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  1. Great to see you again, keep in touch. We'll have to get together again. How about LA for a TPATH show? Let me know and I'll be there. Hope to see you soon.
  2. 6/24/17 This weeks show features The Kinks from the Biography Channel.
  3. 6/24/17 Larry Williams and The Beatles
  4. Probably just announce new shows at the Hollywood Bowl in LA.
  5. When you moved into your 1st house, what music (band) were you listening to as you moved in your belongings?
  6. I haven't seen anymore on it either. But I can't see dropping Zombie Zoo, just add "Waiting For Tonight" as a bonus track. They could even add more bonus tracks recorded at that same time. It may take quite a bit of time to hear more about this reissue, especially if they add more bonus tracks and try to remix the whole LP. That could take more years than it took to record, mix and release the original. Let's just keep it in the back of our minds and hope it becomes a reality.
  7. 6/23/17 Larry Williams
  8. 6/22/17 Kings Of Leon
  9. 6/21/17 This weeks LP is "Friday On My Mind" by The Easybeats.
  10. We were center floor section about 20 feet from the stage.
  11. Let's see if this works. Sorry, Video's are too large to upload.
  12. You're Welcome.
  13. TPATH IMG-0649.MOV

    From the album Nurk's Cleveland Video's

    Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland 6/10/17
  14. 3rd batch of TPATH, This will be it for now. I may look over the pix later and decide to add a few more. I'll also try to see if video's will work the same as pix, so check back later for that. Enjoy the pix as much as we enjoyed the show. Your friend and mine.........Nurk!