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  2. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Understandable. I'm not a festival person, I like seeing a band in smaller venues.
  3. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Very well written RedfordCowboy. Tom Petty could've been viewed as corny or old-fashioned but he somehow evaded that. I think Wildflowers hit a nerve with people, the sentiments of longing and love and heartbreak speaking to both old and young. I think Tom never fit in with these guys; in fact, had he I wouldn't be listening to him as none of the above have ever connected with me aside from maybe hearing a radio hit countless times and thinking it was all right. There's an element of weirdness in TPATH's music, I think it's mostly submerged but pokes its head up from time to time and runs through a lot of their music. I don't know if it's really accurate but Seger, Springsteen etc. have that heartland rock label, but TPATH's tunes haven'f felt that way to me. Maybe it's the unique guitar sound of Mike along with Ben, or some element of british sheen mixed in along with some psychedelic element. I think some of it was the videos, it could have just been the timing too with WF and Greatest Hits being around; one picked up the first and then the second and that was it. Just based on that plus the laid back stage attitude connected with people. Probably the crowd pleasing touring as well, he became peoples' laid back rock and roll Uncle or something, understanding your heartache and telling you it'll be all right.
  4. Gainesville Resident

    1715 NE 6th Terrace is this it?
  5. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

  6. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    what you said Redford Cowboy. But wasn't the mid-90's, Tom's period of heroin drug addiction? Yes, a great marketing campaign to stay relevant, but if he was also using, maybe all those drug references were his, after all. BTW, my personal favs "Even the Losers Get Lucky, Sometime", "You Wreck Me", "The Waiting", among so many others.
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  8. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    ^ Great post! Good thinking, good writing.
  9. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    That's exactly what I was going to say, Timflyte, but you beat me to it. One of the reasons You Don't Know How it Feels was such a smash hit was because of that line in the chorus..."Let's get to the point, let's roll another joint." That was a huge line with the youth of the day, when the song hit radio waves. And people always cheer when he comes to it in concert. In fact, I think that's why both YDKHIF and You Wreck Me were such big songs off Wildflowers...they both resonated with the youth (IMHO). And I think the lines that everyone smiles at in You Wreck me, as previously stated, are "I'll be the boy in the corduroy pants, you be the girl at the high school dance, run with me, etc." Give me a chance. It's a similar sentiment to Even the Losers to me. Young kids get this idea. At least I did And, we were wearing corduroy pants in the 90s. Just like our parents were in the early 70s.... I was in high school in the mid-90's, and Tom was very popular. He was and MTV king in 1994. You could argue that he was riding a mega high wave from 1989 all the way up to 1995/1996. During this period, grunge was in high gear...kids in my school were fans of the big bands of the day–Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, STP, and Alice in Chains. See the similarities? Oh, yeah, and Tom Petty. Wildflowers brought him a new generation of fans....the youth. And Last Dance With Mary Jane was a monster song...THAT EVERYONE LIKED. Compared to the above mentioned bands, Tom Petty was probably seen as the old rocker (at 44, ha)...a classic rocker. One of the guys their parents grew up listening to. Yet, Tom Petty was cool. You just liked him. Jean jacket, converse all stars, laid back kinda guy. Rolling another joint. Famous, but not interested in fame. And with Wildflowers, and the 1995 Dogs With Wings Tour, he gained a bigger and wider following with the youth. Watch the 400 Days documentary. They interview all these young fans (high school/college age kids) pouring out of the show afterwards. They are say the same thing, "Tom Petty is cool." This one 19 year old kid says how he "loves his Wildflowers tape." Ha. And that all his friends love Tom Petty. I put Tom in the same camp with peers like Seger, Springsteen and Mellencamp. Heartland rock, blue collar rock, American rock and roll, Everyman rock, whatever you want to label it. Each are great artists in their own respect, and all 4 were pretty huge in the 70's and 80's at various points. Then we get to the mid-90s, and there is a drop off in popularity (WITH THE YOUTH) with Seger, Springsteen, and Mellencamp, comparatively. But not with Tom. He was still accepted, popular and cool. Was it the music videos? The laid back image? The consistent quality output of hit songs? Another interesting thing to note about Tom in the early to mid-90's was his "suite of songs" that contained both subtle and blatant drug references. I'm referring to the songs Last Dance With Mary Jane ("I hit the last number, I walked to the road"), YDKHIF, You Get Me High, and Girl on LSD. There may be more. I wonder if he was in a mood, or just catering to the youth, since they were digging it? He didn't have this druggie image, and yet he was singing about it quite a bit. It was almost as if since it was coming from Tom, it was fine and harmless. He would sing Girl on LSD, then follow that with a lovely version of Learning to Fly. Or he would do the road-weary, moody 13 Days (with lots of references), and follow that by moving, acoustic version of Kings Highway. The contrast between the 2 songs both drastically different. I don't know, just an observation. And perhaps another reason why TP was popular in the 90's... And, to address the actual thread topic...YES, I think You Wreck Me was and is a hit! It's a classic feel good Tom Petty song. I've always loved it.
  10. Question of the day 2/22/18

