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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    Part II
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    Hello, As I stated in my introduction thread I thought I might try to assemble what the best regarded pressings/mastering of the T.P. & Co. catalog. This is for informational use only. Please keep in mind that this is IMHO only and was derived from my personal listening experiences coupled with a number of threads on a certain 'audiophile' forum that I haunt. I dare not to tempt folks to spend additional funds on yet one more copy or version of DTT or any of the other catalog titles of this great band. If you have any interest in the Hi-Fi system I use for listening please PM me so I won't bore anyone to tears here . I will try and do this in chronological order. Note: For Digital downloads I use Pono for several reasons. They are done in 96 khz/24 bit audio with the exception of Mojo and H.E. which is 48/24. Price- Pono regular prices are generally what other sites are with a 'coupon' and Pono does have occasional coupons which you receive by being on their email list. They have exclusivity of the 'WildFlowers' title which is not available elsewhere. Lastly, they have given me great customer service. I am not Neil Young's brother-in-law (I wish...) and I have no stake (or stock for that matter) in the company. You can certainly get most of the titles at other sites such as HDTracks.com. You can hear Tom talk about high resolution here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hl_MQwc4qOE Here is also a great article about the process used on Tom's catalog: http://hiresaudiocentral.com/hrac-exclusive-tom-pettys-producer-ryan-ulyate-on-why-he-loves-mixing-in-hi-res/ Here is what Ryan Ulyate and Tom say about the H.E. and Mojo Blu-rays: With this disc you are able to hear at home what we hear in the studio. This disc contains all 12 tracks from Hypnotic Eye in high-resolution 24k 24-bit PCM stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound. This is an audio-only disc with basic navigation and song information displayed on the screen. The audio on this disc has 256 times more resolution than a CD, providing greater detail and reproducing the music s full dynamic range form the softest to the loudest sounds. Debut: A good old original Shelter records vinyl pressing will do nicely here. This was an all analog recording with fresh tapes to work with and the sound is pretty darn good! For the digital folks there is no better version than the recently redone High-Resolution digital files available at Ponomusic.com. You're Gonna Get it: Again, an original vinyl pressing on Shelter records is pretty darn good. The main complaint has always been that Tom's voice is buried in the mix on this version as well as the CD version currently in print. If you can find the original MCA disc (Catalog MCAD-31171), Made In Japan, pink "window pane" rear you have the best version for CD. You can more clearly hear Tom's voice in the mix and this CD is not plagued by the 'loudness' factor plaguing many remasters since the middle 1990's. This disc can and should be turned up loud to appreciate the great sound quality. This is not an easy disc to find but a great solution is to get the high resolution files at Pono and create your own CD/DVD-Audio from it as well as put it on Apple devices as a 48khz/24 bit ALAC (Apple Lossless) Itune. Apple devices will play files up to 48/24 and most folks will not be able to discern a difference between it and the 96/24 file it was made from. You will need software to make discs from the files but I would be happy to help through a PM if someone is interested. I do have the recent vinyl re-issue of YGGI which is the same mastering as the RSD release from a couple years ago but I have not listened to it yet. It is likely sourced from digital files and I am not sure it will be an improvement over the original Shelter records version. More on that when I get a chance to platter it. Upcoming: Damn The Torpedoes and Hard Promises..... Cheers! Randy
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    Listen Trailer

    Yes, ist works! Thank you, livinĀ“thing!
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    Well, Most of the original MCA discs are just fine. This would particularly include any that state 'Made in Japan for the US' on the front of the disc. The remastered discs are the ones to avoid of the first few catalog titles. As far as the vinyl goes it can be quite a commitment to get back into the vinyl game from scratch. There again if someone has an interest I can give some thoughts if they PM me. Vinyl issues of some of his material is out of print and goes for crazy $ but the debut and YGGI are both available for not too much money. The sound is supposed to be very good. I have both reissues but will need to critically listen before I can give my thoughts. The great news is that Tom cares a great deal about sound quality and many of his releases demonstrate this.
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    I miss ZZ too. He is a great guy. He posts on FB from time to time. I would see him at shows all over the country. He went for a couple of years there where he took a leave of absence from his job and followed the band around on tour - TPATH & Mudcrutch. I don't know how many shows he went to but I know it was more than half on each tour. It was great because he would come here and share his videos with us. Oh, for the good old days when we were able to travel more. It was so much fun!
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    I never posted a full review of the album, and now it's pretty late to give my "first impressions"... but you're gonna get some anyway! I believe Hypnotic Eye is in the upper echelon of Heartbreakers albums all time. Suffice to say I really really like it! I don't think there are any glaring weak spots at all. In a way, it's too bad this band's output is so damn consistently good in whatever line up they're constructed. Otherwise, you could make some grand statement like "this is the best album in 20 years" or something like that. Fact is, Mojo, Mudcrutch and Highway Companion are all excellent records. So really this is the best album since... the last one(s). I honestly like every song on there. The only teetering exception is "Forgotten Man". I don't hate it, but it is the weakest song on the album IMO. Plus it sounds too much like the love child of "Got My Mind Made Up" and "A Mind With a Heart of Its Own". And I think it IS an out and out hard rocking album. I've read some people say it isn't the hard rocker that the promotion promised, and I disagree. I didn't listen to any of the songs before the record came out and I think that positively influenced my perception. If that is the way you are first exposed to it, I think you really appreciate the entire piece as an album better. The downside to getting a track here and there early is you kind of "take them for granted" when the whole album, with the rest of the tracks, is released. When all 11 songs hit you at once, it is a really hard rockin' album. I can understand that if I was "used to" all the pre-releases and just heard just the six "new" songs on July 29, it wouldn't be the same. But take it all as one piece, and it is a barnburner. I really can't get over how great of an album it is!
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