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    Hoodoo Man

    Bennomnt on IG

    Ben posted this great video of Johnny B Goode last night on IG and it made me wonder why we don't have a thread for him. so here it is! Benmont Tench III also his wife Alice Carbondale Tench is quite lovely and a decent cook with a fun weekly show. She is not an expert but she is very entertaining and fun to watch. (When I say not an expert I only mean I don't think she has trained as a chef but has great recipes and talent.) Give them both a follow if you like. I love how he gets the phone to topple and the footage after that.
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    ---spoilers for ANGEL/THE PRISONER/FIREFLY/DOLLHOUSE/STAR TREK/LEGION/BABYLON 5/FARSCAPE/LOST/BATTLESTAR/THE GOOD PLACE/GAME OF THRONES/XFILES Well Angel---had to wrap it up in four or six episodes when told they were canceled. Some things were rushed but what a finish! The Prisoner---classic Firefly---wrapped up in a movie that had some weak points but overall a good ending to the show Dollhouse---far from a good show and yet, the conclusion is pretty good Star Trek the Next Generation---classic finale Legion---mixed feelings but overall good Babylon 5----pretty good Farscape---wrap-up miniseries had some flaws but builds to a powerful climax Badly Lost----terrible waste of time with characters in some weird after-life limbo running parallel to things in the real world. Attempt at emotional powerhouse fails whereas a few seasons ago it was a very powerfully emotional show. Should've ended after three seasons. Battlestar Galactica (remake)----lousy ending. Stupid prophecy. Disappearing Kara, she's an angel? What?? Ha ha it's awful. But the worst thing is them giving up all their technology. Most of it. Flying them into the sun. C'mon...how stupid was that? The Good Place----total failure. Nihilistic ending. Instead of embracing the concept they go for a contrived goodbye ending but since they're dead they try to find another way to have the characters die. Awful. Game of Thrones----you've probably read the valid criticisms online. The X-Files---show should've ended years ago, inability to give any kind of an ending, let alone this one is truly awful. Thoughts? Any others to add?
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    September 19!!! Wreckless Abandon

    The Carter scratch! A Mother Maybelle original.
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    I read today someone called the generation conceived during all this: the Coronials.
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    Big Blue Sky

    September 19!!! Wreckless Abandon

    Mike Campbell - outside in the wild!
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    Things to do while on home lock-down

    Well, I've become quite a fan of the old black and white Gunsmoke episodes lately. Funny, I had never watched Gunsmoke until recently. I wonder what else I've been missing.
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