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  1. 3/29/17 It's Cheap Trick week!
  2. Years ago Fender came out with a rosewood Tele and I bought one, but it was nowhere near 12K. I still have it.
  3. I agree, the price is way out of hand!!!!
  4. 3/27/17 Heaven Tonight Live From Daryl's House
  5. 3/27/17 This weeks LP is titled "Innuendo" by Queen.
  6. * My thoughts exactly on the film and POTUS45!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 3/24/17 It's Friday again, so lets watch a legend in concert. Tonight's show features Chuck Berry at The Roxy 1982. Enjoy the show!!
  8. Take a look:
  9. 3/24/17 John Fogerty
  10. Thanks.
  11. I have this guitar, but it's a model 4001 made in the '70's. I have no idea what this new one costs or if it's better than the old ones. But it's worth a look.