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    Hey Ryan, you and I go back, and I mean way back. Remember the time you slept on the couch at my dorm the night before we saw TPATH at the Vic? That's almost 20 years ago! What a week that was. I've been around these message boards that long too, and it has always been a great place, and one where I have spent a lot of time over the years. I can honestly say I will truly miss Mudcrutch Farm. Sure, things have slowed down recently — less news, less posts, less activity — and I haven't been very active in posting myself (though I still do come to browse, that's a habit I can't break!), but it will be sad to think this collection of posts, photos, enthusiasm, memories and people won't be around anymore. In any case, thank you for all the work you've put in over the years. It is truly appreciated. And to all the posters still here, thanks for fun and interesting conversations and friendships over the years. It is ironic though — and you have to chuckle a little — that this announcement comes literally days before a possible "Wildflowers All the Rest" official announcement later this week, as TPR has teased! 😄😆
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    I hope everyone remembers to move their Leaderboard trophies home before the Farm closes.
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    20 years was a good run. Thank you to every single person that had a part in making this a great place for fans to be. This site and all associated content will go offline July 31, 2020. Where to go? Please join other Tom Petty fans on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/tompetty/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Contact The Farm: https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/contact/
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    Yes, please join us at https://www.reddit.com/r/tompetty/ Edit: sorry I am not implying all those people will be there. It's an open discussion area for tpath so we will see what happens.
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    Before it does, good luck with your book writing!
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    I'm pretty shocked, even though I haven't written most of it myself, but I enjoyed reading your reports almost every day. Especially those from MaryJanes2ndLastDance, Shelter, Hoodoo Man, Mudcrutch, Nurktwin, dollardime, Marion, TomFest, High Grass Dog... In which forum do we see each other again? Steve Hoffman? reddit? Can nobody create a second Mudcrutch Farm Forum? 😥
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    6/24/20 Neil Young
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    Studio album ranking 1. Wildflowers 2. She’s The One 3. You’re Gonna Get It! 4. TPATH 5. Full Moon Fever 6. DTT 7. Into The Great Wide Open 8. Hypnotic Eye 9. Echo 10. Highway Companion 11. Mojo 12. Long After Dark 13. The Waiting 14. Southern Accents 15. The Last DJ 16. Let Me Up Expanded List/Bonus Round…to include Mudcrutch, box sets, live albums, GH, etc. Why? Because there are some TPATH releases that I enjoy (no, LOVE) more than some of the studio albums. 1. Wildflowers 2. Playback - Disc 6 3. Playback - Disc 5 4. Mudcrutch 5. Greatest Hits* 6. She’s The One 7. The Live Anthology 8. An American Treasure …. All the rest (starting at #3 above. And I would have to put Mudcrutch 2 high up in this mix, 'cuz that record is also EXCELLENT.) *Yes, 1993’s Greatest Hits will always hold a sentimental place in my heart. Even though I’ve heard each song 1000 times or more, and I only return to it on occasion, because I surely WORE IT OUT, I still love and cherish this collection. As a hardcore TP fan, you sort of take GH for granted, and dismiss it because you know all about Casa Dega and the other deep cuts and the residencies and you’re a card carrying member of the Mudcrutch Farm, etc. and you’re a mini encyclopedia of “real stuff” the casual Greatest Hits listener will never know anything about. Shame, really. But man, what a Greatest Hits package it is!!! A Greatest Hits that eats other Greatest Hits for breakfast. A benchmark, that only the Beatles and maybe a few others can possibly top. I’ve always loved the cover too…with that slight warped photo and colored band faces that give it a psychedelic vibe…the band hanging out behind the board, smoking, let you know that they’re just dangerous enough…that they do in fact embody the full spirit of Rock and Roll…1968 meets 1993…Something In the Air indeed. I bought that puppy on cassette in the fall of ’93. A teenage mind was blown. A fan for life.
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    Hi. Tom Petty’s family made a political statement. This article and my post didn’t come out of nowhere.
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    Guys. Tom was political. He marched in the very first Pride parade in his hometown of Gainesville. When he heard the KKK would be there counter protesting, he showed up to be a symbol of support for the community. He said he “got chills” when Obama used the same song his estate just told Trump he couldn’t. For fans, a lot of you don’t seem to know anything about the guy. The article was spot on. Anyone saying otherwise probably thinks Rebels is a southern anthem instead of the critique on southern men it actually was.
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    6/23/20 Linda Ronstadt
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    Yes it could! It is still on my list of things I want to do so it could still happen!
