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  1. Classic Rock Video of the Day II

    I was at this show. I loved when Tom said "I'm talking dirty now" (approx 1:04) and all the girls screamed...
  2. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Good to see you here again, Susan. I'm thankful that everyone here continues to share their thoughts and memories. For so many, Tom's death is something that has come and gone, but I still find myself coping better on some days than others.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes, definitely. The first few days I was listening constantly. Now it is hard, although I think it may pass.
  4. Question of the day 10/14/17

    Thirtysomething. First time New Year's 1979, last time June 2013.
  5. TPATH Guests

    ^ Yes, definitely the Dandy Warhols! These are just off the top of my head: Til Tuesday The Strokes Frank Black Trey Anastasio
  6. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Agreed. Aside from meeting up with many, many friends over the years, I cherish the spontaneous friends I made at so many shows. Even though we didn't exchange names or contact information, I would see them at other Bay Area shows and it was so much fun. In particular, I remember a couple I met at the Vic shows who met at a TPATH concert and got married at a TPATH concert. Super cool. I am so sad that there are many people out there who I may never see again.
  7. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    ^^Beautiful! I love it. Been talking with a longtime friend and TPATH fan today. We saw a few shows together, sang the entirety of "Long After Dark" at our college parties; he even witnessed my 1982 moment when I jumped on stage and kissed Tom in Santa Cruz. He told me, and I quote: " I'm hearing from a lot of people checking on me as though I lost a family member; well, I did." That's been my experience today as well.
  8. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    This thread is making me cry like a little baby (which I think I need to do). Tom and his music have been part of my life for forty years: longer than my dad was, longer than my mom was, longer than nearly everyone in my life has been. My son has correctly reminded me that the music will live on forever, but somehow that fact is not making me feel better today.
  9. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Hard to imagine a world without Tom after 40 years of being a fan.
  10. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    My husband just gave me the news. I am speechless, just speechless. I knew this day would come, but somehow I thought he would outlive us all.
  11. What's Next for Mudcrutch Farm / mudcrutch.com ?

    Thanks from me too, Ryan! I haven't posted much here in recent months/years, but I do lurk and do appreciate that it's still here. Although Facebook has certainly swallowed up much of this community, I appreciate that the comments are more thoughtful/detailed/obsessive among those who still remain. I also feel that we are, in general, more respectful of differing points of view.
  12. Hurricane Irma

    Marion, I'm so happy to hear that you, Pete, and your house are OK! Seven days without power, how awful. As you said, though, things could be worse. By any chance, did Donna (tplover2) move to Jacksonville? In our local paper, the front page photo had a photo of a woman with her name who'd experienced significant flooding. I'm pretty sure it's not her, but am not positive. Can anyone confirm that DannyMac is OK?
  13. Hurricane Irma

    Thanks for the info, Nurk. I am guessing that Pete and Marion have lost power (?). Glad to hear you are still in touch with Fern, Steve, and Bon. Sorry to hear about your elderly relatives; how frightening for them! One of Robert's longtime friends just arrived at college in North Miami last week; quite a welcome to Florida . He is staying at a relative's house, but I'm not sure exactly where. Please continue to update us if you hear anything.
  14. Hurricane Irma

    Oh gosh, Marion, you (and our other Florida "former Farmers") have been on my mind. Please stay safe and keep us posted!
  15. 2017 Tour Trail - memories, pics, songs played

    EXACTLY! Tom repeatedly says this type of stuff, but only follows through on the small shows. I am genuinely happy that (among others) Babydoll enjoyed this tour so much. That said, my beef now is that ten or so years ago, when I went to four or five shows per tour, I could get a really good seat for $100-ish. In this area, however, it seems that you have to buy a premium package to have any chance at comparably good seats. Obviously, the band has every right to charge what the market will bear; I also have every right to "just say no." BTW: Hi Marion! Hope all is well.