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    Quite frankly, every time any of the Heartbreakers picks up a guitar / sits at piano and plays - that's what courage looks like. I hope he continues to do whatever it takes to deal with & heal from such a mortal wound as someone's sudden death. I dunno, is it really such a horrible idea to go along on a pre-arranged tour, everything taken care of by the Big Machine & you just play? Even if it isn't your own work. Though it sucks when every day is precious & you're Mike Campbell. On other hand, let's just imagine... he was hit hard by Tom's loss (as is highly likely, let's just assume this is true & not even question that). People who I've seen go through extreme grief need time... they're functioning - but they're just not themselves for a year or so. Yeah? You've seen that too? It's what grief does. Depression and some other major illnesses do a similar kind of thing. I'm sure we all know friends, families, work colleagues who've been in those situations. You just don't expect to much of them for a while - not because they're weak, but because they are strong. They have so much else happening underneath... we just accept them where they're at. Add to that the creative temperament... some creative people need to have a lot of things going right, all running smoothly (in personal life, with their professional team) for them to be consistently amazing in their creative work & performance. Yeah, by contrast, some artists produce work when they're wacked off their heads & there's that whole stereotype of artist who works best when hanging onto life by their fingernails. (I personally think it's a dangerous and foolish idea.) Eric Clapton says in interviews that he's learnt that tortured genius stereotype = just someone trying to justifying being a junky. Let's face it, he's got the life experience with both heroin and alcohol recovery to make that call. So it makes sense (to me) for MC to have chosen to get up off the sofa and go play in a band for a while. Plus the unexpected bonus of the Bathroom Jams. Would he have used 2018-2019 as an opportunity to play his own music with Dirty Knobs or with Benmont? People will have their own ideas. For what it's worth, he might have not have - I think quite possibly he might've been wracked by grief and barely able to function during that time. And, ahem, that time might not have passed. The deeper the love... the stronger the grief. Anyway, that's 18-19 & it's surely in the past now. The first 1/6th of 2020 has provided enough excitement of its own.
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    Tour postponed to September 2020!

    Mike's follow up to "Wreckless Abandon" should be it's polar opposite - "Abundance of Caution".
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    The Steve Hoffman forum is going crazy There is a thread called: Tom Petty: Wildflowers All The Rest (Upcoming release / speculation thread) https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/tom-petty-wildflowers-all-the-rest-upcoming-release-speculation-thread.936766/
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    From today's Chicago-Sun Times, Mike gave a little more info on the WF All the Rest release. How salivating is this?? “Fans may not have heard the last of the Heartbreakers. A coveted reissue of Petty’s 1994 album “Wildflowers” missed its 25th birthday, but an expanded project may see release this year. “One of the CDs is Tom’s demos for the record, with just himself doing all the instruments at home,” says Campbell.” https://chicago.suntimes.com/2020/3/3/21155200/tom-petty-heartbreakers-mike-campbell-the-dirty-knobs-music
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    A fellow heretic! Nice to know. Good point about the sobering relevancy of today with the record. For me, it's just a really good mix of songwriting, each one with interesting parts, memorable lyrics, inspired playing all interlocking nicely so you can start with American Dream Plan B, to Shadow People with Tom's optimistic final verse then back to the beginning. The album flies by. cheers
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    I like Peter's idea of All You Can Carry, which is appropriate and also a terrific song, my favorite from the Hypnotic Eye album. I would nominate King's Highway from the ITGWO album. Great song, and it includes the lyrics: We want to hold our heads up, but we gotta stay down. And I don't want to end up, in a room all alone, Don't want to end up someone, that I don't even know. Oh I await the day, good fortune comes our way, And we ride down the King's Highway.
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    3/28/20 Bob Dylan
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    The Rickenbacker!!!
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    Mark Felsot just teased an upcoming segment on TPR. He says he is going to play his version of Southern Accents today, in honor of the album’s 35th anniversary. He said that his version may include tracks that were recorded at the same time but were not included in the original release, and that he might leave out some of the tracks that were in the release. I hope to be able to listen and jot down his tracks, and hope others will too.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Bennomnt on IG

