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    Help Me Here you go guys and gals, Enjoy!
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    I interviewed Benmont Tench!

    I had a chance to chat with Benmont recently in advance of his concert run in Northern California.
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    We got two men talkin' right outside my door. Yeah. We got two men talkin' right outside my door. Said they made my boy a soldier. Sent him off to war. Well, are youse gonna stand? No, I can't say for sure. No, I can't. Well, I got one wheel turning. One that's off the tracks. Well, I got one wheel turning. One that's off the tracks. I can put all I own inside a paper sack. Well when the hard times come, you're gonna see who's got your back. Sure will. Yeah, I lost that good woman. Lord, she left me twice. Yeah, I lost that good woman. Lord, she left me twice. Well, I shoulda tried much harder. Tried to treat her nice. I used to be someone that I don't recognise. Ain't that true. Well, we got two men talkin'. Talking by the rule. Well, we got two men talkin'. Talking by the rule. Well, they put me down. And it hurt more than it showed. I heard one man laugh. Said "Brother, we tread a heavy load." That's right. ... Is my guess. Hope this helps you!
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    Dirty Knobs are in studio!!!

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    An internet search turns up ... Nothing. Well, nothing remotely close to complete. Looking for everything that has been officially released, both studio and live,. Albums, b-sides, compilations, VHS and DVDs, fan club releases, even "gray area" stuff like the King Biscuit Flower Hour shows sent to radio stations If it's by Tom Petty or Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers., I'm trying to chase it down Has anyone compiled the list of all lists? I would be so appreciative for the help in finding out what I'm still missing!
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    Lost Universal Master Tapes

    It's still fun to sue, though. Gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
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    Echo in the Canyon

    Because when I think publications of great musical journalism, I think of VH1 and Billboard lmao. Hell, Rolling Stone had the gall to have Kurt Cobain be in their original "Top 100 Guitarist List of All Time". You may not like them as much as other bands, music taste is subjective. However, The Byrds influence and defining role as an act is not subjective. Just because not as many people are aware of someone like John Prine who never has been a pop icon, doesn't mean his work isn't well respected and beloved by people who know music.
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    Big Blue Sky

    Echo in the Canyon

    Will there be a quiz at end of term?
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    This is a clip from YouTube. As I mentioned in a recent post elsewhere, the fella in the hoody is a musician who uses his teaching & performing knowledge to analyse his favourite players / performances. Sometimes he's insightful. Sometime he pretty much just smiles and enjoys the show & gives some factual background. Which, ahem, fans are likely to know already. Given that, he has a quiet positive enthusiastic vibe - I haven't seen one where he rips critically into a performer, so if you want that, look elsewhere interested in watching Melinda? (spoiler alert) this is one where he's geeking out and enjoying the moment. So don't expect anything too deep. Having said that, as always, yes, their playing is a masterclass... amazed & impressed by just how much communication is going on between them all. And wow notice how well they're all controlling tempo and volume by creating rapt near-silence just before Benmont's solo explodes.
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    So my first show since I last saw TPATHB which was the last night of the 2014 HE tour on October 11th 2014 at The Forum LA, is actually going to be Neil Young (playing with Promise of The Real) and Bob Dylan on July 14th 2019 upcoming at Nolan Park Kilkenny Ireland. Looking forward to it, and for me its a kinda fitting way for it to be the first next show i'll actually be at after the last Tom and the Heartbreakers show I saw which was actually the last live music show I have actually been to. I'll report back here after the show how I experienced it! 😀 Keep on rockin in the free world while you still can everyone! 😀
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    Music genres are confusing.

    I faced the same problem. I was looking for songs to play at my wedding, rock ones were preferable, cause of my fiance. And though most of the songs here https://www.poptop.uk.com/blog/top-18-wedding-songs-to-make-your-day-extra-special/ are pretty good, it's hard to define their genre.
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    7/10/19 The Continentals
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    7/7/19 Happy Birthday Ringo
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    7/6/19 Peter and Gordon
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    I think maybe swap "youth" for "youse", and "road" for "rule", and you're pretty close. But this song is a good example of Tom just riffing words as he goes. Making stuff up on the fly. He was really good at that. It's easier to catch the lyrics when you can watch him sing. Check out the "Soundstage" version of this song and the lyrics are quite different. He's mixing and matching parts of verses together. I also love Mike's little tribute to Jerry in his solo. At least that's what it conjures up for me. Mike's got his "Lucy" Les Paul and also does this sweet bit with just harmonics. Very cool. Ben also goes off for a while, something like Melinda. Which makes some sense in that they're pretty similar songs, and both one-chord songs. Well we got 2 men talking..........talkin' by the road yeah we got 2 men talking.........talkin' by the road I heard one man say.....boy I'm carrying a heavy load yeah I heard one man say......brother I'm carrying a heavy load Yeah I got one wheel turnin'.........and one won't go around yeah we got one wheel turnin'.........and one won't go around yes when my work dries up.......I'm gonna try another town yes when this work dries up ......I'm gonna try another town Yeah I got 2 men talkin'............talkin' right outside my door yeah we got 2 men talkin'.........right outside my door said they made my boy a soldier........and they sent him off to war yeah they made my boy a soldier.......and they sent him off to war......sure did Yeah I got 2 men talkin'............talkin' right outside my door yeah I got 2 men talkin'.........right outside my door I heard one man say.....brother I'm carrying a heavy load yeah I heard one man say......I'm carrying a heavy load......and he was
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    7/3/19 TPATH
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    Echo in the Canyon

