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  1. 2/25/17 Happy Birthday George Harrison
  2. One more. Tom and The Heartbreakers design and build an acoustic and an electric guitar for sell to the public. It would be their exclusive design, not a knockoff of any guitar out there. The pickguard would have their logo and the headstock truss rod cover would have their name. George Harrison called Fred Gretsch and did the same thing for a Traveling Wilbury guitar, so why not TPATH? This would be a very good retirement project for the band (which I hope doesn't happen for many more years), but it's a thought. I can see Tom and the boys on QVC right now pitching TPATH
  3. Here's another idea for TPATH to make and sell at concerts and their online store. TPATH Flags! The original colorful logo in sizes 3' X 5' and larger for fans to fly in the manner of Camp Wilbury!!
  4. Here's what I'd like to see. Andy Babiuk wrote a book on "Beatles Gear", i believe he also wrote one on the Rolling Stones. I'd like to see him write a book on all the gear Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers have used over their career. The guitars alone would probably be over 1000 pages!!!! Then add all the amps, mics, effect pedals, keyboards and that would make one hell of a book to rival "The Bible"
  6. I don't keep track of all the shows I go to and don't write down set lists, that's why I asked Marion if THIS SHOW was the one we went to. I'm there to see and experience the show and meet people. Sorry, I don't keep records of all that happens. After more than 100 shows, they all seem to blend together.
  7. I think my fav 6 string acoustic is the old and INexpensive Epiphone EJ160. It's the ONLY guitar (acoustic or electric) that The Beatles ever played on EVERY LP they ever made. I have this guitar and that brassy sound is amazing. I'll be back with other acoustics that I'd like to have.
  8. IF you were to play an acoustic guitar, what make and model would you choose? Money is no object, pick whatever you'd like to have.
  9. ^ I doubt it!!!!!
  10. I saw that yesterday, great news!
  11. I might have been at that show. I know a bunch of us went to Ford Amp at least once. Marion is this the show we all went to in the limo that Danny brought to Tampa?
  12. 2/21/17 Clapton, Beck, Page & more.