    Ben posted this great video of Johnny B Goode last night on IG and it made me wonder why we don't have a thread for him. so here it is! Benmont Tench III also his wife Alice Carbondale Tench is quite lovely and a decent cook with a fun weekly show. She is not an expert but she is very entertaining and fun to watch. (When I say not an expert I only mean I don't think she has trained as a chef but has great recipes and talent.) Give them both a follow if you like. I love how he gets the phone to topple and the footage after that.
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    Things to do while on home lock-down

    I also have done a small amount of gardening so far. I planted seeds for San Marzano Italian Plum tomatoes, Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes and Sweet Hungarian Banana Peppers. I already have Basil grown about 17 inches tall. I'll wait to plant green and yellow flat Italian Roma beans in raised beds I have ordered and should be here Monday. I have no plans on leaving the house soon, but I need top soil and potting mix to mix up together for my raised garden beds, about 10 cubic feet, so far. I checked Lowe's and Home Depot and they have what I want, but they want $79 to deliver it and that's just plain bullshit!!!! Each of the containers below have 12 seeds in them. I use Red led lights when seeds are underground, when the plants pop up through the soil, I use Blue led lights. When the plants grow higher than the dome, I'll move the trays over to a Seville Wire Rack and place the lights on the top rack and move the top shelf higher and higher as the plants grow. DAYTIME PICTURE NIGHTTIME PICTURES
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    Meet Tom

    Here's my Tom Guild 12 string.
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    September 19!!! Wreckless Abandon

    Mike is bored. LOL
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    where in the world are you?

    Every store is out of toilet paper, save your corn cobs!!!!!!
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    3/12/20 The Easybeats
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    Wildflowers (all the rest) tracks?

    An exciting year to say the least!
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    I just hope Wrecless Abandon does not become "All the rest" I also hope the album leaks out by Amazon not being on the same page and we end up getting it sooner. All the respect in the world for Mike to get treatment and heal from what must be a moderate to serious issue (don't care to speculate as to what it is) but to push the album that people have paid for in advance on top of all sorts of folks flying around on Jet Blue and making reservations at Air BnBs that have lost money it seems selfish and silly to postpone a finished product for 6 months. they are seen signing copies of the LP so its not like they will be changing anything to the mix or package... all the respect in the world to Mike for being a responsible adult and taking care of himself first. Its what Tom should have done. But the delay in album is silly and misguided at best.
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    Here's my problem with "ALL" artists. I'm old enough to know better, so I should take my own advice. I'm sick and tired of artists "PRESALES" for LP's and Concert tickets. I'm done paying $20 or $1000 for a seat or LP 6 or 12 months in advance! Who the F*** do these people think they are? If I did that, the GOV would put me in jail for tax evasion!! When they see the presales and they are low, they cancel that cities concert and that's bullshit. I'm sort of glad I don't plan on seeing any concerts soon, because this way of selling youself as artists sucks and I don't want to be a part of it. Let's all back the small local bars and promote "LIVE" music again at an affordable price where you can actually see the artist up close and not in $500 nosebleed seats. Support live music, hire a band this summer to play in your back yard!
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    It's probably a difficult mindset to change after his entire career has largely been doing this. I agree, very good point. I guess it returns to my question of whom is the audience of the TDK? TPATH fans and I guess fans of bluesy-garage rock. I actually think this was a mistake, easy to make given his situation in the hospital right, who wants to be thinking about stuff like this, but fans of TDK have been waiting through an entire FM tour for a record and a tour and now to pull it away just weeks from release seems like a bad call, that it will only frustrate fans. Will they still pick it up when it does come out? Yes. But the people waiting on it would still go see them live regardless of when the album is in their hands; actually this way it gives people more time with the studio recordings instead of the youtube clips. Oh well. I hope he feels better and the tour makes people happy. cheers
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    Jazzfest 2020

    Just bought tix to the Oct 21 gig in San Fran!
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    I saw this coming, although I thought it would be due to the corona virus. Get well soon, Mike! I doubt I can make it to the Troubadour in October, so I might have some tickets for sale later.
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    Across the Borderline

