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    I absolutely love Magnolia. I listen to it all the time. It's one of Tom's most romantic songs and I love the way he tells the story as if we're watching a movie. It's epic and intimate at the same time. And the backing vocals are amazing. I never understood why there wasn't more love for that song!
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    When you play a new song from a new LP and you see the crowd sit down, get quiet, leave to take a piss or get a drink, it's time to remove the song from the set list!!!!
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    I always liked to predict what songs on each new album would go in the live show. When Hypnotic Eye came out, I was sure that "All You Can Carry" would be in there, right around the place that "Out in the Cold" was on the Great Wide Open tour. I was wrong. Its also interesting to see songs like "All or Nothing" or "Fault Lines" get pulled out one or two times early in the tour and then shelved.