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    High Grass Dog

    2019 speculation

    Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, this Fleetwood Mac tour, and MC's involvement with the band, can't end soon enough.
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    Inside Don't Do Me Like That

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    Hoodoo Man

    Bennmont in CA 7/17-7/-21

    new mini tour announced today by Ben. Glad to see he is doing his own thing! 😎 Benmont Tench will perform four solo shows in Northern California this summer! Tickets are on-sale this Friday at 10AM pacific. Highway Companion Club members are able to access a password protected pre-sale that begins tomorrow, Thursday, May 2nd, at 10AM pacific, for all shows except the Terrapin Crossroads show. *Wednesday July 17 Terrapin Crossroads, San Rafael, CA GET TICKETS Thursday July 18 The Chapel, San Francisco, CA GET TICKETS Saturday July 19 Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, CA GET TICKETS Sunday July 21 Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA GET TICKETS *No Pre-sale
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    OMFG that is hysterical! Alternate universe album, its not the full moon fever you want, its the full moon fever you deserve.... 😎 “Free Fallin’”“I Received’t Again Down”“Love Is a Lengthy Street” “A Face Within the Crowd”“Runnin’ Down a Dream”“Really feel a Complete Lot Higher”“Yer So Dangerous”“Relying on You”“The Residence Tune”“Alright for Now” “A Thoughts With a Coronary heart of Its Personal” (my favorite song!) “Zombie Zoo” 🤣😂🤣
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    I agree this could be down the list a ways, but that record is packed with great songs and I'd love to hear demos and outtakes of every one of them.
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    stolen from TP Facebook page. 💘l cover for Full moon fever. 💘
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    High Grass Dog

    2019 speculation

    Update: MC recorded a message for Tom Petty Radio this morning. He said he's working with a vocal coach and George Drakoulias to finish up the Knobs album. Sounds like it will be released this fall sometime. He reiterated that next year is fully reserved for a Dirty Knobs tour!
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    Rock N Roll Drive-In

    4/19/19 Tonight's show features Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers live in concert. Toronto, Canada 3/17/95
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    Here's a great new and looong Interview with Mike and Ben: https://www.goldminemag.com/features/the-heartbreakers-fortify-the-legacy-of-tom-petty
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    Neil is about to release this Stray Gators show from the "Time Fades Away" tour. A sneak preview here..........this record should be great. I've been waiting for more from this album/tour.
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    I always thought Full Moon Fever would be a good album for the band to record live in the studio, the way they did on Hypnotic Eye and Mojo, as a re-release. I love the songs on Full Moon Fever so much—probably have listened to that record more than any other by ay artist in my life—but the production does feel a little slick and dated at times. I always thought it would be fun to have a live version, or if they wanted to rearrange "I Won't Back Down" or anything, they could Lucinda Williams did this with her Sweet Old World album recently, and I love the new release.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Echo In The Canyon

    I don't expect many people will be able to take advantage of this, but the film will be streaming TODAY in about 3 hours (12 EDT) one time only here: https://www.vuhaus.com/live/echo-in-the-canyon-free-at-noon?fbclid=IwAR2kVRkvDsE6Rbhg9FyxUrWEpf9MM6Q6v_wmDNPR4zsRputM1DnxM4SEWTQ
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    11/26/06 show?

    Yeah.. I wish those Russian troll factories would let setlist.fm be already... Nothing is sacred no more!
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    Echo In The Canyon

    Sure, it's inspirational, I didn't mean it in any negative way. Perhaps my memory did not serve me correctly here since I thought I remembered reading about his hearing getting worse over the last several years before improving with the help of aids.
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    Will There Be. Full Moon Fever Deluxe?

