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  2. Good find, Tomfest!!! To save anyone else having to scroll past 100 agonising ads... New info is in first 2 paragraphs only. Rest of article is old news / background. According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Tom Petty's widow Dana York Petty and his daughters Adria and Annakim Petty have settled their issues and will drop lawsuits against each other. A new filing in the case states, "The parties to the foregoing matters have entered into a settlement."
  3. Well for me, yeah, it's core TP in all variations* then all the rest, which is mainly 1950s rock n roll & 1960s. On Spotify, a lot of podcasts & a repeat play of waves on pebble beach. An occasional flicker of something more recent, usually based on following up recommendations I only just realised that elusive Blue Stingrays album is on Spotify!! Joy!!! * oh, you know: TP solo, Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch, Travelling Wilburys & collaborations.
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  5. not quite a photo but art is nice too. This is from Pizzawednesday / Mike Olson Art. The original 8" x 10"was a little spendy (not mine) but they are hoping to make a print or sticker of this image. I think you will recognize this from the B&W image it is modeled after. They agonized over colonizeing the drawing... Mudcrutch by
  6. Well I met Ron Blair and Steve Ferrone at the celebration in LA back in October and I hold them in high esteem. I know someone on here met Scott Thurston once and he was not very cool and that story is still mentioned.... So you are right for sure about both things being memorable the good and the bad. Ive met a lot of artists over the years in small venues. Amy Mann, John Hiatt, Jr Wells, Buddy Guy and Joan Osborne. Not sure how many Aimee Mann (till tuesday) fans are on here, but she had two solo albums at the time I met her. She was very kindly signing things for people and she is a very pretty woman and has an amazing voice. I was a little star struck when I met her, so when she asked how to sign my CD I said 'to Jeff'. She asked do you want me to say anything else? and flustered I said, I don't know, maybe I'm with stupid or whatever.... Whatever and I'm With Stupid are the names of her albums.... It took me showing my frined Dave the cover a few minutes later to realize what I asked her to do and she never batted an eye. Even posed for a picture with what may be a slight smirk... It took Dave about 10 seconds to start mocking me as that is what friends are for.... Now back to record store stories. I did buy a new record player from them yesterday and got a short history lesson there about the unit and its origin. The player a Caliphone 1450K was the mainstay of american schools for decades. If you had a slide show with a record that beeped you likely listed to it played on one of these. I'm told by David that they retailed for 800 new in 1950 so were top of the line state of the art. Sadly as records were phased out most schools tossed the players in the trash. A million made and 950,000 tossed in landfills. David went through it tip to top and cleaned, lubricated and adjusted everything to like new. It sits on 4 spring vibration dampening feet and can play 78, 45, 33 and 16 RPM discs! It has a built in speaker and an output jack for external speakers and a microphone input for a microphone! So it is the original Karaoke machine I guess. I bought a headphone to RCA jack today so I'm looking forward to hooking it up and giving something a spin... This is David the oldest brother on the left and Robert or Bob on the right. You can see the clutter all around behind them. David and Robert Here you can see the stacks of CDs, Albums and various record players Juke boxes and TVs in various states of repair or for sale. This is down town Lowell a few blocks from the shop on a lovely snowy week day. Lowell Lowell City Hall.
  7. Hmmm........maybe we can on with releasing this record now? https://theblast.com/c/tom-petty-music-family-settles-legal-battle-estate-wildflowers-dana-daughters
  8. I wonder if celebrities understand that when they behave badly, those stories live forever. Or maybe they don't care. Of course the opposite is also true - when they are kind to someone "beneath" them, those stories live forever too.
  9. Thank you!! And B.B. is one of the best movies ever made! Too bad they NEVER HAD A SEQUEL.... I named my dogs Jake and Elwood and when we lost Elwood our youngest pup was named "Carrie" after Jake's un-named Girlfriend. Truth be told our Carrie takes more after Steven Kings version than the Mrs Fisher.... the sequel though: It does not exist as far as I am concerned.... but sadly I recently learned I may need to finally watch it as the original Hoodoo Man Mr Junior Wells is actually in the movie! The one thing they got right with the original is casting Ray Charles, Donald Duck Dunn, Matt Guitar Murphy, Blue Lou, John Lee and too many others to mention in prominent roles in the film. Cab Calloway is priceless in this flick! and yes, Bob has met Cab Calloway... Back on topic, years ago when the record store newer they actually had (if memory of the conversation serves 4) listening booths in the store. There was a night club that would draw Big Band era musicians to Lowell and the places reputation was well established even in the 1940's and 50's! So when Bob was but a wee lad the greats like Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and others would come by during the day while killing time before they went on stage to listen to the latest and greatest records in the booth. So it was not uncommon for visiting musicians to swing into the shop. Bob showed me some pictures when my wife and were in a couple of weekends ago. He had canceled checks from Ben Orr, play bills from the 50s and 60s in a binder and the store used to have a panel truck to make local deliveries as they were a TV and record factory service center even back then. I could tell Bob was a bit wistful when he mentioned time the young and beautiful Judy Garland once appeared in the store unexpectedly. This was to the delight of the even younger Bob who was almost certainly smitten by the young woman. Not a lot of details on that as this one was more an aside that was told around the time he was telling me about meeting Aretha and Mariah Carry who was apparently just awful to be around, Bob being a gentleman gave no other details on Mariah Carey Its almost unimaginable what has gone on in the store over the last 90 years or so!
