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    I'm gonna laugh when they finally release All the Rest and it's just a reissue of She's the One
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    Okay, sure, so they're all sensational musicians & over the years have contributed to other people's recording sessions. Are there too many to count? I knew about this first appearance (from 3:20) but was completely surprised while watching the second music video (from 2:10 onwards).
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    Mike Campbell's fav records

    There is a lot to be said for that. This one is actually one of those things in life that goes beyond whether you find it fantastic or not. (Although, liking it helps some.) At least if you are a music fan with any interest in general rock universe navigation. See.. without The Band in general, their friends and allies, and perhaps that Last Waltz film in particular (as some sort of beacon at the end of a movement), it would be very hard to understand anything of what happened to rock music in the late 60 throughout the 70s and on, how the genuinely American folk rock developed and paved way for what was to become the Alternative Rock, the Americana craze of our times. Milestone material? Well.. Let's just say, trying to understand modern American rock without it, would like trying to understand modern sci-fi without the Alien trilogy. On a more "Farming" level, The Last Waltz certainly helps, if mainly by association, in understanding the influences and style references that are soaking through so much of Tom's music. It may also be a pointer towards the rationale behind some of his choice of covers over the years - since, as much as he loved 50s blues rock and the British invasion stuff (in itself in part influenced by Bob and The Band and so on), Tom was himself definitely a child of his times, wasn't he? The traces of Bob, The Band, Butterfield, Bloomfield, Grateful Dead, Little Feat, JJ Cale and all this 70s Americana rock sentiments - the presence of all the who's-who in terms of various inventors of the folk rock scene - are loud and clear, all the way from the first chords of Mudcrutch*. I basically think this stuff was tremendously important to Tom and the guys! "The same mountain stream", yes... that is so very aptly put! Good or bad - the Last Waltz is, if nothing more, splendid context.** No necessity or obligation to think or care about these things at all, of course. Music is fine as isolated bubbles too. I'm just saying.. if one has an itch... this film is one of the places to start the scratching. That said, hearing that clip there out of context, I can agree it's not the proudest moment of either The Band or Butterfield. The don't exactly nail that song, IMO. And as for Butterfield in general, he sure was a key player and he contributed to a lot of cool stuff, but as a leading man and especially as a singer, I do think that he is slightly overrated. To me he is far from the only reason why his namnesake Blues Band is so groovy. Look more in ways of rhythm section and guitar to find my answers. Also. I'm no big fan of long instrumental harmonica jams, so that may be part of it.... Hm.. having said all this, the one thing that surprise me, though.. is that.. I can't think of all those perfect The Band covers that Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers surely must have pulled out over the years. There is some very strange absence there. A hole in my mind, surely. ---- * Come to think of it - slightly tweaked, a song like Up In Mississippi really could be a The Band song. I can hear their harmonies, the Weight or Cripple Creek style vibe taking that song to it's final destination. **Another document that covers a slightly different limb of this alternative/Americana beast, a slightly more singer/songwriter oriented era and context, that is highly recommendable would be the Heartworn Highways movie. Ya all really need to see that one, if only for the fantastic studio photage of Larry Jon Wilson trying to nail Ohoopee River Bottom Land (that voice!?), of Guy Clark doing Forever, For Always, For Certain and Townes of course, the sob fest that is Townes Van Zandt's kitchen table take of Waitin' Around to Die. Oh man… I would link all those.. or the whole film.. but you all have to do some of the work yourself. Cruel world.
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    Benmont plays on the Jenny Lewis album that came out last week. This track also features Ringo and Don Was:
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    3/24/19 The Rolling Stones
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    I bet this here is a fairly forgotten Tom Petty moment...
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    I think this is something based on personal preference and will have a bit of variation from person to person for sure. But here is my take from worst to best and the best is really quite good. 3. Highway companion. Its a great album and until recently I would have said its a great Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album but in truth its one of three solo albums from Tom that has the Heartbreakers all over it. Highway companion has some variety to it but shows a largely happy Tom with a more upbeat core than Wildflowers which was peppered with brooding and often times dark lyrics. 2. Full Moon Fever. The album that brought what is arguably Toms biggest solo hit "Free Falling". Tom always had some amazing lyrics but this album largely took him to a new level where he remained at for the rest of his carrier. Coming after what some feel is the weakest Heartbreakers Album -Let Me Up I've had enough, this marks a milestone in the maturity of Tom as a singer, writer and producer, the album was a hard sell to the label before its release, which boggles the mind. It ended up having 5 singles released and charting at #3 on the Billboard 200. 1. Wildflowers. By a large measure my favorite work by Mr Petty as a solo artist and on most days my favorite album overall spanning his body of work (Damn the torpedoes is a close second for me). Some deeply personal songs and lyrics with dark undertones felt in; don't fade on me, wake up time and my perennial favorite of crawling back to you while still managing to rock with Honey Bee and Cabin down below. Unlike the inclusion of Zombie zoo which is a weak track in an otherwise near perfect FMF; Wildflowers is in fact a perfect album from start to finish and a must have for any collection.
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    Benmont Shows

