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    Regarding question at 3:00 about Michael J Fox / Johnny B Goode / Back To The Future, here's a tiny extract from interview in LA Times from August 1986. 💘 (I googled both names & this appeared!) ...they both met movie stars, partied & mingled... Ask most young movie stars who their heroes are and they'll rattle off a list of names that begin with Robert De Niro and end with Harry Dean Stanton. Ask Michael J. Fox about his idols and he'll give you a totally different roster--Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Richie Blackmore, (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers guitarist) Mike Campbell--rock guitar wizards all. "I dunno, I've met great actors, but there's no real mystery there to me," Fox said, sitting up in his room late one night, an acoustic guitar in his lap. "But I've always had this fascination with guitar heroes." He grinned. "I remember I had Mike Campbell over at my house one night, at 3 a.m., playing 'Louisiana Rain' on my guitar. I called up one of my friends in Canada, put the phone up to the guitar for a while and shouted, 'Guess who's playing MY GUITAR!' "
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    Big Blue Sky

    Thoughts on Playback

    More on those early years (before debut album). Disclaimer: Leon Russell doesn't say he actually said this to Tom Petty. But I like to think he might've.