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  2. Question of the day 3/22/18

    Little known fact: "tax", in Swedish means "wiener-dog".
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  4. Question of the day 3/22/18

    Oh yeah - by the end of January, and I had my refund a week or 10 days later.
  5. Question of the day 3/21/18

    The Beatles
  6. Question of the day 3/22/18

    Had them done last month. This is the first time I had to get someone to do them. Fred always did them. And they usually are pretty easy but this time...with everything...and I donated his truck and all....best to get a professional. I asked through the Caregiver Canines program Malaika and I are a part of.....nice people.....
  7. Question of the day 3/22/18

    Did you do your income taxes yet?
  8. Question of the day 3/21/18

    Always hard to type past Dylan. Didn't he kinda change all life.
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  10. Question of the day 3/12/18

    Mudcrutch at the Troubadour 2008. TPATH at Northridge 2011. Only 500 seats!
  11. Question of the day 3/13/18

    I can only narrow it down to the top three: 1983: Cow Palace, Kabuki Theatre (surprise show after the Cow Palace), Mountain Aire fest. Three shows in two months! 2003: Vic show 2011: Northridge!!!
  12. Question of the day 3/21/18

    To say "changed my life" is probably too big a statement for me to commit to, but I was certainly inspired to learn to play guitar by a number of artists - The Beatles and The Rolling Stones not the least among them. But I bought my first guitar after hearing Jim Croce sing and play.
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    It was intentional! It's called glitch art for a reason. Though it didn't really come out quite as I'd expected. The biography's pretty good. Hope you enjoy it.
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

    Got myself a copy of Warren Zanes' Tom bio.
  15. Question of the day 3/12/18

    The Royal Albert Hall! Such a special show....Mike walking out put his wrist band in my palm. Treasure that...and treasure that incredible show there!
  16. Question of the day 3/21/18

    What musical solo artist or group changed your life forever?
  17. Question of the day 3/12/18

    Seen them only once, unfortunately, so my only venue is my best venue: O2 Arena, Hamburg 2012.
  18. Question of the day 3/19/18

    The more I look, it does seem to be the L.R. Baggs M1A. I see they are selling for $189.

  20. Question of the day 3/19/18

    I have no idea.. sure looks like a L.R. Baggs, M1 to me as well.. and this old live clip of Tom can be found linked under a "M1-series" of 6 clips, so.. And... not that it has anything too much to do with anything.. but I just found this for you guitar tech nerds
  21. Question of the day 3/19/18

    Ford F-150?
  22. Hello, I have been an eternal fan of Tom, but this is my first time on this forum. One thing I want to know is if it would be all right to see if anyone wants to purchase a custom commissioned artwork of Tom, I am experiencing severe financial hardship, but the artist will not take it back. I couldn't think of any better people to offer it to,. However, I know some forums don't like any type of sales requests, so I wanted to ask before I just posted. I will post full image if my request is approved, but I will post a preview here - 13x18 pencil/ink on wood
  23. Random Thoughts Thread

    On second thought, I have no business laughing because your mess-up far surpasses anything I would endeavor.
  24. Random Thoughts Thread

    Sorry but I got a chuckle out of that mess-up. Give it another try!
  25. Rock N Roll Drive-In

    3/20/18 The Last show 9/25/17
  26. When are we going to get some stuff ?

    ^ Thank you kindly. It's all a futile resistence, if ever I saw one... Well, wouldn't that be nice. Unfortunately, it's a little too late for that, hu. Once the "rights" and "licences" are fully or partially signed over, or in other ways ends up in the hands of the wrong people - especially business side specialists, with a strikingly different agenda from the artist, usually - it's more or less game over, as far as intact integrity goes. Sure, these things are never black or white, but I'd say that any band/operation as big and successfull as was TPATH, sooner or later will be forced to involve certain powers from the outside, that may to a varying degree handle things differently than the artist/band would've wished for or themselves found optimal. It's just bulit in logic that you can't stay 100% indipendent when you get big enough. Things need to work logistically, and that's where shit starts to leak in... Obviously these risks gets bigger ones the main guy is gone. That said, my previous rants all serve to express a wish for any such damage to be as limited as possible in the case of Tom, rather than being cheered for by hungry fans in for a quick fix. (Perhaps the remaining members of the band will push for fair and honest handeling of the legacy, to the extent that they have a say so - at least MC is bound to have some, thanks to songwriting and production creds). After all, there is no such thing as uncorrupted rock'n'roll, but with a legacy and history of integrity like Tom's, there should be good hope that at least the most commonly used rip-offs, the most standard soul-less crap routines, the most shallow exploitations and hurried decisions, will be largely avoided even by his hired hands. Amen. As for issueing music, I may add that I personally think that any release of "new" stuff, that was prepared and ready to be released anyway (example: "All The Rest"), would be fine about this point. That type of this-is-what-I-had-ready type of releases are usually a lot more fair and honest, as I see it, more like a closing type of continuation (of that makes sense) than any memorial reissue or now-I'm-dead-now-I'm-hot-here's-my hits-again type of rehashed retrospect. After all, I am sure there will be plenty of time for all of us to buy, not only numerous reissues of all Tom's work, but also all kinds of official and unofficial "Free Fallin'" parachutes and "Even The Losers" poker sets. As much as I hate it, I could live with a certain Kiss:ness in the world. I just hope that as long as something is gonna have Tom's name or face on it, it won't pop up in my face within months of his passing, is all. It really rubs me the wrong way. I might be a bit old fashioned that way. Besides. Who would want to buy an unofficial parachute anyway?!
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