    Thank you. I did enjoy it. I think everyone did except one rude woman who didn’t like him talking so much between songs and was heckling. 😡 He didn’t play guitar tonight but he did play a slow version of American Girl. And the audience sang along, gently 🤘❤️
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    For some reason, I'm continually mishearing the one line in "A Thing About You" that goes "Lovers hold each other tight." Thus brings today's subject: Mondegreens. What lyrics have you misheard? A few of my own: American Girl Misheard Lyric: Microwaves crashing on the beach. (This one was obvious. The sheer absurdity of flaming microwave ovens crashing down like meteors made that obvious.) You Wreck Me Misheard Lyric: Erect me, baby! (Another rather obvious one...) A One Story Town Misheard Lyric: The spaceship comes down. (Well, it's slightly less absurd than microwave showers?) Stop Draggin' My Heart Around Misheard Lyric: You could never lick me in the eye. (Whoa! What do you get up to in your free time?) I'll post more later. Hand acting up.
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    It's not exact but I didn't find it on setlist.fm. I doubt it, sorry.
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    Once again i have to be Jealous out here on the east coast. Knobs as well as Robby Kreiger (separately) wold love to see them both live! Saw this on the Knobs FB page.... www.hhmhootenanny.comMAJOR EARLYBIRD DISCOUNTS THROUGH SUNDAY NIGHT!!!THE HOOTENANNY IS BACK!!! MAY 18TH, 2019 - KING GILLETTE RANCH This time to benefit The Kevin Cordasco Foundation /Something Yellow! Not only will you spend this beautiful spring day in the Santa Monica Mountains, sipping and savoring the best our community has to offer, but you will be doing it to the sounds of The Dirty Knobs with Mike Campbell (Legendary guitarist of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers AND Fleetwood Mac!). Robby Krieger (of The Doors) & Friends! Overstreet - Sir Please - Fraker - Aaron Burch and the Band of One Another and MORE to come!!!🍷🎸🍺 DISCOUNTED TICKET PRE-SALE IS SHORT AND LIMITED! WWW.HHMHOOTENANNY.COM
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    Welcome to the 'Farm!
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    Seeing this whole "All The Rest" situation reminds me of ELO's Secret Messages. Similarly to how Wildflowers was stripped by the publisher, SM was cut in half and didn't see a proper full release until last August. SM was also supposed to be re-released in 2013 but due to label disputes, it never came to be. The "full version" that eventually dropped was a Frankenstein of sorts, splicing different interludes and reorganizing different the listing to more match theories. Not to mention the axing of the one song from the session people wanted to hear the most in the form of "Beatles Forever". While I appreciate it's existence, I felt a little off knowing this was probably the most I would see from this album, and that it wasn't a passion project, more like an obligation to the fans. I'm amazed to see all the heart and care that is put into TPATHBs back catalogue, and this is why I've been slowly growing more fond of Tom as of late. I really do hope to see a proper release of the true Wildflowers in the coming future. I'm a late comer to the group but I am in awe of the sheer history and beauty of Tom, Mike, and everyone involved.
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    Rock N Roll Drive-In