    I'm not sure if there is a mystery here, and if so, what it is. Let me say this, though. Ever since Jeff Rosen was handed an office of his own in the Bob Tower, assigned a league of handymen and the keys to the vaults - through all my sleepless nights of ramblings ever since, forever lost in an endless flood of Bob's once discarded 60s and 70s recordings - I've been waiting for him to let some of his old school goons loose on the 80s floor. So to speak. Let them try that out for hight. In short - yes! - it would be fantastic if the BDATPATH tours of '86 and '87 would finally be featured in the legendary Bootleg Series. Let's say just the two or three best shows + the noteworthy odd material + a documentary + a remastered release of the truly fanstic live document "Hard To Handle" on DVD + a book. I would call the Bob Tower right away and ask them to send one down.
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    Glad to hear you're getting better. I now have prostate cancer , but it hasn't spread so I will soon be starting radiation treatments. Its certainly isn't fun getting old.
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    This is my Dirty Knobs stuff, that I printed and ordered. I know I'm totally crazy. How is that supposed to end when Wildflowers All The Rest comes out? Then the cover will probably be on our house wall. Although we know the cover. But maybe there is a modified version of the cover.
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    At least then no one will be around to woe the hole in their roof, made by those "mega-box" bricks of 15 pcs 200g LPs + book. And the ones that might still be around.. hey, finally some affordable housing available. With air condition and an awesome set of music right there on the floor! What are the odds. For anything.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Random Click Thread

    Shelter, this is a novel virus like SARS was about 10 years ago. As a novel or new virus its something that nobody's immune system has seen before and it has a range of outcomes from asymptomatic for people with healthy immune systems, to flu like where the body fights hard for several days before beating it, to the overactive immune response that ends up with the person dying or with permanent lung damage. The flu while it does kill randomly is something that we can at least partially immunize against and even with 300-700K deaths world wide most people can fight it off. I have not researched typical flu and the deaths from that but my guess is the virus is too concentrated for the body to defend itself and an over-reactive immune response. the flu while contagious is not nearly as contagious as the current threat as many people carry natural antibodies against it. Most people 80% was the last number I saw have a mild case and its over or never show symptoms and its over. Without the blood test for antibodies we don't know who has had it and can move freely again. The reason its a big deal is 20% will get sick enough to be hospitalized, anyone on chemo, or with asthma. COPD or other respiratory ailments are at greater risk as are the elderly who have a poor immune system so the 80% put those 20% at a much higher risk. Also we are set up to handle the flu and have staff and respirators to treat anyone with the flu, nurses and docs are vaccinated against it and are less likely to get sick. There is a theory that the level of exposure also influences the severity of immune response so that is why Docs and health care workers need PPE and lack of replacement masks are causing them to use contaminated masks to protect themselves. SARS got out of hand but was not as contagious and it was more easily contained compared to COVOD-19 , interestingly Hong Kong and South Korea were hit hard by SARS and they had the best societal response as well as governmental responses to the current crisis with people in Hong Kong . We have not seen anything like this since the pandemic of 1918 and there initially was a lot not understood about transmission and infection levels as the team that would lead the response from the CDC was disbanded and the WHO had to navigate the response without the CDC support. We should have been leading the fight but instead denied it was coming and acted too slowly to do anything but practice social distancing and let it burn itself out. A major issue is that there is a 7-17 day incubation so anything that happens today will show as sickness in one to two weeks and it can be transmitted when you don't yet know you are sick. so there is a lag time where the measures taken today show a net gain as we are fighting a slow moving target. Its really a total mind bender how not ready we are for something like this when we have had a decade or more of a threat like this coming up again. Also now that the disease is out in the world its a constant threat and will continue to mutate (At last I read there were two mutations already.) Mutations to the current copy can make it worse or milder to non reactive. But the flu shot offered at the local drug store? That will eventually have a COVID component as its here to stay at some level more like than not. Hope that was not too preachy or anything and I hope it explains a little why we need to act now to prevent it from exploding.
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    Hoodoo Man

