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    unusual guitars

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    I'm happy to throw out a bone for "Dogs on the Run" here. Both are great songs, but I find Dogs to be more evocative
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    Norm's guitar shop visitors

    A few people that stopped by Norm's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, CA.
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    This should be a no-brainer vote for me; Change of Heart is the better song and is from one of TPATH's best albums. Dogs on the Run is an average as a song off one of their worst. But...this performance of Dogs is really good. Change of Heart is really good too though, a bit faster. But I barely ever listen to Dogs on the Run so it has the novelty factor going for it. Lemme just vote for the independent candidate...
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    I can't believe "Change Of Heart" is not dominating. It's a far superior song and was a big radio hit.
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    That writer seemed to have an agenda. Everybody and everything are dumb, I guess.
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    That's a weird article; disagree with the assessment of Room at the Top; that it kicks in elevates the song, keeps it from being a dreary opening to the record.
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    Modular Guitar

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