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    20 years was a good run. Thank you to every single person that had a part in making this a great place for fans to be. This site and all associated content will go offline July 31, 2020. Where to go? Please join other Tom Petty fans on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/tompetty/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Contact The Farm: https://www.mudcrutch.com/forum/index.php?/contact/
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    Sorry to see the site go I must say, it has always been my first 'go to' place for all things Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch, Dirty Knobs. I'm not really a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram person, this place and other types of forums like this have always felt like more of an independent local type flavour which is what I like. It's the way of the world now that independent providers are getting squeezed out, and most of the time that's just based on demand. I don't know what the viewing/content stats are like but I'm guessing that they are down substantially over the last while. With Tom departed and the band not touring that's another factor too I'm sure, but not exclusively so . I like the discussion/analysis/considered opinion type forums but these are a dying breed. Looking forward The Steve Hoffman Tom Petty thread site is probably where I'll end up pitching my tent when the Farm closes down. may try reddit as well, Mike and Benmont do some very interesting video clips on Instagram, there are a couple of Tom Petty Facebook groups out there and there's still the official social media accounts.... Still, I'm disappointed that Mudcrutch Farm is going, it's the end of an era in many ways...... Thanks to all contributors over the years for the fun, the inspirational moments, the debates, the discussions, the information, the anecdotes, and those set list discussions!😊
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    sad to hear this but it seems to be getting slower around here. Thanks for all the great content!
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    Thanks for everything Ryan. Keep me up to date with Phone # and all so we can get together.
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    Covid-19 Protesters

    Here's my plan for protesters that want to open the country and spread the virus! COVID-19 PROTESTERS My solution to your problem IF you want to protest that your freedom and rights were taken away because of the Coronavirus lockdown, then I have a plan that will benefit you. My plan lets you congregate with your fellow believers so that you can gather together on your lawn and protest. It’s a simple plan, all you need is a FREE license from your local Gov. office. It will look like your Drivers License with your pix and date issued that allows you to get together with other non-believers that the virus will kill you. And here comes the best part, it’s free for you to wonder around your state, but you still have to follow State and Local rules, so if grocery stores, barber shops, pubs and anything else are closed, you can’t get in, even with your license. AND now the very best part, the license is free, but to get it from your local Gov. office, all you have to do is give back the $1200 the Gov gave you plus the $500 you received for each of your children. Protest that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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