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  1. ^yeah, I'll get to visit the New England states, finally! LOL. Thanks, you all, for the well wishes! I appreciate it very much.
  2. Thanks, Barb! Hope to see you at SoHo.
  3. I'm getting married on June 20th. John moved to DC in October for a fantastic job opportunity, so that's where we will be living!
  4. It'll be my last DK's gig before moving to DC
  5. Anyone else going to this? I got my ticket last night.
  6. Ben, you gotta come to AZ! Today was sunny & 83 degrees in Phoenix.
  7. Hmm...was thinking of going, but now...maybe not.
  8. Happy Birthday, Tom!
  9. Good luck, Amy! I'll be sitting this tour out (just like the last one), unless they have a 2nd leg & come to Phoenix.
  10. Nothing close to me...not happy.
  11. Pork Roast, mashed taters, gravy, corn and salad!
  12. If I had a garden, I would grow flowers!
  13. I saw Lance and Peter...are there others?
  14. Hoping to get to these two gigs!
  15. Happy Birthday, Ryan! Hope it's been an awesome day!