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    I don't know about Tom Petty salad dressing, but how about some "Learning To Fry" cookware in the store?
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    Hi! I'm new around here (this is my first post, in fact) and I haven't had a lot of time to look around, so I'm sure this question has already been answered, but I'm dying to know: what is the story behind Rick's Airport Recorders? I know Tom mentioned it on every episode of the Buried Treasure Show and that's where he recorded the Buried Treasure Show, but every time I hear him say it, it feels like an inside joke that I'm not a part of 😂 If anyone wouldn't mind to explain the story behind it, I'd appreciate it more than you know! Cheers! 😁
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    Massive bummer! And everyone here let out a collective, heartbreaking “Noooooooooooooooooo!” The key players in maintaining and championing the future of Tom’s legacy are Dana, Adria, Annakim, Mike, Ben and Ryan U. All pretty awesome people. And the one’s apparently at odds (most visible) at the moment are the first 3 mentioned. The important thing to remember here is that there’s always 3 sides to every story (or six). As fans looking in from the outside, we have no clue as to what’s happening or being said behind the scenes. We don’t experience the drama, tension and sadness first hand. No use taking sides. I’m certainly not going to call any of them evil. We can only speculate and add our own thoughts to the mix (which, at the end of the day is potentially futile, and sometimes not constructive). That being said (ha ha), here’s a perspective. Each of these 6 individuals were a vital part of Tom’s life. Obviously. No one’s arguing that. In fact, we’re thankful for these people like we were for Tom. They were in Tom’s camp. His inner circle. His family! Each of them should absolutely have a say as to what goes down from here on out. As to how the story unfolds. Each should have sway, as their opinions, convictions and beliefs matter! Is it any surprise that all 6 of them might have completely different ideas and desires to bring to the table? Adria: "Hey, here’s what I’m thinking. You know, my dad wrote so many awesome songs besides all those massive big hits! We should spotlight more on the lesser known but equally great songs, and put out a collection of rare/overlooked/underappreciated songs. Also known as hidden gems, or deep cuts. I’ve always loved Keeping Me Alive! What about Waiting for Tonight!? Oh my goodness, the list will be endless. Could be a 3 disc set!" Dana: “Guys, we totally need to do a 25th Anniversary Wildflowers release, since this was the last project Tom was working on for the last few years! It’s perfect timing for this year. Come on, we all know how much this album meant to Tom, and the fans as well.” Annakim: "I have any idea. How about a release we call “Tom Petty: Peace and Love”, and we collect tracks that have a running theme about how groovy, mellow and chill our dad was. Here’s a few off the top of my head that we could include: Something in the Air, Alright For Now, A Higher Place, …what do you think? Can you dig it? And we could do more themed releases….like Tom Petty: Songs for Stoners….yeah!" Mike: “Hey guys, how about that Fillmore ’97 run? I think every show was recorded, was it not? There’s some good stuff on there! Shoot, maybe it could be a 26 disc box set, of every show. I don't know...I think the fans would like that…" Ben: "Yeah, what Mike said." Ryan U: "Guys, can I come up from the Tape Basement now? I’ve been down here for weeks now. I think you forgot about me. At any rate, dang, the Heartbreakers were a GREAT LIVE BAND. How about a staggered series of digital only concert releases? Premium bootlegs. We could pick one show from ever tour, chronologically. Release one like every month. You know, call it Tom’s Live Treasure. Charge $10 buck a digital download. Kinda like how Springsteen does it. What a novel idea! BTW, I found this song called “For Real.” Check it out… -------- My point…all good! We say yes! I have to believe that their intentions are good, emotions are raw, and convictions are strong. And that combination is creating an impasse. Maybe they aren’t quite able to see through the haze right now because of their loss. The forest through the trees. They are hurting and grieving, they are devastated by the untimely passing of Tom. It’s understandable. It’s simply hard to imagine a world without Tom Petty in it. It’s a terrible thought, and a sad reality. So here we are. We all want Tom back. We all cherish the man and his music. We all get super excited about the thought of new TPATH music coming out. The saddest thing is the apparent inability or unwillingness to choose to come together for the greater good. Are they not able to put aside some personal ideas and ideals to make it work for all? Everyone sufferers as a result of this, yes, even the fans. It’s always so unfortunate when it goes down in public like this. It has the potential to do irreversible damage to family relationships, which is sad. Once these things get set in motion, it’s hard to go back. For the love of Tom…
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    unusual guitars

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    Don't! There's a lot of interesting opinions and information in the old topics, feel free to bring as many back into action as you want. Welcome to the Farm. cheers
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    I hate to reply to an old thread, but this caught my eye and I just had to jump in and say something. I listened to this song right after it came out. I can't say I'm a huge fan (but maybe that's mostly because they got the location of the vampires wrong. It's Ventura, not Mulholland!). I've never been a Kip Moore fan; just can't really stand his voice or the typical subject matter of his songs (no offense meant here!), but one of the other writers, Charlie Worsham, is one of my absolute favorite artists. I had no idea he was a big Petty fan (but it certainly seems that just about every modern country artist is), so I was pleased to see him listed as a writer on this. I know Tom didn't care much for modern country (so I don't imagine he'd care much for this song), but I personally think Charlie is better than most modern country artists, that is, his songs have a little more substance (for the most part!). I wonder if Tom had been familiar with his music what he would have thought... Anyway, thanks for reading this little rant 😂
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    Speaking of merchandise is reminding my of a half-remembered story about Rolling Stones various accountants have told me. Jump in when you know what I'm trying to remember! Allegedly, early on, back in the 1960s, Mick Jagger looks at the numbers after a USA tour... and realises they made more money from tshirts than from ticket sales. Partly because they're paying a cut from ticket sales to promoters, venue hire, so really they only get what's left over. Whereas, they only need to pay out to the tshirt makers & printers & people on the merch tables.... and the band gets all the rest. Plus it's a firm of advertising (before Instagram influencers). Against that, they can't just sell t-shirts. Nor do they want to. They're a band & full of creative fire & just trying to stay solvent. Principle is: Better the music & the performance, the more t-shirts they sell. But those t-shirts etc do create a solid income stream, a cushion between them & the bailiffs.
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    BREAKING NEWS! JUST IN TIME FOR FATHERS DAY: New polo shirts! Just what I always wanted! 🤑 My names Joe, I'm the CEO....
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    Happy Birthday WildflowerNJ

