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    I agree about music helping overall but you weren't irrational, just passionate. Maybe someone out there is happy with a You're Gonna Get It package but it's the same music. Now overpriced with additional junk to clutter up your life and collect dust and wonder years later, why do have this. Seems like record company business or in this case management business. cheers
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    TPATHB Studio Session 2006

    This is new to me and absolute gold. Live studio performances of Saving Grace, Square One, GOLDEN ROSE oh my goodness!!! Flirting with Time which does divert to audio only but is fantastic and I just Want to Make Love to You cover. Golden Rose is absolutely sensational and the band sense it too from the reaction. Wow but Golden Rose should have been brought out on the road a few times...dam, I'm speechless. ☺ I've mentioned here before that I view Toms lyrics on Highway Companion as right up there as among the best he's ever written in my view consistently on a full album, i love the mind map imagery layers he evokes on HC and I love how the band make these HC songs come alive!!
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    Album and Tour next year?

    Well, I'm getting my hopes up! This news makes me so happy! It's been a very long time coming!
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    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Wow, just read that Mike was a surprise guest at Neil Finn's show at the Largo in LA Thursday night. He and Neil played two FW songs including one from the Peter Green era that included some fiery guitar work from both guys.
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    One of the last times they played it with Stan. One of the few times actually...!
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