    FMF would be a touchy release. It's supposed to be a solo LP, so all the guys that played on the LP would have to agree to release it and get paid their amount of money. Plus all the guys were signed to different recording labels and those companies want a cut or the right to release the LP. So, it's most likely that a new version will never get released. This is basically an LP like "The Traveling Wilburys" and only George Harrison can pull it off to get artists and record companies to get something like this released!!
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    Nah.. funny because it's true. Meanwhile.. in the year of great anniversaries for many great Tom Petty albums (Damn The Torpedoes, Echo, Live Anthology) Full Moon Fever really stands out to many of today's fans and listeners, I suppose. And today is the day! And the fact is starting to get it's due in media too.. https://wmmr.com/2019/04/24/tom-pettys-full-moon-fever-introduced-new-generation/ https://turnupthevolume.blog/2019/04/24/tom-petty-released-first-solo-album-full-fever-moon-30-years-ago-today/ https://wmgk.com/2019/04/24/looking-back-full-moon-fever/ http://www.inthestudio.net/online-on-demand/tom-petty-full-moon-fever-30th-anniversary-2/ As for the thread topic.. Given the current state of affairs within the camp, I very much doubt there will be much in ways of commemorative releases right now (other than perhaps shirts, mugs, hats.. tasteful stuff like that .. keychains possibly..… ). But, was I to let my mind run free, I'd like to hope for something a little more action packed than the old Damn The Torpedoes Deluxe issue. That one was really a bummer in scratching the surface and offering a few odd ends only. At least one full disc of demos and/or alternative takes and b-sides + at least one full disc of live cuts from the era is a minimum for this kind of releases. When it comes to FMF there might not be tons of unique and unheard material to be heard - as in totally unheard songs - but there might be one or two, and certainly there will be some demos and alternative takes, the old Bangles session in proper context and the b-sides. I for one am curious as to if some of the stuff Tom brought to the Traveling Wilburys - say Last Night - wasn't in fact a stuff initially meant for his own projects and that demos is likely to exist.. Personally, though, I'd much prefer a Dylan Bootleg Series type release (see "Tell Tale Signs") that covers an era and skip all the already released stuff once and for all. In the FMF case, this would be part, preferably, of a "Wilburys Years" or likewise themed release that would deal with the years, say 1987-1991, to bookend the era of commercial peak success, the Lynne sound and general awesomely interesting sessions and clashes in the history of the band. 4 discs + book? Why not. Qued up and curated like that, such a box could be a great idea for a 2021 release too.. speaking of anniversaries. Bring it on. No shortage of great ideas, strictly speaking....
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    Darkhorse Radio

    If you have SiriusXM radio, go to the Beatles channel and try to catch the "Darkhorse Radio" show with guest Olivia Harrison (George's wife). On this episode she discusses The Traveling Wilburys and plays songs sung by each Wilbury. Lots of stories about them too. The wives would go out to dinner and when they got back, the boys would all be around the kitchen table with smirks on their faces. The girls asked, OK, what's going on now? The boys said would you like to hear what we just did? Then they put on the tape of the new song they just wrote and recorded. Lots of fun. IF there is a recording of this show, I'll try to find it and post it here for you. Rock on!!!
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    4/19/19 TPATH
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    For some reason, I'm continually mishearing the one line in "A Thing About You" that goes "Lovers hold each other tight." Thus brings today's subject: Mondegreens. What lyrics have you misheard? A few of my own: American Girl Misheard Lyric: Microwaves crashing on the beach. (This one was obvious. The sheer absurdity of flaming microwave ovens crashing down like meteors made that obvious.) You Wreck Me Misheard Lyric: Erect me, baby! (Another rather obvious one...) A One Story Town Misheard Lyric: The spaceship comes down. (Well, it's slightly less absurd than microwave showers?) Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Misheard Lyric: You could never lick me in the eye. (Whoa! What do you get up to in your free time?) I'll post more later. Hand acting up.
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    High Grass Dog

    New TPATH Releases

    I think this is a good summary of the two sides, based only on what we know so far with seemingly incomplete information. Dana knows she needs input from others, which is good, and is open to lots of projects, which is good. (Seems like Mike and Benmont would be too.) Could she be out for some $$$? It's possible, but that doesn't seem likely to me. Adria's decision-making and judgement are obviously heavily weighed by affection and grief for her dad. She's very conservative and very cognizant of her dad's integrity and legacy — possibly too much so. She's always seemed like a bright person to me, but she seems to have a bit of a blind spot for fans' interests. Her ideas so far (a deep cuts-only release with no new material, taking the Heartbreakers name off the titles, and postponing the Wildflowers release again) run counter to fans' preferences. Again, this is putting aside for the moment the unpleasantness of the legal mudslinging and Adria's overly dramatic lashing out at Mike and Benmont etc. Assuming all that stuff gets resolved, I hope Wildflowers, the Fillmore live set, the unused Hypnotic Eye tracks, and the unused Mudcrutch material (from the '70s and 2016) all actually get released. These are all projects with the utmost amount of integrity and fan demand, so there's really no basis for "sell out" accusations. All parties can rest easy the legacy is and will be untainted.
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    Big Blue Sky

    Darkhorse Radio

    Hi Franferparraga! Oh, what is a fabulous photo of George Harrison (that you're using for your contact image icon). Good choice!!
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    Wildflowers was released 24 years ago today! Bring on the deluxe box set baby....or shall I say, baby doll!!
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    wildfowers deluxe album???

    Pretty sure Leave Virginia Alone will be on the album. Lonesome Dave and Harry Green are up in the air....