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  2. I can't believe we are creeping up on the third year already. Hardly seems possible.
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  4. What a stunner!! Love that checkerboard binding. Hope it brings you years of joy, congrats!
  5. Very interesting and in depth article. Thanks for sharing. I am really looking forward to sitting down and diving into the box set in a few weeks. It hit me mid way through the article, when the author keeps coming back to "that September night at the Hollywood Bowl", they meant the show I saw, the final show. I was glad to hear Mike say how happy Tom was that night and how badly he wanted to be there. From my perspective, that night he did seem a bit happier than I had seen him in recent memory, so it's good to know it wasn't me or my mind projecting what I wanted to remember instead of how it actually was. Dang, in 3 days, will it really be 3 years since the last concert?? God, that hurts.
  6. Long article. https://news.yahoo.com/afraid-wildflowers-tom-petty-turned-172733568.html
  7. https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1190396302389055488 When this little boy noticed a house was out of candy on Halloween, he added his own stash to the bowl for the next trick-or-treaters
  8. video is up on youtube! I like the updated lyrics but its not acoustic as I was led to believe. Not a fan of the cheesy video effects but I'm happy to hear something new!
  9. https://news.yahoo.com/afraid-wildflowers-tom-petty-turned-172733568.html
  10. Last week
  11. Cool, thanks for that, haven't read it. Echo is really the post divorce/ cocaine album then.
  12. I felt the same way...but hey, check this out! This version is stylistically a good fit. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFSK4IWn09U/?igshid=23wcn7xkzdpn
  13. I listened to "somewhere under heaven" for the first time since months... and it sounds so totally different to all other songs from wildflowers...hard to believe, it was really meant to be on that album...
  14. Looks like it may be a new version of Lockdown...
  15. I'm guessing they are finally dropping a new DK track tonight.... Anyone with TPR that wants to tune in and tape this for us?
  16. You’re welcome. I knew there was a more definitive quote, and here it is, also from the Zanes bio:
  17. Thanks for posting that; sounds like a sad time in their lives aside from the positivity of making the music, performing etc. cheers
  18. It’s the viewpoint she got directly from her dad. Here’s the passage from Zanes’s biography.
  19. Well, I guess it might be the difference between problems beginning, and problems becoming more evident. I recall a quote from Tom saying something along the lines of "It was around the time of She's the One that we were losing the old Howie." Going back to the article, Tom's daughter talks about Wildflowers being the "quintessential divorce record." A singular view-point, I wonder what she thinks Echo is?
  20. Makes sense; good point. Nice to hear from you again before this place shuts down. Take care of yourself! cheers
  21. I think, I remember reading or hearing somewhere, that his problems started during the ITGWO-Tour.
  22. I noticed that too in the article and wondered if it was revisionist history or not. It's true Howie didn't participate in the Wildflowers sessions as much as Benmont, so maybe he did have some issues dating back that far.
  23. Here's the new RIC. Pix 1-4
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