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    ... Volume 73 to 75 in Quebec City, Toronto & Philadelphia...
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    I love "Counting on You," as Tom seemed to also, wanting it to be a single (but then, he never played it live, did he?) Funny you mention Roy, because it's a pretty magical moment I reckon when Tom hits the "Yoooou" when singing the chorus that last time.
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    Well you know, we all have our preferences and prejudices... Primarily it's because I came to this band in 1977 so the first twenty years will always mean more to me, emotionally and aesthetically. I appreciate some of the second half (like I really enjoy Mojo), and I completely understand why Tom's vision for the band and his artistic output had to change and evolve, but some of it doesn't appeal to me at all. That's why I tend to stay out of latter-day discussions. I have some blasphemous opinions, I think, and it's not like they really matter. Everyone likes what they like.
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