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  2. That was such a good dopamine hit that I watched it twice. Probably going to do it again before bed.
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  5. The most important part of that video is the fact it stars Luke Wilson
  6. ^ That would have been a great wall hanger in your music room.
  7. Nice! I bet the TW500 is more of an actual guitar that can be played. Here is my TW100, which I sold a while back. It was not playable and I didn't consider it much of a collectable. The guitars that I do play take up enough space, so it needed to go.
  8. Yeah, this isn't a cover (I know) but it's so cool that I'm popping it into this collaborative thread in this section of forum... so when people are scrolling through all the songs they see this too...
  9. Thanks dollar dime - this is insanely good! I like The Last DJ album anyway & this... good lord, who would ever think: "Hmmm, let's try Joe with saxophones & a less abrasive singing voice & ps, let's also bring the guitar sound up?"
  10. Love these covers of Louisiana Rain & Magnolia from Margot Cotton a singer songwriter from France. Other Tom Petty covers on her youtube also. 😀
  11. Steve Ferrone & Friends bring a jazz lounge type flavor to Joe & Angel Dream 😀
  12. That's great Beth, Hang on to it!
  13. Cool, Nurk! Fred got one, too....I love it!
  14. This is the TW500 model. This and the TW600 were top of the Wilbury line, the only difference was the 600 had a tremolo arm. George Harrison used a TW500 in the video for "Handle With Care" The Wilbury line of guitars were commissioned by George Harrison by calling Fred Gretsch III, I met Fred in Kansas City and we talked about it and then took pictures and he even signed a Gretsch Silver Falcon for my brother. Fred did a day long event with presentations and films about Gretsch guitars and even introduced a limited edition all white model made only for this store he was appearing at called "The Funky Monkey". Only 30 of the limited edition were made for that store only. He explained to me that George called him and explained what he wanted for his new band, so he made the guitars for him. He said to hang on to them because there weren't many made. Models were the TW100, TW200, TW300, TW400, TW500 & TW600. The cheapest TW100's were on sale for $79.99 at Montgomery Wards or even Sears. I ran into a guy from the Carolina's that found pallets of them in the basement of a warehouse he just bought. The guitars were brand new still sealed in cases of 6. So I had to buy the case of 6 for $1200. Glad I did now! Here are a few pix of the 1 I kept after selling the other 5.
  15. This is the same Vox Mike Campbell played at a few shows. This is not his!
  16. I think the Petty Fest may be a different event. I *think* the guy on stage next to the lead singer is Jesse, he sang one song which I think was Crawling Back to you which I just was not fond of.. actually I want to say it was a mudcructh song he did that night but I did not record it or get a set list...
  17. Was the LA celebration called "Petty Fest?" The second article references that: "With 'Crawling Back To You' embedded in Malin’s spirit, it resurfaced when he played it at Petty Fest—an annual tribute concert to Tom Petty whose proceeds go to charity."
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