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  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Forbidden words now....?! Great. There's only one word for that and it's probably forbidden...
  4. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    Why? Everything that has needed to be said has already been said on the website and other social media. I find the whole idea of Tom Petty Christmas balls more tacky/insensitive rather than the tone of the email. But looking at the Tom Petty Nation Facebook group there is obviously a market for it.
  5. Last week
  6. I've been listening to this channel quite a bit. They play Eagles tunes along with all the solo stuff from these guys. It's nice to hear the commentary too. http://blog.siriusxm.com/hotel-california-siriusxms-eagles-channel-airing-exclusively-for-a-limited-time/ I'm not sure about this lineup. Is anyone going to see them on their tour? I think I will wait for the DVD.
  7. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    I don't mind when it's official merchandise. I'm glad they are offering new stuff and I get to replace my half face t-shirt! I wore my other one out and it ended up getting cut up and sewn into the quilt I made. I get offended by outside opportunist trying to make a buck in Tom. .
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  9. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    I checked and I got it too. I guess if I had seen one of the shows it would be nice .
  10. Buddy's Crickets did it....will Tom's Heartbreakers do it ?

    Would they: No Could they: I hope not Should they: Absolutely not Closest we should get is a tribute concert, similar to Concert for George and the Freddie Mercury Benefit. Have it at the Hollywood Bowl on the Anniversary of their last concert. The Heartbreakers with an amazing line-up. (Nicks, McGuinn, Dylan, Lynn, Grohl, Shelters, Leadon/Marsh, etc) .... That's it done. Shelter offers some additional possibilities, just miscellaneous musical contributions with friends, as long as it is not promoted as " The Heartbreakers" This band has always had integrity...keep it.
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    Another disgraceful step towards less democracy. Another shameless win for the already winning. Fcc:ing backwards!
  12. A steady gig as someone else's backing band - famous transplant or new guy - I don't see that all! Bad idea! It kills the integrity. It's bad enough when bands try to replace their long time singers who came to symbolize their songs and sound, and just keep rolling, but when that singer is also the writer of almost all of the songs and have had his name as an integral part of the band's very name.. it's somewhere you'd not want to go. Everything has its time - even in a cold hard commercial age like ours - and everyone is better of looking ahead, moving on! And with regards to that name aspect - that of to what extent there can be a HB in essence without a TP somewhere close - I'd say it may even be questionable if it's wise to use the HB brand at all, save for some occasional tribute show or something to that effect, relating to Tom. That said, I really hope they will keep the outfit going, doing session work, perhaps even writing, producing (MC especially, but also BT?). It may ultimately and preferably be as a group of individual maestros rather than an outfit (much like they did on Unchained - there is no "Johnny Cash and The Heartbreakers" on the sleeve there) but hearing them working again behind Stevie or Bob or Roger or someone else "close enough", musically or socially, for an album or a one-off show, would be fantastic! I would even love to hear them bring back Stan for some serious Stevie Nicks sessions! Most of all I hope to hear more, of them working together with each other... Mike and/or Ron guesting on Ben's next album? Dirty Knobs having their album out already. And so on.. Mike perhaps (hopefully) will be trusted with working with the TPATH cataloge legacy, reissues, archival releases and such. There is so much to be done and I hope they do it. Just careful with that legacy there! Don't just hire Axl Rose to keep touring American Girl. Just don't. And I'm sure they won't.
  13. I hate to think of the boys not playing together again but I have trouble seeing them play behind another singer.... I know with the Doors it was an utter fail when they released albums without Jim.... I would love a tribute show or possibly tour with other singers doing a song or two but at the same time I hate the idea... Very conflicted on this idea.
  14. Tributes and covers from peers and writers

    I like M. Ward and I saw that he finished his set with Running Down a Dream on his recent tour. I haven't seen any footage or heard him sing it. Has anyone here heard/seen his cover of that song? I would love to hear it.
  15. ^^ The Heartbroken would be a terribly cheesy name. Plus I'd say the comparison is totally different. The Crickets were only together for a couple of years with Buddy Holly, TPATH have been a cohesive unit for 40 years. Yes they both had charismatic front-men but the Crickets still could have gone on after Buddy Holly just for the reason they hadn't been around that long. I would just want to see more solo work come out from Benmont seeing as his first album is such a delight.
  16. Well, they surely could become the most sought-after studio band, that's for sure. And I wouldn't see a reason why they should not back up other artists on their albums. Live it's a different story, however... I can't see them doing that, but I'm absolutely convinced if they ever become somebody's backing band onstage, they will do it with immaculate taste.
  17. I don´t see that and I hope they don´t do it.
  18. Traveling Wilburys Book

    But you surely remember what Bo Diddley (and Tom Petty) said about judging a book by the cover.
  19. How was Full Moon Fever initially received by fans?

    My first copy of this was a cassette copy of the CD when it came out. I liked it . Played it quite a bit with headphones. Lots of great songs on this CD , and one of my top 5 TP & HB CDs. Someone mentioned the Stan interviews . I first saw them on the Disney Channel's " going home " series. It came out around the time of the greatest hits CD. Great posts here. On a side note his cover of the Byrd's tune added money into Gene Clark's bank account , which was good for Gene.
  20. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    I got one. Not surprised though.. must say.. these people just.. Never mind. I say criticizing is appropriate though.
  21. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    Which email? I got one a while ago. The handling of a lot of things recently has been a bit odd. Yes I realize this was an unexpected situation and it surely is a bit crazy within management but they seem disconnected. Hard to criticize in a time like this -- easy to get jumped on for calling things out but not everything is all peaches and cream.
  22. Tacky/insensitive TPATH email?

    Surely I am not the only person who received the email regarding TPATH tour merchandise. Is it just me, or couldn't they at least have added an "RIP Tom Petty" statement? What were they thinking?
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