shutting Down

    I just came by to say goodbye! Ryan, are you really going to pull the plug? It seems unreal!!
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    Never-heard song?!?

    Of course, why not. 🤦‍♂️ Someone wake me when it's 2021 and I'm sitting in a baseball stadium watching a game. Any chance of keeping this forum around one more month so we can experience one last new song together?? Just some wishful thinking....
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