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Welcome to Mudcrutch Farm, a community for fans of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Please hang with us in the forum and let us know if you have been to any shows this tour.

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ECHO - the most real, honest, genuine heartfelt album.

Great Wide Open 31 Jul 2015
Ok, I'm a big fan of Echo. I rate it as the best TPATHB album. I would also rate it the most true and genuine Heartbreakers record in terms of transmiting a human mood at the time of recording onto record without 'music industry hype' or marketing buzz dilution filters that are so ever increasing...
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Damn The Torpedoes album cover recreation

Great Wide Open 30 Jul 2015
pretty neat recreation of Damn the Torpedoes amongst some pretty badass albums!  Got about 17 of the supposed 35 recreated... anyone get more?    
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30th Anniversary of Southern Accents

Great Wide Open 27 Jul 2015
As I already mentioned in another thread: This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of Petty's more experimental albums. As MaryJanes2ndLastDance has already shown in the thread about It Ain't Nothing To Me, some of its material is controversial. Elsewhere, there are hits and fan favorites...
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Howie's Lost Album

Great Wide Open 25 Jul 2015
A thought recently occurred to me was that around 2006-2008, a LP of some of Howie's stuff was suppose to be released called "I Go On Living". His myspace tribute page use to have a few songs that were suppose to be on the album such as: "I Go On Living", "She Don't Love Nobody", "When I Paint My...
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Dog On the Run

The Waiting 24 Jul 2015
Dollardime mentioned this in another post and it seems worthy of it's own topic, even though I don't have much to say about this song other than it's a lot of fun to hear.   The bass breakdown between Stan and Ron is excellent!   From setlist.fm it's listed as 1978 being the last time t...
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