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    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    Hoodoo Man, Thank you for sharing here. We are so happy to know everybody love this video. Happy holidays! toshi ♥️ Heartbreaker's Japan Party ♥️
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    OGWT 6/20/78

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    Chris Hillman Listening to interview with Chris Hillman on podcast called Songcraft: Spotlight On Songwriters. At 60 minutes in, they talk about recording an old song of his he'd never recorded. He says "That's the Heartbreakers playing... and it was fun." https://www.songcraftshow.com/chris_hillman
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    Hoodoo Man

    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    OMG~ You guys are amazing! That looks like you spent a lot of time rehearsing and getting it just right before filming it!!! Truly a labor of love!!!
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    Hoodoo Man

    TPATH gets ready for Christmas

    not sure I want to drop this in the covers therad... very well done tribute song, A for effort....
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    This one is quite a deep cut, in terms of TP.. A very silly little song, featuring a few cool cats though..
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