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    New interview with Benmont

    On Dean DelRay's Let There Be Talk podcast.
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    Photo of the Day Part III

    Original, before adjustments (greyscale + fixing the contrast):
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    I think it's safe to say that Tom Petty considered Wildflowers his favorite album and maybe best work. WF is the culmination of what he tried doing with Southern Accents, a highly personal album that stretches what he's capable of musically and lyrically. It's also the opposite of Southern Accents in production sound, very grounded, well balanced instruments, with any additional element like strings tastefully and subtly added unlike the horns. He succeeded with WF where he "failed" with Southern Accents. On top of it, it's one of the few albums in the popular culture that are considered essential besides Greatest Hits, next to DTT and FMF. If Long After Dark was treading water than Southern Accents was an attempt at pushing himself further, confronting the south in his own personal way and even experimenting with Dave Stewart. But a lot of factors derailed the album and the experiments were largely the best thing about it though your opinion may differ. I don't know what to make of Let Me Up, was he happy with that record? Was it just a result of needing to record new material after touring with Dylan? it reminds me of a later version of You're Going To Get It, something done relatively quickly to get something new out there, though I could be wrong. Regardless, I don't know if the record was considered a triumph or even a success for him. But I think everything he tried to do with Southern Accents (aside from a storyline) he achieved with Wildflowers and is another reason he loved the record so much. Well, that's my opinion anyway. It's got a warm inviting sound, it has a little bit of higher energy rock-n-roll, some quick moving pop, a bit of the blues, hopeful love songs, sad songs, it really does span a lot of emotions and unlike Echo, doesn't have the reputation of being too dark or too long. Like Southern Accents, it took a long time to record but unlike that record he was very happy with the finished album. Instead of an injured hand amazingly repaired, he had a new drummer that fit what he wanted perfectly, a HUGE hit single with YDKHIF and a long tour to play quite a bit of the record. What do you think? cheers
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    Yes - Duck said that to Stan. And Stan said that was the thing which showed him that perhaps he wasn't the problem, or at least not always the problem.
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    Wow, thanks! Crazy man. I mean, I get that he realized it wasn't the take or whatever but fire the drummer? Benmont said whenever they brought someone else in it didn't click the way it did with Stan. He probably just needed more time to get it down the way they wanted. Referring back to my earlier post, I think perhaps the band got a bit more openly appreciative of each other post-Stan and if not, at least mature enough to not get hung up over minor grievances. Interesting too that Steve wasn't fully in the band until either '97 or '99.
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    As the immediate outcome was Mike not speaking to Stan for a long time, perhaps nothing immediate, or, maybe he did apologize and Mike didn't care. It was that serious. I would say at some point they both made their peace with it, given the things which Mike has said about Stan this decade. Remembering him (as Tom and Benmont also did) with affection. The interesting thing to me has always been that during the creation of the Iovine trilogy, as I refer to it, Stan gets fired, they try to carry on without him and they can't and he comes back. I mean, what does that tell you? It tells me that there were some perception problems on both sides of the glass, as it were. And to listen to the finished products, you can't tell me those aren't great records. Even if they might be "glued together" with percussion overdubs. I think that sometimes when you're frustrated with someone, or you don't get along with someone, then they can't do anything right. Granted, Stan brought it on himself in terms of not tempering his personality for the sake of band relations but I think the perception of his playing could be at times directly relational to how they all were feeling about him (although for his part Mike denied this).
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    1982 footage (great quality)

    I imagine this pro-shot show (whichever one it is) is already out there but these videos which were uploaded by the Tom Petty VEVO a few weeks ago have really great resolution/sound, like they were transferred directly from either the master reel or a first-generation copy. There are a few glitches even so. I feel like i'm time-traveling back to when I first saw them, heh. These are just in the order in which I found them and I think I found all of them, but if not please feel free to add the others!
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    1982 footage (great quality)

