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  2. ^ Tomfest, while in Hollywood you have to stop by Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. Many locations, the 1 on Gower St. usually has a long waiting list, so try the 1 on Pico Blvd. https://www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.com/ MENU https://www.roscoeschickenandwaffles.com/our-menu
  3. the dirty knobs WRECKLESS ABANDON Wreckless Abandon – 6:01 Pistol Packin’ Mama – 4:15 Sugar – 4:40 Southern Boy – 4:46 I Still Love You – 5:19 Irish Girl – 4:28 Fuck That Guy – 3:14 Don’t Knock The Boogie – 6:57 Don’t Wait – 5:00 Anna Lee – 3:45 Aw Honey – 3:06 Loaded Gun – 4:02 Don’t Knock The Boogie (Coda) – 1:01
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  5. That metal nut is because someone set it up for slide. I've got one of those. It can easily be removed for straight playing.
  6. Got tickets for the 2nd show at the Troubadour. Looks like I'm off to L.A. in April. My wife is off work that whole week so I'll either try for the new Star Wars exhibit at Disneyland, or maybe a ball game. I've never been to Dodger Stadium. I need to check if they're in town then.
  7. Thanks, I'll post some pix of my brothers.
  8. Here's an old Belden from the 30's that sold on Reverb for $160. There's a video included where the guy talks about it. Pretty cool old blues sounds he gets out of it. https://reverb.com/item/1480563-belden-unknown-1930-s-2-tone-sunburst
  9. My brother just bought an old acoustic guitar at an auction. He thinks it's from the 1930's, but can't find any info on it. Has anyone here heard of a "BELDEN' guitar? If so, what do you know about them? It looks like it has a rounded steel nut at the top of the neck. Any ideas?
  10. Answering my own question: Yes, a new date was added: Monday, April 27 at the High Dive. Tickets have been duly procured. 🤗
  11. New show added at the High Dive in Gainesville? *happydance* Looking for details now.
  12. Going to be gone until Sunday achieving a 20 year dream of seeing Buddy Guy live at Legends in Chicago during his annual residency. Mrs Hoodoman and I are pumped to be doing a quick trip to Chi town and seeing a living legend in his own bar. Don't miss me when I'm gone as this dream is nearly over... 😎 see you all on the flip side! And it will be reasonably warm in the windy city!!
  13. https://www.thedirtyknobs.com/ website is up. Pre order for album, shirts and other merch plus tour dates and more. This is where you can sign up for the Mike Campbell errr Dirty Knobs news letter too! Nice little site they have.
  14. No unfortunately. My trip is Oct/Nov.
  15. Briliant! And somehow comforting in an age where the "high heel" gets away with corruption, ignorance, rudeness, stupidity and crime. Still makes me wonder how much "time" is needed, though.... Seems to me we all took the que from Michael Jackson.. "Heel the World".
  16. Sunglasses on, boys. Time to pose. In a cool yet cheerfully nonchalant way.
  17. Hell if I'm dreaming let him team up with Lindsey Buckingham and watch the FM fans heads explode in anger and jealousy... they are friends as I understand it... Oh hell yeah! Dream team! (If Lindsey Buckingham is back up to performing again after his health scare).
  18. Sensational line-up!!! Also, crucial question, are any of these dates going to work for your trip planning bonddm?
  19. Aww, was that one you wanted Yannick? Too bad. Maybe they'll play it live though. I read they recorded too many to include. Welcome back MaryJanes2ndLast Dance. Maybe... on other hand, they have included 7th track's title : )
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