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    I can't believe the Blue Stingrays remain unsaid in this thread. Just curious. I was surprised by the title "Moon over Catalina". The music is such a variation of "Blue Moon", at least in my ears, but why Moon over Catalina? In spanish language people sometimes calls the sun "Lorenzo" and the moon "Catalina". There is an old poem for children about the wedding of the sun and the moon (Lorenzo and Catalina). I have never expected a reference to that in a surf song! Or it is another thing?
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    I think Bob Dylan's "Together Through Life" should be mentioned in this thread. Mike plays guitar in all the tracks. For those who have not listened this album, Mike not plays with his trademark sound. An underestimaded album by many people, not a masterpiece, but in my humble opinion is a really consistent album. And Mike is there.
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