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  2. If you like the Echo album & tour go here

    I think you're really going to enjoy the Hamburg show; and good sound quality too! cheers
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  4. If you like the Echo album & tour go here

    I've never been to a Petty Show I didn't enjoy and I'm rarely critical of his shows, I have many fond memories of seeing Tom live over the years - about 10 shows over the past 30 years and one Mudcructh show. My only criticism would be I sort of wish the setlist was more like the Rockaplast show which I literally just finished listening to a few minutes ago. I've always enjoyed when Tom did cover songs within the heartbreakers tunes which he tended to do less and less with setlists toward the end. Its nice to hear the boys stretch out with the cover tunes, I always enjoy them doing Gloria and I cant wait to listen to the DL of this show where they did it as an encore. One of my favorite versions of that is off the Fillmore shows where he does the little patter about talking to women on the street and doing sold out shows at the Fllmore.
  5. Do you drink Coffee?

    a) Have no use for foo-foo coffee Don't drink (every time I try to type the "b" in like you have it, I get a smirky face. ) c) Black d) Hot e) It would be hard not to have it first thing in the morning, but I could live without it if I had to.
  6. If you like Southern Accents tour

    Supposedly Pack up the Plantation is from the second night, this recording is from the first. Soundboard quality. Anyway, it's the show from this tour, I hope the songs that overlap with Plantation are from the other night but who knows? Regardless, if you were curious to hear a show from that tour without being cut up and mixed in with other live tracks, here you go: http://filefactory.com/file/153sx9icmp6j/Tom Petty - 1985-08-06 Los Angeles%2C CA (SBD).rar
  7. Do you drink Coffee?

    a) I do like a Frappuccino as a treat b ) No c) Usually black (unless it's a Frappuccino) d) Depending on weather, either hot, or a nice cold-pressed coffee (not boiled, left in fridge overnight, adding ice cubes) e) Not really, but I do have days where I have a cup of green tea or peppermint tea (also sometimes cold-pressed) instead
  8. Do you listen to live shows in their entirety?

    With a lot of TPATH shows I'll make a second playlist with certain songs cut out; usually the ones I've heard a lot or way way too much, songs I once loved or liked and now just flat ran 'em into the ground. Sometimes they make a comeback over the years if enough time goes by or the mood is right. I'll sometimes drop a big hit if they do very little to differentiate from the studio versions. Common ones to be culled are Free Fallin/Won't Back Down/YDKHIF/and a few other hits depending. But not always. Do you do the same thing or do you throw one show on and listen all the way through? On a long road trip I'm less prone to skip tracks and just let the whole experience play out in the car, listening to Tom's banter with the crowd etc. A good one for this is the Fillmore show. cheers
  9. Good site for Live Shows

    Not just TPATH but other bands too. Again, be cautious when downloading and some links no longer work but what a resource! http://www.guitars101.com/forums/tags/tom petty.html
  10. If you liked the '87 tour here to go...

    http://www.guitars101.com/forums/f145/tom-petty-1987-06-27-mansfield-ma-sbd-flac-168625.html Runaway Trains and Jammin' Me are some really good versions!
  11. Do you drink Coffee?

    Hot black coffee right now as I type this. cheers
  12. Downloadmania

    You're welcome. Enjoy!
  13. Downloadmania

    Thanks for posting this. The riffs at 24:21 are quite good.
  14. Downloadmania

    TPATH - Pack Up The Plantation 1985
  15. Downloadmania

    TPATH - 400 days 1995.
  16. Downloadmania

    TPATH - VH1 Story Tellers
  17. Downloadmania

    TPATH Live In Ottawa, Canada July 16, 2017.
  18. Downloadmania

    TPATH - PPL Center Allentown, PA 9/16/14
  19. Downloadmania

    TPATH Live in Minneapolis 1999
  20. Downloadmania

    TPATH - Wildflowers Tour 3/8/95 United Center - Chicago, ILL.
  21. Downloadmania

    TPATH - Shoreline Amp 10/2/94
  22. Downloadmania

    TPATH - Live USA 2003
  23. Downloadmania

    TPATH - Live at The Olympic 2002
  24. Downloadmania

    TPATH Live In Sound Garden Studios.
  25. Hey Tomfest

    OK, I've seen those in the past.
  26. What do you need to do today?

    Dog sitting for Miss Pepper Potts today. I anticipate throwing the tennis ball 1.7 million times.
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