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    I was at BST Hyde Park in London last Sunday - it was a fabulous show, the venue was breathtaking and the crowd was really cool, no pushing or shoving. The boys rocked the place! Yes, the set list is repetitive, but it works just so well on stage. No wonder Tom decides on playing these songs. 65,000 tickets were sold that night, 65,000 smiles all the way. The Shelters, The Lumineers, Stevie Nicks with Waddy Wachtel in her band, and our boys - the were all top of the notch. I've uploaded some pictures in the gallery:
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    Full Moon Fever Reissue

    I forgot that the drums weren't added until 1995 (overdubbed by Playback producer George Drakoulis). Maybe the song wouldn't have turned out as well as it did had Full Moon Fever drummer Phil Jones overdubbed the drums in 1988 or 1989. Drakoulis's drumming is right on the money.
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    ^ How eloquently put! As so often been my point: very little rotation can go a long way! Not sure why that is so hard to see. Certainly, this is the case when the formula, as here, is not only post mortem stiff since the tour started, but rather since the bulk of a decade or two. If I had a say, you'd too be hired as TP adviser in these issues. It's simple and it's genius. Basic level genius, mind you - don't let it go to your head! - but still genius enough to prove my age old point: that within limits something like your suggestion would make for a much better approach and a much more alive felt situation, big impact with small measures. (Now if you could find a solution for the canned remarks and pleasantries too, Id make you senior top chief of miracles.) Yeah, really? Well, messing with any detail, any step or wording even, in the carefully staged show is clearly making him "uncomfortable". Not exactly too rock'n'roll, by any definition I know. Rather it's all too stiff n stale. That said - age and health has got nothing to do with this. It's not a valid argument. Growing old and changing in various ways is perfectly normal. But doing so with dignity, does not entail doing things you really don't want to do, or to play by rules you don't believe in. So, it's anyone's personal decision what is what with all of that in the case of TP. Either way it's a matter of approach. As the example above shows, a little goes a long way. It doesn't have to be rocket science. It doesn't even have to be real rock'n'roll (that's too much to ask from most s.c. rock stars anyway, even if TP used to be one of the prime exceptions from that rule). It can be very simple, really. Just killing the auto pilot at times is a good start. Then rotate two or three slots from night to night, and even more importantly: change more than two or three songs from tour to tour (!!) and your show will soon seem quite exciting, no matter how automated it is and how tired you are. Again, it's very simple. Thanks for pointing that out! Hm. Indeed. Or from any album. A tragedy. Obviously, with a band like this, all of the above is really minimum requirement. When they really play stuff is when it gets really excited! But, as so often been noted, this (as opposed to other tours looking just like it) is supposed to be a greatest hits exposé and therefor we shall not go over board with the expectations. But a little sign of life? Please? If you can't do it the way you enjoy it and been talking about, then don't do it. Simple.
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    Hyde Park Coming Up This Sunday

    Not that I was there, but in terms of caring about their artistic integrity, Insider sure... ...or I was kinda thinking more along the lines of "outsider", so to speak. That is, I's hoping for just about anything at all outside the box, outside the more than beaten to death show format of a horse they've been carrying around for so long. Sure, even seeing Stevie, let alone hearing her sing Stop Draggin'... is mind blowing excitement. Especially by this year's standard. But missing out making something more special, something unscripted, or at least re-scriptured, for this historic chapter, this bookend as it may be, really makes this sad limp a bit of a last nail in the coffin for me. It's been plain to see, even from videos, that the true spark's been lacking all this tour, that whatever it did set out to do, the inspiration's been replaced with a going-through-the-motion display. It's tired and it's definately void of spontanity, and of music celebration, exploration and curiosity. It's stuck in gear, it's predestined to the point. It's dead. Not taking THIS chance to pull at least a little more than the obvious few minutes out of the long since forgotten hat, is more telling than I would like it to be. So, add another title to the cumulative set list. And then, all I can hope for is a last bolt of creative energy somehow to strike TP for some of the last dates of the tour. I still don't give up! Can you believe it! It's a big long tour and pehaps I should just rather hope that his physical energy will carry him through. (Although, I must confess, I rather listen to a TP sitting down playing a dynamic, varied and heartfelt set of songs, with a right set mind, than a strutting aorund, physically straight TP repeating the same tired charade of words and songs over and over to no end. I am sorry, but I just don't hear any truth in any of the (almost) prerecorded things he said or done on stage this year.* With a few more weeks to go, I'm starting to feel that my long ride with this live band, a ride that has aldready slowed some in terms of "just doing it", is getting near it's final end. Of course there is this other hope I have. That this big tour b-s will be over, come fall, and that TP will get his energies calibrated straight and go back to play for real, with Mudcrutch or the Heartbreakers.. to just play, and leave this ugly leage A business of hollow consumption behind. It's not worthy. I can't say I wasn't prepared, but I still get a really ugly taste in my mouth each time I realize how alive the music itself is, yet how dead the approach. Oh baby... I feel that mojo.. dead on the ground. Buried under piles of money and smiling plastic lips. Hm... time to go get myself a light beer. Sorry for the confusion. I any real rock is gonna happen, you know where to find me. I learned from the best. Tom Petty.
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    Hyde Park Coming Up This Sunday

    I've never been to a Heartbreakers/Mudcrutch/Dirty Knobs gig when I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and this was no exception. It's always great to see Tom and the boys. I took my wife and two of my children and they were totally in bliss. The Shelters (2nd time I've seen them) have come on hugely and gave a great set. Stevie, with Waddy and her band were mesmerising and we are all now converted! I totally agree with what is being said above. The excitement has definitely gone for me with the Heartbreakers. We've all heard the greatest hits so many times. I enjoyed Crawling Back To You, Rockin' Around With You, and the Stevie duet. I love any song when Mike gives it a go but I'm not so keen on the soft ballads, but I got into the sing along (along with 60,000 others). Hyde Park is a great venue and I've always had a wonderful time there. This was no different. It's always sweet when Mike tips his hat or throws his picks my way (my son caught one) or Tom smiles at my wife (grrrr). I am fortunate enough to have been halfway round the world and have the band play on my doorstep a few times too and I always meet great people and make new friends Like Amber and Barbie. Rock isn't dead, there are plenty of exciting bands out there like the Shelters and Vintage Trouble. There is huge comfort in the familiar too. Until the next time.
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    Mike Campbell Interviews

    Not sure if I posted these earlier, but it's worth doing again. Here are 2 interviews Mike did with Reverb.com.
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    Mike Campbell Interviews

    40th anniversary Duesenberg guitar auction signed by TPATH. Only 4 made in green that Mike is playing on the current tour.
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