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Welcome to Mudcrutch Farm, a community for fans of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Please hang with us in the forum and let us know if you have been to any shows this tour.

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      24 Oct

    Sorry for the delay. The Petty Archives website should be up by the first of the year. (That is my goal). Thank you for your patience.

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Raleigh, NC September 18, 2014

The Waiting Today, 05:28 PM
The Raleigh Concert was great, and I was lucky enough to see Donna Lamb and Robbie Keaton again.  We got to talk for a few minutes, and then I wanted to share a picture from where we all went to California to see the two Santa Barbara Concerts 13 years ago.  It was probably the most fun...
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Running down a dream

Great Wide Open Today, 01:09 PM
Famous people like Tom get inspirations from many people to write songs, sometimes they sound too familiar as in "running down a dream". My guess is that TOM used a song from JJ Cale to write RDAD, he just speeded up the song and changed the lyrics with a few options. What do you think??? This is...
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Great Wide Open Yesterday, 07:28 PM
Anyone know why or can guess why Mike uses the gretsch clipper now on I wont back down  vs. the white falcon? When he was using the white falcon in 2006, I think it sounds better. Just curious what the reason is since the white falcon is a $10,000 guitar.    Also, does anyone know...
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TP @ Norm's

Great Wide Open 27 Oct 2014
I think I posted this before, but here it goes again!  
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Ron Blair

Great Wide Open 27 Oct 2014
The 2014 tour is over and Ron makes a stop at Norm's Rare Guitars for a bew bass.  
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