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  1. Exactly!! I don't get it! I know that there are curfews in a lot of cities, but seriously!
  2. Thank you! I will peruse these when I get home tonight!
  3. I am a bit disappointed! Why only SDMHA? What is with this hard limit that he seems to have on these shows?
  4. Woah! What's this!??! I can't look while at work! Should I be super excited?!? :-) ~Thea
  5. When was this show? I don't recall this happening this year...
  6. I love that they have The Shelters opening for these shows!
  7. I would normally agree with this. TP&TH have a way of making the covers that they choose very special and very much their own. They make it something different while paying homage to the original. A nod to the music that inspired them so much. Just my humble opinion.
  8. I would pay double to see a stripped down, no frills, no bells and no whistles jam show!
  9. I could have died a very, VERY happy woman had they done Melinda!
  10. From the start of Tom's "guitar not working" to the end of Oh Carol it was about 8-10 mins. It was the best part of the entire show. I felt lucky to be there with how stagnant the set list has been.
  11. To be fair, Mike too. He really brought some life to it as well. :-)
  12. Someone posted these on the Tom Petty nation message FB page.
  13. It really did take nature to shake it up. I really think that without that, it was shaping up to be a duplicate of night one. I feel very fortunate that we got hit with the storm at the show.