    I would have guessed American Girl would be up there as well.. such a fabulous song!
  11. Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    2/23/18 Ray Davies of The Kinks
  12. Random Thoughts Thread

    Whenever I watch the video for Jammin' Me, I get the distinct impression that somebody just figured out how to use greenscreens and couldn't wait to try it out.
  13. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Maybe Tom played it live because it's just a fun song to play ? I think the " you don't how it feels " song , people got into the " roll another joint " line. A little risqued for the time. The video for it was good too. I love " yet so bad " . So many of Tom's songs are just good listening and driving songs .
  14. Neil Young FREE recordings

    Just great stuff... true artist
  15. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    ^ Yes, really. Again. They live played it into being a full blown classic.
  16. Question of the day 2/22/18

    I checked it up here: https://secondhandsongs.com/artist/3040/originals Free Fallin' comes out on top, but American Girl and I Won't Back Down are only 1 behind. I'm not too surprised.
  17. Even The Losers Go Missing At Times

    Nah, it was the TV screens. The arcade game that Tom knocked down was Astro Invaders. Bit of a shame because it likely destroyed it (maybe the cabinet itself would've survived, but not the inner workings, and the monitors are easy to shatter) and Astro Invaders is pretty rare these days.
  18. Even The Losers Go Missing At Times

    It's playing on the video game that Tom knocks over in the You Got Lucky vid. Sneaky, eh?
  19. Question of the day 2/22/18

    Years ago I would've said I Won't Back Down by professional musicians but I think it could also be any of the big ones, Free Fallin', Learning To Fly with an outside chance of Breakdown or Runnin'. Amateurs, who knows? There's a plethora of covers online but a lot are the big hits.
  20. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    I think you pretty much nailed it. People love the sentiment. It's like Tom Petty's version of "Friends in Low Places." If some consider Yer So Bad overplayed in concert, this song was a feature pretty much since 1995 and nearly always early in the set. What's interesting is how You Wreck Me is another example of doing a lot with very little. The main riff or chord progression is just three in a row, nothing fancy yet between the lyrics the drums and the little bits the rest of the band fit in the song works. The other main part that's also the song's conclusion is a neat way of building up to a climax with the fast chord changes and then moving up an octave. While a little different he does kinda the same thing in Saving Grace. Other groups have written better faster songs but YWM works nicely for TPATH. But overall, a laid back groove is just going to appeal to more people, especially one with these lyrics. There's quite a lot of space in the song too which helps no doubt to pull listeners in. I always found it incredibly dull and the lyrics annoying and was doubly annoyed by them playing it all the time and was puzzled at the audience's crazed reaction to what I thought I was a lame song. Never understood it. Years later I get it and like I said, can appreciate it when I'm in the mood. The song was definitely a new road for the band and one they kept on, in my opinion for years. Again, maybe that's why You Wreck Me stands out on Wildflowers, it's a burst of energy with a faster beat than the other rockers on the album, like Honey Bee. Even if it didn't get much radio play after 95, that Tom kept it in the set had people recognizing it when they caught him on tour over the years, even if one didn't own Wildflowers or hear the song much they'd get it in concert over the years. ISHKI seems like its in the same category but even less known than YWM. cheers
  21. Even The Losers Go Missing At Times

    Here's my guess: They were planning to include a live video of it, but for some reason they were unable to secure the rights to do so. So rather than simply cut it entirely, they played it up for the humor. I have no evidence to support this one way or the other, but it's a reasonable guess.
  22. Question of the day 2/22/18

    What is the most covered TPATH song? How many covers have been made? I have no idea.
  23. You Wreck Me, was it a hit? And other questions.

    Absolutely! I think (total speculation on my behalf) the hookline "You don't know how it feels to be me" is what most people responded to, in combination with that laid-back Neil Young-beat that seems to add, kind of between the lines, "... and I don't give a s***". I like the song, too, but I never would have chosen it as a single... it's slow, it's mellow, but it's not a love song... so it's acutally quote a bold choice, with the bit about the joint and all... those were different times. Was it more successful than You Wreck Me? It probably set Tom apart more than YWM from what else was going on in the charts back then. There were other (younger) acts doing the fast rock song thing, but hardly anyone who did a 70s Neil Young groove.
  24. Perhaps a strange question, but suddenly I need to know (pun).. Most parts of the Tom and The Heartbreakers' map are familiar at this point. But sometimes there are uncertainties. Like, was there ever a promo video made for Even The Losers. Older fans may recall how such a video was hinted at, listed but mock-withdrawn (good word, that) or whatever in the video collection A Bunch of Videos and Some Other Stuff. Now, given that the song in itself definitely is/was a borderline big hit, even made a single in some countries, I suppose that at least an after-the-fact type video ( like say American Girl) is imaginable. It just hit me that I think I've seen it all, and yet I have never seen a video for this song. Or have I?
  25. Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    2/22/18 The Yardbirds
  26. Neil Young FREE recordings

    And now the vaults are open... dare I say.. goldmine!! Fantastic stuff, sounds fantastic! https://www.neilyoungarchives.com/?eml=2018February21/4257682/6010961&etsubid=34067065#/?_k=ox4zci
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