    Happy Birthday Beth, have a great day!!!!!!!!
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    All good @Hoodoo Man. Never intended to take up “mind share” on a valuable resource for Petty fans, “Mudcrutch Farm”, who want more great music that exists but regrettably hung up in legal wrangling. The intent was simply to draw the parallel between Steve Ferrone’s “For Real” line of sight as to the unreleased music ready for our ears vs the largely repackaged collections released to date. As a newbee, didn’t want to post redundant content, so took your feedback to heart and thought best to retract.
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    New TPATH Releases

    Bring on the Knobs and more solo Ben
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    Big Blue Sky

    New TPATH Releases

    ... TPATH created so much in 40 wonderful years ... we have all that music & good memories ... even if people associated with it all seem to now be in a time of great confusion. We have high expectations, and that's because they've always been so amazingly wonderful. All the best to them all. But in all honesty, the ones I care about & respect most are the creative core of band - Mike & Benmont. And the team of people like Ryan. Hope this isn't crushing their souls too. Otherwise, I feel, well, what Shelter said. I don't know bout you guys, but to me this whole ordeal have made me lost a lot of my interest in whatever they decide to do from here on out.. They have already kinda ruined all the fun, all the hope for something good coming (alright) despite our loss of Tom.
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    Willly & the Poor Boys are lining up for a bowl of Goats Head Soup (yum)... Paying with the nickels they raised by busking down on the corner / out in the street? Awww, happy feelings about this 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival album! Playing it last night on my new Bose headphones. The same as with Tom Petty's Wildflowers, every track is killer (so no skipping or leaving for a beer) & the songs flow as a whole. Sound is mixed well, so their rock solid bass & drum sound creates a solid base to the rest of the band. Vocals = You can even find a bonus track with CCR jamming with Booker T. It Came Out Of The Sky, Midnight Special, cover of Leadbelly's / traditional Cotton Fields. (Same year as Beach Boys' Cotton Fields). Lyric: White House said: put it in the Blue Room. Vatican said: it belongs in Rome. Jody said: it's mine, but you can have it for fifteen million. 1969 = good year for good music!
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    Sorry Hoodoo Man. Maybe this is just lawyer tactics to try to get a maximum payday since it's one of Tom's most popular records. I'd be surprised if this is never released; hang in there. Wow! Are you sure? I heard there's some good paternity tests out there, wouldn't hurt to double check.
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    Who's hungry for a heapin' helpin' of some Goat's Head Soup......
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    Going by the albums Change of Heart is one of their best; a mix of crunchy guitars and a nice pop melody that compliment one another. But I reckon the fun here is comparing these particular performances in which case Dogs is the better choice; the performance has a certain groove that just works, highlighting the melancholy with the sense of freedom and buoyant feelings. In a way, it's like they found the true measure of the song on stage instead of the studio.
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    "Dogs on the Run".
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    But it is the far superior song, indeed. In fact one of their best ever in my book. Only, this particular version/recording, at least to me, comes off a bit thin, flat. Even as the keys and the strings are really inspired at times - a few great touches in there, for sure - the tempo and luke warm temper of this take reminds me of less heavy (if totally great in their own way) dittys.. like The Hollies or something, while Dogs makes maximum use of a decent, even beautiful song and treat it to a punch and swagger, that between the phrasing and the instruments - even the horns, yes - takes it quite far beyond the studio original. It swings and rips quite a bit, like a southern infused The Clash. So to me, Dogs here is a great song made intensely better, while Heart is a perfect song not quite kicking in.
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    I'm happy to throw out a bone for "Dogs on the Run" here. Both are great songs, but I find Dogs to be more evocative
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    Norm's guitar shop visitors

    A few people that stopped by Norm's Rare Guitars in Tarzana, CA.
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    This should be a no-brainer vote for me; Change of Heart is the better song and is from one of TPATH's best albums. Dogs on the Run is an average as a song off one of their worst. But...this performance of Dogs is really good. Change of Heart is really good too though, a bit faster. But I barely ever listen to Dogs on the Run so it has the novelty factor going for it. Lemme just vote for the independent candidate...
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    5/22/19 TPATH
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    @Hoodoo Man Funny you ask... check out the article (I know old news) published last week by NPR.... They actually published my story 😳 ~Monica Tom Petty (@tompetty) 5/15/19, 4:00 PM ICYMI: Mike Campbell, Dana Petty, Adria Petty, & Annakim Violette discussed the legacy of “I Won’t Back Down” on ⁦‪@nprmusic‬⁩’s American Anthem. Listen now: n.pr/2Ys6JWe”
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    Modular Guitar