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    Benmont Article

    I don't see this posted here. If it has already been posted, please forgive me. I found this interesting article on Benmont today. I enjoyed reading it. Benmont Article
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    Lists like that cannot, per definition, hit the spot, right. Everybody has their own. Besides, just separating nr 37 from 38... insane work, right there. Always nice when people dig deep into the world of TP&TH though. And that goes for the whole RS issue.. Cool in many ways - it's very existence is what matters - but not much news value. It's more of a trophy. As for the list.. At least interesting.. how DCAHNM and Room At The Top ends up on top 10.. leaving Learning To Fly not even on top 20. Ah, nuts. And Peace in LA is on the list. Really?! (Why not Heartbreaker's Beachparty? Or Moon Pie?) On the other hand - for non greatest hits like Wild One Forever, Hometown Blues and Crytstal River, to even make the list (and some of them high up too) - I also find surprising, but all the more refreshing! And the statistics are interesting. With all the semi strangeness of this list, it seems clear that they had a strategy: each album (incl. TW and Mudcrutch and even single only tracks) had to be represented with at least one entry. Which makes sense for a career spanning overview or an "all-sides-of" angle of a presentation, but leaves the list rather forced and pointless in terms of actual catalogue merits, eras, song quality and in terms of writing interesting music journalism in general. As far as they have to have every single corner covered.. why then not let the more modern era album be a bit more visible on there, why not - in the name of justice (whatever that has to do with anything?!?) - pick three songs per album, three singles, three b-sides. They are pretty close to such approach already. At least there are too few entrys from the latter era albums. I agree with pervious posts on that. Would be interesting to hear what people around here would do for a personal top 10 of TP. I'm sure it has been done tons of times, and I am sure it's a next to impossible task anyway.. but, still.. The one thing that may perhaps be almost unchallenged is the nr 1, right? Hard to argue that in terms of impact and legacy it belongs in the top three songs of this band. But again, wouldn't most people say the same thing about I Won't Back Down.
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