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    Rock N Roll Drive-In

    2/24/19 Time for a little concert...........Here are The Pretenders from 2017.
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    2/24/19 The Pretenders
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    They are all so good! thanks for posting them here!
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    Oh gawd, Mike Campbell communicates so much through his music. Uh, hey, if you're not one for checking his social media directly & prefer to pop past here to see what's new (& it seems this is true for a few people), it might be cheering to know there's a small stack of recent posts... forming a temporary backlog as they haven't all been re-posted here. 📚 Plus, the Campbells seem to be posting new content quite often at the moment. 📚 This is good, though, right, because over the next 24 hours or so, I (or anyone else, obviously) will find time to re-post them here. So, stand by for a mini-tsunami of lots of Mike, guitars, dogs, singing & other lovely insights from our favourite lead guitarist. 🎸