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  1. Swingin from Jazzfest was amazing, too!
  2. I've never come away from one of their shows disappointed! I do get disheartened reading the setlists and reviews, but then when you are there and experience it somehow it just speaks right to my soul and makes me happy...even Free Fallin' and I Won't Back Down. It's all in the delivery with these guys. That's why I truly enjoy the cover songs and don't mind losing one. They put so much into the covers and the energy is just electrifying. Some of my favorite concert moments are the covers... and Mudcrutch, which is like all covers in a way! I'm looking forward to my 4 shows this tour, even if there's nothing I haven't heard before.
  3. I found this live feed:
  4. I wish!
  5. That's awesome!
  6. Bummer! I want one, too!!
  7. Thanks TomFest. I shared this code with a friend who asked for one. He is very pleased with the tickets and that he got them before the public onsale. (I am much happier with the ones I got myself earlier in the week with my HCC code!)
  8. ^ Yeah BABY! That's what I'm talkin' bout! LOVE IT! Thanks for the video link!
  9. I just heard a rumor that Joe Walsh is considering cancelling this tour and reforming The James Gang. Anyone else hear this?
  10. I think Makin' Some Noise would be a good opener
  11. yep. good stuff. why
  12. Red Rocks BABY! I'm close enough, but not center. Important thing is I will be there with the BEST rock n roll band on the planet! AND Joe Walsh is opening-WOOHOOOOOOO!!!
  13. I wish I could do Pittsburgh on my birthday, but my airline credit won't get me there. It looks like Red Rocks for me again! With Joe Walsh!
  14. Joe Walsh would be great!
  15. Great article! Bring on the deep cuts. Whatever they play, I'll be happy....always am pleased and astounded at how much I enjoy their shows. My super high expectations are always exceeded!