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    Here’s a link for the Steve Hoffman thread, if anyone’s interested. I “Echo” the sentiments expressed above. http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/tom-petty-heartbreakers-2019-2020-thread.799609/page-22
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    Ryan - thanks a million for making this forum one of my favorite stops. And to everyone else that I shared a minute with. Good luck in whatever life brings!
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    Good way to put it and I feel the same. HoF should still happen! A while back we planned a meetup on an off-tour year and they sprung a tour on us, ha.
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    LOLLLLL. yea that was funny. I don't remember specifics but management did call me and we were trying to work out some sort of exchange.
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    I can’t say I blame you for shutting it down, Ryan. I haven’t been around much myself. I will forever be thankful for you and this place though. We had a lot of good times here and all over the country! Wow, 20 years! My interests in life have taken a different direction these days with moving and planning for my retirement soon. I will always carry Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers with me through life though. They are always near and dear as my memories here. We never did make that trip to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame happen, did we? Who knows, maybe we can get together again somewhere along the way for a Knobs gig or something.
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    With the Mudcrutch Farm forum ending soon, anyone who hasn't ranked the 16 studio albums (13 TPATH and 3 TP "solo") are invited to do so. Just rank the 16 numbered 1-16, with 1 being your favorite and 16 your least favorite. If you have ties, just list them as ties. Here are the current rankings by 17 Mudcrutch Farm members. Note that the albums receiving 1st place votes are noted in parenthesis, but there's no bonus for a 1st place ranking, other than getting the maximum 16 points: Current Consensus Rankings - 16 albums, 17 rankers (1st place votes in parenthesis): 1. Damn The Torpedoes (3.00 first place votes) - 210 points 2. Long After Dark (1.00) - 191.5 points 3. Hard Promises (3.00) - 190 points 4. Wildflowers (6.00) - 175.5 points 5. Full Moon Fever (0.50) - 173.1 points 6. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - 171 points 7. You're Gonna Get It - 161 points 8. Into The Great Wide Open (1.00) - 149.5 points 9. Echo (1.00) - 140 points 10. She's The One - 128 points 11. Southern Accents - 119.5 points 12. Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) - 117 points 13. Hypnotic Eye (0.50) - 114.5 points 14. The Last DJ (1.00) - 114 points 15. Mojo - 82.8 points 16. Highway Companion - 74.6 points
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    Thanks. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read someone who was disappointed in the covers. Nice chatting with you too Drew. While I could change my mind, I think I'm most likely done with posting on TPATH as well. This place was largely a very friendly place even with some more heated moments and arguments. take care
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    See this in the Steve Hoffman Forum: As an aside, I was saddened to learn that the independent Tom Petty/Heartbreakers site "Mudcrutch Farm" has decided to pull up stakes. While I was never personally a forum patron, the site served as a true gathering place for many Tom Petty/Heartbreakers fans over the years. I must admit I remembering chuckling when the unforeseen and wonderful occurrence took place in 2008 and TP decided to reform his first band, Mudcrutch and they had to list their web domain as mudcrutchmusic.com as the domain name "Mudcrutch" was already in use by the fansite. I mean who'd thunk it?Anyway, I would like to welcome any and all refugees from that site over to this thread. We'll try our best to keep y'all entertained
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    Sorry to see the end of the forum, though the posts had gotten very sparse recently. I've enjoyed the various discussions on the music and performances of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. Most everyone here has made significant contributions to the forum, which is fairly rare for the internet. Thanks to Mudcrutch for hosting and posting many insightful comments. Thanks also to Shelter and many others, especially including MJ2LD - with whom i found myself most in agreement on TPATH topics. With no new TPATH music being generated, I doubt I'll be joining any new forums. But the songs as "covers" (including from "tribute bands"), the TPATH studio recordings, and TPATH recorded concert performances will live on.
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    True. Well said and I agree. Also, the 'Farm was easy on the eyes with a nice appealing and easy to read layout so we could easily get to the important discussions: of how bad the set list was...! Definitely a seldom broached topic here. Seriously though, forums are great for discussion and debate with a space for back-and-forth quality that things like facebook will never equal. Before this place goes dark, I gotta say I think you're definitely one of the MVPs of Mudcrutch Farm, your well thought out takes and dry humor helped make this place what it was. Maybe we should all play You And I Will Meet Again on July 31 as this place goes down. Or instead, the much heralded and wildly popular classic It Ain't Nothin' To Me. Except this place was somethin' to quite a lot of folks. cheers
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    Ryan/Mudcrutch, No, thank you for this place. It is and soon to be was, the premier site for TPATH fans. I found my way here after the official forum became paid members only. This place has been a treasure trove of live and unreleased recordings and interesting and lively fan discussion. You're not going to find this place's quality at TP Nation nor reddit and while Hoffman offers some avenue, none in my opinion compare to what this place was for TPATH listeners. At the same time, it's not exactly a surprise as discussion has slowly been dwindling, I guess it's good it lasted as long as it did following Tom's death. The time, money and effort you put into this place is appreciated. Thank you for allowing me to be a moderator here. Good luck in your future endeavors and take care! cheers, MJ2LD
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    Just around the time when the Dirty Knobs are finally about to release an album, this happens. Thank you everybody on this board for keeping us updated on upcoming Heartbreakers related releases.
