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    Question of the day 2/8/19

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unearthed_(Johnny_Cash_album) This lists everything on the set and I don't see anything else new with Tom on it, or written by Tom. Just this Merle Haggard song with Tom singing harmony...
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    That's an interesting list. Pretty good too. There's a recent topic on here about these LMU songs, or what could've been a different album. Anyway, I'd cut King of the hill, Roger McGuinn's a pass for me. I'd also knock off the Wilburys song and leave a pretty good run of TPATH tunes. Though now I think about it, too bad they didn't add Waiting for Tonight to Greatest Hits along with MJLD and Something In the Air. I think it would've been the unprecedented second new song greatest hit on there in addition to MJLD. It's such a good song, a perfect pop-rock song with the Bangles voices, oh that would've been a huge song.
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    After all, it's not like I have...a slight music hoarding problem...
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    2/8/19 Neil Young