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  1. "Parade of Loons" is actually a real TP song from 1978. I've heard of it before but I don't think I've ever heard a recording of it.
  2. BeatlesCleveland.jpg

    From the album Miami Steve

    The Beatles at Public Hall, September 15, 1964.
  3. As Mark Knopfler found out out with "Money for Nothing", it is difficult to write lyrics in the third person and expect people to understand it is not you saying those things.
  4. Innerview with Jim Ladd 1979
  5. Innerview with Jim Ladd 1979

    From the album Audio

    Discussing "Strangered in the Night"
  6. I have a bad habit of re-imagining albums too. Sometimes I wish we could remain blissfully unaware of what the album might have been and save all the wondering. I made myself an alternate Southern Accents on CD-R that goes like this: 1. Rebels 2. Trailer 3. Apartment Song 4. Don't Come Around Here No More 5. Southern Accents 6. Image of Me 7. Spike 8. Dogs on the Run 9. Mary's New Car 10. Best of Everything Not sure why they partially abandoned the "southern" concept because it seems there was enough good material for a single LP. That was kinda my thinking in putting this together, just the songs that stay focused on the original concept, plus Don't Come Around Here No More because I couldn't see not having that one on there.
  7. I don't know how this track ended up on the remastered vinyl version but these mistakes can and do happen. The 1997 remaster of Bob Dylan's Biograph box set is a good example. It had several variations from the original release that Sony admitted were mistakes and they recalled the set and re-issued it with the tracks "fixed." For Dylan fans the different takes were considered rarities and the recalled version became a sought-after collector's item. As far as who owns the recordings, I'm pretty sure everything he recorded for MCA was "work for hire" and is owned by Universal Music Group, the successor to MCA. They may not have physical custody of the tapes but they own the rights to them. I would guess all the reels are probably kept at the company's tape storage facility. Somewhere along the way Petty must have acquired the rights to the first two albums which were pre-MCA and now the outtake material from Playback. I think things like changing a lyric on an old outtake like "Travelin'" speaks to the relationship some artists have with their unreleased material. There was a reason those recordings weren't released at the time. While the fans clamor for this stuff and consider it unearthed gold, for the artist that reason for not putting it out way back when is sometimes still valid. I remember when Bruce Springsteen put out the Tracks box set in 1998, many fans were waiting to hear the 1978 song "The Promise" that was one of his best loved outtakes. But it wasn't included because Bruce didn't think they ever got a good take. There was such a clamor that they added the song to the single disc Tracks sampler the next year but he still couldn't bring himself to release the original so he recorded a new version. It finally came out in 2010 on the album The Promise. (It's on Spotify, listen to it and tell me what's wrong with it.) Sometimes I think that all this stuff would never see the light of day if it were left up to the artists. I'm just hoping Paul McCartney keeps up his Archive Collection series so maybe in about 10 years we'll have all the tracks to put together the Cold Cuts album that was supposed to come out in 1981. I won't hold my breath though.
  8. It's quite possible this was an unintended error. Record companies have inadvertently created a number of collector's items with remasters over the years when somebody pulls the wrong tape box off the shelf and we're treated to a different take or mix. ICE magazine was a great source for this kind of info. They had a column that revealed the details on the latest remastered CDs that most fans would probably be dismayed to know, kinda like seeing how the sausage is made. Why wasn't "Don't Treat Me Like a Stranger" on the Playback box set? Maybe somebody couldn't locate the master, maybe somebody didn't know to look for the master. It could be that simple, and that screwed up.
  9. Can this photo IMG_20160717_135224670[1].jpg in my member gallery be deleted. I messed up and uploaded it twice.
  10. Gram Parson suit

    From the album Miami Steve

    Gram Parson's suit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  11. Rick Nielsen guitar

    From the album Miami Steve

    Rick Nielsen's custom Shecter guitar and matching shirt at Antique Archaeology in Nashville, Tennessee.
  12. Over Lakewood actually but some might think of it as some kind of omen for the RNC. My first thought was the Paul McCartney concert next month.
  13. For years we wondered what would happen if Cleveland actually won a championship. No one guessed this.
  14. I've really been enjoying this album, just as much as the first one. I really liked the original "Trailer" and wasn't expecting a re-make would improve on it but it does. The last verse is great, it takes the song from a slice-of-life vignette to a more complete look back, even if the answers are still elusive. "Beautiful World" sounds like late '70s L.A. power pop. Who knew Randall Marsh was into that. And who knew Benmont ("Welcome to Hell") had such a wicked sense of humor? All of Petty's songs are very strong. I think Mudcrutch is actually the better vehicle for Petty's songs these days. Thought that back when the first Mudcrutch came out. Mojo wasn't my thing at all and Hypnotic Eye didn't really excite me either. Mudcrutch 2 will be essential road trip listening this summer though.
  15. Mostly sunny!