    3/25/19 Rock And Roll - The Early Days Ends at 58:42, nothing to watch after that!
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    Michael Niebuhr

    Greatest Hits Vol. 2

    I'll try and answer as best I can. Overall I think the Greatest Hits Vol. 2 should be a great companion piece to Vol 1. Since Vol. 1 is mostly singles, I'm hoping a lot of singles will make it. Those are obvious go-tos. Other than the live-LPs I wouldn't personally go lookin' for live recordings or live covers. I'm not lookin' at Mudcrutch either, but I could see 1 song make it towards the end of the record/playlist. She's The One has some great covers, so that could be a way to get one or two covers on the record.
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    Benmont Shows

    Night two I thought was even better. I thought Benmont sounded better and I liked the set list more. Plus no hecklers. 😎 He did American Girl again as the last song before the encore. This time before the start of American Girl he asked for the already dim lighting to be turned down some and that people not video. That we have it to ourselves. Earlier Regina Spektor stepped in to sing a song while Benmont played. I overheard some people that must have heard "spector" and thought she was related to Phil Spector. 🙄 I think she has a very beautiful voice. I'd like to see an entire show with her singing American Standards and Benmont playing piano. 🤗 Here's most of it. It's a little shaky at the start but I thought you might enjoy it as is. It really was an intimate evening, just as promised. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regina_Spektor
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    Mike Campbell's fav records

    Rag mama rag................ brilliant stuff.
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    Don't get me wrong; I LOVE the Wildflowers album. No need to sell me on it. It opened doors for me I didn't even know were there. I just never felt it was as popular as FMF. You know what? It's probably the Atlantic divide. I guess WF never was as big in Germany as it was in the US. But for me, gosh, it meant THE WORLD. Musically. And over the years I've always kind of waited for another WF to come out, but it never did. Not from Tom, nor anybody else. There is only one album as mellow/wistful/rootsy/atmospheric/earthy as this one. Maybe Neil Young's Harvest comes close, but that's darker and not as strong song-wise. Well, maybe every songwriter has their own Wildflowers in them, translated into their own musical language. Paul Simon's Still Crazy After All These Years feels Wildflowerish to me, e.g. But we all know, there can be only one WF. By TP.
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    I love Joe Ely and James McMurty. Joe opened for Tom one tour but I didn't get to see him as an opener out my way. Just saw James live a few weeks back and it was a great show. He has a new record deal so he should be coming out with a new album sometime soon.
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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    I'm tempted to pick a Partridge Family song since I also just read both Danny Bonaduce's book, and David Cassidy's book. But Hal Blaine played on so many hits I don't know how to pick. I'm sure he played on some Monkees songs. I know he was on "Mr. Tambourine Man" and on "Good Vibrations". And on and on. RIP, Hal Blaine.
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    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    I get what they are trying to do and the sentiment behind it, but maybe it's too soon or they should choose a different song. That heavy sigh from Mike in Tulsa was tough to watch. In the Go Your Own Way clip, did anyone else notice when Neil is on the drum riser he kicks a water bottle and it hits Stevie's leg?
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    So Mike is in Fleetwood Mac ?

    Okay, one of the things I have thought about is: do I think someone should be out there with some songs and a slideshow and offering us all a moment of: Hey, this was one of the greatest American rock bands ever and let's celebrate their legacy and the man who was their creative fire and their biggest fan...? Absolutely. But do I think it should be Fleetwood Mac? Not necessarily.
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    Oh. You meant on record. Right.