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    We've just posted our version of "knockin on heaven's door" on reverbnation.com (search for Flyte'66 ) My plan is to record about 12 songs by Dylan that mean something special to me...such as in the case of this one, I first sang this one in front of people when it first came out and I was in a high school group... We've already recorded two others songs. One of the first Dylan songs I ever sang in front of people was "the times they are a changin'"....I was 18 and camping at a campsite in Michigan, playing my guitar at our camp, waitinf for my friends to show up. Some people suggested I play down at the band shell, so I got up and started walking the short distance to the area, singing "Come gather round people where ever you roam " and a bunch of little kids started following me ( I sort of felt like the pied piper 'cept with a guitar ) down to the shell. Once there I started singing all different kinds of songs. When my friends arrived they seen something going on at the shell and lots of people standing around . They stopped and looked and it was me up there singing. Funny how things like that can happen.
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    I don't think this has been posted yet. Rolling Stone Germany in its September issue voted (as part of a title story/interview by David Fricke) the best Tom Petty albums and songs. Which means for us: More lists to happily discuss for anybody who still gets a kick out of this! The stars (numbers in brackets) are the same as in the American RS: 5 is highest, 1 lowest. What's also kind of interesting: The brackets in italics show the rating the album got the first time around, in a 1999 issue, where they rated every album up until Echo. I dug that out of my vault of RS issues for comparison. Pretty interesting, because each album got better or did not change, but they never gave a lower rating than they did 1999. Please note: The list of best albums is chronological. They did short comments on the albums but none on the songs. And it's also only a Top Ten list, so not nearly as comprehensive as the American version in the special edition. I find it always interesting what the critics regard as Petty's best work - and what the experts (we) have to say about it. So here we go! Best albums Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (4/5) (3/5) Damn the Torpedoes (5/5) (4,5/5) Hard Promises (4/5) (4/5) Southern Accents (3/5) (3/5) Full Moon Fever (4/5) (4/5) Into the Great Wide Open (4/5) (3/5) Wildflowers (5/5) (4,5/5) Echo (4/5) (3,5/5) Mojo (4/5) - [Album ratings 1999 not included in the best albums list 2014: You're Gonna Get It (2/5) Long After Dark (2/5) Pack Up The Plantation (2,5/5) Let Me Up (3/5) She's The One (3,5/5)] Best songs 1. American Girl 2. I Won't Back Down 3. Refugee 4. Breakdown 5. The Waiting 6. Rhino Skin 7. It's Good To Be King 8. Fault Lines 9. Free Fallin' 10. Into The Great Wide Open
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    Forum last night

    Hi guys. Long time. I am sorry that I've been absent for soo long but life brought me in that direction. Last night I went to the Forum , Inglewood and saw TPATH again and like all ppl said it was the best show ever. I was very surprised I was allowed to bring my point and shoot cameras, but the only reason for that was I didn't have a car to put it back into. I had a ride.... SInce these honest blue promised not to use it (and was threatened they would be confiscated if I did and was caught) I kept my promise and no photos were taken. So I appreciate every little pgoto here, and all I can bring is the iphone ones taken from a looooong distance = nada.!! All in all - the music comes first and I had a wonderful time (almost forgot my very bad aching back) and the songs again just fab.
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    63 Tele

    Hypnotic Eye Tour Videos

    Check out youtube videos by clubdoc. Awesome.
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    63 Tele

    Set List Song Requests.

    Name a song you would like to hear Tom do on the Hypnotic Eye tour. Going with the hard rock theme of the new album, I'd like to hear Honey Bee.
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    Site Upgrade

    Thanks for all of your work Ryan!
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