    Garden ideas

    So I have been working on ideas for self sustaining food for a little while and bought seeds before going into lock down a few days ago. today I did my first planting indoors of a bunch of stuff. My plan is to do two gardens one in a hot house kind of setup next to the house on my porch in raised beds and a second when its a bit warmer on the ground. Lettuce, squash green zucchini, lettuce mix, green beans romano blush, Cucumber, carrots little finger, onion, Tomato Chadwick cherry, spinach, celery, yellow squash cilantro, pepper mixed (green and red), pole beans, beefsteak tomatoes. Also have some red and russet potatoes to be cut and planted and a few sets of mushrooms to grow from amazon. got the bulk of my seeds from Agway using Hart and Livingston brands. So in addition to being chief Jeff, I hope to show a green thumb and be farmer Jeff... Pics to follow.
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    All or Nothin. Don't do me like That. The Waiting. Cabin in the Woods. Something in the Air. For hope and optimism: Can't Stop the Sun. cheers
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    Finally a "shelter in place" order from the Washington Governor. Took a while. Boeing is shutting down all of their plants here now. About time. My new weed wacker came in at the Home Depot so I guess I'll venture out and pick that up today before the "shelter" order starts up tonight. I'm picking out some music for today that I'll call "Quarantunes". Probably somebody already thought of that name but whatever. I recently got the DVD of James Taylor and Carole King at the Troubadour, so I'll spin that today. If I can't go there to see The Dirty Knobs like I planned, I'll do a virtual Troubadour visit today. Then I think Jeff Lynne at either Wembley or Hyde Park. Both of those are great. Meanwhile I'm still working. Focus on network monitoring. With the onslaught of VPN users to support, I'm keeping a close eye on network performance.
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    OMG!!! We used to have a show like that when I was about 20 years old on channel 43 out of Cleveland. It came on at midnight on Friday nights. They had the worst Sci-Fi movies they could find. They'd show about 5 minutes of movie and then 10 minutes of commercials with the host doing stupid things, like roll a model car across the stage with a cherry bomb in it and watch it roll and explode!!!!! The name of the show and host was "GOOLARDI". They finally took him off the air for his antics and replaced him with the same old movies with 2 new guys they called "BIG CHUCK & HOOLIHAN" and after that "BIG CHUCK & LITTLE JOHN" a midget!
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    Am gardening - even more than normal - including growing: mushrooms from mushroom kits; salad leaves; and sprouts in jars on window sill (an old trick but works well) We're not locked down (yet) but we are all avoiding people as much as possible (which is an excellent reason if I don't like them). Good luck!
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    where in the world are you?

    They're building basically a MASH unit near me on an artificial turf High School football stadium. A mobile hospital for people with the virus. Definitely not Built To Last. I haven't heard about any hospital ships being used locally, but there is a Naval Base here also, so I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Ha ha, I hear ya! I may even feel the same way. My guess is whatever Howie played the first time was in the moment and he couldn't do it the second time around, the mood/vibe had changed and whatever he did the first time was lost. The sound quality on this show is magnifique! cheers
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    Thank you. This C virus thing is scary though , Im turning 65 in July plus with these treatments I enter into a " higher risk " .
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    No pellets cuz the prostate is to large. Im getting quick bursts of about 10/15 min exposure . If I wasn't generally healthy I wouldn't even need anything cuz I'd be killed by something else , but they say I've got more than 10 years so its best to do it now. M-F until the middle of May. Im lucky , I don't need to take any female hormones which can cause strokes , heart attacks and breasts. Im so blessed that this was found early and thank you for your well wishes.
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    where in the world are you?

    Hi Nel and fellow farmers, What should have immediately been done; set up a protocol to prevent hoarding. I'm amazed at people buying toilet paper when most people I know go about once a day if that or are constipated. Noted about women and their needs but still, no need for hoarding of anything, if everyone just took enough for what they need there's plenty to go around. I think some utilities are suspending shut off notices in case people can't work and pay their bills. Good. This should be S.O.P. to begin with. If people reigned in their panic things would be better. But the TV doesn't help really. As for other things, washing hands, not sneezing on people...please. Shouldn't this just be the norm? But then, at work I've seen guys leave the bathroom without washing their hands. Hopefully the utilities keep a-goin' God bless those people going into work for the important things, doctors, nurses, police, fire, people who run and keep the utilities going, electric etc. I'd been following the info probably much as you but hoped things would flatten out. I'm still optimistic they will. But the media in my opinion and random others I've spoken to while out and about say they made it worse. Watching a gif of two people fighting over a 24 pack of toilet paper when all they had to do was agree to split it. Sad. I'm hoping when this over (sooner than later) that people will have a new appreciation for the simple things in life, myself included. Like being able to go to the gym to work out. My local one is closing no big surprise I was waiting for the notice. But really, if you're not over 65, have a weakened immune system or are very young, I don't think you have to worry about this. Actually, one thing I've learned over the years is worry for the most part is worthless. Anyway, I've heard conflicting reports, false positives, people in panic mode with psychosomatic systems, the numbers of infected are underestimated, overestimated and so on. Call me idealistic but I think even if people contract it, their immune systems will defeat it God willing and the others who are weaker naturally or through age should be the ones protected, extra-cautious etc. I guess in some ways, a situation like this may reveal the strength of our moral code as individuals and society. Well, I"m hoping for the best and this is just a level of (over) precaution and in some time this will flatten out and normalcy will return and with it, as I said before a new appreciation for the simple things in life. Even dare I say it, listening to a typical TPATH live cd with boring set list. Well...let's not go crazy. I hope everyone out there is healthy and safe. cheers
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    Across the Borderline

