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Welcome to Mudcrutch Farm, a community for fans of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Please hang with us in the forum and let us know if you have been to any shows this tour.

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Mudcrutch Reunion

Great Wide Open 26 Jun 2015
No Danny Roberts again??
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Steve Ferrone interview

Great Wide Open 24 Jun 2015
This is pretty new and you might not have seen it yet.      
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Old news in modern technology? – Fonda, Beacon Spotify Spots

Great Wide Open 22 Jun 2015
Didn’t see this until today, but in case someone is interested in checking this out, there are actually (kinda like I predicted all along..) now a selection of four tracks from the fanclub exclusive live album “Live 2013” made available at Spotify. That’s not the whole thing, at least not as of y...
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Tom Petty Action Figure from the Simpsons

Great Wide Open 15 Jun 2015
I got my Tom Petty Action Figure in the mail.  How cute is this?  I think I will leave it in the box.    I can't believe the officials never announced this big news!  It is very cute!!  
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Best Tom Petty Vocal Peformance

Great Wide Open 14 Jun 2015
Which song/live performance do you consider to feature Tom's finest singing?    
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