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  1. Prayers for Tom Petty - 1950-2017

    Perhaps I should write something, although there are no words. Too sudden, too early. And nothing boded. Although yes, it was clear that the last tour was not as easy as usual. As one of my friends said after learning the news, although she was not his fan, even for her, as if a relative had died. Tom is a man, who gave me wings, thanks to him I know a lot of things, He inspired me to many important things and his music was with me and in moments of happiness and in moments of sadness. 25 years every day he was invisibly in my life. He was my angel guardian on earth, now he will be in heaven.
  2. Photo of the Day Part III

  3. Photo of the Day Part III

  4. Photo of the Day Part III

  5. Photo of the Day Part III

  6. Photo of the Day Part III

    tompettyofficialHotel Alexander, Miami - July 1989 (📷: Aaron Rapoport)
  7. Which Tom Petty Song Are You?

    The Waiting and its true
  8. Photo of the Day Part III

  9. Photo of the Day Part III

  10. Photo of the Day Part III

  11. I have not seen this performance before. TP on 9.00 min.
  12. Only European Performance of 2017

    I'm agree with you. I hope will be more concerts here . UK is impossible for me. Why isn't Gernany, Scandinavia or somewhere in Central Europe.
  13. Photo of the Day Part III

    Group shot of the TP&HB family. Beautiful people, so kind to show up to support their tour manager Richard Fernandez.