    Thanks Chimera, and glad you liked the screen name. My name is Andrew and I sometimes go by Drew, in fact I posted as Drew on a Tom Petty website quite a few years ago, hosted by a woman in Germany who went by the name of "Bates". It was a popular website for all, some longtime TPATH fans might remember it. After that one closed I went by the name "Mystery Man" on the official TPATH website, until they started charging for membership. I do like this name since it references a TPATH song, and I figured the fans here would get it, as you did. I greatly enjoy this website, which my friend "NobodyInParticular" has directed me to at times. I especially enjoyed a recent discussion about Stan Lynch, the reasons he was fired/left the band, and his role in the band. I'm a big TPATH fan and I'm especially a fan of the songs and concerts with Stan drumming and singing on them. In fact, this US Festival (or "Us" as it might be called) was one of the last tours where Stan was the main backing vocalist. At this point, Howie was focused on playing bass (and he does a great job, fits in amazingly well considering how new he was to the band at this point), rather than being asked to both play bass and sing backing vocals, as he did a little later in the band's history.
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    Speaking of hair, the interviewer this interview jokes about Tom needing his own dressing room because of his "high-maintenance hair."
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    Going off at a tangent, I've seen the first of these images from a Japanese tour before, but not the second. Bonus. dark gray suede boots! Are they suede? Darn it Getty images, thanks for the photo but why'd you put your watermark there?
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    Hey going through some stuff so quick note no pic - of course Tom dyed his hair later, and it ain’t no sin, I went grey early so I’ve dyed my hair several colors and and I love Tom’s honey hair ❤️
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    Makes perfect sense! That's interesting, I would have argued the other way: The songwriter path strengthens the songwriting. At least ideally. You don't have too many other factors (like in a band) to distract the listener from the actual song, so you better write some strong songs. But I think I know what you mean, a lot of people rely on the words too much and don't put enough care into melody, harmonies, arrangement. But Tom certainly was not like that. At least not as I hear him. I'm not sure I would have liked that. To me, it's trying enough when Wilco shift into prog-rock-mode.
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    Yes, The Last DJ (song) qualifies, and so do enough songs on Wildflowers and She's The One, Echo even, to make them enjoyably mixed stylistically diverse albums to my ears. I missed the jangle and the harmony, the whole West Coast melancholia, that seeps through actually all the albums up to Mojo (with the exception of The Last DJ album, maybe). It probably started on Wildflowers, but you didn't really notice until Echo that Tom's divorce and all the nasty experiences tangled up in it took their toll. On Rhino Skin he sang, as we all know, "If you listen long enough / You can hear my skin grow tough". That put a lump in my throat back then, I remember that very precisely, and it still makes me sad when I hear it. Today I know exactly what he meant. I sensed it back then and I felt sorry for him, but now I can imagine how he felt. Not that I've been divorced, thank God, but there are other experiences that can make your skin grow tough. So I'm not disappointed or anything with HE. I totally understand how Tom could only have written such an album at that point in his life. It's just that it doesn't really do it for me, as an album, songwise. Almost everybody likes their Petty a bit different. ;-) Me, I wish he would have recorded something like Chris Hillman's Bidin' My Time that he produced. And I still think he had such an album in him, maybe one more Wildflowers, folky, countryish, singer-songwriter style. A wise and forgiving statement. There are traces of that on Mudcrutch 2. But I think he wasn't ready yet for such a personal statement on album level. He would have gotten there, eventually, I'm quite sure. That's easy to say now, of course, because I can never be proven wrong. But then again much of the most fun topics here on the Farm is based on mere speculation, isn't it? It's sad, so sad, that he's gone. Another solo album, maybe; maybe another one with the Heartbreakers, riding into the sunset with his holsters empty, a wry smile on his face as he turns around and greets everyone with a tip to the hat. Mama, put my guns into the ground, I can't shoot them anymore. On the other hand - would that really have been the way to go out for the kid who toyed around with a knife during business meetings in the late seventies, the guy who tore up a dollar bill on the cover of Rolling Stone, the man who wrote The Last DJ? Probably not. Absolutely.
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    AUTOGRAPH authentication