    Might be a dumb question... but who is the dancing bear?
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    Guitar straps

    Those are cool, but I want this one....
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    Long After Dark - TP & yellow guitar? Never seen this so are you sure?
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    Covers of Tom Petty songs

    Ok, I get it. You didn't like that. Fine. How about this then...
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    That one worked perfectly! Thank you! Looks like I have a project for the day 😄
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    Oh no - blocked? What about this one? Nice sharp focus / high resolution.
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    Words on Take The Highway: Live!

    OK, so basically my notes missed their marks on all accounts.. Sorry about that. Bottom line is that you are right. It was very special. A high point. Extremely great. But that is beside the point with my post. Basically I just wanted to nuance the communicated opinion that this tour, this film, feature the "original band". At least to me, realizing that it's not, makes the whole TPATH enterprise stand out a bit more as "ever-changing", "ever-evolving" and as such less dramatic, is all. If there is one before and one after, I would suggest that there is several befores and several afters too, the way it goes with time, people as with art. I just tried to put some perspective on you guys' built up, really. I know that is none of my business, and I should have saved myself the problem of excusing myself and explaining, not to mention the unpleasure of offend people, had I just let it all be, but I got stuck on the wording there (which was initially not even yours!). Again sorry. Your take on history is your take. Never mind me. I realize (or counted on) you were not actually crying, that was just a silly way to say "if you still find it melancholy, that's fine of course, I do see the overall idea here". After all these years, I should have know better than trying attitude in my writing, right. Point taken. As for hype - I just meant that TPATH were on a commercial peak, very "cool" and very "happening" in most music press and among most rock fans. At least around here, that was the case around 91/92. He seemingly could do no wrong, he was the cat with the hat and everybody, including people who really didn't have much clue, loved him for the time being. Everybody was taking turns in praising him. Tons of good will, cool vibes, sunshine and sing along radio hits.. he was even a friend of Bob's, Roy's and George's (sure, Jeff's too) and that was cred by most standards around that time.. It was "hip" to like Tom Petty around here in 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992.. and still pretty awesome in 1993, 1994, 1995 too, before all the coolness of it all, all the writing and record selling, slowly started to dwindle some.. (None of this did ever imply that there was no substance to back it up, surely!! Or that all the love or the product itself was in any way superficial! No! There can be content behind a hype, can it not?) So, instead of writing all that right there ^, I went with the word "hype". (Just ponder that most words I write carry that kinda s*it with them... oh golly.. no wonder there are mishaps in the transmission..) Again, I probably shouldn't have. Apparently I don't know what hype even mean. How about "peaked in general popularity on all levels"? That works?
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    Echo in the Canyon

    OK, point taken, they definitely ARE underrated. 😄 Problem probably is that they had so many lineup changes with only McGuinn remaining from the original incarnation that they might have been more of a project than an actual "band". Which could have turned out embarrassing had they only tried to re-create their original sound over and over again and forced new members into impersonating old ones. But that wasn't how McGuinn played it. He incorporated the strengths of new members and was open to changes in sound, production and songwriting so that each album - or each lineup - has its own sonic identity, if you will. To my liking, they might have done a little too much of the country rock thing in the end. But the sheer vastness of their stylistic range from beginning to end has had a so much bigger influence than many other, stylistically more coherent bands. Plus, it's hard to think of other bands that could/can do carreer-defining covers and also write great original songs that are just as great. And the harmonies, oh, the haromonies...
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    Call it what you like... it was a high point before things took a different direction, and therefore a goodbye. Which was great in its own right, but different. Not sure about the "hype" part, though. Sounds like there was not much of substance behind Tom, the band, and/or their music. I think we're all on the same page here that the period between 1988 and 1995 is among their best - commercially and creatively. I didn't.