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    where in the world are you?

    So far , other than being tired, Im doing ok. I can't do as much yard work or cleaning or other things as I would like. But im doing ok. Thanks for the well wishes
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    4/20/20 The James Gang
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    I think this is perfect stuff for them. "The Letter".
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    TPATH Jones Beach June 21, 2005

    I came across this 1985 show on YouTube, also at Jones Beach, NY. It has the original live version "Dogs on the Run" (not on Pack Up the Plantation) and ts pretty great.
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    Things to do while on home lock-down

    ^ I live in a rural area too, but I got used to staying in and away from everyone after my cancer operation last July. So I'm not going crazy being in the house all the time, I'm used to it now. I guess I'm ahead of the curve. I don't know if I'm out of the woods yet, I'm missing my tests and appointments this week, cuz I cancelled them. I can't see going to Cleveland Clinic for that when people from all over the world go there and bring in more problems. I'll wait til another month and hope I'm ok til then. I'm just playing the game day by day.
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    Yeah they made it more similar to the cover version DBT did
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    Thanks Mike, I didn't realize that they did a full band version of Rebels a few times in 2008. I think Rebels is one of their best songs (I think virually all their songs are good, but I'd put Rebels in their top 20), and I think the live version you highlighted sounds great (especially for an amateur video). Steve's drumming there sounds great too; he could vary it a little more between the soft and loud parts, but otherwise very well done, and not an imitation of the studio version or prior live takes. I like that he's using the cymbals more and the bass drum less, which seemed to be improvements (IMO) that he started making after the 2005 tour. By the way, I'm sure you all know this, but Rebels is about a character, not Tom himself. Even though Tom was born in Dixie and arguably born a rebel. But Tom has explained that the character in his song is someone who blames his personal problems/status on the "Yankees", something that Tom himself didn't feel. Also Tom was not born on a Sunday, to further clarify that the song is not fully about himself (he was born on a Friday). Also - I agree that the American Treasure version of Rebels is really good. I'm not sure if I like it better than the original, I'd rank them as equally good. Maybe with a few more listens to each I would have a favorite there, but nice to have both versions (plus the live versions).
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    Interesting perspective. Sometimes I forget that the original version of Learning To Fly only existed on the ITGWO tour and the homecoming show of '93. I think it's the only song in their catalog that went through this change and never changed back. The first few times I heard this song in this way I enjoyed it, not just for the novelty but the different feel and presentation, perhaps culminating in what I consider the "choir" version of '06. After that though, I think the song should've returned to its more rocking version. As to your guess as to why...I don't know. It could be that Tom felt the song's lyrics, theme and overall vibe felt more airy with acoustics and the audience sing-along and perhaps the latter was the most pressing reason, a way to get the crowd invovled on another level and in a way they loved, a real community moment for band and audience. ciao
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    TPATH Jones Beach June 21, 2005

    I think "Turn This Car Around" was the only song from the future "Highway Companion" album that got played on that 2005 tour. At least I don't remember any others. There were a bunch of audience tapes from that tour, but no soundboards or FM broadcasts.
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