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  2. Y'know, I think it'll be even harder to say "bye" to the place with this extended time but I'm still glad it happened.
  3. It was always the weakest track on FMF for me; took a long time for it to grow on me and even then I rarely listen to it; though I do love those drum rolls towards the end by Phil Jones. cheers
  4. Why not? Runnin' Down A Dream Even The Losers You And I Will Meet Again It Ain't Nothin' To Me Findin' Out Fault Lines American Dream Plan B The Same Old You Let Me Up Mary Jane -----That isn't as easy as it sounds. cheers
  5. Yesterday
  6. so it's not just me that was kind of sick to death of Free Fallin?
  7. It's actually a surprisingly good list. Obviously none of us would agree 100% with the choices, but there are a lot of deep tracks that show these people do know the songs pretty well. And I'm glad that YDKHIF didn't rank any higher than 16th. Here are some of the songs I happen to think stand out, but are not on that "Top 100" poll list: Luna Hurt Magnolia No Second Thoughts Letting You Go The Criminal Kind Deliver Me The Same Old You (of course) Mary’s New Car Think About Me All Mixed Up Ain’t Love Strange How Many More Days Dark of The Sun Trailer Keeping Me Alive Accused of Love You And Me Turn This Car Around Night Driver Home American Dream Part B Red River All You Can Carry
  8. Here are 10 favorites that popped into my head (no particular order): The Waiting Rebels Straight Into Darkness Even The Losers King's Highway All You Can Carry The Damage You've Done Don't Do Me Like That Runnin' Down A Dream American Girl
  9. Its to the point I am beginning to wonder if some of the venues the DK plan to play will exist by the time this virus burns out in the US. That said I'm guessing some of you have seen the "Save our stages" program looking to get congress to send a little love to the independent music venues. I signed up for this and got replies from my congresspeople so it does indeed go to them... #SaveOurStages The time is now to help save our beloved independent music venues. Click here to do your part to keep the music playing. The mission of the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) is to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent live music venues and promoters throughout the United States. Today, they are asking music lovers for a final push of letters to Congress -- there won’t be another opportunity. Please help #SaveOurStages now. Act Now
  10. Heck, I'll take a shot at this. 10 feels like an impossible task, but in no particular order: When The Time Comes The Wild One, Forever Listen To Her Heart Kings Road Swingin' The Waiting Even The Losers Down South Wildflowers And because I really can't narrow a personal list down to just 10, honorable mentions go to: Time To Move On American Girl You Got Lucky Keeping Me Alive Surrender Mary Jane's Last Dance
  11. In no specific order American Girl I wont back down Refugee Mary Janes last dance Crawling Back to you Wildflowers Echo Swinging You got lucky Learning to fly those are the first ten I think of as favorites.
  12. 100 is a pretty big list. I was thinking about what would be considered the top 10 most well known & popular TP songs with the general public. For the casual fan, the radio listener, occasional concert goer. Then contrasted with my own favorites. Here's what I came up with. GENERAL PUBLIC TOP 10 1. Free Fallin' 2. I Won't Back Down 3. Don't Come Around Here No More (memorable video) 4. Mary Jane's Last Dance 5. Runnin' Down A Dream 6. Refugee 7. American Girl 8. The Waiting 9. Wildflowers (seems to get quoted a lot, and get the most tattoos...) 10. Learning To Fly Gosh that was hard. Honorable mentions: Here Comes My Girl, Listen to Her Heart, Into The Great Wide Open, Breakdown, Even The Losers... MY TOP 10 (for today at least)... 1. Walls (Circus) 2. You Get Me High 3. Surrender 4. Kings Highway 5. To Find A Friend 6. Casa Dega 7. Scare Easy 8. Even The Losers 9. Good To Be King 10. Mary Jane's Last Dance How about yours? Go with your first take, from memory....and don't overthink it. There's no wrong answer
  13. It's hiding behind the couch; bashful y'know. cheers
  14. Last week
  15. MAYBE it's because the site is shut down.
  16. The site is closing, IF you want to joke or FUCK around, you had 20+ years to do it. NOW IS NOT THE TIME!
  17. nurktwin

    LP cover

    I was thinking the grave on the bottom with flowers spelling out TP with his RIC 660/12 and the band standing for an ovation at a concert with us behind them.
  18. looks like we been fooled again. I don't like it.
  19. TomFest

    LP cover

    That's funny Nurk - I was thinking earlier that we should all post a picture of ourselves before the place shuts down. I'm curious what some of these fanatics look like. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. 😁
  20. Its the third and I am still not seeing it.
  21. nurktwin

    LP cover

    Here's an idea I have for an LP cover dedicated to our beloved hero Tom Petty. Send me a picture of yourself and I'll use all our pictures to recreate an LP cover like "SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" with our pictures and TPATH in front of all his fans. After that, everyone can make their own CD and put OUR picture on the cover! OR I can make a list of songs for our own special CD and burn them ourselves. Once the picture is done, it's easy. What do you think? This site is closing, so we can't do it here, but you can send pix and communicate with me here. nurk_twin@hotmail.com
  22. 8/3/20 The Beatles SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Deluxe Edition A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All
  23. Ahhh, mea culpa...consider it one last and early April Fools Joke, very early, couldn't resist since this place won't be here come April. Mea culpa, maxima culpa! cheers
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