  10. I see this and I wonder - did girls just scream for any act on stage in 1964? Even this Austin Powers looking guy? All you needed to do was buy a Beatles guitar and get on stage? Man I was born too late. LOL
  11. These are mighty fine stories!!! Plus you can never have too much of the good stuff, I guess, whether it's your own or someone else's. Maybe their complete-ist collector antennae perk up when they're near lots of possible gold. Frustrating when it's too messy to find stuff. I'm definitely Team Aretha on this one! Embarrassing about saying anything that might be taken as an insult... to her son. Blush! I'm another dedicated fan of "Blues Brothers" movie. (As surely all right-minded music fans are!) Ray Charles' music repair shop, Land Of 1000 Dances dance sequence, ah, it's all good.
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  13. By Tony Bacon https://reverb.com/news/tom-petty-describes-the-allure-of-the-12-string-in-previously-unpublished-interview
  14. By Tony Bacon 1994 https://reverb.com/news/interview-paul-mccartney-on-his-life-as-a-bassist?utm_source=MarketingCloud&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=20191211+D%26S
  15. Cancelled by nurktwin. Video's won't play!
  16. If you think about it Aretha or Tom surely had some copies of stuff to give visitors but they need to replenish at some point. These guys sell wicked cheap, most catalog titles are 4-5 dollars a record here. So its a bargain bin really and a way for her to save money...
  17. I can believe Aretha was no nonsense. Loved her bit in The Blues Brothers movie. What a voice she had. I always kind of assume that artists already own all of their own back catalog of records, but obviously not.
  18. That is so good. Badfinger was more than just Pete Ham and Tom Evans. Joey Molland wrote and sang some great songs too. And check out Pete's lead guitar on this song. Killer.
  19. Lowell is a very historic town. Some call the small Mill town an hour from Boston 'the Birthplace of the industrial revolution' as the Mill buildings there, fair or not were the first factories to accept women and children as workers. Lowell, the city, is designated a national historic park as a whole and we recently (2018? ) had a quarter minted in recognition of this. Its a mid-sized city roughly the 5th largest in MA and has a large melting pot immigrant population. It also is the home of Jack Kerouac and Whistler (the painter of Whistler's mother fame) lived in Lowell along with Ed McMahon from the Tonight show. They city has several museums and a number of concert venues so we get a fair share of musical acts in town and Garnicks has a reputation for having a lot of older out of print stuff in stock.( My wife and I are very amused by the new tag line there "there is a lot to like about Lowell." Like, not love.... ) So Garnicks naturally has some flow of artists to the shop. Judy Garland was there years ago. The Platters and many many others. In her latter days, Aretha Franklin played the summer concert series fairly often. One year she came in the shop and was somewhat bossy but left without buying anything. The place is very old and extremely cluttered and as we know Aretha was a large woman, we all tend to gain weight with age, no big deal. Bob is rail thin not that it matters too much. So after Aretha left the shop there was another guy that stayed behind who Bob took to be a fan of hers. He made an idle comment about how beautiful she was in the 60's and how it was a shame her weight had gone up so much as she had well documented health issues due to her weight. The reply much to Bob's surprise was something to the effect of "yeah, Mom has gone up in weight a lot, but she can't help it.' A very red faced Bob apologizes profusely as the comment was not meant to be mean. Her son indicated Aretha was looking for her own older out of print records and Bob says he can look in back and let him know. A couple of hours later, still embarrassed for his slip to the son, a limo pulls up in front of the shop. Out comes Aretha walking hurriedly, looking to be in a huff. Bob hears her enter the shop and in her loud unmistakable voice she calls out "Where is Bob Garnick!" Bob replies 'over here' and is formulating an apology for this diva, the Queen of Soul he has apparently insulted enough to warrant a dressing down. She walks up to him and says 'My Boy says that you...' (waiting for it to come at him, he braces for the blow) 'have some of my old records? Where are they? I don't have all day!" A very relived Bob says right this way Mrs Franklin and shows her the stock which she happily buys.