    ^ I understand. I just look at every aspect of owning memorabilia. I don't plan on selling my collection, but you never know. I can't take it with me, and I certainly don't want these things selling for $1 apiece at a garage sale when I'm gone!!!!!!
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    Photo of the Day Part III

    Howie hasn't shown up in awhile, how refreshing, best bass players in the world in my opinion - John Entwistle, Stephen Stills, Tom Petty, Felix Pappalardi (Ron and Howie are good not to discount them)
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    Question of the day 7/20/18

    The Yardbirds!!
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    Its a sad anniversary for me, July 20, 2017 Boston, MA was the last time I was graced to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live. I had considered going all out and getting tickets for the Hollywood Bowl shows, but my brother in law was getting married out in PA and there was no logical way to get out to LA in time for the show as we were driving out to PA and back. I had great seats near dead center row 6 which is the closest I ever came to Tom. I remember when he was walking off stage after American Girl thinking I would never be that close to Tom again. Can't say why it popped into my head as I had great seats for Hartford (about row 10, it was "h" whatever that was, but there was a bigger gap between the stage and seats there.) As always he played a great show, I didnt mind that the patter and set list were all but identical to Hartford. He dropped the needle all over the catalog and my wife, nearly 20K other folks and myself had a great time singing along to some amazing songs. I've been to a lot of concerts in my time, but nobody came close to the charisma and stage presence of Tom. Its a night I hope I never forget and I'm glad to say I found a copy of the show online. The shot of the crowd was taken by accident and that's me in the middle
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    Look - the Super Deluxe package carries a steep price - I get that. Still - any complaint about price is not valid, in my opinion. There is a much less expensive package that includes ALL of the same music. That is 4 CD's for about $25. Show me another artist that does that. There is truly something for everyone here and my point was - it's not a fair criticism to insult the band or their fans just because someone can't or won't afford the more expensive offering.
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    Same here. I had a chance to see him, but I couldn't. Regrets all around.
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    LOVE that expression, and would have loved to hear Tom play an entire album of Rockabilly! My favourite picture of the day (say my brown paper package with string) So I know all y'all have seen it no doubt, but I loves it. (feeling goofy as I'm drinking oreo coffee)
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    1982 footage (great quality)

    This is such a great find! Thanks to Chimera for posting, and Nobodyinparticular for alerting me to this. I've always enjoyed the US Festival concert footage, A One Story Town through Even the Losers. But this is amazing to have these other songs, played at the same show (who knew?) and in such great video and audio quality. There is one more song from the concert which I think was missed (A Thing About You): A Thing About You Hopefully that link worked. If not, perhaps someone else can post it. I also have studied the likely order of the setlist played at that show, based on several factors including other concerts played that year, and the (reverse) order on the Vevo post. I'm sure of the first 3 songs (Mike wears a white jacket in only these 3), and the last 2 before the well-known footage. Reason being, TP gets a glass of water at the end of Louie, Louie, and is still holding it at the start of You Got Lucky. Also, before You Got Lucky, TP says the band will play 2 songs from the new album, which much be You Got Lucky followed by A One Story Town. So here's my best educated guess on the setlist order: American GIrl Listen To Her Heart A Thing About You Here Comes My Girl The Waiting I Need To Know I'm In Love Don't Do Me Like That Louie, Louie You Got Lucky A One Story Town A Woman in Love King’s Road Breakdown Refugee Shout So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star Even the Losers
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    1982 footage (great quality)

    These are from the 1982 US Fest! That's September 4, 1982. It was organized (is that the right word?) by Steve Wozniak, who created the Apple and Apple II computers.
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    The resident TPATH expert over at the SHF posted a clip-by-clip rundown of the sources for this video; I can c&p it if y'all are curious; it's pretty much what I thought it was, but I love minutiae like that.