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    Yeah.. very well put, really. Simple as that. It's about the contribution, isn't it. People taking the time and energy to share the passion, to pour thoughts and insight on here, that made these pastures green for many years. The having fun. After all - life needs to be fed, and as soon as the input peters out, so does the output. Not to say the very raison d'etre. After all, thrills and kicks of fast clicks - of links and likes - is everywhere in multitudes. It's the elaborate sharing of thoughts and discussion that is really a dying habit with people. Even the very idea of actually really talking with each other, is becoming rarer by the minute in these fact resistent, twitter bubble days of mighty Self. If you think about it, it's really not just the Farm dying. It's quite understandable, inevitabel even. I think Ryan's got it right. And after all, it's just one of many signs of our times.* All this said - Thanks a million to Ryan for making it all happen, for keeping this resource and opportunity to talk TP from various aspects, open this long. It has been some interesting and entertaining times. Some weird and wonderful stories. I have learned a lot. I have connected with a lot of interesting and good people. In short, I am very proud to have been a Farmer. It has been a good ride. All the best to all of you! ----- * Of course, I'm just gonna have to do this note thing here, just because I can..... just to expand by saying that.. at the end of the day, of course the masses will get what the masses want - what they deserve, to put it bluntly. It's only natural. No one will take your Coke away, so to speak. As for all the rest (right!) it's always a gamble.. And as for our interest in all things Tom Petty.. well.. There will still be online archives for sound, vision and articles, hopefully.. there will still be youtube.. places for people to lurk about in their "splendid isolation".. and yeah.. TPN seem to do the trick for most fans, for some reason. For the rest of us.. well.. Steve Hoffman is still open for business.
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    Sad news. I've been on the fan fourm since May 2018 It'll be sad to see it go
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    6/22/20 BTO
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    You did a great job Ryan. Thanks.
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    All great points and after Tom's passing it really hasn't been the same. Facebook, etc has definitely put the squeeze on many sites. Remember, this place was originally built as an alternative to the un-moderated official forums where many were driven away. Ironically the people that took refuge here and wanted to exclude others (for valid reasons) don't come here anymore anyway. People can now live in the the safe friend circles they create on other sites. Photo hosting which was once a needed service for tour photos, etc is now easily uploaded from your phone to your social profile, etc. In the end the demise of this site is of my own doing. I will never blame external X factors. We needed a regular flow of news, articles, content, etc. posted on this site and social sites driving eyes back here to keep a fresh group of fans passing through. I never had the time or put enough focus on curating the culture that could sustain this place. Communities built on OTHER platforms are in danger as well. I hosted and held secure all the data here. People don't have that sort of control when they don't own the data. Things can change any moment!
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    Sorry to see the site go I must say, it has always been my first 'go to' place for all things Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch, Dirty Knobs. I'm not really a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram person, this place and other types of forums like this have always felt like more of an independent local type flavour which is what I like. It's the way of the world now that independent providers are getting squeezed out, and most of the time that's just based on demand. I don't know what the viewing/content stats are like but I'm guessing that they are down substantially over the last while. With Tom departed and the band not touring that's another factor too I'm sure, but not exclusively so . I like the discussion/analysis/considered opinion type forums but these are a dying breed. Looking forward The Steve Hoffman Tom Petty thread site is probably where I'll end up pitching my tent when the Farm closes down. may try reddit as well, Mike and Benmont do some very interesting video clips on Instagram, there are a couple of Tom Petty Facebook groups out there and there's still the official social media accounts.... Still, I'm disappointed that Mudcrutch Farm is going, it's the end of an era in many ways...... Thanks to all contributors over the years for the fun, the inspirational moments, the debates, the discussions, the information, the anecdotes, and those set list discussions!😊
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    sad to hear this but it seems to be getting slower around here. Thanks for all the great content!
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    Thanks for everything Ryan. Keep me up to date with Phone # and all so we can get together.
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