    Oh boy, bringing the Boss into this are we? I'm not sure comparing Bruce/E-street to Tom/HB is even fair. It's not really an apples to apples comparison. Bruce is in his own league live. He just is. That's not taking anything away from a TPATH show. Both are great and joyous and celebratory, in their own way. Bruce regularly plays 3 or 4 hour shows, doing this well into his 60's. That's very different than a 2-hour show. That's superhuman. He comes out and plays the first song like it's the final song, and never lets up on the gas. Bruce has a sign-grabbing segment, where he'll play 3-4 different songs every night from signs alone. Bruce is obviously known for his set list to vary wildly from night to night. A few tours ago, he tried a "Stump the E-Street Band" segment, where he would grab signs of ANY song by ANY artist and try them out...many for the first (and only) time ever. YouTube a couple of them, it was pretty crazy, some of the selections. All in all, it would appear that his playing live philosophy was the opposite of Tom's. Basically what he said. Also, Bruce paid a high compliment to Tom, letting him know that he loved the song "Straight Into Darkness". In a way, that might be the closest Springsteen-like song that Tom wrote. I can see why the Boss liked it... When Tom passed, both Bruce and his wife Patti said very kind things about their love and respect for Tom and his music. Patti mentioned specifically her love of the Wildflowers album. ------- 100% no doubt. Have you seen the 2009 Live at the Paramount Theatre performance? The band plays the entire Darkness album to an empty room. It's amazing!
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    Big Blue Sky

    Benmont Live Gigs 2020

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    Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    3/11/20 The Byrds
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    Across the Borderline

    And just in case those don't know, the original post is Bob and TPATH live from 86 at Ralph Wilson Stadium for Farm Aid. (Yes I know it was Rich Stadium then and now New Era Field but the Buffalo Bills fan that I will always be will still to this day call it the Ralph lol).
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    It is. Let's say a band releases an album and does a U.S. Tour but doesn't get overseas for a year later, should the album only be released specific to their touring? Of course not. It's not going to be "all the rest" but I think this was a mistake; again, people who listen to TDK are still going to go see them regardless of having the album now or later. ciao
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    That's a good point. All good points. I agree! Some bands, you could do live releases of every show, others from every tour and others, maybe only one or two big live releases, but that's still a lot of money for something that's pretty much recorded; heck, I think soundboard recordings sound good without being put through any official record making process. Yeah and maybe the fear a live album would detract from purchasing the next studio record. As if...! People who are enjoy a band's music can buy a live album and still be interested in the next studio record. The former should theoretically build interest in the latter. If it's a live performance worth releasing...! cheers
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    yeah I noticed a beatles sound but couldn't have said a specific song. Great track!
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    September 19!!! Wreckless Abandon

    Not sure how I'm just noticing this but the open and close of "Wreckless Abandon" sounds like "A Hard Day's Night". Which makes perfect sense I guess.
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    This is badass......
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    This is the topic for discussion of the newly re-released and expanded book.
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    Sometimes new releases ship a bit early, as you probably know! It’s been my experience that the older people in those TP-related FB groups are pretty ignorant about technology and the music business as a whole. They often don’t understand ticket pre-sales, album pre—sales, or the fact that thousands of fans exist outside of FB groups. But they sure do bring a well-developed sense of entitlement!
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