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  2. This was posted by McCool over on the SH forum: There Goes Angela: Also according to Tom Petty's childhood friend Keith Harben, the protagonist of Tom Petty's latest single [There Goes Angela (Dream Away)] is an actual person who was familiar to TP and his friends from childhood. Harben recently shared the following: "I know Angela! I know her well! She lived on our street, me and TP. On the corner of 16th Ave. and 6th Terr. She was a beautiful young girl, a lot younger than us. As youngsters from 6 to 9 Tom and I spent our days finding interesting things to do. No internet, no video games. One of our favorite things to do was play Cowboy and Indians. We had a close circle of friends in the neighborhood. One family had 3 girls and 1 boy. An older sister didn't hang out with us. Her name was Kay and she married Halston's brother Don. That's the famous designer Halston. Another sister Debbie was closest to our age and a brother named DR (we called him peewee). the youngest sister was Angela. You can understand that these kids we grew up with were sort of like brothers and sisters. Angela was quite a bit younger than us but as we grew older she grew up to be a beautiful young lady as were her other two sisters. Sister Debbie liked me and wanted to date me after High School. I tried and she was very pretty and looked like a model. But it felt like I was going out with my sister. Listening to the song I feel like it really fit and the words made sense to me. Angela grew to be equally stunning and I can imagine Tom would see her walking as I often did. She and many other neighborhood kids would often come down to hear the Sundowners practice as she grew older. He may have had a crush on her, maybe we all did. I don't think there would ever have been a romantic connection. May have just been a fantasy! But I feel this is another example of Tom writing about life in Gainesville and this Angela would have certainly and in all likelihood fit the words to this new song!"
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  4. Thanks mate, you too! Was missing a TP messageboard for a while after the official one became for paid up people only (were they called "Highway companions?"), which was useless for someone outside the U.S. Found this one not that long ago and now sadly it's goodbye here also, but it's been fun while it's lasted.
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  6. god, I have not seen this show in years. Funny stuff back in the day! Talented guys...
  7. I usually keep Tom Petty Radio on all day in the background while I’m working, and the song is in very heavy rotation on the channel, so: yes. 🙂 It isn’t a song I would think to play over and over again, so I’m glad it is on repeat more or less by default; it’s been growing on me.
  8. I like Turning Point quite a bit! It's one of my favorites from the box set. cheers and take care Zargo when this place finally shuts down.
  9. It made me want to revisit "Turning Point," never noticed what a good song that was; haven't listened to it for years!
  10. The forums are going away, on the main page there's this place and Depot Street. How much longer till the end? cheer
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  12. Thanks. A lot of Guns n Roses, mainly the Illusion tracks and some of the live shows from their reunion. Also the new Pearl Jam album Gigaton, first five tracks range from excellent to good, after that it's a mixed bag but overall disappointing thus far. Prior to all that some Queens of the Stone Age, Joe Satriani and a huge amount of live Zeppelin, bootlegs of soundboard quality. cheers
  13. BTW, you can always go to a RIC dealer and special order whatever you want. Colors, bindings, pickups, tailpieces, cases and anything else you can think of. Just be prepared to pay and wait a long time for delivery. I've special ordered Ric's on my own and they took anywhere from 6 months back in 1980 to over 3 years in the 90's! If you can find what you want in a store, buy it immediately to save time and money. Trust me, I've been buying Ric's since 1966 and now own 9. Happy shopping.
  14. OH yeah, the wallet gets light pretty fast. I've already spent over $10,000 on 3 guitars this past 6 months and doesn't count the cheaper ones for $1000 and under!!!
  15. Wow, that 1993plus is nice!! I may have to look in to that. The slightly wider fretboard is an attractive feature. Thanks for the link!! This is the one I was thinking of. This was Tom's actual guitar. I've always had a thing for it. I like the 381 a lot. Played a few over the years. Perhaps one day I'll be lucky enough to own one but for now my goal is to add a Rose Morris 12 string to my other Ric-12's. Either way, I feel my wallet getting lighter.
  16. ^^^ Maybe you'd prefer this RIC 12 https://www.andybabiuksfabgear.com/rickenbacker-381-12v69-fireglo-electric-12-string-guitar/
  17. ^^ Is this what you are looking for? https://www.andybabiuksfabgear.com/rickenbacker-1993plus-fireglo/
  18. Very kind of you, thank you!! I'm sure they will. I seem to go into a funk every couple of years and I come out of it thinking "What the hell was that about?" Also, all the best to you! It's been a pleasure being here and engaging with you. Out of curiosity, you said you aren't listening to Tom now, what are you listening to?
  19. ^ they do have 1 available now. It's the Rose Morris 1193PLUS "Pete Townsend" model. Available in Fireglo and Mapleglo for sure. Check it out. http://www.rickenbacker.com/model.asp?model=1993Plus
  20. I hope things improve for you. Take care of yourself when this place shuts down, downsouth26! cheers
  21. I don't listen to it much because while I think it is a good song I'm just not in the mood for the more acoustic side of Tom's music. I'm not listening to TPATH at the moment, it comes and goes in waves. cheers
  22. Congrats! Hope it brings you a lifetime of joy and good music! Now, if only Rickenbacker would build me a Rose Morris double bound 12 string like Tom's.
  23. I've listened to it maybe half a dozen times. I've really enjoyed it, but then again, I have been feeling down for a couple weeks now, so what's that old saying? Misery loves company, I think. Lol. But I can see how it probably won't be on frequent rotation for a lot of people. Nevertheless, lovely song. Grateful to have it. Now bring on All The Rest.....
  24. does anyone find themselves listening to this song much? I downloaded it, gave it a few listens but its not something I feel a need to give a spin again and again... nice to hear it but does not feel as special as I had hoped it would...
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