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    Tom’s portion of the film has become more poignant since his passing to other people. I thought it was plenty poignant beforehand,” Dylan said. “At the time it was just nothing but joyful and awesome that Tom gave us the time.” He calls Petty an especially crucial inspiration, and as a teenager he got to watch Petty and his Heartbreakers repeatedly when they toured with his father Bob Dylan in 1986–87. “I learned most of the things I know from watching the Heartbreakers be that perfect band,” said Jakob. “I’ve been around plenty of people of that generation and not all of them are encouraging and awesome and cool. Tom was the coolest and the nicest of all of them without a doubt.” https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-live-reviews/echo-in-the-canyon-premiere-jakob-dylan-stephen-stills-ringo-starr-839600/ The music of the canyon is being celebrated in a new film, Echo Of The Canyon, directed by longtime music manager Andrew Slater. The story of Laurel Canyon and its music has been told many times before. So Slater and Jakob Dylan, who is the interviewer for the film, talking to people like Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, to whom the film is dedicated, and Eric Clapton, had to come up with something different to justify another take on the music scene of the community. Unfortunately the LP is not available in Germany yet. I downloaded the MP3 version. 😍
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