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  2. I am here for the music too. So I'm out from this thread.
  3. Yes, it has all of that, and I've done all of the tests. I've changed to different types of mask and this is the least problematic. It's still annoying and still wakes me up several times during the night. Events per hour was something like 47 during my "test", and now less than 5 per hour typically. This is all great, but I still wake up several times per night. Whatever. The "score" is based on several factors - one of which is the length of time using it each night. I just find it ironic that I feel like I am not getting uninterrupted sleep but this "system" thinks everything is great.
  4. I've had one for a few years, you get used to it quickly and sleep better. The fitment of the mask is critical. make sure its snug but not too tight. There is a "mask fit" test that does a pressure test on a lot of models so you may want to run that... they generally only issue one if you have sleep apnea and do mini-wake ups during the night that you are unaware of and this prevents those thus you sleep a little more and get into REM sleep for longer periods of time. I am not familiar with the score but I think it may mean you used it for at least 4hrs. Check if there is an events per hour listing and that will tell you how many times you gasped/sputtered for air and had an apnea event.
  5. So I got this CPAP machine a couple of months ago and I'm trying to use it. If you're not familiar, it's for people that snore - and EVERYONE snores. Anyway, it gives you a grade on your quality of sleep every night. The irony is - I never used to wake up during the night, and now I wake up several times per night to adjust the stupid thing, or move it from my ear back to my nose where it belongs, or to connect the stupid nose mask back to the head gear because it sometimes detaches. But if I make it to the morning with the mask on my face after all of that, I get a score of 100. Yay - I woke up a bunch of times, but I scored 100. WTF? I miss the days where I slept all the way through the night. Sigh...
  6. I think the government has been taking a very gentle approach with us. They don't want to rip the bandaid off and cause panic and therefore have been slow rolling us on the blunt truth. I feel like the above number is hopelessly optimistic based on behavior of the governors in MS and FL. That number is likely low for FL on its own at this point based on population, lack of precautions taken and a host of other factors. FL is currently listed as 21 Million people and they are largely snow birds from other parts of the US, I don't think many of them have returned home to northern states as that 'migration' would have started in Feb/March and anyone from NY or MA probably stayed put.... I hate to be doom and gloom, but they mentioned some countries have mass graves visible from space already. If the POTUS does not significantly step up actions for collective bargaining it will be too little to late. I think I am not going to comment on this aspect of the thread anymore as it really brings me down...
  7. 3/31/20 Heart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rO6n4fzF-U
  8. On the news this morning they are predicting 200,000 deaths in the USA as the low number!
  9. Absolutely. When I spotted it (typo? slip?) in the book, it immediately clicked. The concept of the “hypnotic eye” had to be explained to me, not because I didn’t understand it, but because I couldn’t connect it with the lyrical content. The eye of the hurricane, however, fits. (Are we in it?)
  10. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu CORONAVIRUS RESOURCE CENTER Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19. This website is a resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.
  11. I wonder what the over/under number of deaths is, before this changes from overreaction to appropriate restrictions? Dr. Bhakdi and all other "deniers" must have a number in mind? What is it? How many worldwide dead is acceptable?
  12. How about Something Good Coming (from the Mojo album)? It references the job losses going on, but remains hopeful for a treatment, cure, vaccine, or some positive end to this. And I'm an honest man Work's all I know You take that away Don't know where to go.... There's something good coming For you and me Something good coming There has to be I've always thought that Something Good Coming would have been the perfect way to end HE, if it hadn't already been on Mojo. And I agree with the thought that Hypnotic Eye is a great album and great album for this time. Thanks to Tom and the guys for making it, a few years ahead of when we needed it. Though I still think that Hurricane Eye would have been a better name, assuming that this was actually considered, and not just a strange accident in that book. And maybe they would have included Somewhere Under Heaven on the album too, given that it's a great sounding song (which was never officially released on an album), and has its own hurricane reference.
