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    Brian Ward

    Album and Tour next year?

    I will be keeping an eye on this, they are unlikely to come to the UK, so I feel a very expensive night out coming up!! Plenty of time to save! 😁
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    Changing Mojo's track listing

    Yeah, TF.. that is some great reasoning. No doubt. It's a point long since taken, IMO. Still, nothing will prevent me from both agreeing with what you say AND failing to get my head around the totality of Mojo. TP is great, the greatest, but that to me is not a religious stand. I think my take is well known from my reasoning (or lack of) over the years, but still. It may be worth saying: at the end of the day I have done my homework, and then some, with this music - there are tons and tons of benefits of doubts all over the place, if not quite as many tons as there are TP records - and to me cherishing an album "as it is" or re-cutting it to my private likings, to maximize it, is really not a debate concerning "better than the artist" or not, it's rather just a matter of "better for me". And it comes after a lot of exposure, I assure you. A lot of consideration and deeply felt sense of the parts, of the whole and of the parts inside the whole (and just about every vague shadow within that silly way of phrasing it). Perhaps it's easiest summed up by the old saying about how, perhaps, sometimes all that glitter isn't gold, especially not all that stinks and smells. Strange as it seem, this rule apply to TP as much as anybody, no matter how much above the rest I hold him in general. Sometimes these things change over time, mind you. Music is very organic to me. Lot of things do shine in time. Sometimes glitter fade too, but rarely. But in a few cases there seem to be a sort of definite void, or rather it's mostly a bump admittedly, and to me that is not the least problematic. Sometimes there seems to be an absolute quality or dimension and more rarely said things are lacking. Just like there are circles in hell, there are circle of genius, and few, if any, travel the circle of the total flawless eternal bliss. Not even Bob. (Actually.. right now, I can't think of anyone who never made a mistake. But then again, to me this is entertainment - ok, it's highly soulful, heartfelt and borderline scientific but it's still entertainment rather than religion, right?) Given that speaking of individual songs is one thing and the total experience of an album is another, my understanding is that both deserve that benefit of a doubt that you mention. It's a known fact that albums too tend to grow or develop over time. And since albums (or Mojo, specifically) is what is discussed here, I think I will have to once again redeem myself, by saying that I might not end up loving or praising all TP decisions being made in terms of sequencing or even production (the artist's pride has nothing much to do with these things to me - thank goodness, considering how proud even bad artists are and how bonkers certain pride has made this planet in general, right?). But I do respect the work and I love TP's heart in certain matters, even in the cases where I personally prefer the listening experience slightly altered. Even his "worst" to me is rather charming, but his best also sets a standard that takes a lot of above-average work to level, a task he himself, if very rarely so, falls a tiny bit short of. No wonder. I'm not upset. Besides. Given the logic of the song and the album being different entities, sometimes it's a great (or at least good) song that helps messing up the album - case in point Saving Grave on HC. Good song, but not in line with the rest of the album and even less suited as an opener. So this thing about rethinking albums, does not always mean bashing songs, more often than not -at least to me- it's about rethinking the vibe, the mix and/or lifting songs that TP himself scrapped. Speaking of giving things a benefit of a doubt. (Grumpy Old Men of the Muppets heard in the control room of the making of this post: "Yeah so, this crappy aweful outtake is really not that crappy.. it actually reveals this bundle of songs for me in quite a new way..! In fact, I love it! It's my favorite song of all time!!" "Or this one here.. it's a masterpiece! How could it have been deleted from the Playback set for the sake of Moon Pie??" "Wait what, Moon Pie is my favorite song of all time too!!!") Anyway. Over the rather vast and glorious catalogue of TP albums - where indeed most of them beat most other artist's albums - I'm still stuck with this unholy dissatisfaction of mine (concerning the total end product) in only two (2 !) clear cases (that is Mojo and Southern Accents) and perhaps the odd borderline case or two, depending of further dimensions discussed. Only one of which - although, given the vaulted material that may or may not exist in other cases and given that several perfectly great albums would've been interesting and fun to hear revisited, anyway - only one of them could easily be imagined within the frames of what is officially released. And that one happen to be the long and winding Mojo. The best of examples, as I have said. As always, more or less all TP albums are packed to the rim with great songs, but that is not the same thing as all of them being totally flawless albums in the full sense of the word (although, I'd say he more or less nailed it on at least five or six occasions - maybe I am religious after all!! ). I do say these things a lot, seemingly, and I'm not sure most of Farmers or Lurkers understand the distinction between good songs or good albums (or between artists' success rate at fulfilling the intentions and the listeners' success rate at getting the message and loving it too) or if they even care for it. Nevertheless, it does explain where I come from and why I sometimes chose to play along in such here humorous ventures. Btw. Side of main point, but still: Candy is a perfectly fun and good bar band song, IMO. I'm in no doubt that you guys have a lot of fun and that you sound awesome playing it! Only thing, to me it's quite subpar to TP's high average album standard, for one thing. For another, it ends up on an already long and "disjointed" album, that already has focus problems in the midst of many great songs. It could do well as a b-side, by all means. Same goes for Don't Pull Me Over. And on a good day (for me), TP can come up with a sequencing that doesn't have to bother with the likes of Takin' My Time either. Again.. these to me are not great songs.. but they are good. But good songs is one thing and a good album is another. Not to mention a GREAT album, an album worthy of the likes of First Flash of Freedom, Trip to Pirate's Cove and Good Enough, just to mention a few. My $ 0.002.
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