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  1. Question of the day 9/15/17

    Still recuperating after being stricken with a surprise virus or something on my birthday. What rotten day that was!
  2. Do you drink Coffee?

    Oh, yes! Must have coffee....with cream, never sugar.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    I haven't had a good night's sleep since November 8th.
  4. A Face In The Crowd

    "A Face In The Crowd" is, well, kind of a disturbing film.. The acting is incredible. Andy Griffith is so convincing as Lonesome Rhodes. It's long been one of my favorite films. However, it's a little too close to what's happening in our government right now.
  5. Official Therapy Dog Team/Malaika and Me

    Fantastic, Beth! And Malaika sure is a beautiful girl.
  6. Happy New Year Farmers

    Happy New Year, Everyone! Cheers to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!
  7. Hmmmmmm, and then there's Tom Petty at beloved Wrigley Field. Oh, my!
  8. Champaign, Illinois!!! At last!
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    Holy Christ. What hell hath God wrought! First, we gain "president" Trump. And, now we've lost Leonard Cohen.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    w We did it!
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    I still can't believe the Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series!
  12. Happy Bday Nurk!

    Hope it was wonderful, Nurk!
  13. Do you have a new album listening ritual?

    Not much these days. I really haven't listened to a cd or album in a long while, until recently. I've been listening to "Hamilton" off and on this summer.