  13. I figure since you're on a first-name basis with everyone in Switzerland, you could give your take on this. Of course, everyone else, jump in. Or not. https://swprs.org/open-letter-from-professor-sucharit-bhakdi-to-german-chancellor-dr-angela-merkel/ An Open Letter from Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, to the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. Dear Chancellor, As Emeritus of the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz and longtime director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology, I feel obliged to critically question the far-reaching restrictions on public life that we are currently taking on ourselves in order to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus... ciao
  14. Last week
  15. I think Tom said it right. "Money Is King"
  16. Jeez, I hope all are doing as well as can be with all of that, sorry to hear it man. I understtand, I just have a healthy degree of skepticism. Yes. What good came of him appearing? Perhaps he was a possible trigger for the mass panic and crazy hoarding at the beginning of this. I understand. But I also think it's a symptom of what a sad society we exist in or what a mediocre culture that we view TH as this benevolent figure. WE don't know him, it's just a projection onto him. And that people now believe it because of a celebrity...well...you are correct but I think it shows how far afield we are from a healthy society. The whole thing feels like a setup, even from the p.o.v. of it being legitimate and not part of some evil conspiracy, just a way to ease the public into accepting things even if it's a lie. I'm not saying it's a lie, just noting the power and influence of celebrities (sports figures etc.). That's just preaching to the choir. If everyone stays civil, the Farm can be a place for this type of discussion, though at this point I don't have much to add as I think again, the weeks ahead will tell the tale. I'm skeptical of politicians, flat stop. Right, left and center though maybe those in the middle are the most tolerable. I don't know. Shouldn't step one have been years ago....keeping manufacturing here even if it cost some stockholders/ceos some profit. And what the heck is wrong with our car industry? Shouldn't it be much improved compared to foreign countries output. But yes, I agree, gouging and such is wrong. This was funny. cheers
  17. Almond pizzelles done. I must be doing something the same way. I came out with 88 pizzelles again, the same number as the other day making Anise. Now I'm up to 976 pizzelles or 81 1/3 dozen for 2020.
  18. Yeah, there comes a time in everyone's life that sooner or later they will realize they can't "take it with them" and should share while they are alive. It's too bad that people are on their death beds before they realize it. There is no sharing when you are dead, you've already passed up the chance and can NEVER get it back again. Peter Fonda once said to The Beatles "I know what it's like to be dead" and John Lennon wrote a song about it. Peter said that because he was high as a kite and was never dead. A lot of people have been dead and came back that can say that including me! I believe I've been dead 2 times, the 1st after a heart attack and surgery that left me in a coma for 12 days and in the hospital for a month back in 2013. The 2nd time was last year after Cancer surgery (9 hours) and the following day had a life threatening blood clot and was rushed back into surgery for a 2nd time in 2 days to open my throat again from ear to ear! But I made it and so far am doing well. Probably will never talk right again, let alone sing or be able to eat right, but I'm alive. And that brings me back to where I started this post. Give while you can, tomorrow may be too late or never come at all. The artists we know and love can give their music to the world while they are alive, but their heirs will most likely sell it for "CASH FLOW"! After a major life threatening operation, doctors say people have a tendency to get emotional and I think that's true. I have a new way of looking at things and want to share and give to people that need help. SO, if you can do anything to help a neighbor or anyone, do it. Even if you can only afford to give $1 to animal charity, food band or anything in your home town, give it a shot. You'll feel a lot better, trust me.
  19. We're trying to go shopping no more than once a week, and yesterday was the day. Went to Costco and Fred Meyer. Ironically, I would say we have more food and supplies in this house than at any other time in the 24 years that we've lived here. And there are only 2 of us now. We bought toilet paper. I swore I was not going to be that guy, but we did. Oh well, it seems that all of the "panic" buying might be over with by now because there was plenty. Guess I'll start the 2 week clock over again. I don't think I ever get to 2 weeks before I have to start the clock again. Watched Neil Young play his acoustic guitar outside in the snow. Killer version of "Words". He did "Birds" also. A couple of my favorites. Best $20 I ever spent to subscribe to his NYA site for a year. Everything in his entire catalog streaming in high definition. Plus random live performances like these "Fireside" sessions he's doing. Can't beat it. I wish "Tom Petty Enterprises" would do that.
  20. Today another batch of pizzelles. I'm gonna try Almond for the 1st time. If they come out good, I'm gonna try ALMOND-PISTACHIO blend as soon as I buy Pistachio extract. I still have to try Vanilla too. I'll be back later to let you know how many Almond I made today. Stay home, listen to music and enjoy yourself. Life is good!
  21. It's unreal. But like with all of this, again I think the next several weeks will tell the tale, hopefully this flattens out and life begins steps back to normalcy. More on this later... cheers
  22. A fellow heretic! Nice to know. Good point about the sobering relevancy of today with the record. For me, it's just a really good mix of songwriting, each one with interesting parts, memorable lyrics, inspired playing all interlocking nicely so you can start with American Dream Plan B, to Shadow People with Tom's optimistic final verse then back to the beginning. The album flies by. cheers
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