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  1. He was trying to be good.. that was my thought exactly!!!
  2. That's a great one!!
  3. In the early 70's, Scott was part of Iggy and The Stooges! Scott was part of Iggy & The Stooges from 1973 to 1974, and has recordings with Iggy Pop in 1975, 1977 and 1979. James Williamson of Iggy & The Stooges: “I was over at Capitol Records and as I was going out I was watching this guy recording and it was Scott Thurston with this other band. He was cool, I could hear that he was a great piano player, so I got his contact info and I said, 'You wanna play with us?' When we put the band Iggy and the Stooges back together, I asked him if he wanted to play with us, and he said, 'Sure,' and the rest is history." Williamson went on to say that he did not play much on Iggy Pop’s New Values album: "Actually, I only played guitar on a couple of things. Scott played almost all the guitar. He’s a very talented guy. He’s a very good guitar player and a very good keyboard guy. He’s just a very good musician."
  4. Old post I know.. Motorhead is one of those bands that I kept putting off. I kept saying, meh, I'll catch them next go around, and then there were no more go arounds. I wear my "What Would Lemmy Do" shirt with pride! Viva La Lemmy!
  5. Man. Seeing these prices makes me VERY happy that I bought shirts at the show! I got the black horse one, 2, and the Mudcrutch Farm map ones. $15.00 each! I wish I had gotten more now!
  6. I think You Wreck Me would be a killer opener. Just imagine those opening chords coming in all loud and in charge! A good sing along and a lot of energy.
  7. Yeah. I hear yah. It really is surprising how many just don't think about it. I can see that as well. There will always be the staples. For any band. It's what they do with the rest that makes or breaks the whole deal to me.
  8. Yeah! I saw a lot of that at the Stevie show!!!! I I hope that they do. Wallflowers came out when I was in high school and I really loved it. :-) I will. Gonna have to go digging in my collection of flyers and pics!! \m/
  9. Thanks for taking the time to really discuss this! :-) I understand both sides of it. I do. Many moons ago, I used to promote punk rock bands. Not nearly on the same level, I know. But it gives a bit of a look into how it all works. It's a tightrope walk and a band is never going to make everyone COMPLETELY happy. I have only ever left one or two shows without saying "Great set, but I wish they had played....". An old punk rock band called TSOL and much more recently, Mudcrutch. The crowds are also changing. I remember a time when I would go to a show and it was made up of an entire age group / generation. I noticed the crowds changing drastically about ten years back. I started seeing different generations of people. Teens with their parents at Fleetwood Mac or Bad Religion (old punk band) shows. When we last saw TP&TH at Red Rocks, I saw families. I think it's a beautiful thing too. I hope for it too. Other major bands are proving that it can be done and quite successfully too! There are different ways of doing it. Bad Religion (again, not on the same level as TP&TH, but have a stake in the game none the less) did something unique for their 30th anniversary tour. They did two night events. Night one was 20th Century Bad Religion and night two was 21st Century Bad Religion. You could go to both or pick the night you wanted. Interesting and successful for them. I could totally see something like that working. Do smaller venues. More nights. You couldn't do this in every city, but major ones for sure. Just a thought. Again, not everyone is going to be happy. I have chatted with lots of people in Cyberland and there are always the ones that felt ripped off after the Stevie show. They wanted to see the hits and felt that the set list was bad. Have a great day! Thea **sorry for the quoting mess. I am a newbie here and apparently need to spend some time learning how it works!! :-)
  10. Huh. At risk of sounding dumb here.. We saw them open for Mudcrutch at Humphrey's in San Diego. Humphrey's is on Shelter Island. Kinda thought they were a local act. Interesting!
  11. I am really hoping that they do what Stevie is doing with her tour. It was the first time I had ever seen her and 75% of the show wasn't hits. Most of the show was the songs fans had been begging for her to do for years. I am hoping for Melinda, Rebels, and Room at the Top. Those three would ice the cake for me. \m/
  12. I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread. I started out as a Stevie / Fleetwood Mac fan and then grew to love all things TP&TH and Mudcrutch. The chemistry and dynamic that they have together is truly something special!
  13. I saw Josh Homme with Iggy Pop last April. He is really talented. I was impressed. He worked with Iggy on the Post Pop Depression Album. You can certainly hear his influence on the record. Very talented man.
  14. I know that we are getting Joe Walsh at both of the Red Rocks shows. I am super excited about that. Joe Walsh has been on my Band Bucket List for a long time! \m/
  15. My bfriend and I traveled from Denver to San Diego to see this show. It was amazing! It was our first time seeing Mudcrutch as well. Humphry's was a fantastic venue too! Cheers all!