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    Never-heard song?!?

    Mark Felsot just announced on TPR: On Wednesday, July 29, they’ll be premiering a never-before-heard song from Tom.
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    SIDE A 1. Rebels 2. Trailer (Playback Version) 3. The Apartment Song (A Little Lonely Tonight) Feat. Stevie Nicks 4. Spike 5. Dogs On The Run SIDE B 1. Don't Come Around Here No More 2. Walkin' From The Fire 3. Casa Dega 4. The Best of Everything 5. Southern Accents
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    As stated above, going to miss this place. Since this forum won't be here in September, I felt it was appropreate to post tonight. Exactly two years and 10 months ago tonight, almost to the minute at 8:49pm, I, along with 18,000 other fans watched Tom and The Heartbreakers take the stage one last time. Incredible night, beautiful venue, wonderful fans, great music, great band. Memory of a lifetime. When the spot light found Tom. "Oh, I feel a little mojo building up in here!"
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    New RIC ordered

    Love the new guitar! Great choice! I find myself rarely using the blend knob. How do you like that full neck of the 350 with the smaller body? I find it a lot easier to use. Love all my Rickenbacker guitars, but this Mapleglo Rose Morris 1997 is my favorite.
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    Arete, yes this is terrific. And I see that it's from September 8, 1994, New York City Radio Music Hall - apparently one-off for MTV. I don't know how I missed this before, maybe everyone else had seen it, besides the two of us. BTW here's a better quality version of it (sound is much better): IMPROVED QUALITY!!
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    Three years ago today. Going to miss this place. Last time seeing Tom...
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    New RIC ordered

    350V63 last 5 pix
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    Ouch. At once this seems like a lifetime ago and yesterday.
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    Just finished side A streaming. Decent choices, Mark indicated he would have included Gainsville if he could but it was from 1999 so is not qualified. I have to say I really love Walking From The Fire.... Side A Southern Accents Don't come Around Here no more Big Boss Man Rebels Walking From the Fire Trailer (Playback version) Side B... Dogs on the run The image of me Spike Apartment song (w Stevie Nicks / Playback version/ Demo) Mary's new car Best of everything (Best of Everything version from 2019) Not a bad effort. I really like the original myself so I don't know if I want to remix it myself. I do with Walking the fire was on the album...
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