  20. So how about the King? Yeah lets hear about when Bob met Elvis..... Scene: some hotel in NJ, Elvis is in the building. Its a music industry event and Elvis is in the room, sitting by himself and everyone is somehow intimidated. So Bob who has met all manner of celebrity is like; "the guy looks lonely." So Bob grabs a tray and a seat and he is riding with the King. Easy conversation, about most likely; nothing. They are soon joined by other record industry types now that Bob broke the ice... Now that was a short and nearly unbelievable story. One I would think my dumb uncle would tell this one while drunk to impress a girl at the bar.... I can't imagine Bob would make this one up. Maybe having heard it from someone else and telling it like it was his story to tell. But I dont think that is the case. But with all the stuff Bob has told me, I almost feel like I belong in the 'Big Fish' movie when I speak with him...
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  22. So the next stories are Bob stories again. Bob seems to know famous people and David seems to know everything historical. So years ago when Ben Orr was not yet famous he was dating an A&R rep who happened to cover Garnicks. Ben was a struggling musician and his future wife IIRC was also not exactly raking in the dough. The pair of them would frequently visit Garnick, nearly weekly according to Bob and come with cases of "promo only" copies of records. Not judging anyone but money exchanged hand and promo copies were left behind in bulk to the tune of several hundred dollars. Enough for groceries and possibly rent. This went on for some time and was not brief, finally Ben joins the Cars and they hit big. Bob gets comp tickets from someone (not Ben). He is well enough known at the time to get nearly backstage. Bob and his wife had a marvelous time at the show and Bob wanted t introduce his wife to Ben who he has known and helped for years. Bob passes his card to some security dude and within minutes the guard is back and Bob is awating greatness with he and his wife whisked back stage. Well that was not the case. Ben said something to the effect of Who the F is Bob? On the flip side of this story is Jerry Garcia. The dead were a very unique band in not only set list selection varying by night and jamming. They had the deadheads who toured and followed the band endlessly. The dead had something called 'glitter graphics" to combat forged tickets in the days before Ticketmaster and ubiquitous fees and such. Boston was a big market for the dead as they loved to play the garden. It had the advantage of being indoors so they could play any season there. According to Bob the band was fairly hands on and involved in tickets as much as was piratical as they wanted to see tickets in the hands of fans and not scalpers and such so they were selective where they sold. I have a passing appreciation of the dead myself, have a few CDs, not a fan but enjoy the long strange trip vibe. So please excuse me if I get any of this wrong. The dead had people looking for miracles and those deadheads who followed the band made a living selling trinkets and such outside the venue. A 'miracle' of course is the elusive ticket for the show not bought in advance and not costing too dear. So for whatever reason Bob did not have a ticket and decided to look for his own miracle as he'd heard amazing things about he shows. He brought his wife who was not a fan of the band. She was more of a Wayne Newton gal and was a reluctant partner for the trip. Bob tried a few of his connections near Boston but it was a sold out show. Finally he went to the back door of the garden and rapped on the door. A security guard came out and Bob handed him his business card and asked if someone might have a ticket for him. His wife embarrassed to be asking for tickets encouraged Bob to leave. Mind you he'd never met Jerry or any band members in the past. This time despite not knowing the band they immediately usher him in. Bob had a reputation for fair ticket sales and selling very close to, if not at face value when he could have charged a premium price and nobody might be the wiser. To his shock he is ushered to the side stage near if not in the front row. Jerry himself quietly came by and chatted with Bob at length before the show. His wife commented he might need a shower as well he was well, Jerry and hygiene was not as important as music and love. Bob has no clear recollection of what year the show was but it was most likely before the early 80s as Ticketmaster seems to have blown up around 81-82 and started in the late 70s. As the show was going Jerry took the stage and gave Bob a hearty welcome 'Bob Garnick of Garnick Records' to the crowd to the cheers of fans who had bought tickets to this or other shows. It was pretty magical for Bob and his wife. I suspect there is an old Boston Garden Bootleg out there circulating with the greeting on it. Similar to Tom saying 'Hi' to his Dad in the crowd in Gainesville before "Take out some insurance" Can you imagine? Getting booted by Ben Orr when he was helping the guy and Gerry is treating him like a visiting king?
  23. Nice. Yea I was just going off the Spotify stats. I had some weird trends I didn't expect.
  24. I saw it in the theater when it came out. Is there a TP reference in it? I remember Pink Floyd's "Hey You" and David Lynch's Blue Velvet.
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